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The Crow
The Crow(1994)

"It can't rain all the time." -Eric Draven

Looking at the poster, it looks like a slasher movie aimed at teens but it couldn't be more different. The Crow is an astonishingly powerful film. All the more powerful because of the circumstances which surrounds the film's production (Lee's unfair demise and the talented Davis' downfall). The film is unique in the sense that it's a black and white movie filmed in colour. However, this technique works for The Crow making it all the more beautiful. The plot is predictable but the execution is perfect. With characters who the audience either fully feel for or no compassion at all. Lee's performance is untouchable, as is the young Davis' (who never acted again because of the incident). Inside the movie exists this tragedy made almost unbearable by the event which took place on the set. Lee's performance is simple, honest and one of the greatest I've ever had the privilege to witness. He creates a character which is among the most spectacular to appear in motion pictures. I just happy that Brandon Lee's and Rochelle Davis' last performances were two of the most moving ever seen.

R.I.P. Brandon Lee 1965-1993


"Searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie." -Cher Horowitz

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that defines a generation... Clueless is definitely one of these films. It's ironic comedy meets "Beverly Hills 90210". The director, Amy Heckerling, directs with such style that you forget your watching a teen comedy. The film is centred around Cher (Alicia Silverstone) who's manipulative and spoilt but still undeniably likable as she's not as superficial as the audience initially thinks. Her, as well as the rest of the youthful cast have some killer quotes and clever lingo. What else can you expect from the film that spawned the phrase "Whatever!". The colourful film not only gave us a new language but jump started the careers of Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd and Breckin Meyer. The characters these talented actors play and the dialogue they speak are nothing short of hilarious. A true 90's pop culture film in every way from the pop-punk soundtrack to the Marky Mark and "Beavis and Butthead" references. Undoubtedly one of the best teen movies around, Clueless is guaranteed to make you do one thing... laugh!

Mysterious Skin

"I wish there was some way for us to go back and undo the past. But there wasn't. There was nothing we could do." -Neil

I've wanted to watch this film for so long, now that I finally had the chance to view it and I was blown away. Words cannot express how powerful this film is. It's both touching and emmensly disturbing. Unbelievably brilliant performances from the two leads, Brady Corbet as the lonely, UFO believer Brian and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the unhappy, gay hustler Neil, give the best perfomances of their careers. The audience feels sympathy for both boys as they live their troubled lives. It boasts impressive acting from its supporting cast too as Elisabeth Shue's loving mother mother and Jeffery Licon's loyal friend are also scene stealers. The beauty of the film lies in how the characters (including Michelle Trachtenberg's Wendy) connect with eachother, almost telepathically. But the true star of this movie is the visionary director Gregg Araki (who previously directed "Nowhere"). He directs with a combination of clear image and raw emotion. This powerfully tragic movie is certainly a must-see.


"You're good, baby. I'll give you that. But me? I'm magic." -Bullseye

Firstly, I'm a Marvel comics fan. And secondly, I just viewed the Director's Cut so there are some differences to the original cut. Besides an extremely insignificant side story featuring the talentless Coolio, a cameo from Ellen Pompeo and a deleted love scene, nothing much. As expected, the film has a "The Crow"-style dark, fantasy atmosphere which works very well. But unfortunetely, Ben Affleck severely lacks the acting abilities to pull off a complex superhero like Daredevil. My main problem was the film's lack of realism. Sure it's a superhero movie, but Daredevil isn't Spiderman. Daredevil's agility was way too "over the top" and don't even get me started on Elektra and Bullseye who supposedly DON' T have superpowers. On the bright side, the 2003 power-rock soundtrack really gets the adreneline pumping for some of the better scenes (like the Elecktra/Daredevil training montage). And Colin Farrell is (as always) brilliant, he's strikingly superior when placed against the dull Ben Affleck. A lot of people complained about the Daredevil's film costume but I think it really suits the dark tone of the movie. By a different film crew (and perhaps cast), "Daredevil" could certainly have been adapted from the comics more successfully but it is phenominally better than the lame 2005 spin-off "Elecktra".


"You know what I like best about Christmas? The surprises. I mean, it's like you get this box, and you're sure you know what's inside of it... But then you open it up and it's completely different. You know, wow, bang, surprise!... it's kind of like me and you here... this time yesterday, who would have thunk it?" -Claire Montgomery

Judging from the horrible poster, you mightn't watch to watch this but you really should. Claire's theory on surprises also applies to this film as it's quite simply, one of the funniest movie of all time! Go has alot of my personal favourites; my favourite movie title, my favourite opening sequence, my favourite soundtrack, my favourite last line in a movie, the list go on..... The characters are potrayed so well. Everyone has their favourite character. I've spent ages thinking about the small details of this movie. If the MTV generation did anything right, it spawned this movie. In my opinion, it's the most underrated film of our time. Everyone go out and buy it. It's Pulp Fiction meets Dazed & Confused on ecstacy, what's not to like?Nothing, it's perfect.

The Thin Red Line

"In this world, a man, himself, is nothing. And there ain't no world but this one." -Sgt. Welsh

Due to it's release date, "The Thin Red Line" will forever be compared to "Saving Private Ryan" due to their similar content but the two films are very different. In my opinion "S.P.R" is the superior movie but Malick's picture definetely has its charms. I had no idea what a skilled director Terrence Malick is. It seems as if there's plenty of thought and effort behind each shot. He has a unique way of showing the world's natural beauty. His unique vision of nature is second only to Sofia Coppola. The plot moves very slow but the viewer barely notices because of Malick's attention to detail. Thoughout he gives a "calm before the storm impression" before building up to the epic battle scene. The very impressive ensemble cast is one of the most recognizable I've ever seen. The feeling of family and brotherhood is perfertly portrayed by the cast. There are also some heartwreching scenes, specifically Beade's death (Nick Stahl) and Keck's accidental suicide (Woody Harrelson). All in all, this is one gorgeous looking movie thanks to Malick. Every breathtaking image will have you wanting more.


"I get it, I ain't worth nothin'. But the only way I'm gonna lose is if somebody beats me." -Shawn MacArthur

As Dito Monteil's debut "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints" is one of my all time favourite independent films, I had to see this. Watched the trailer for Fighting a few weeks ago and I thought it looked so cheesy and ordinary. Just another mindless, aggressive piece of Hollywood crap for fans of films like "Never Back Down". But alas, I went to see it and I loved it! The trailer marketed the film horribly. I was expecting cheesy macho dialogue and fighting montages but instead I got a film with substance. There was a lot of attention to detail and the dialogue was excellent. The characters wandered off their points and Terrence Howard's character mumbled throughout. I'd say a lot of it was improvised. This added incredible realism that I've never seen in this sub genre of film before. These characters spoke like real people not the regular Hollywood dribble. The words and subjects were just casual. It was just like real life where we don't give loads of thought behind the words we speak. As far as plot goes, it's just like any other film but the magic lies its realism (considering the circumstance). The director is truly on my list of directors to watch out for. I now expect great things from him in the future. Channing Tatum is very hit and miss (no pun intended), but when he hits, he hits hard. He delivers a strong performance here as Shawn, much similair to his great acting achievements in "A.G.T.R.Y.S." and "Stop-Loss". He reminds me of an "On The Waterfront"-style Brando. Tatum has a big future ahead of him, if he plays his cards right. However, if you want to see a plain Hollywood film that you won't find out of the ordinary, I'd avoid this. This film was marketed to the wrong audience, so therefore, those who wouldn't enjoy it went to see it and those who would enjoy it, didn't. It was even advertised on Perez Hilton for Christ's sake! I'm sure in years to come it will gain more recognition.

American Beauty

"Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in." -Ricky FittsAmazing.

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

"You feel that sting, big boy, huh? That's pride f*ckin' with you! You gotta fight through that sh*t!" -Butch CoolidgeMy all-time joint favourite movie (along with Before Sunset). A masterpiece.


"Tracy was playing with Barbies before she met Evie!" -MelanieEver since I saw the cover of the DVD I knew I was hooked! The teenage girl rebellion has become a bit of a cliche in recent years. But this was anything but. Yeah, the loss of innocence & the downward spiral were both included but Thirteen also sees strong direction, symbolism and indie movie charm. The handheld camerawork makes the film seem real and honest. The highlight of this film however, has to be the acting. Although Nikki Reed had been through the ordeal herself and Holly Hunter was Oscar nominated, the star who steals the show is Evan Rachel Wood as Tracy! The audience feels her pain as she reacts to her mother, drugs, sex, petty crime, school & of course; Evie Zamora. Evie will forever remain was of my all time favourite movie characters. The soundtrack is also perfect with its heavy rock & depressing (at times) tunes. Katy Rose's "Lemon" is the ultimate theme song for a movie, it fits in so well. If your looking for a good funny teen movie stay away from this but if you want to see a powerful, raw, honest indie masterpiece, watch this! Some call it "shocking", others call it "disturbing", but nothing could have made this film better. Unlike some films I don't think "Thirteen" was trying to be controversial, it was just showing a reality. One of my all time favourites. Suitable for repeated viewing. See it now!

Y Tu Mama Tambien

"Life is like the surf, so give yourself away like the sea." -LuisaThere's many adjectives that describe "Y Tu Mama Tambien"... funny, tragic, strange, sexy, fresh, youthful but none of these describe the film better than the word "beautiful". Alfonso Cuarón directs the film with very skillfully and I'm not surprised that the screenplay was Oscar-nominated. The movie is emotionally driven, a story that's centred around life and it's unexpectedness. The three central characters are just so interesting. As the film progresses, you get to know these people and you care about them. The audience follows Julio and Tenoch's conflicts of jealousy and opposing classes, a friendship that is both comedic and tragic. Then there's Luisa, the beautiful Spaniard that steals the boys' affections. I was fighting back the tears when her surprising heartbreaking story was revealed... a twist ending which you won't see coming, but on repeat viewing the signs are unavoidable. It really is a work of genius that one could watch over and over, and still take something from it. A study of friendship and romance, "Y Tu Mama Tambien" is undoubtedly my favourite foreign language film of all time.

Before Sunset

"I'll never forget this one night thing. Even tomorrow in other arms, my heart will stay yours until I die." -CelineSuperb. This (along with Pulp Fiction) are my joint ranked Favourite movie. I have no criticisms about this. The most visually beautiful film I've ever seen. It's only 80 minutes but it's like a 3-hour long movie (in a good way, I mean). Hawke and Deply share the best on-screen chemistry I've ever seen before. The characters of Jesse & Celine are developed well. It seems so realisic. Their funny & deep conversations will make you feel like your walking around Paris beside them. Make sure you watch Before Sunrise first though. I just wonder what lies ahead of Jesse & Celine. I want more!

Lost In Translation

"Let's never come here again because it will never be as much fun." -Charlotte.Possibly the most visually mouth-wateringly beautiful film ever created. Easily, the best of the three films directed by Coppola (The Virgin Suicides, L.I.T. & Marie Antoinette). The gorgeous scenery of night time, neon-lit Tokyo to the bright, natural shrines of Kyoto is the perfect setting. Surrounded by all the outer beauty, there's an inner beauty which lies in the characters of Bob and Charlotte. There's a perfectly suiting lack of dialogue between the two throughout the film which develops the characters much better than any long conversation. Bill & Scarlett are phenomenal. Rivalling only Delpy and Hawke in the on-screen chemistry department. I found Ms. Johansson annoying until I viewed this and realized she's possibly the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. The direction is nothing short of extraordinary. Coppola is undoubtedly a genius.

Dazed and Confused

"That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age." -Wooderson

"Dazed and Confused" is the ultimate party movie! You can only expect something truly amazing when you watch a Richard Linklater film, that's just what you get here... one of Linklater's finest. It's the definition of nostalgic cinema... any who has memories of those days instantly wishes to relive them after watching this film. And although it's based in 1976 America, it has the power to make anyone who wasn't around at the time to want to be there in the moment too, like me for example. Even though, I wasn't a part of that era, I can still relate to the characters and the cliques. The movie is full of quotes that can be repeated on drunken nights out. One of the film's greatest assets is it's unbelievable soundtrack which is arguably known as the best soundtrack of all time. The film boasts a very impressive ensemble cast that work really well together. Also, it's very interesting to see Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey, Milla Jovovich, Nikky Katt, Parker Posey & Joey Lauren Adams before they were famous. Renne Zellweger also features in a non-speaking role. Watch this film, you're guaranteed to love it.

Fried Green Tomatoes

"I found out what the secret to life is... friends... Best friends." -Ninny Threadgoode

Although this film overflows with southern charm, it lacks a lot of emotion that it had the potential to posess. In the book, Idgie and Ruth had a romantic relationship but for the screen adaptation, it's replaced by friendship with some strong lesbian undertones. So the film tones itself down in a hypocritcal way... In one scene, Idgie states "You gotta stop worring about what other people think." I'm pretty unfamiliar with Mary Stuart Masterson, but she gave a stellar performance here. Jessica Tandy is (as always) on form but Kathy Bates is really the one that steals the show! The vast majority of laughs are produced by her and her mid life crisis. I found that Mary Louise Parker (the actress that played Ruth) not very likeable, especially in comparison with the three other female leads. All in all, it's a pretty average movie. Besides the blatant censorship and the horrible title, it does deal with racial and sexual conflict issues that other "unintellectual" films won't tackle.

Factory Girl
Factory Girl(2007)

"Your movies have made a fool out of me!" -Edie Sedgwick

Amores Perros

?If not now, then when?? -Octavio

Mean Creek
Mean Creek(2004)

?You always got to go with the best idea you've got. Otherwise, you're just left lying around - not knowing what to do.? ?Marty

Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky(2001)

?Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.? ?Sofia Serrano


"Courage is when you're the only guy who knows how shit-scared you really are." -Roland Bozz

I have to say; I've always loved this movie! I always thought Colin Farrell's acting was overrated, that is, until I saw this movie. He seems so realistic and genuine, not to mention, he has the Texas accent down to a tee. It would also turn out to be Matthew Davis' best performance as well. They're a perfect odd couple. The grainy, 16-millimeter quality is perfect for telling a harsh, cold Vietnam times. The core of the movie however is Bozz & Paxton's friendship. There is an in-dept view of both characters that exists within the film. Highly underrated but still appreciated. This will remain Joel Schumacher's only masterpiece. Perfection!

Drop Dead Gorgeous

?Well this isn't an American Teen Princess Pageant! This... This... This is Nazi Germany!? -Amber Atkins

Either Michael Patrick Jann got very lucky with the perfect cast and idea or else he's comic genius. Either way, this film just might possibly be, the funniest movie of all time. From the characters' personalities to their "talents". Beyond the obvious laughs, lies a clear satire of small town Republican America. And beyond that, there's heart to the movie in the big dreams of a small town girl; Amber Atkins. I think the movie's strength is the characters she encounters along the way. Although Kirstie Alley, Ellen Barkin and Kirsten Dunst make you cry from laughter, it's the supporting roles of bubbly contestant Brittany Murphy, awkward pageant assistant Mindy Sterling and especially promiscuous neighbour Allison Janney who really have the viewers rolling on the floor. With tonnes of laughs, a "killer" plot, colourful characters, clever satirical jabs, a few explosions and a little bit of heart, D.D.G. is very much suitable for repeated viewing.

Run Lola Run
Run Lola Run(1999)

?Help me, Lola! I don't know what to do!? -Manni

One of my all time favourites, I loved everything about it. The adrenaline rush, the pulsing techno, the partly animated segments, the multi-scenarios, the complete weirdness of it all. One woman's race against time to save her doomed lover. The idea of living the same moments over and over again if they don't turn out the way you have planned. Tykwer does at good job at directing & I love the hopeful ending. It made me think long after viewing. Referenced in everything from The Simpsons to Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. Everyone should see this movie.
"But in the end, isn't it always the same question and always the same answer?"

Kill Bill: Volume 2

?That woman deserves her revenge and we deserve to die.? ?Budd


?It's just like the 60's. Only with less hope.? ?Justin Bond

The Dreamers
The Dreamers(2004)

"The first time I saw a movie at the cinématèque française I thought, 'Only the French... only the French would house a cinema inside a palace.'" -Matthew

There is no other film quite like "The Dreamers". I found it highly enjoyable and I think the reason that cinephiles love it is because it's about cinephiles. The film references are thrown at the audience like baseballs; quickly and with the intention of a catch. The three central characters work very well together... they represent three very different individuals but when they're placed together, they make up one whole (a close group against the grain of the rest of the world). First you have Matthew (played by the lovable Michael Pitt), he's the representation of good, the egotistical Theo is the representation of evil and then you have Isabelle. Isabelle is the conflict between the two. At times she's "tres genial", but at other times she seems very naive. She tries to act confident but only the audience can peer into her soul to see that she's very vulnerable. My main complaint is the story relies too heavily on sex. The nudity seems relevant but the sex doesn't. Graphic sexual content works well to advance the story in some films, like the genius "Shortbus", you feel it's just thrown in there to excite the pervs. All in all, it's a great film, you don't want to miss this one. But at the end of day, as far as sexy "three's a crowd" movies go, this just doesn't live up to the exceedingly high standards set by "Y Tu Mama Tambien".

Marie Antoinette

?Letting everyone down would be my greatest unhappiness.? ?Maire-Antoinette

This was probably my most anticipated film of the year, and it did not disappoint. Dunst's best performance. Excellent direction my Ms. Coppola. I could see many of her trademarks appearing throughout. The modern rock works well with the old fashioned setting. It's visual wonder and an amazing "rise-and-fall" story told with incredible beauty. Not as good as "Lost In Translation" but better than "The Virgin Suicides". It does well in continuing Coppola's "young girl's confusion" series. Highly recommended. I'm eagerly awaiting Sophia's next feature. "This, Madame, is Versailles."

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

?Walk down the right back alley in Sin City, and you can find anything.? -Marv

The most original film in years. One of my all-time favourites.


?It's the sense of touch? In L.A., nobody touches you? I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something.? ?Det. Graham Waters

So moving, finally, a well desevred Best Picture! Performances are great. The cast makes an amazing ensemble. My favourite Musical Score of all time.

Margot at the Wedding

"It's hard, I think, to find people in the world you love more than your family." -Pauline

"Margot At The Wedding" is an example to a movie feuled by its characters. It's the mix between humor and seriousness that really makes it stand out.

Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story

"I just want it to be... perfect." -Karen Carpenter

"Superstar" is a genuinely creepy movie. First off, it spews originality. The film's cast is mostly made up of Barbie and Ken dolls modeled to look like their human counterparts. It tells the story of Karen Carpenter's rise and fall. "Superstar" was the acclaimed Todd Haynes' directional debut and although it's a very low budget, amateur independent movie with toys as a cast, it's also very advanced in its film making style. It uses everything from non-linear storytelling to disturbing montages. In one of these montages, Haynes even cuts between Holocaust clips of naked, female corpses being dumped into a pit. "Superstar" jumps between an account of Karen's personal life and a documentary style film that educates the audience of the disease of anorexia. The film's distribution was banned worldwide by Richard Carpenter (the title character's brother) and in a typical Haynes trademark, Richard is depicted as a closeted gay man. Another reason why it was banned and one of the film's major advantages is the soundtrack. The soundtrack is a mix of 60's and 70's Carpenters tunes as well as some very eerie instrumentals. The Carpenters music works very well at building walls of denial between what Karen is singing about and what is really happening in the Carpenters personal lives. While the haunting instrumentals reflect on the pain Karen endured. However, it's irritating that some of the captions are illegible as Haynes uses black subtitles against partly black backgrounds. Besides this, it's a very engaging film that is a superior biopic to the majority of other movies in this sub-genre. Haynes should be very proud of this accomplished debut.

The Good Girl

"As a girl you see the world as a giant candy store filled with sweet candy and such. But one day you look around and you see a prison..." -Justine

Surprisingly, this is a very good movie. The plot doesn't exactly move a mile a minute, but in this case the slow pace helps the film. Since the cast of characters are all waiting around for the "huge event" to happen, the audience feels as if they're waiting too. This really gives the viewer a connection with the characters, specifically Anniston's lonely Justine. Her performance is perfect. Everyone knows her as the perky Rachel from the TV sitcom "Friends" and this trasferred into her film career. It seems as if she plays the same character (Rachel) in every film she's featured in. But "The Good Girl" is different, she plays the weathered and pesimistic Justine, a broken woman whose lost her zeal for life... a polar opposite of Rachel. Her performance is very believable. You can't help but root for her in her struggle against her world. And although she's Gyllenhaal and Reilly are great supporting too. The main problem with the film was the marketing. It was advertised as a funny Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy but it's really not. There's very little comedy in comparison to tragedy and I would hardly classify it as romantic either. Therefore, the people who wouldn't like it saw it while the people who would like it, didn't. It's a shame because this is truely a film unlike any other.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

"Nothin' happened the way it was supposed to happen." -Neville

I really wanted to like this movie. But it was way too uneventful when it had the potential be something that would keep people on the edge of their seat. I think the budget wasn't distributed very evenly either. The set was phenomenal but they really lost out with the CGI. The supposed "monsters" that the plot is revolved around look like rejects from a PS1 "Silent Hill" game. And although Smith gives a great performance as the last man on earth, he is none the less, upstaged by the dog. It could have been something... but unfortunately it wasn't.

The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

If the film's anything like the book, it will be fantastic! Asia is always sectacular but we'll see if she can direct as well as she acts.

Silent Hill
Silent Hill(2006)

If it's anything like the video game, I'm gonna love this film.


I can't wait to see this film. I heard it was "shocking" but I'd say the person who said this, hasn't talked to a teen since they were teens themselves.


I can't wait to see this movie. I have very high expectations of this.

Wicker Park
Wicker Park(2004)

I absolutely loved it, that being said, I have yet to see L'Appartement

Albino Alligator

One of those amazing times when bored, you turn on the TV and some movie you've never heard of appears on the screen and make you really think. This applies to this film. Spacey's direction is excellent.


A movie thats seems shockingly realistic. It remainds me of Oliver Stones' "Natural Born Killers", with its ultraviolence and satire. I can't help but feel that the acting is dull (but this is probably because of Van Sant's decision to cast actual high school students rather than actors). Some scenes feel unnessary and dragged out. The film is screaming Controversy! It could be compared to "Battle Royale" or "Thirteen" with its media warped youths. This movie is definetely unforgettable and it will surely make you think about it long after its viewing. Everyone must see this movie but it's understandable if you don't enjoy it.

You'll Get Over It

I really enjoyed this. Mainly because of Julien Baumgartner's fantastic portrayal of the central character; Vincent Molina. Molina is the most popular guy in his high school. He's the star of the swimming team, he gets good grades and dates one of the hottest girls in school. But all that changes when he's outed as being gay by the new kid. The movie follows Molina's relationship with his friends, family and peers and how those relationships change when he comes out. However, towards the end, not all of his problems are resolved. I think this proves that your life and your difficulties can't be wrapped up in a neat little package, giving the movie a lot of realism. Molina's a very like-able character so the audience feels pity for him and really learns to understand him. It's only through Baumgartner's performance that this character is accepted. Props to Julia Maraval for playing the confused girlfriend as well. However, Baumgartner remains the true standout. Not all his problems are rectified but he just lives his life day to day and follows the advice; "You'll get over it, you'll see."

The Simpsons Movie

Surprisingly better than I thought it would be. The animation is brilliant and everyone will think so (possibly because every one's used to the usual "Simpson's look". A few of the jokes fall flat but other than that, it's very funny. The visual comedy was much funnier than the dialogue. It could have been longer though and I was expecting more cameos.


Best hand-to-hand martial arts movie ever. Van Damme's best. Acting-wise, the film is terrible but it get lots of credit for its story (which spawned off everything from Mortal Kombat to Street Fighter video games). The film is so cheesy and has every 80s cliche and training montage possible. Unfortunately, this being his starring debut, his future roles didn't live up to his portrayal of Frank Dux.

Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle

I know action movies are supposed to be "over-the-top" but this was "over-the-top and comes back down in flames". It just didn't work. The script was terrible and the star power couldn't even save it. Fight scenes seemed too choreographed. It does have its moments but other than the motocross scene, the beach scene, the cameos and a few funny moments, the movie falls short. Everyone should see it but you probably won't like it.

Das Experiment (The Experiment)

I know the poster makes this movie look like a cheap, cheesy 90s Sci-Fi, but it's not at all. Semi-based on the real life "Stanford prison experiment", this movie perfectly mixes Thriller with Drama. It is slow to start but once it gets going, it really takes off! Watch out for some disturbing scenes and superb suspense building by the director and writer. Moritz Bleibtreu (who is possibly the coolest actor alive) is amazing.

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge

Fantasic performance by Berry but other than that, the film is sub-standard. Maybe my review is biased since I dislike TV movies but "Introducing DD" at times is unexciting and drawn out. It's a funny coincidence how Halle Berry potrayed the first African-American woman to get an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress when years later she'd be known as the first African-American woman to get an Academy Award win for Best Actress.

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

Christopher Nolan seems kinda "hit" & "miss" to me. Memento was fantastic and unlike anything seen before (at the time). However, I don't see why so many people liked Batman Begins. I'm not saying it was bad, it was just okay. The Prestige however is certainly a hit! It's not for those who are easily confused with detailed movie plots. There's more twists in this movie than a Goldfrapp song. Great performances from Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale & Scarlett Johansson. I also like Piper Perabo's cameo. Lol.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

I don't usually like "stupid comedies" but I have to say that I spit my sides laughin' at this. This film is bound to offend, it's racist, sexist and homophobic! It's very controversial but I love it's still very funny. Sacha Baron Cohen is perfect as Borat! I loved Pamela Anderson's cameo. I still can't believe he got away with his abduction attempt. Hilarious.

Boys Don't Cry

1999 is my favourite year for film, out of the many blockbusters came this Independant movie. Gained attention from a unknown Hilary Swank winning an Oscar. Swank's performance feels so real. The best female performance I have ever seen. A well desevred Oscar Win. Chloe Sevigny gives yet another amazing performance (As usual) although it doesn't match up to Swank's. It's an extremely disturbing movie with its graphic rape scene so it's not for everyone. But most would find the film overall to be moving & emotional. Sad ending. Independant Film at its best. Worth a look.

Reekers: L'Odeur de la mort

A film that tried to have a shocking twist but failed.......... MISERABLY!!! In the end, it just makes no sense, whatsoever. Terrible performances all around (even for a slasher flick). I gave it one star in stead of half cause I laughed my ass off at the numbers of plot holes. I havn't seen as many terrible one-liners since Batman & Robin. The only cast member I noticed was Eric Mabius and he's not even that good an actor! Me & my cousin wasted a cinema ticket on this one! Avoid.

Small Soldiers

A difficult movie to define, too violent for anyone under 12 but the story's target audience is under 12. It's rated PG-13 so it doesn't really appeal to anyone. It's the second talking toys film of the 90s so there's nothing original about. Compared to Toy Story, it's definetly the weaker of the two! At least you can see Kirsten Dunst back when she was young (and even so, you could always watch Jumanji for that!). Nothing really appealing about it.

The Hours
The Hours(2002)

Three women from different times linked by one thing; a book. A brilliant idea executed extremly well. Kidman, Moore & Steep are all acting legends. I'm surprised they're starring in the one movie! As you may have guessed, the acting is septacular, I can't stress enough how amazing the three leads are. In fact, the entire ensemble works perfectly together. It's very emotional and depressing. But it's depressing in a good way (if that makes any sense). There's a high chance of it moving you. And also, other than the acting, the emotion and the original story, one reason to see it is Nicole Kidman's nose! It desevres an Oscar as well. Only beaten by the protestic in Boogie Nights! Watch this film.

Freaky Friday

Every teen movie's plot: Mother & daughter always argue, mother & daughter eat fortune cokkies, mother & daughter swap bodies (and lives) for one day. Okay, maybe not EVERY teen movie's plot but still predictable. I don't know what posessed me to watch this film but I somehow, kinda liked it. Lindsay Lohan shows that she does have some talent in comedy roles and Jamie Lee Curtis shows that she still has talent. The two leading actresses bounce off eachother really well. It's not really Oscar material but still good none the less. But don't expect it to have you crying with laughter either.

The Da Vinci Code

It should have stayed a book. Boring & dull, the only bright side being that Audrey Tautou stars. Paul Bettany's character is extremely lifeless and boring, alot like his "acting". Don't waste 2 hours of your life watching this filth. I usually like Tom Hanks but I won't look at him the same after this film. The most overrated film I have ever seen. Again, I can't stress this point enough; It should have stayed a book.

Woman on Top
Woman on Top(2000)

Not the average romantic comedy. This was the movie that made Penelope Cruz and I can completely see why. She is extremely hot in it. Some parts were slightly boring and the ending was really surprising. I honestly thought she'd end up with the other guy. I was really disappointed with it. On the other hand, I loved the four main leads, their characters were developed really well.

Battle Royale

Four words describe this film; super-cool & ultra-violent. Everyone should watch this film at least once. It was said to be too violent for US release but there have been alot more violent movies MADE in the States. I don't see why this was banned!!!? I have yet to meet someone in person who didn't like this movie. Although a dull sequel was made, we can thank the hevens that there hasn't been an American MTV remake. I can just imagine it, Hilary Duff & Bow Wow would be the leads. Now, I can see why THAT would be banned!


When Vin Diesel and Rob Cohen where still riding on the waves that The Fast & The Furious made. They thought they'd make xXx instead of TF&TF2. This was a big mistake! I love Asia Argento & Vin Diesel, but they have no on-screen chemistry together whatsoever. The movie is still action packed. Many complained that it was really over the topin the stunts department but I think it was supposed to be. Lets face it, the Bond movies have gotten crap now in recent years. Xander is better than Bond but no as good as Bourne. The film would have been better if it was R-rated instead of PG-13. I just wish Diesel and Cohen had made TF&TF2 instead of this. Then we might have a great movie instead of 2 good movies and 1 terrible xXx sequel.

Hysterical Blindness

Excellent acting. Anyone who knows me knows I love Uma Thurman. This is Uma Thurman's best performance.

Wrong Turn
Wrong Turn(2003)

Just a Texas Chainsaw Massacre rip-off. Nothing special.


Not as terrible as the critics made it out to be.

DOA: Dead or Alive

I love this movie, it's so cheesy, it makes no sense and its soooooo unrealistic but the sex appeal & the terrible dialogue make this the film "Charlie's Angels" Should have been.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

Better than I thought it would be but it's still not as good as Teen 80s films or "She's The Man".

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

A spetacular movie ruined by its dull sequels.

Blue Crush
Blue Crush(2002)

Crap story, excellent surfing.


I laughed my ass off at the scene where he makes his first wish for "a Big Mac & Coke", one of the best jokes ever.

The Day After Tomorrow

The special effects are amazing. They should have called it "Independaence Day 2".


Britney Spear's performance in this film is most likely the worst I've ever seen.

The Bourne Identity

This is the movie James Bond should be.

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor(2001)

One of the most overrated films ever! Worse than titanic.


Disney's best film.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Not as good as the original remake but better than most sequels. I felt that the whole gore horror was over done but unlike most horrors nowadays, I acually cared if the characters lived or died. That is a important skill now unfound in modern slasher flicks.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

This movie, is so bad that it's good. I always thought Renee was born a talented actress. Then I saw this! I betcha she doesn't put this one on her CV when lookin' for movie roles. LOL.

G.I. Jane
G.I. Jane(1997)

LOL....... I laugh at the option of reviewing it.

Land of the Dead

Not as septacular as it was advertised. Very overrated.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

A film that really makes you think. One of 2004's best films. Kate & Jim make the odd but honest couple.

The Fast and the Furious

Good racing scenes, Nice story (even though it's pretty much stolen from Point Break) and really hot girls.

Josie and the Pussycats

The ultimate satire of the modern music business. Great fun and cathy soundtrack. Some of the jokes tend to be hit-or-miss though.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

The ultimate mind-fuck! One of the best 90s movies around.


The small space of the motel room that the entire movie is set in is the perfect setting for this thriller. The performances are excellent. The film seems so real.

She's the Man

I was completely taken off gaurd with this film. It's the funniest teen movie since the 80s.

American Pie 2

Stiffler rocks. The best in the series.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Genius, it's on every Christmas & I always end up watching it.

Bring It On
Bring It On(2000)

Better than I thought it would be, the "Spirit Fingers" scene is really funny.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

This was the best in the trilogy! The scene in the tent is legendary!

Miss Congeniality

Laughed my ass off! Sandra Bullock is hot.

Meet the Parents

Don't watch the sequel, it will ruin this movie.

Big Daddy
Big Daddy(1999)

Adam Sandler best film.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

One of the best superhero movies ever!

The Longest Yard

Really funny but is let down by an annoying Chris Rock.

School of Rock

Jack Black is hilarious! Richard Linklater is one of the best directors!

There's Something About Mary

Ben Stiller & Cameron Diaz prove that they are the greatest comedians of our time. Spunk Hair Gel (Hehe)!

Austin Powers in Goldmember

Good, but most of the laughs where jokes in 2.

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

Nice twist. A sequel that lives up to its original.


Great action but still over-rated.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Great on screen chemistry between the two headliners.

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

Not as scary as the Japanese original.

Kill Bill: Volume 1

Kill Bill is a masterpiece, it's features scenes of Colour, Animation, Back & White, good acting, powerful story. Also, Uma Tarantino = Success.


Director Scott's finest film.