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Ju-on 2 (Ju-on: The Grudge 2)

Easily my favorite from the Asian horror scene.

Coffee and Cigarettes

Some good sketches mixed with some mediocre and bad ones, overall quite a uneven mix.


Overall quite a mediocre documentary, shows passionate'd people but nothing more really.


Fairly enjoyable documentary about the passion for a goal no matter how stupid it can be.


Mesmerizing atmosphere but overall a slightly uneven movie, definitely not one of Lars Von Triers better works but has a nice passion to it.

I Love You, Man

Surprisingly clever comedy with top notch performances from Jason Segel and Paul Rudd, definitely better then average and has some brilliant sex jokes.

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

Surprisingly decent, overall a good setup for the story (though obviously quite cliché) and some nice scenes. Funny performance from Mike Tyson also, I would not mind to see him doing small cameo roles in other comedy movies in the future.

Very Young Girls

A look into the prostitution scene in New York, both a harsh and a emotional documentary.

Crazy Love
Crazy Love(2007)

A true testament to how crazy someone can become when they fall madly in love with somebody and the love is not received back.

Refused Are F. Dead

One of the most honest music documentaries I have seen.

Imagine: John Lennon

Definitely one of the best and most insightful views into The Beatles and John Lennon's mind.


Another brilliant Sacha Baron Cohen performances, making fun of prejudicial stupid people with finesse and style. Some excellent scenes of extreme comedy with the only problem is that it feels only half as complete as Borat with being such a short movie.

Johnny Got His Gun

Probably most well known for being used as inspiration/video for Metallica's "One", a strong and powerful antiwar movie in the best possible way.


Quite a visually stunning horror with a interesting story.

The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief

Fascinating insight to the host club mentality in Osaka, both a study of the human psychology and its desires is shown in this well-made stylish documentary.

Iron Maiden: Flight 666

A testament to the greatness of Iron Maiden.

No Limit: A Search for the American Dream on the Poker Tournament Trail

A-Class documentary about poker, very enjoyable presentation of what poker is really about and its players.


Ok drama but nothing special.


Interesting documentary about teenagers living on the street in USA in the 1980s, great personalities and stories overall.

Stanley Kubrick's Boxes

Fascinating insight into Stanley Kubrics mind, showing what a perfectionist he was saving everything from preproduction notes to fan mail in small boxes in his home.


One of the best HBO documentaries, shows all sides of anorexia rehabilitation quite honestly.

My Best Fiend (Mein liebster Feind - Klaus Kinski)

Showing the insane love-hate relationship between director Werner Herzog and actor Klaus Kinski, a true power struggle without comparison.

Anvil! The Story of Anvil

Like a modern real version of Spinal Tap, showing the Canadian heavymetal band Anvil trying desperately to get their big break with making their 13th album. Some truly great personalities and the pure passion for their music is mesmerizing.


A intense view on a couple drug addicts undergoing methadone treatment.

Det Okända. (The Unknown)

Swedish Blair Witch Project influenced movie, quite weak on all parts overall.

The Comedians of Comedy

Some nice stand-up but the in between stuff were fairly uneven but honest though.

Street Thief
Street Thief(2006)

Mesmerising first hand look in on a professional burglars ways and techniques, goes deeply in to the risk and passion for the crime.


Quite an enjoyable view on hecklers and critiques from the comedian/artists point of view.

Children Underground

A close view on a group children living on the streets in Romania, very emotional and harsh.

Fahrenhype 9/11

A fairly mediocre attack on Michael Moore that neither inspires or fails.


Quite a honest view on Mike Tysons life, the man himself tells about his life, explains in detail his desires and demons with brutal honesty.

Michael Moore Hates America

A fairly pointless documentary but obviously shows the flaws with Michael Moore quite well though.

Wisconsin Death Trip

A fascinating showing of history in the late 1890s.

A Complete History of My Sexual Failures

A fairly honest portrayal of a man within a midlife crisis and his ways of working it out with the help of this documentary.

Titicut Follies

Harsh, realistic and a very sad portrayal of the weakest people in society.

Scared Straight!

A bit of documentary history, solid in every part.

Rocket Science

Fairly quirky but fails to deliver full on towards the end.

Paradise Now
Paradise Now(2005)

Nice cinematic piece showing the more humane side of suicide bombers and life in modern day Palestine.

The Most Hated Family in America

One of the better Louis Theroux documentaries for sure.

Small Town Gay Bar

Fairly good view on small town gay people and their history.

Confessions of a Superhero

Fascinating insight into some very passionated peoples lives, quite a stylish cinematography also.

Aftermath: Population Zero

Very stylish futuristic documentary.

The Yes Men
The Yes Men(2004)

Could have included much more, short and amateur like.

Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus

Decent documentary about American small town people

Role Models
Role Models(2008)

Some good scenes but mostly just a cliché comedy, some good original insights though.

Protocols of Zion

Documentary about anti-Semitism that only scratches the surface and leaves a lot to be desired about this topic.

Sold Out: A Threevening with Kevin Smith

Some good stories but probably overall the weakest of all the Kevin Smith evenings.

Zeitgeist: Addendum

A decent sequel but the overall information in it lacks compared to the first Zeitgeist.

a/k/a Tommy Chong

Fairly enjoyable documentary about the drug comedian Tommy Chong.

The Devil and Daniel Johnston

Fascinating documentary about a very special talented individual.

Chavez: Inside the Coup

Quite an interesting documentary capturing a very fast and hectic period in modern political history.

Lake of Fire
Lake of Fire(2007)

Probably one of the best documentaries I have seen overall, goes deep in the subject on abortion and shows both sides perfectly. Beautiful black/white picture mixed with layers and layers of deep analysis from people.

The Boys of Baraka

Better then average documentary about the ghetto and school system but not much more.

Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic

The actual stand-up is quite amusing but the added scenes and songs just ruin it.


Very fascinating documentary about David Lynch.

The Cure
The Cure(1995)

A nice feel good matinee movie.

The Dead Girl

Some good storytelling but mostly a mix of uninspired work, Brittany Murphy really saves this movie at the end.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Kevin Smith continues with more weak efforts, some good lines here and there but nothing more really.


Fairly mediocre movie, one of Oliver Stones weakest works.

An Unreasonable Man

A very good documentary about Ralph Nader and how important he has been to USA. Definitely recommend for the people that only know him for being one of the reason why Gore lost the election in 2000.

American Teen

Fairly superficial documentary that tries to go into the depth on teen clichés and does exactly that without any new angle at all.


Fascinating first movie by Aronofsky that shows the first early signs of his genius movie making skills, sadly the movie as a whole lacks a lot especially with the story.


Decent thriller with a better then average story.

Pusher II: With Blood On My Hands

Decent sequel, focusing on maybe less evil then the first one but overall a good raw crime drama.

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

Mesmerising storytelling mixed with a brilliant raw gritty documentary style that truly gives a insight into an old mans struggle like never before. Obviously Mickey Rourke deserves a mention also, he is really as good as the hype implied.

Slumdog Millionaire

A fascinating piece of cinema with a well told story and great cinematography.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

A stylish classic feel of a movie with a story that could maybe have been shorten towards the end, still a different kind of cinematic piece with a nice burn to it and once again another David Fincher masterpiece.


Tense and hard crime drama.


A very well-made drama with a good performance from Angelina Jolie.

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

Clint Eastwood does it again with the style and passion few others can achieve.


Solid better then average action movie with a brilliant performance from Liam Neeson.

Session 9
Session 9(2001)

Decent psychological horror that falls flat on its own cleverness.


Interesting plot idea that falls flat on its own non-logical story and various other flaws that make it a unreasonable mess of a movie.

Let the Right One In

A different kind of vampire movie, one of the best I have ever seen in the genre.

Breaking the Waves

Another mesmerising piece of cinema from Lars Von Trier, so emotional, fascinating and sad.

Encounters at the End of the World

Another brilliant Werner Herzog documentary, focusing on the people that work at the south pole. Beautiful cinematography with a lot of passion.


A fairly weak sequel, watch "Kidulthood" instead.

Eden Lake
Eden Lake(2008)

The most evil British movie I have seen in a long time, a bit like "Funny Games" but with more chaos.

Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye(2008)

Surprisingly stylish movie that borrows a bit too much from other movies to be a a-class movie, still a very solid modern hightech thriller.

The Jacket
The Jacket(2005)

Quite interesting and stylish even though the story as a whole is lacking a bit, visually quite a interesting piece of cinema.

Tropic Thunder

Some good moments but mostly just a awkward mess of a movie that could have been awesome with a better written story that didn't play it safe.

Dark Days
Dark Days(2000)

Quite interesting documentary about homeless people, one of the better ones.


A interesting insight in the rise and fall of a independent film-maker.


Another run of the mill comedy documentary about religion, adds nothing new to the genre at all.

Project Grizzly

Interesting base for a documentary but as often with reality this one disappoint.

Snuff: A Documentary About Killing on Camera

Interesting with some nice insight in the underground world of illegality.


The feel good movie of 2008 and Sally Hawkins portrayal of the cheerful Poppy is truly phenomenal.

Step Brothers

Stupid and pointless comedy.

Ghost Town
Ghost Town(2008)

Interesting plot idea but falls flat on forced dialogue and awkward boring moments.

Pineapple Express

A better then average stoner comedy that lacks the finesse to make it special.

Groundhog Day

Bill Murray is excellent in this movie with a pretty original story. Simply a modern classic.

Jalla! Jalla!

Easily one of my favorite Swedish movies.

The Day After Tomorrow

One of the better natural disaster movies.

Saw V
Saw V(2008)

Well better then the second and forth Saw, still nothing special as to be expected.

The Happening

Another solid M. Night Shyamalan movie with some more interesting turns then he's later movies. Nice erie feel throughout the movie and some great moments of horror.


One of the most original and visually stunning documentaries I have ever seen.

Loose Change Final Cut

Probably the most informative 9/11 conspiracy theory documentary.

Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky and the Media

Interesting documentary about the very fascinating Noam Chomsky and how the media controls us.


Quite powerful but with many flaws that makes it a very confusing and flawed drama.

Heima (Sigur Ros: Heima)

A truly stunning piece of music documentary.


Probably one of the best animations I have ever seen, very heartfelt story and beautiful visuals.

Burn After Reading

Another awesome piece of cinema from the Cohen brothers, well told story and quite funny also with good performance from the whole cast.

12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men)

Truly brilliant classic cinema, flawless story, amazing acting and most importantly a blueprint for excellent dialogue.

Dead Birds
Dead Birds(2004)

Starts of as a cliché western but develops into a cliché supernatural zombie horror. Some pretty good scares and a nice atmosphere but the overall plot leaves a lot to be desired.

Global Metal
Global Metal(2008)

Far superior sequel to the quite cliché metal documentary "A Headbangers Journey". Basically focusing on the impact metal has had in countries like China, India, Israel and the grass root moment of metal in those countries. Definitely everybody that is into metal should watch this, it touches on a lot of things not done before in the study of metal music.

Mister Lonely

Fascinating but not fairly entertaining, a interesting look on different kinds of weird people but lacks a point to it all.

Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?

A fairly decent lightweight documentary, Morgon Spurlock is his usual positive self and its a nice exploration of the Eastern world. Well worth a watch for the entertainment value.

George Washington

A interesting view into today's American slum, very laid back and realistic but quite boring.

Zeitgeist: The Movie

Well worth a watch for everybody, definitely makes you start questioning the system on how it is. Obviously the documentary needs to be look on with critical view because most likely it has false information but atleast it makes you think.

Quid Pro Quo
Quid Pro Quo(2008)

A drama with a original story that falls flat on its problems to make full use of the story.

Boy A
Boy A(2007)

A exceptionally touching and emotional movie, very striking acting and overall a brilliant piece of cinema.

Slums of Beverly Hills

A lightweight comedy filled with breast jokes and other nonsense, overall not a movie to remember.


Definitely the best Luc Besson I have ever seen, beautiful black & white cinematography and set in a lovely Paris scenery. Slightly cliché story but with a great edge to it, almost like a dark sleazy part of Amelie mixed with clever dialogue.

Klass (The Class)

Probably the most realistic movie I have seen about school bullying, very harsh and emotional.

Man Push Cart

A minimalistic drama about a Pakistan immigrant living in todays New York. Low key but with a nice spark to it.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster*

Definitely one of the best documentaries on American culture that I have ever seen.

Snow Angels
Snow Angels(2007)

Such a refreshing movie to watch, a modern drama with a brilliant old fashion style. No clichés nor trends, just pure cinematic realism with a great story and strong acting all through the cast.

Clean, Shaven

Indie movie trying to give us insight into a schizophrenic man but is more about random moments with out any real story.

You Don't Mess With the Zohan

Fairly good entertainment, definitely one of Adam Sandlers more stylish comedies that sadly falls short on the typical "get cheap laughs" method.


Slightly charming but a very uneven and messy romantic comedy.

The Wackness
The Wackness(2008)

One of the best chillout movies I have seen in a long time. Focuses on a old psychiatrist and a young drug dealer that get to know each other through their love for drugs in the mid 90s in New York, they learn from each other about life and go through a very changing summer together.. Absolutely wonderful soundtrack and I have never seen a better performance from Ben Kingsley.

The Promotion

A decent low-key drama comedy that has more passion then actual comedy. Sean William Scott and John C. Reilly do their roles decently even though they don't have much to work within their characters.

Running Scared

Decent thriller that tries desperately to be clever and stylish but fails short with a over the top story and clichés. Interesting cinematography though.

An American Crime

A exceptional well-made drama that is very shocking and harsh to watch. Ellen Page does another absolutely mesmerising performance in this movie based on a true story about horrible child abuse in the 60s that lead to a death of a teenage girl.


A slight cult feeling about this movie, both in the good and bad way.

The Minus Man

A very different look into a seriekillers mind, a bit of a David Lynch influence combined with randomness. Owen Wilson does his role great but the overall impression after seeing this movie is "was this all?".

Snow Cake
Snow Cake(2006)

A very sympathetic drama movie, great acting all throughout the cast especially from Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver.

Lonesome Jim
Lonesome Jim(2006)

Quite a decent uplifting comedy "real" drama, another solid movie directed by Steve Buscemi .

The Butcher Boy

Quite a different kind of a movie, both in a good and bad way.

Yellow Submarine

Pure brilliance in psychedelic entertainment.


Quite a stylish modern version of Shawshank Redemption.

The Dark Knight

Heath Ledgers performace is mindblowing in this that is probably the best of the Batman movies, still not as brilliant as people seem to think.

Once Were Warriors

Fascinating insight into the New Zeeland culture.

In the Name of the Father

Very good drama about the London bombing in the 1970s where a Irish family got false accused for it. Mesmerising performance from Daniel Day-Lewis also.


Definitely one of the best in the moral serial killer genre, good acting throughout the whole movie and a very satisfying ending.

The Savages
The Savages(2007)

Very emotional sad comedy movie with brilliant acting from Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney.


Truly brilliant cinema with a great classic feel, my favorite performance by Al Pacino also.


Quite a stylish dark comedy but with a slightly too minimalistic approach and a weak ending.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Quite a good comedy with a nice passionate spark.

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Fairly decent sequel that is maybe not as funny as the first one.

Funny Games
Funny Games(2008)

A brilliant masterpiece in pure disturbing horror, breaks many rules that are in conventional movies.

Amores Perros

Very good cinematic storytelling focusing on a few peoples stories and how they affect each other. In the top 5 of the non English speaking movie's I have seen.

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

Fairly interesting documentary but nothing special.

The Lookout
The Lookout(2007)

Fairly decent drama thriller that starts of great and goes into a downward spiral of clichés and bad character developing.

The Cottage
The Cottage(2008)

Quite a decent horror comedy, some great gore and overall good entertaintment.

Little Children

A fascinating insight into middleclass white suburbia secrets, like the relationship version of "Crash" focusing on different people that ties them together at the end. Great performance from Kate Winslet and a brilliant narrator.

Charlie Bartlett

Fairly uneven and flawed school comedy.

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

Decent I guess but not even close to the oldschool parody movies.

Love Actually

A bit unrealistic but definitely one of the better brittish lovestorys that I have seen.

Mysterious Skin

One of the more powerful movies I have seen in a long time, very well written story and Joseph Gordon-Levitt performance is mesmerising.

The Basketball Diaries

A pretty good youth drug movie, nice performance from Leonardo Dicaprio.

Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory(2008)

Decent drama comedy, has some good scenes but nothing special.

Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

Great modern classic comedy, Will Ferrells best performance.

In Bruges
In Bruges(2008)

Brilliant British comedy, if your a fan of Snatch you will adore it. Great dialogue and Colin Farrell's best performance so far.

The Orphanage

Guillermo del Toro's new masterpiece, visually absolutely stunning and genuinely truly scary.


A solid Will Ferrell movie.

Be Kind Rewind

Very flawed and forced comedy.

The Great Debaters

Slightly clichéd but well worth the watch.

The Brothers Grimm

Stylish Terry Gilliam quality but the story could have been better.

10 Things I Hate About You

Cute teen flick without anything special.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

The worst of the Pirates trilogy and definitely too long.


One of the best parodies of Star Wars.

Night at the Museum

Good old fashion matinee without anything extra.

You, Me and Dupree

Decent fun but Matt Dillon is as usual horrible.


Cute movie but watch Garden State instead.


A decent remake by Rob Zombie.

Young Frankenstein

Really good old fashion humour, definitely my favorite Mel Brooks movie and Gene Wilder is in top form in it.

Beauty and the Beast

One the better disney movies.


Quite interesting but nothing much more really.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Decent light-hearted comedy, some funny memorable scenes.


Brilliant fight scenes, nice cinematography and a great story. Best Asian movie I have seen.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

A movie that truly draws you in it.

Diary of the Dead

Interesting plot idea that gets ruined by stupidity and clichés.

Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer

A good insight in Aileen Wuornos very confused and sick mind.

Dan in Real Life

Weakest Steve Carell movie, the whole script is a big mess.

Death Sentence

Typical Kevin Bacon thriller, revenge story with out anything special.

Menace II Society

A cult classic although not without flaws, Boyz 'N the Hood is still the better urban gangsta movie.

Paranoid Park

Visually absolutely brilliant and great experimentation with noise and music. On the actual content of the story its a typical Gus Van Sant movie, you either get it or you don't and this one is no exception.

The Addams Family

Has a nice charm to it, well choosen actors for the roles.

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Fairly good entertainment.

Grizzly Man
Grizzly Man(2005)

Fascinating documentary and truly unique..


Pretty good documentary about stand-up comedians.

American Movie

Brilliant documentary gives an insight into independent film making at its most honest and weird way.

The Bridge
The Bridge(2006)

Slightly boring but still very touching and sad.

Bottle Rocket

Marvellously funny and stylish, among the best of the Wes Anderson movies.

The Darjeeling Limited

Definitely not Wes Andersons best but still a piece of art that will be in the back of your head long after you seen it.

Rambo (Rambo IV)

Fairly good entertainment, the gory violence is a big plus.


Really good swedish drama comedy.

There Will Be Blood

Mastermind performance from Daniel Day Lewis.

Made in Britain

Fascinating but lacks substance.


One of the best new zombie movies.

The Man From Earth

A conversation in a group where a guy confesses that he is 14,000 years old and tells about his life. Very fascinating and great acting all through the cast.

Gone Baby Gone

Ben Afflecs debute as an director and even though it has some flaws it's a very interesting thriller.

Lars and the Real Girl

Ryan Gosling is amazing in this one, a very heartfelt story about loneliness.

Wedding Crashers

Fairly funny and has a nice charm to it.


Such a lovely, funny, smart and cute movie.

Chasing Amy
Chasing Amy(1997)

Slightly flawed movie but with a warm felt story with sole.

For the Bible Tells Me So

Very good documentary about Homosexuality in Christianity, if you liked "Jesus Camp" you will like this documentary also.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Super great fun, has some really memorable scenes and Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer are hilarious together.

Kurt Cobain: About a Son

The best documentary about Kurt Cobain, you just hear his voice telling you about his life and the visual are beautiful places he has lived at.


One of the best biopic I have ever seen about the Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, absolutely stunning black/white picture and Sam Riley does the role of his lifetime.

This Film Is Not Yet Rated

Interesting but dosent really have any substance to it all.

Paradise Lost 2 - Revelations

Well done documentary that really touched me in the heart.

American Gangster

A new modern classic gangster movie, brilliant performances from both Washing and Crowe

An Inconvenient Truth

Quite fascinating really.

Death at a Funeral

Pretty funny but a bit too silly for my taste


Truly fascinating that just conversation can entertain this much.

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma(2007)

Probably the best western I have ever seen, marvellous performances from both Christian Bale and Russell Crowe.


Fairly good swedish comedy.

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

Really great comedy!

Harsh Times
Harsh Times(2006)

Has some interesting moments but overall very flawed.

Jacob's Ladder

Decent but not without some minor flaws.

The Simpsons Movie

It was ok but a bit pointless to be honest.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

Excellent!, a true tribute to action movies but in a very good stylish way.

Stranger Than Fiction

Great performances from both Will Ferrell and Maggie Gyllenhaal in this really clever comedy.

Reno 911!: Miami

Basically like an extended episode, some decent moments but still pretty pointless.


Thrilling but with a weak ending.


Almost as good as "Bowling for Columbine", the people that live in the USA really needs to see this one.

Visitor Q (Bijitâ Q)

Has some shocking scenes maybe.....

Naked Lunch
Naked Lunch(1991)

Stylish but a bit confusing, I probably need to see it more times for the rating to become higher.

Pan's Labyrinth

Visually absolutely brilliant, sadly the story is slightly weaker but the overall charm really saves this movie.

Remember the Titans

Stellar performance from Denzel Washignton once again, still too cliché for it's own good.

In My Father's Den

A fairly good drama that gets better towards the end. Still very flawed especially that it was so confusing because the flashback was hard to differ from the real time.

Class Act
Class Act(1992)

Decent highschool teen movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Slightly better then the first movie and some really memorable scenes. Still flawed with the whole lets make a third movie story, also definitely too long.

Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog(2007)

Not bad at all actually.

A Scanner Darkly

Candy for the eye so to speak but ending was fairly weak.

The Return of the Living Dead

My alltime favorite zombiemovie.

Falling Down
Falling Down(1993)

Definitely the best Michael Douglas movie I have seen.

Little Miss Sunshine

Maybe not in the same class as the Wes Anderson movies but still quite wonderful.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

I admit I wasn't really a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen before, the series were fairly weak and the Ali G movie only had a couple of decent moments. This on the other hand was quite brilliant, so many memorable scenes and truly innovating at times.


Brilliant acting from both Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray and a truly awesome movie experience.

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

Another masterpiece from Scorsese, absolutely brilliant story.

Clerks II
Clerks II(2006)

Has some really weak moments but the good moments makes it a pretty enjoyable experience. Still definitely not as good as Clerks 1.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Absolutely brilliant at times and a bit weaker at other times. Overall though Johnny Depp's performance really saves this movie.


A really good and sad portrayal of todays British youth.


A pretty good indie movie.

Benny & Joon
Benny & Joon(1993)

A bit too silly but it's ok I guess.

Half Nelson
Half Nelson(2006)

Overall a pretty good story with really good performances from both Ryan Gosling and Shareeka Epps.

Napoleon Dynamite

Pretty good actually with the only real drawback in that it dosen't really have a story. Obviously the ending dance is true cult.

Lucky Number Slevin

Clever story but not without flaws, especially Josh Hartnett performance annoys me.

The Boondock Saints

Stylistic and brilliant.


Fairly weak.

Jesus Camp
Jesus Camp(2006)

Pretty good documentary.

Hard Candy
Hard Candy(2006)

Both a "Different and original movie, really good acting from both the lead actors.

Chapter 27
Chapter 27(2007)

Overall a pretty good performance from Jared Leto in this a bit too minimalistic and slow movie.

Saw III(2006)

Overall a better story and gore then Saw 2, still the ending seemed a bit forced and the whole opening for a Saw 4 was pretty lame.

Nuns on the Run

Not bad actually, funny acting from both Idle and Coltrane.

My Giant
My Giant(1998)

Fairly decent Crystal movie.

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

Mediocre Rob Schneider movie.

The Astronaut's Wife

Probably the worst Johnny Depp movie, really boring.

Blast From the Past

Decent entertainment.

Mystic River
Mystic River(2003)

A decent but fairly forgettable movie.

Open Water
Open Water(2004)

Quite morbid actually.

L.A. Story
L.A. Story(1991)

Overall a pretty decent Steve Martin movie.

The Assassination of Richard Nixon

Good acting from Sean Penn in this overall pretty decent movie.

You Only Live Twice

Probably one of the better Bond movies that I have seen.

Requiem for a Dream

Absolutely breathtaking.

The Squid and the Whale

Pretty good acting, the overall story is pretty good but the ending is really weak.


A bit of Matrix rip-off basically.

The Lover (L'amant)

The cinematography is quite breathtaking is this pretty decent love story.

Bröderna Lejonhjärta

Pretty good matine movie.


Overall a pretty good performance from Jake Gyllenhal and the story is quite good and realistic.

Brokeback Mountain

Everything from Ang Lee's direction to the performances from both Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal are great.

Das Experiment (The Experiment)

Interesting plot but has too many flaws to be considered to be a movie I can fully enjoy.

Soylent Green

One of the more accurate futuremovies that I have seen.


Decent family movie

The Haunting
The Haunting(1999)

A really shitty horror movie.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Definitely not even close to what the book was about.

Another Day in Paradise

The best Larry Clark movie.


Decent matine I guess.

Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown(1997)

Quentin Tarantino's worst movie.


Some really cool special effects but that's pretty much the only good thing about this movie.

The Legend of Zorro

The zorro series from the 80s was much better.


a really shitty disaster movie.


A really confusing and shitty movie.

Toolbox Murders

Decent slasher movie

Coming to America

Probably the best Eddie Murphy movie.

Vampire in Brooklyn

One of the better 90s Eddie Murphy movie.

Trading Places

Overall pretty decent and funny.

Spirited Away

One of the best anime I have ever see.


One of the better disney movies.

School of Rock

Ok at it's best but otherwise pretty boring.

Training Day
Training Day(2001)

My favorite Denzel Washington movie.

John Q
John Q(2002)

Decent but that's really as good as it gets.

Metal: A Headbanger's Journey

Probably the best metal documentary I have ever seen although not without some minor flaws.

Weekend at Bernie's

Has some really funny moments.

Show Me Love (Fucking Åmål)

Overall a very good story and pretty good acting from the lead actors.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

One of my alltime favorites, I can watch this millions of times and never get tired of it.

The Devil's Rejects

A really cool new horror movie in old-school style.


Visually one of best movies I have ever seen with a provocative story.

The Paper Chase

Basically a really good oldschool story about the difficulty of being young.

The Good Girl

A really sympathic story and good acting from both Aniston and Gyllenhaal.


Van Damme best movie, just really great action and awesome music.

Mad City
Mad City(1997)

Pretty ok story and good acting from both Travolta and Hoffman.


Pretty decent actually.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Visually it's absolutely mindblowing but as far as the story goes it's pretty weak.


Decent actionmovie.


Almost everything is shit in this truly awful movie.

Devil's Playground

A pretty interesting documentary.

Shadow of the Vampire

Quite interesting but the story is really not good enough for a full movie.

Evil (Ondskan)

Maybe not as good as the book but still pretty good entertainment.


Easily my favorite maffia movie.

Cannibal Holocaust

One of the more gory movies that I have ever seen.

Demolition Man

Very good entertainment.

Being John Malkovich

A truly orginal story.

Big Fish
Big Fish(2003)

Confusing and a pretty big dissapointment.

21 Grams
21 Grams(2003)

Strong story but overall pretty weak.

The Cable Guy

One of Jim Carreys better comedy movies, has a really cool dark feel.


A really cute movie with a compassionated story, also one of the few movie's where Milla Jovovich is actually decent.

9 to 5
9 to 5(1980)

Fun and harmless.

The Believer
The Believer(2002)

I truly fascinating story and if your a fan of American History X you need to check this movie out!


Overall a very sad movie.

Pushing Tin
Pushing Tin(1999)

A bit entertaining but still pretty mediocre.

Honeymoon in Vegas

Overall pretty good entertainment.

Wall Street
Wall Street(1987)

Decent but nothing mindblowing.

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

The best Steve Martin film I have seen.

Dirty Pretty Things

Quite a tragic story and overall good acting from both Ejiofor and Tautou

Romper Stomper

A fairly mediocre movie.


A truly fascinating experience.

Dancer in the Dark

An absolutely blinding performance by Björk.


Probably after "Blood Sport" the best Jean-Claude Van Damme movie.

Liar Liar
Liar Liar(1997)

Pretty good job from Jim Carrey and the story is cute but quite harmless.

A Tale of Two Sisters

The best from the asian horror scene that I have seen so far.

Ong-Bak (Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior)

Interesting that they did all the stunts and no special effects but other then that the story is pretty weak.


A very typical b-movie.


It's actually pretty cute and Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari did an ok job in it.

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

A truly fascinating documentary.


It's interesting although with some major flaws, the main actor did a pretty good job though.

The Manson Family

a complete mess of a movie, definitely not for everybody (Including me)

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment

A pretty good sequel that I actually prefer over the first movie.

Donnie Brasco

Interesting to see De Niro and Depp together although the movie is only decent as best.


A very interesting story and basically very good entertainment.

Predator 2
Predator 2(1990)

An ok sequel but that's really the only thing that's good with it.

Beverly Hills Cop III

Has somekind of a charm that I enjoy but it's not even close to the quality of the two earlier movies.

28 Days Later

A somewhat interesting story that dosen't really hold up to end though.

The Matrix Reloaded

With the exceptions of the special effects this is not even close to the greatness of the first Matrix movie.

Robocop 2
Robocop 2(1990)

Definitely not as good as the first one but still decent.

Man on the Moon

Jim Carrey does an awesome performance in this movie which story is both weird and facinating.

Dude, Where's My Car?

Even if it's simple minded stuff I still like it.

Rain Man
Rain Man(1988)

Brilliant acting from both Cruise and Hoffman and a pretty good story.

Bowling for Columbine

Definitely one of the better documentarys I have ever seen.

Mars Attacks!

Just very good entertainment, it's ridiculos how many big stars are in it but it's a good space parody

Rush Hour
Rush Hour(1998)

Pretty simple minded comedy but it works.

Independence Day

Probably as good as a summer blockbuster can be.

Men in Black II

Even if the first one was pretty damn weak this was even worser, complete shite.

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

Another sequel that lost everything that was good about the first one.


This movie isn't suppose to be a scary movie, it's a parody and a damn good one.


Quite an original story and the spin at the end is mindblowing.

Dawn of the Dead

One of my alltime favorite remakes. Very stylish and the ending after the credits is brilliant.

Freddy Got Fingered

Almost a true cult movie.

The Matrix Revolutions

With the exception of the awesome special effects this movie wasn't even close to the greatness of the first Matrix movie.

Scream 2
Scream 2(1997)

I have always had a soft spot for the first Scream movie but this was quite bad. Very confusing story and the spirit of the first movie was long gone.

Halloween H2O

Completly unnecessary.


One of the worst of the nature disaster movies.

Batman & Robin

Probably the worst Batman movie, crap story and bad acting.

Spice World
Spice World(1998)

A very lame and forgettable movie.

Planet of the Apes

One of the worst remakes ever.

Book of Shadows - Blair Witch 2

Where the first movie was somewhat decent this was a complete waste. Was obviously only made because they wanted to milk more money out of the BW franchise.

The Shawshank Redemption

The best prison movie ever.

Cidade de Deus (City of God)

My alltime favorite foreign movie, brilliant story and awesome cinematography.

Almost Famous

A movie that any true music lover should watch.

This Is Spinal Tap

The best rock movie ever.

Zero Day
Zero Day(2003)

One of my favorite not so obvious movie. Very lowbudget but the main actors did a really good job.

A Clockwork Orange

My alltime favorite movie, the story is excellent and everything from the acting to the music is top notch.

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

A truly brilliant and different movie, Awesome music and acting.