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The Crow

The Crow(1994)

"It can't rain all the time." -Eric Draven

Looking at the poster, it looks like a slasher movie aimed at teens but it couldn't be more different. The Crow is an astonishingly powerful film. All the more powerful because of the circumstances which surrounds the film's production (Lee's unfair demise and the talented Davis' downfall). The film is unique in the sense that it's a black and white movie filmed in colour. However, this technique works for The Crow making it all the more beautiful. The plot is predictable but the execution is perfect. With characters who the audience either fully feel for or no compassion at all. Lee's performance is untouchable, as is the young Davis' (who never acted again because of the incident). Inside the movie exists this tragedy made almost unbearable by the event which took place on the set. Lee's performance is simple, honest and one of the greatest I've ever had the privilege to witness. He creates a character which is among the most spectacular to appear in motion pictures. I just happy that Brandon Lee's and Rochelle Davis' last performances were two of the most moving ever seen.

R.I.P. Brandon Lee 1965-1993