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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


This probably wont be well received by a lot of people as, whilst the film will be compelling enough for them, they will search for a more conventional conclusion to justify such darkness portrayed on the screen - such as a happy ending or at least a solution to the questions the film raises, or at the very least, a clear-cut nod indicating an intention to open a forum for audience discussion on how to resolve all the world's problems.It's too depressing otherwise? But this would really defeat the power of this film - which would suggest that such a need is due only to ubiquitous assimilation - the result of a marketing holocaust. Instead, in true existential fashion, Kaye propels us to look within ourselves - to understand the true nature of our own existence despise all the darkness that may be required to do so. What the film strives for is reality; to provide a very truthful and honost impression of society. The result is a very poetic and stylised impression of a group of characters trying to find their place within a carnivores society and a flawed existence. The film is not only darkness, however, - there are a lot of beautiful moments, particularly in Henry and Erica's character arcs - and the life that is breathed into them - at least momentarily (but are these moments not enough?) or the way the film turns to literature, poetry and art as an ultimate salvation.