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Collateral Beauty

Strong themes, great acting, but slightly weak in the story department.

Hell or High Water

Solid cops and robbers thriller, elevated by some fantastic performances!


Let me first say, that this may be the most enjoyable animated feature film I've seen since "The Incredibles" ...and that's saying something.
I love movies that work on different levels, and animated movies are a really good platform for that.
This movie takes place in a world where all animals live together and get along great, now that the predatory animals aren't attacking their prey. Our story is about a cute bunny rabbit that wants to be a police officer, she would be the first rabbit in the history of Zootopia to do it. She wants to follow her childhood dream, no matter how many obstacles are placed in front of her. There's a mystery that's going on, and she wants to prove herself to the police force by solving it. She teams up with a sly Fox to get to the bottom of it and the story unravels in a fun and unexpected way.
This is one movie that's actually about many things. I was so pleasantly surprised at how the movie was progressing on top of getting an answer to the big mystery! It's funny, thrilling, touching, and hits on some pretty heavy subject matter that adults will easily recognize, while still delivering an empowering "be true to yourself" message. Plus there was a "Breaking Bad" reference that made me laugh out loud.
Disney has really stepped up their animated storytelling. This is a great movies for kids and really fun for adults. If your kids are asking you to bring them to see this at the movies within the next few weeks, I can say this is one that will be an entertaining adventure for everyone!


This movie hurt my much. I have to watch it again to figure out if I really understand it. It's definitely a visually impressive film.

Dear White People

Justin Semien has a fantastic future as a storyteller. This movie falls slightly short of being a solid hit for me. It's probably not designed to be an across the board crowd pleaser, but I still hoped that there would be a more
commercial feel here. That being said, it's still funny, sad, shocking, and incredibly original.

No Tears For The Dead

Some amazing shootouts, and very impressive camera work doesn't quite make up for the uneven story and characters. That being said I can't wait for this filmaker's next movie.

Horrible Bosses 2

although I wasn't a super big fan of the first one, I thought this movie was hysterical from beginning to end. The chemistry between the three leads is fantastic and the supporting cast is just as funny.


Surprisingly well looking movie, considering there seems to be a over load of Post apocalyptic teenage adventure movies out these days. Instead of just feeling like a "Hunger Games" rip off, this movie does a nice job of setting up a place full of interesting characters. My main issue was how long it took to get to the meat of the story. It's cool to see all the challenges our young hero has to face in order to prove that she's just like everyone else, but after a while it just felt like too many challenges and not enough story.
Once the plot started to move ahead, the story became more satisfying albeit cliched. Still a very enjoyable YA adventure movie with great performances.

Beyond the Lights

I'm a fan of "Love and Basketball" so I went into this with some hope that it would have that same spirit. It does try, and for the most part succeeds, but despite the lead actors being charming, something just doesn't feel authentic about the story. It's still a sweet, "romance novel" type of story. Really, the only reason I even considered watching it was for Gugu Mbatha-Raw. She is FINE, and that British accent just wins my heart.

Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6(2014)

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This was a movie that I had high hopes for, based on the fact that it's inspired by an old Marvel comic book series. Now, I've never read this book, but any adventure set in a comic book world is always going to be welcomed in my house. The fact that a Marvel title would be in the hands of the guys that brought us "Meet The Robinsons" and "Bolt" was a very exciting prospect to me because I really liked those movies.

Big Hero 6 did not disappoint. It's a very strong, action packed, funny, and emotionally charged story. The animation was breathtaking (especially in 3D) and the comedic timing was spot on. The message of education as being a way to push yourself to accomplish great things, is something I think kids will really respond to. Hopefully it will be something they remember after witnessing the breathtaking action sequences.

The main character, Hiro, is the kind of young, plucky adventurer that you want to see where he goes next in the story. The loveable character of Baymax will easily become a favorite to anyone watching this film, he's that charming.The rest of the team are entertaining enough that you want to spend more time with them.
I will say that I found some of the story points feeling a little too familiar. There are times where it felt like a mishmash of "How To Train You Dragon" and "Iron Giant", but both of those movies are classics, so why not borrow from what works? All around, this is a great time at the cinemas.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

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Another year another Hunger Games. I actually had read the books before the movies came out and I will say that as much as I like the first one, the series got worse with each book. That being said, I was optimistic that when Francis Lawrence took over the franchise, he would make cinematically better versions of the books. I really thought the second movie was fantastic.

Although I enjoyed Part 1, I did feel like it was too long. Because of the structural revamp from the past movies, there's no "games" to follow, meaning we're in new territory. Unfortunately where we are isn't as tension filled as the "games", so we depend on our connection with the characters to keep us interested in the new challenges they are facing. There's a lot of talking and exposition and very little action (at least for me), but it does end on a nice cliffhanger which should make the final chapter a nice roller coaster ride. 3/5 *


Christopher Nolan has a lot to make up to me after that last Batman movie. I know some people love it, but I was seriously disappointed in it. I also have to admit that I wasn't sure how confident I could feel with Matthew McConaughey as the lead role. Nolan had better come through this time.

I'm happy to report that while it's not as awe-inspiring as his other films, Nolan managed to pull off an incredibly ambitious experience that celebrates technology and the human spirit. Unfortunately the characters are drawn in the broadest of strokes so none of them were very memorable. I had almost completely forgotten that Wes Bentley was in this movie. That being said, McConaughey does his McConaughey thing but somehow makes it work here. Anne Hathaway actually does a good job in delivering a full character, despite what feels like limited screen time. The true reason to see the movie is the spectacle of the visuals, and they're flat out amazing. I will say that there is underlying mystery in the story that almost anyone who watches movies will be able to figure out within 5 minutes. That being said, when the mystery was solved, where the story went afterward was a complete enjoyable surprise for me, and really shocking if you've watched any Christopher Nolan movie before. Just when you think the director might be going full on Hollywood, he delivers an ending that reminds you of exactly who he is.

It does feel a little long, clocking in at close to 3hrs, and I'm still not 100% sure I understand the ending, but I'd definitely go see it again, maybe in full on IMAX to really get all those Nolan visuals in my face.

The Equalizer

Was hoping for a slightly cooler story from the director of "Training Day", but Denzel Whipping ass is a good time at the movies.

Gone Girl
Gone Girl(2014)

Twisted, quirky, shocking, and somewhat unnerving, David Fincher delivers yet another unique cinematic experience. I didn't know anything this story, so I spent the whole time thinking "what is going in this film?" It does get a little bit long, but I was complete entangled in this web and had no idea where it was going. Unique story,
good acting, and good directing, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


A great lazy Sunday afternoon drama/comedy. I was nice to see a relaxed Father/Son road trip film that didn't get too schmaltzy and had just the right amount of heart. It also had an incredibly unique soundtrack: original versions of songs that have been sampled and made more popular. Plus Sofia Vergara and Scarlett Johansson are looking FINE!! and Robert Downey Jr's cameo nearly steals the show.
This movie will either make you hungry OR make you want to start cooking.


As much as I enjoyed all the sci-fi elements, and Morgan Freeman speaking about human evolution, the other "action movie" aspects of the story were pretty flat. Plus there were TOO many scenes that took me completely out of the movie. A strong beginning, but ultimately a disappointment. (get it together Luc Besson!)

Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys(2014)

Decent enough story. The music of course is great, but the story sort of stalled about halfway through and didn't feel like it was moving forwards with any momentum. The acting and the direction was great, I just wanted to feel like it was legitimately heading somewhere.

22 Jump Street

I absolutely LOVE the fact that they're aware that this is a sequel within the movie. The inside jokes get a little corny at times but for the most part, it's a fun, ridiculous comedy.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Solid story, solid acting, and some phenomenal special effects, this is an absolutely impressive movie. I never would've thought the "Planet Of The Apes" franchise would offer up this much enjoyment.
*sidenote -don't bother with the 3D, hardly worth it.

Planes: Fire And Rescue

It's like an episode of a T.V. show, but with much better visuals. The 3D animation is great, Pixar is definitely missing something in the storytelling department with this one.
I guess they all can't be "How to Train Your Dragon"

Begin Again
Begin Again(2014)

Sure, it's a very polished and big budget remix of "Once" (which is one of my all time favorite movies), but I really enjoy the "musical" world that John Carney presents. A movie in where characters break out in song, not because it's a musical, but because it's a movie about songwriters and performers. The use of flashbacks in this film are just stunning to me. All the actors are great (especially Mos Def), and the songs are actually catchy. A nice little lazy Sunday afternoon movie for most people, but for me it's absolutely fantastic.


Better than I thought it would be.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

it was pretty look at, especially in 3D.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

It's hard to dislike a Spider-Man movie when they actually got the Spider-Man character right. Andrew Garfield does the best he can with the way Peter Parker is written, but Spidey is the star, and I feel they got that aspect right.

Need For Speed

I'll take anything remotely close to a "Speed Racer" movie. That being said, this is very simple revenge movie that is way too long, but is somewhat entertaining due to the likable cast, and of course the racing.

Time Traveller (Toki o kakeru shjo)

A somewhat sequel to the original "Girl Who Leapt Through Time" this has a goofy set up, that didn't seem like it would be worth the time, but once the story starts to lay itself out, it became more involving. Sort of like a teen romance drama version of a "Quantum Leap" episode, which isn't a bad thing.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

I'm a sucker for a good Time Travel story...this is a fantastic one. Funny, dramatic, and some amazing animation. One of the most entertaining movies I've seen in a while.

Red 2
Red 2(2013)

I don't know why this movie didn't work for me. I think it just didn't really have anything original to add to the genre. It's silly and cliche, and I just didn't care if they saved the world or not.

Before Midnight

Days after watching it, I'm still shaking it off. A sweet, sometimes funny, sometimes harsh, study in relationships. Undeniably romantic, but not even close to a Hollywood fairy tale.

The Last Stand

When it started, I wasn't sure if I ready to see Schwarzenegger try to be an action movie again, especially with Kim Jee-woon doing his first American movie, but I was really surprised. Not only did it not show any "First American Film" jitters, but Arnie was actually pretty good. Fun, ridiculous popcorn movie.


This movie probably would have been a lot better if I wasn't such a fan of the original. I will say that Spike Lee and Josh Brolin are on point. They bring their A game, but the story and performances somehow gets weaker towards the third act and something gets lost. I did like the tweaks they made to the script, but having originally seen this story played out so raw and dramatic, watching a "pulp" version of it kind of left me unsatisfied. Different doesn't make it better.

Ride Along
Ride Along(2014)

I really like the comedy chemistry between Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. The story was pretty weak, but it was silly enough to not be complete waste. Plus....Tika Sumpter!

Drew: The Man Behind The Poster

A pretty good movie about a really GREAT artist. So inspiring.

The Wolverine

A vast improvement from the last Wolverine film, with a decent amount of action, humor and drama. The story wasn't as strong as I wished, but this could have been a lot worse (as proven by X-Men Origins)

Thor: The Dark World

For some reason, I totally buy into the entire "Asgard" story. I never read the comic books, but I love these characters and these adventures. This movie completely amps up everything from the first movie and still manages to create a solid sci-fi adventure movie. This is another example of Marvel understanding what needs to be done and executing it. Can't wait for the 3rd movie.

12 Years a Slave

An absolutely astounding work of drama. Brutally heartbreaking and emotional, this is not a movie that is easy to get out of your system afterwards. A Powerhouse of acting from everyone involved, especially Chiwetel Ejiofor, one of my favorites, and Michael Fassbender.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Much more accomplished now that the first set up is out of the way. They found a great way to add more sizzle and excitement to the movie while still keeping that grounded reality feeling. A serious step in the right direction as far as sequels go. Plus they managed to be faithful to a book that wasn't really that good to begin with and make it a better experience.

The To Do List

Aubrey Plaza is just awesome. Weak story, but told with a fun attitude.


If Hitchcock was still making movies, this would be one of them. Absolutely stunning exercise in film directing. Unfortunately the script isn't as strong, but the acting and directing more than makes up for it. Alfonso Cuaron has joined the elite quarterback status with this one.

47 Ronin
47 Ronin(2013)

Umm, who exactly was this movie made for? It's played as a Samurai drama, but it's fantasy elements prevents it from being taken serious. One of the most confusing movies I've seen in a while.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Ben Stiller delivering a whimsical fantasy story that lacks any real drama or romance, but because it's centered on an mystery, it kept me engaged until it was solved. An impressive and touching adventure story.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

A much more exciting adventure than the first installment, and a welcome return to more humor and dramatic elements. Also has a really nice cliffhanger setting up the final film.

Saving Mr. Banks

A touching and amusing story that blends two different plotlines to tell the beginnings of the Mary Poppins movie. As nice as it was, the one I couldn't shake was the fact that Tom Hanks looks nothing like Walt Disney. Still enjoyable.

Zero Dark Thirty

Definitely a well directed movie, and one that prides itself on how smart it is. Unfortunately for me, because of focus on getting all the details right of this "true story", the characters seemed to get lost. It seemed like a story of just facts in an investigation instead of a mystery, or crusade that we were tagging along for. Maybe that's just me unfairly wanting a Hollywood version of this, but it's only in the last act that the story really becomes gripping. Great performances all around, even though it seemed the actors were only there for a couple scenes.


Being a big fan of "District 9" I was really looking forward to what was next for Neill Blomkamp, because he seemed like a refreshing voice in the genre film game. Although I still believe that, I feel that his script writing wasn't completely up to form for this movie. Some really great ideas, characters, and set up, but the story just seemed to meander along. It never felt urgent except for a couple of scenes, and this story needed that. Even though it was entertaining, the movie could've been amped up a couple of notches.

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim(2013)

I waited so long fro this movie, and I really wanted to love it, but I didn't. As cool as it was to see what was pretty much a live-action Anime, the story completely let me down. I can easily forgive the cheesy dialogue and the over the top acting, but if the story is weak, it takes me right out of it. Now if all you only want "Robots vs Monsters", then here you go, but I definitely feel after the hour mark, they've got to up the stakes a little, not just more punching and fighting. Visually amazing (especially in 3D) but ultimately , the second half is a let down.

This Is the End

Halfway between off the rails crazy and extremely clever, I was shocked at the display of intelligence and REALLY surprised at the amount of heart this movie packed. It's from the creators of Superbad, so now it makes complete sense to me. Fun, ridiculous, raunchy, and Hermione dropping the "F-Bomb"!

Moonrise Kingdom

A surprisingly sweet and incredibly quirky tale of first love in the 60's. The performances are fantastic, and the directing is some of Wes Anderson's best work. A rare work of art that is incredibly funny and compelling.


An intriguing, thriller that borrows from other time traveling sci fi pics, but manages to keep all of the would be confusing elements clear enough to follow. The acting, the story, and the directing are all really good.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

Man Of Steel is a big, loud, extravagant sci-fi epic that has a lot to pull off, considering the character has been around for 75 years. This movie wants so bad to be a complete reboot from any past Superman stories, that it kind of forgets that magic quality that makes a Superman story fun. It checks off all the required boxes, (Krypton, Smallville, Daily Planet) but once Clark puts on the cape, I feel he gets lost amongst the, unquestionably, AMAZING set pieces. Making him darker and more realistic is great and all, but I don't think they nailed the whole "hero's journey" that a first chapter deserves.
That being said, the cast, the effects, and the music was awesome. I do miss the Red undies, can't help it. Looking forward to what's inevitably going to be a better chapter in the Superman saga.

Fast & Furious 6

As completely unbelievable and ridiculous as these movies have gotten over the years, they've still managed to offer some intelligence in regards to the story. Someone realized on "Fast 5" that these are comic book movies and should be treated as such. It's like Ocean's Eleven meets Speed Racer. Fast sexy cars, check. Shootouts and fistfight, check. Obligatory pre-race sequence showing a lot of scantily clad women slow motion dancing around cars, check. But the most impressive thing about "Furious 6" is the way they tie all the previous movies together in this one. I love it when a sequel makes you want to go back and watch the previous installments, I never thought that would happen with this one.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

It took a couple of viewings to decide if I really liked it or not. I went in with very high expectations based on the fact that Shane Black was directing it and Joss Whedon was overseeing it. I hate to say it, but the story was not executed as well as it should've been. Watching it a second time let me see exactly how they were stacking the story, but I don't think they quite got it right. That being said, it's still a fun super hero movie that plays really well with an audience. The Avengers is definitely a tough act to follow.

Jurassic Park

It's been years since I've watched this movie, so it was cool to see it from a different viewpoint. Jurassic Park has always been a technological marvel to me than a fun thrill ride. Seeing it now, there's no doubt the dinosaurs are the real stars of this movie. The humans are given just enough story for you to remember who the are as they run and scream away. The 3D really enhances the effect that these computer graphics are living, breathing creatures.
Now if they ever decide to convert Jurassic Park 3, THAT will be the one to watch.

Olympus Has Fallen

A decent action "B" movie, with a surprisingly high body count. The trailers made it look like "Die Hard in the White House" and that's exactly the feeling I got (along with a little "24" thrown in). Huge plotholes and some corny dialogue, but an entertaining popcorn flick nonetheless.


It's the story of a real hero, told in a pulpy, popcorn movie kind of way. A little cheesy at some parts, but when it's on point, it completely soars. The acting is superb all around, and the direction was perfectly balanced between epic and intimate (there's a quick shot of Jackie stealing 2nd that really impressed the heck out of me). I do kind of wished there was a little more baseball scenes, but I realize that's not the importance of the story, just my personal preference. I did enjoy all the cameos, and the fact that the most evil, racist person in the movie was played by Alan Tudyk (such a nice actor playing a complete a-hole). Special shout out to putting "Wash" & "Han Solo" in the same movie.

Evil Dead
Evil Dead(2013)

So disappointed in this movie. The set up was great and I really thought this was going to be a transcending "horror" movie. Nope. All of the "scary" moments could be seen coming a mile away. Pretty people, that barely have a sliver of character development, get tortured, possessed and/or killed (shrug). The one real accomplishment of the movie is the amount of blood and gore they managed to get on the screen, but I'm not a fan of the "torture porn" genre, so unless I actually care about the characters, seeing them shot and stabbed multiple times just feels hollow.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

I was surprisingly entertained by this popcorn movie (until I realized it's just a low budget knock off of 'Mission Impossible 4), but the dialogue was really fun. This movie, more than the first one, actually felt like action figures being played with in a backyard. Not saying it's a good thing, but at least they got that part right.

Spring Breakers

Sweet Lord, one of the worst movies I've ever seen. EVER! It's too bad because there's some great cinematography and some cool storytelling tricks involved, but wow it's atrocious.

Oz the Great and Powerful

This movie is exactly as advertised, a "Sam Raimi" version of Wizard Of Oz. Cute, colorful adventure story with subtle homages to the classic film, and a surprising amount of jump scares. Thanks Mr. Raimi.

The Ten Commandments

This is seriously a EPIC movie in the truest sense. Still holds up after all these years.


You would think this is a higher level of a "Jason Statham" movie because of the names in the cast, but it's another cheesy revenge flick with a weak story and a few fight scenes. The only real highlight for me was the fights, and J. Lo in her underwear.

Django Unchained

Tarantino doing a speghetti western/exploitation flick that is completly over the top. It's all done in his typical flavor with great performances by everyone, especially Samuel L. Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio. As per usual with Tarantino movies, it's too long with alot of dialogue, but luckily the set up and the action sequences makes it a crowd pleaser. Also the soundtrack is awesome.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Honestly, "Lord Of The Rings" is an impossible act of a movie to follow. How Academy Award winners have dragons and magic in it? So I was surprised at how strong I connected to these characters by the end of the movie. I will say the movie did drag down at some points, but it's funny, has some great action sequences, and some of the most impressive character animation I've ever seen, EVER. I'm really looking forward to the next part. (saw it in 3D 24 fps)


Stunningly amazing documentary. I cannot watch this without tearing up at some point.

The Host
The Host(2007)

It's unusual to find a monster movie is funny, scary, and incredibly heartbreaking, but this is a unique gem. Part "Little Miss Sunshine" and part "Jaws" describes it perfectly.


A pretty decent sci-fi story that plays in the "Alien" sandbox, but doesn't quite live up to the thrills and excitement that's been established. Visually it's amazing, and the performances are great, but the story slowed down towards the final act, and lost it's momentum. Entertaining, but could've been better.


It's a musical that's doesn't feel like a musical. Shot in a documentary style and following around musicians, when they start singing, it's because they're working on songs, not breaking out into them. There is true magic in the storytelling, music and story.

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

Although this sequel doesn't feature as much of the "Elite Squad" as part one, it's still a compelling political drama. A stunningly epic, and well constructed thriller. Completly awesome!

Young Adult
Young Adult(2011)

From the team that made Juno, I was expecting a more funny movie. This is a dark comedy that felt more amusing than anything else. Patton Oswalt has some great lines, but the movie played to me like an uncomfortable story. Definitely not a feel good romp, but still amusing.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Take the Snow White story and place it in a "Lord Of The Rings" context, and here it is. Amazing visuals, but the story could've used some serious tightening. At least they tried something different from the Disney story we remember, but without good pacing and interesting characters they missed the mark. Shout out to the amazing cast that played the seven dwarfs, and the special effects that shrunk the actors down, it's pretty seemless.

Tropa de Elite (The Elite Squad)

A intense look at the war on drugs in Rio. When the Police need back-up, They call The Elite Squad. This plays out like part "Untouchables" and part "SWAT" as we follow a officer that wants to retire, and the rookies who want to join. One of the things I really did like was the different points of view from different characters. From the honest cops, to the corrupt superiors, to the college students all telling us how this world works. The narrator of the story offers the best insights as we watch him battle through the transition of leaving this force. Cool action scenes and great character studies, but I do wish they had developed them a little more.

Enter the Void (Soudain le vide)

I'm not even sure how to review this movie. It's simultaneously genius and sickening at the same time. There's no doubt Gasper Noe is an accomplished storyteller, but the stories he tells are madness. After being stunned and repulsed by some the very, very disturbing images in this movie, I can appreciate the cinematography, but it's going to take a second viewing to really try to get behind the story.
This is, without a doubt, the most "effed up" movie I've ever seen, and after his last movie "Irreversible", that's saying something.

Marvel's The Avengers

Amazingly well crafted super hero epic. I honestly didn't know if all the other Marvel movies would actually amount to a successful finish, but they did. This is easily the most accomplished of all past Marvel movies, combining action, suspense, and some great humor into the perfect summer popcorn movie. Pulling all these separate threads together to make a cohesive and fun adventure seemed like an impossible task, but Joss Whedon pulled it off. Everyone gets their chance to shine separate and together. It's simply awesome.

The Raid: Redemption

Is there such thing as too much action in a movie? We may never know, but "The Raid" will push that boundary for you. It is full of amazing action scenes, but they do tend to go on a little too long. Seeing a bad guy getting kicked in the face 20 times is cool, after the 50th time, it gets a little dragged out. Other than that, it's full on action with some surprising character development thrown in.


I love Tarsem's style, he's one of the most dynamic visionary directors working today, but the script was a letdown. I couldnt get immersed in the story at all, and didn't really care what happened to these characters. It did look cool, and it gets points for being extremely bloody and violent, but not as good as I was hoping for.

The Cabin in the Woods

An intelligent deconstruction of the "Horror Movie" genre much like Wes Craven's original "Scream". Not especially scary, or funny, but it gets points for doing something original. A movie for fans of "movies"

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey

An awesome story about following your dreams and believing in your talent to make a difference. I've been following Kevin Clash's career ever since the Ninja Turtles movies, and this documentary is riveting and inspiring from beginning to end. It's also a great reminder of what a amazing gift Jim Henson gave us in the form of Muppets.

Comic-Con: Episode IV - A Fan's Hope

A fun trip through San Diego Comic-Con Fandom. Interesting stories from different aspects, but I was expecting something a little more historic and definitive considering all the amazing producers attached to it. If you've every been to large con, or just wanted to see what the big deal is, then it's very enjoyable.

Wrath of the Titans

Somewhere between the script being finished and the final product, something got lost, and it shows. There are alot of really cool elements here for a great movie, but it doesn't have that strong of a connection between them. It's still a entertaining popcorn flick that actually looks really good in 3D, but it could've been better.

War Horse
War Horse(2011)

A uplifting, Hollywood epic in true Spielberg fashion. Lush cinematography, sweeping John Williams music, and a story that's consistently heart tugging. Some of it is a little cornball, but it's okay because the horse is such a charming character, you can't help but cheer for him.

The Adventures of Tintin

A solid action adventure, showing Spielberg playing with some fancy new toys. It's does have a little pacing problems, but it's so much fun to be a part of this fun trip, you won't even care. Can't wait to see how Peter Jackson plays in this toybox for the next one.

Project X
Project X(2012)

A silly, ridiculously over the top, high school comedy that's equal parts, Superbad, Hangover, and Risky Business. Nothing ground breaking, but a fun, R rated, teen adventure.

The Man From Nowhere

With a mixture of elements from "Man on Fire", "Taken", and "Leon", this revenge movie is sleek, and brutal. Heartbreaking, violent, and occasionally funny, this a solid work. This filmmaker is definitely a talent to watch out for.

The Grey
The Grey(2012)

A solid "Man Versus Wild" drama with Liam Neeson being his badass self. Really simple survival story, but told with a steady hand by Joe Carnahan.

The Innkeepers

Yeah, I jumped a couple times, and it got the heart racing in some scenes. With all the suspenseful build up, I figured the end would be a downward spiraling roller coaster, but it just slowly came to a stop. A nail biting "what's gonna happen next?" stop. A decent haunted house picture.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
½ I see it, it's mostly exposition. It's surprising how much this movie doesn't hold up. The dialog, acting, and story are all weaknesses, but the design and the set pieces are stunning. I really enjoyed the 3D, especially the opening scroll and the scenes on Courascant. One down, 5 (better ones) to go.


A cool throwback to the 80's type of movie. Ryan Gossling barely says more than 5 words, but he proves he's not the one to mess with. It's a really simple plot, but the synthesizer soundtrack, the neon colors, and "that jacket" makes this story fully engrossing. Plus halfway through, it gets crazy violent. An almost silent movie with a couple cool car chases.

Real Steel
Real Steel(2011)

So much better than the previews make it out to be. A good underdog boxing movie that we've all probably seen 10 times before, but with robots. The story of "a boy and his robot" comes through much more believable than any of the Transformers movies. This movie has a lot of heart, good performances, and some really seamless special effects.

Red Tails
Red Tails(2012)

This is the "Top Gun" version of the Tuskegee Airmen story, and I'm totally fine with that. Not every movie about World War II has to be "Schindler's List", sometimes it can just be "Inglorious Basterds". This is a Saturday morning, popcorn action movie, and it works on almost every level. Some of the story elements happen a little too convenient, but they can be forgiven because the characters are so likable. And the special effects are absolutely amazing!


A good experiment in the "found footage" genre. Great set up, and good performances from all the leads. I only had a few issues with conclusion, but this is very cool "real world comic book" story in the vein of Unbreakable.

Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen

Didn't quite have the solid story I was expecting, but there was a couple really cool action set pieces. I admire the attempt to use a historic timeline to tell a hero story, but it just doesn't come together. Grand Master Ip Man is a really hard act to follow.

Friends With Benefits

A very funny romantic comedy that really works. The two leads are great and the writing and directing are on point. Woody Harrelson almost steals the entire movie with his scenes.

Kung Fu Panda 2

Entertaining and goofy action movie. Not as good as the original, but it was
still alot of fun.

The Ides of March

A pretty solid political drama that doesn't pace itself for viewers who aren't paying attention. It's wordy and takes a while before the juices really start flowing, but when it the screws start to turn, it's a suspenseful ride all the way until the end. Lots of good actors showing up for just a few scenes, but making their presence felt. The main focus is on Ryan Gosling and he's great all around. Watching his reactions to his world as it starts spinning out of control was never boring. Solid story and some surprisingly solid directing from George Clooney makes this a good film to see how the world of politics may actually really work.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I was a little skeptical about about another "Apes" movie after that ridiculous Tim Burton fiasco, but this was such a solid entry, that I'm actually going to go back and sit through the original movies, well some of them anyway. There was a great sense of Caesar, the main character, really coming into his own as he got older and more intelligent. Despite the fact of our world being taken over by animals, I couldn't help but root the main monkey as he navigated this strange, new world. Solid characters, acting and story, topped with amazing special effects, makes this a fun popcorn movie that sets up the sequels perfectly, past and present ones.

Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest

Absolutely stunning documentary about one of the best hip hop groups...EVER. I maybe a little biased because I'm a huge Tribe fan, but this a well crafted story that really gives insight into how and when this group changed the game. There's also some real, honest emotion in the conflict between the members that you normally dont get to see in these types of movies. Plus it has an flat out amazing soundtrack.

Killer Elite
Killer Elite(2011)

A solid set up and a cool premise. A cat and mouse/assassin chase movie. Jason Statham pretty much being himself, but he's up against Clive Owen and a shadow government, and that makes for a tense showdown. A little confusing at parts, but entertaining nonetheless.


A stunningly emotional baseball movie that gives a great behind the scenes look at how that world really works. Brad Pitt at the top of his game, and a really smart script, makes this a solid movie.

Killing Bono
Killing Bono(2011)

I really enjoyed this story, even though I'm not the biggest U2 fan. Watching this wanna be rockstar dig himself into such a hole because of his ego was incredibly entertaining for me. Cool story and some great performances (and good music) made this a good time.


Strangely, I thought with Taylor Lautner's martial arts background, he would be a good action star. This was not a good vehicle to prove that. Bad story, bad directing, and some really bad acting, I couldnt believe how much it failed. C'mon John Singleton, you're better than this.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

A lot more tongue and cheek than the last installment, but an amazing thrill ride in the series. Cool story, non-stop action and some amazing stunts, mixed in with Simon Pegg's one liners makes this a great time at the movies. See it in IMAX if you get the chance.


An incredibly unique story told through some amazing 3D! This isn't your usual Scorcese picture, but his love for the material is all over it. A great tribute to one of the last great displays of magic in our everyday life....movies.

The Secret in Their Eyes (El Secreto de Sus Ojos)

Suspenseful detective story that jumps around in time, but isn't confusing. Solid acting and defined characters makes it really engrossing. Plus there's an amazing 5 minute chase sequence in the middle that is simply jaw dropping.

Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex(2010)

Seems like theres about 30 minutes of the movie cut out to save time, and it really feels incomplete. Weird writing throws this movie out the window. Maybe there's a extended, better version out there.


A solid mix of teen drama and comedy that actually works on all levels. Very entertaining.

The Last Airbender

It has the ingredients of the awesome tv show, but it doesn't present them in cohesive package. The failure is completly in the script. That's really too bad because after watching the show, this could've been the next "Harry Potter", now we'll never know.

Water for Elephants

Somewhat amusing, but incredibly basic love story. The whole time I was waiting for the "dark twist" to the story because this movie was too sugary, but it didn't happen. A definitive "chick flick".

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

A little cheesy in some parts, but I was amazed at good this movie is. It's actually very funny and works really well in the "romantic comedy" department.

The Muppets
The Muppets(2011)

This was exactly what I wanted out of a Muppet movie. Funny and somewhat touching, I actually did forget how much used to enjoy the old show. Great music from "Flight Of The Conchords" Bret Mackenzie, and a lot of really cool cameos.

The People vs. George Lucas

A lot of different views on what went wrong with the world changing event that was Star Wars. Talking heads giving their opinion on all the movies and the issues with them. It's clearly a love/hate issue, but being a fan I agreed with almost everyone. A great movie to celebrate the films and curse them at the same time.


Still not sure about this one. On one hand it's an engrossing romantic drama with some unique characters, one the other hand it's a overly dramatic, David Lynch wannabe that has a few questionable scenes. Visually striking romantic story that goes drastically wrong towards the end.

The Devil's Double

A very unique and cool story that doesn't pull any punches. I'm sure the facts have been exaggerated to be more cinematic, but it definitely works. Dominic Cooper will probably get some kind of nomination for acting in this, he's that good.

Conan the Barbarian

Everything you could possibly want out of a Conan movie...except a good script. Years of comic books to draw from and this the best they came up with, pitiful. Watch the Arnold one instead.

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D

Suprisingly fun adventure of a family movie. Does slightly fall apart towards the end, but still enjoyable. Plus Ricky Gervais as the voice of a talking dog is a highlight all it's own

The Change-Up

Yes it looks stupid, but I laughed alot at this movie. Super raunchy comedy from the people who brought us "Wedding Crashers" and "The Hangover" ...nuff said.

Attack the Block

This is the movie that I thought "Super 8" was gonna be, an action filled monster movie with cool kids. Funny, exciting, scary, violent, this is completly my kind of movie and I loved it!

Faces in the Crowd

It's kind of a ridiculous set up for a murder mystery, but once all the pieces are in place, you will definitely want to see how the mystery gets solved. Slightly cornball that made me roll my eyes more than once.

Good Day for It

Not quite what I was expecting. There's alot of set up (and some uncomfortable red herring dialogue) before we get to the obvious conclusion. Decent performances, but too much of a long lead into the final showdown.

Fast Five
Fast Five(2011)

Yeah, it's actually the most entertaining one of the bunch. It does help that it has a great set up from the other movies. It's a "Fast & Furious" version of the "Italian Job"and it actually works. Plus the Rock is pretty awesome in it. His character deserves his own movie.

The Conspirator

A good history lesson in the form of a courtroom drama. Not as dramatic as I would have thought, but still entertaining. My jaw hit the floor at the ending.

Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre(2011)

Gothic, and dramatic. An slow burn of a period piece with some good performances. Honestly, I couldn't see why this story was billed as a classic until the very end, when it all suddenly made sense.


It has multiple ingredients from other movies (some Star Wars, some Matrix, some Buffy) but with a weak, unoriginal script. It's completely brainless action. Watch "Daybreakers" instead.

Your Highness

How did they spend so much money on a "comedy" that's not even close to being funny? It feels like there was a mid size budget production that got abandoned and was later taken over by 15 year old meatheads. A waste of special effects and Academy Award nominees.


This didn't start off too promising for me. I thought the jokes were amusing, but not funny. But the movie got better as it went along.A fun Sci-Fi/road trip movie. It might not be for everyone, but if you're a fan of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and enjoy references to Star Wars, Spielberg, and all around geekdom, this was a very good flick. Special shout out to Seth Rogen and Blythe Danner who turn in really, really good performances.


I really liked this movie. For some reason I think Jesse Eisenberg has the perfect voice for a neurotic bird, and that pleased me to no end. It is by the numbers storytelling, but it's smart and funny, and actually has some good music in it. Kids will love itand parents wont roll their eyes too much at it.

Soul Surfer
Soul Surfer(2011)

I was pretty sure I knew what type of movie this was before I started watching it, and I was right. Another uplifting drama based on a true story (yawn), but this was a really well done movie. It is really hard to not be on the journey with this young girl after her shark attack.
The acting is a little off in some scenes, but this is a good, uplifting story of faith with some amazing surfing sequences tossed in.

Quarantine 2: Terminal

Low budget, straight to dvd sequel that I won't say is good, but I couldn't turn it off. I was actually invested in the story (what there was of it). There was a few good jumps, and I gave a extra half a star for the very clever way they tie it to the first movie. Then I took it away because they threw away the cameraman/pov angle that made the first movie cool. If nothing else is on and you want a cheesy Walking Dead wannabe, you could do worse than this.


This was a very tough movie to sit through at some parts. It's taken very serious, but with such a sensitive subject as online predators, I was hoping the movie would turn into a action packed revenge flick. Or at least have an appearance from "Chris Hanson from Dateline NBC". But no, it's intense subject matter that didn't go where I hoped. A cautionary tale for anyone with a teenage daughter with a laptop.

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

A solid mixture of "Groundhog's Day" and a sci-fi Hitchcock movie. I thought seeing a guy relive the same 8 minutes over and over would be annoying, but it's handled very cleverly. great acting from everyone and Duncan Jones proving he's not a one-trick pony. Worth a rental.

The A-Team
The A-Team(2010)

Exactly what I wanted, a balls out action, funny, adventure movie that made me want to see more. I don't see how anyone could've left this movie unsatisfied.


A straight up B-movie. The basic of plot with some okay fight scenes. I have a feeling that if I played the video game, I'd be throwing stuff at the screen.


Turns the lights down, turn the sound up, and get ready to jump out of your skin. By far the scariest PG13 ever made.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Actually a decent lawyer movie. It could've easily been a TV movie, but it has a some very intelligent twist and turns. A little cheesy in some parts, but very entertaining.

Captain America: The First Avenger

A solid, fun comic book movie. Chris Evans actually made me forget about his "Johnny Storm" performance and he WAS Steve Rogers. Fantastic origin story, great action set peices, and good performances all around.
My only issue with the film was the story didn't feel organic enough. I feel it might suffer from the same issue that people complained about with "Iron Man 2". Some scenes feels like just a giant set up for "The Avengers" instead of being in it's own Captain America movie. I think that a Cap flick should stand on it's own.
That being said, it sets up "The Avengers" movie really nice. Can't wait to see that.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I've always had a love/hate debate with Michael Bay movies. Visually, he absolutley stunning. Few directors can do the cool camera shots and great stuntwork like Michael Bay can, but he can rarely balance how to tell a good story without constantly winking to the audience. It's dissapointing because here the movie looks amazing, but no one cares what happens to any of these characters, human or robot. Watching people in jeapordy means nothing without emotional connection. As much as I enjoyed seeing a giant battle take place all around Chicago, I really didn't care for the story or characters' plight. Hopefully they'll find a better balance next time, with a new director.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

A great epic conclusion to story of the boy wizard. I was surprised with all of the great callbacks to the other films in the series, seeing characters and places I had forgotten about.
As much as I hate being the guy that compares the movie to the book, I will say that I think the book handled the showdown a little bit better,but this was still a fufilling ending. Can't wait to watch them all over again.

[Rec] 2
[Rec] 2(2010)

How do you build a sequel upon an original tight, and suspenseful movie? Well, according to the directors of [REC], you play to the audience so they can enjoy the ride. In some sequels that would be acceptible, but I think they may have stumbled here a bit. Part one was a non-stop thrill ride once it got started. Here is a much fleshed out story, but it comes at the expense of the thrills. There are 10-15 chunks of time devoted to exposition. Considering this takes place moments after part one ends, how do they have time to stand around and talk?
They do earn HUGE points for delivering a POV take that isn't just a copy of the first movie. If there's ever a sequel to "Cloverfield", they should think about stealing [REC]2's idea. Also, major points for a third act plot twist that I almost misssed because I had my eyes covered.


Another POV horror film, but unlike "Blair Witch" this one is actually scary. A zombie movie with genuine jump scares and excellent pacing. Apparently this got the American remake under the name "Quarantine", but I seriously doubt that movie can match the levels of suspense that's on display here. (I'll have to judge at a later date). Great storytelling a low budget feature.

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Another one I've never seen, and I have to say it's some of the most amazing filmmaking ever. I know Sam Raimi is a talented man because of the "Spider-Man" films and his smaller stuff like "Quick and the Dead" and "Simple Plan", but I had no idea what he could do with such a small budget and almost 25 years ago. I have a whole new respect for him. Plus this movie is one of the freakiest things I've ever seen. Who thinks of this?

Conan the Barbarian

This is the first in the "I've gone this far without haven't seen this" movie, and for some reason, I really dug it. Somewhat solid revenge tale with Arnie actually putting in some acting. I barely remember seeing the old comics when I was a kid, but this movie felt like they got the attitude right. I was totally along for the ride. Now lets see how the new one holds up.

Green Lantern

Some of it was cool, but you can tell there was too many people throwing their ideas in, instead of one solid script. All of the cool special effects in the world don't mean squat if the story doesn't make sense (unless it's written and directed by George Lucas-he gets a pass). They better get it right next time.

Elektra Luxx
Elektra Luxx(2011)

Weird little movie. Wasn't sure it was a comedy until about 15 mins into it. It's a bunch of scenes just barely connected together, but some good comedic moments. Especially (surprisingly) good job from Adrianne Palicki who has some good comic timing.

The Eagle
The Eagle(2011)

Channing Tatum should never do a period movie, ever. That said, a really weak story with very little action.

The Adjustment Bureau

Smart, interesting story. It's a romance with some Sci-Fi type of elements. Good acting from the two leads.

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I absolutely love the work of J.J. Abrams. One of my favorite storytellers, but "Super 8" didn't really do it for me. I understand what he was trying to do, and I'm the key demographic to really enjoy this (growing up on Spielberg films of the 80's), but while most of the elements work seperately, as a whole, it fell a bit short.
It's enjoyable, but when you're trying to encapsulate classic movies such as E.T. and Goonies, you better have an amazing script that brings all the elements together.

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

As a horror movie, barely passable. As a commentary on all the horror movies and reboots of the past 10 years, it's actually an intelligent story with good execution. Some of the scenes really stretch credibility to the breaking point, but I can forgive it because of Kevin Williamson's script. It's better than parts 2&3

Gulliver's Travels

horrible horrible movie. I feel bad for Emily Blunt, who couldn't play Black Widow in Iron Man 2 because she was contracted for this mess.

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

Is this a good movie? On the script side of it, not really. This movie is made for the visuals only. It's very much like an old Hollywood musical where we see characters suddenly break out into giant song and dance numbers, complete with background dancers. Here they break out into giant action set pieces from the mind of a13 year old boy, and I'm okay with that. It's Maxim magazine + anime + video games + comic books put in a blender for two hours. Fine by me. It would be nice if there was stronger characters and a more sensible plot, but when you have a group of girls using high tech machine guns to blow away steampunk Nazi zombies, I'm just glad to be along for the ride.

I Spit On Your Grave

A grindhouse revenge movie that goes for broke. It takes itself seriously, which makes some of the later scenes really intense. Although there's some pacing problems, and some of it is extremely implausible, there's just enought to overlook it because you know it has to happen that way. Not for the squimish at all. (I'm getting shivers just thinking about it)

Middle Men
Middle Men(2010)

Based on a true story, it's a TV movie mash-up of "Social Network" and "Boogie Nights". Good perfomances by everyone, especially Giovanni Ribisi, who cuts loose as a out of control drug head. Funny and also suspenseful.

Tamara Drewe
Tamara Drewe(2010)

You would never know this was based on a famous comic book. British comedy with some serious dramatic scenes thrown in. Good performances and a good story, You know how it's gonna end within the first 10 minutes, but how it gets there is really unexpected.

For Colored Girls

An unbelievably intense, and raw character study. Amazing cast doing some amazing work. Everyone is good.There was couple of scenes that I was genuinely shocked at. Although some of the poetry went over my head, there's is no denying the intensity of it. Nice to see Tyler Perry actually open up his canvas and make his most visually striking movie.

You Again
You Again(2010)

Great cast, decent story and performances. Entertaining, and harmless fluff. Makes for a good, winter (day or night) chick flick.

Wild Target
Wild Target(2010)

A fun, British, assassin comedy with some very talanted actors. A lot of silliness and gunfire.


Another Massachusetts story! Great acting with a powerful story. It did have some pacing problems, mainly because of all the obsticles that keep popping up, but a solid movie.

Red Hill
Red Hill(2010)

A modern-day western that's very reminiscent of "No Country For Old Men" mixed with "Rambo". No surprises, but very entertaining.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

Easier to follow than the last one, but really not as exciting. Although part 2 was confusing, at least it had some action in it. This one was a lot of the characters being put into their places before the big courtroom ending. Interesting but not nearly as entertaining as the first movie.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

David Slade does his best with a better script than the other two movies, but I'm still nor sure what the big deal is. Entertaining popcorn fluff.


This is so much more than a movie, it's almost unfair to compare it to other films. Simply stunning!

Despicable Me

Amusing enough family fare. The "minions" do steal the show.

The Town
The Town(2010)

Cool action/drama film that's easy to get behind.

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

Entertaining, not as funny as I hoped it would be (like the directors other movie Fired Up). Emma Stone is definitely in her element here.


Way better than I thought it was gonna be.


A great cautionary tale for the Facebook generation.

The Social Network

Fincher+amazingly funny and fast script+great acting from everyone on screen, makes this easily one of the top movies of the 2010. Lots of fun watching how a 19 year old computer nerd changes the communications of the entire world!


Great idea, great execution, amazing acting from Ryan Reynolds, but there was one thing that happened in the movie that made me throw my hands up in protest, and that knocked several points off of it. Too bad, this would've been a really cool movie.

Animal Kingdom

It dragged at some points, but the story, and the characters are intense, and very well acted. Also has an ending that made me actually applaud, loudly!

Love, Pain and Vice Versa (Violanchelo)

A unique and interesting suspense thriller. The questions keep building and building as the layers get peeled away. Keeps you guessing until the end (and maybe a little after).

Sex and the City 2

Wanted to see if I would hate it as much as the original movie, and surprisingly I didn't. It's still plays to it's core audience as opposed to the tv show which was more inviting. If you like the first movie, and the show, and are a woman, then this is for you. Everyone else stay away!

Going the Distance

Nice, and surprisingly raunchy, romantic comedy. The only real issue I have is with the ending. Any person with intelligence knows the solution to the characters problems, but it takes the whole movie for them to figure it out, and as soon as they do, roll credits.

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

Adam Sandler and friends hang out, crack jokes, and someone filmed it. A few jokes, but forgettable.


A surprising and sweet coming of age story. With a unique storytelling style, it was a little redundant, but the charm of the characters elevates the entire thing. Nice lazy Sunday afternoon movie.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

A great set up for the ultimate showdown of the series. Story, acting, directing, pace, everything is in top form.


Decent enough erotic thriller with some good performances (and some steamy scenes).

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

It looked okay, and was actually entertaining. Kind of a mix between "Harry Potter" and "Matrix" with some Disney humor.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed

Low on budgets, but big on performances and story. Intense, suspenseful drama with some cool shake ups in the plot. Good flick.

Winter's Bone

Good story, good acting. that's all I could want from a intense drama like this. Makes me never want to go to Missouri.

Eat Pray Love

meh... thought it was going to be a lot better. Richard Jenkins is awesome though.

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

It should've been called "Robin Hood Begins". Starts off really strong, good set up with the all the politics. Towards the end, there's a set up for a big battle, but it's hard to root for Robin because he's just a soldier and not really the main fighter. All in all just an okay adventure movie, better than what I was expecting.

The Karate Kid

Young Jaden Smith holds his own against Jackie Chan in this remake. Unlike Nightmare on Elm Street, there's actually some significant changes to the story that makes it feel different. A little too long, but entertaining enough to recommend.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Why did they remake this? Okay movie, but really is a waste of time.

Leaves of Grass

Very reminiscent of a Coen Brothers movie. Dark, dark comedy, that becomes surprisingly violent 3/4 of the way through. Edward Norton is great as usual playing twin brothers, and is really funny.


A trippy sci-fi, horror cautionary tale. Good story, good acting, and surprisingly good special effects. A lot of people didn't like this movie, but it reminded me of a older Cronenberg film. Pretty messed up.

The Good, the Bad, the Weird (Joheun-nom, Nabbeun-nom, Isanghan-nom)

Great beginning, great middle, okay ending. I was a little let down, but it was really cool to see a stylized western that was almost a live action Anime. A unique action movie.

Date Night
Date Night(2010)

Entertaining enough story. Okay action, but could have used some better comedy. Great use of the one PG13 F-Bomb, and James Franco and Mila Kunas are hysterical in their small parts.

Harry Brown
Harry Brown(2010)

Kinda like a British "Gran Torino", but without the racism and with a much harder edge. This movie isn't trying to add the light comic touches that Eastwood placed in his story. The gangs are brutal, violent, and show no mercy. You can't wait to see Michael Caine (or as I like to call him, Alfred) start to take matters into his own hands. He's not a superhero, just a old man who used to know a few things about violence. Caine is as good as ever in the role.

The Expendables

One of the absolutely weakest story lines I've seen in years. Stallone's a good writer, he knows story, but he must not have cared here. Action stars team up, deliver cheesy dialogue that they think is hilarious, and stuff blows up. The End. WEAK!!
Although I will say the last 30 minutes almost makes up for the whole thing, but not quite. After Stallone set the violence bar with the last "Rambo" movie, I was expecting more.


Just like "Open Water", but on a ski lift, and with less clever dialogue. Suspenseful, but not scary.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Movie looked decent, but the story didn't hold up. It wants to be "Pirates of the Caribbean", but the characters and plot are not interesting enough. Okay rental, as long as you're not expecting much. I like Mike Newell as a director, but he might not have been the right choice for this film.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

An amazing cinematic achievement! I was hoping it would live up to my expectations, and it completely surpassed it. Some of the most fun I had watching a movie in a long, long time.

Batman: Under the Red Hood

Flat out amazing! The best animated Batman story since "Mask Of The Phantasm". Intelligent, funny, brutal, and action packed, this gives an idea of what a Christopher Nolan Saturday morning cartoon would look like. The folks at DC Animated have set a new bar. If you thought Robin had no place in the new Batman movies, this may change your mind.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

Another classic adventure from the folks at Pixar. This adventure has a lot more intense scenes than the other two, and has a couple of really strong emotional scenes at the end. Very entertaining movie.


This movie has, hands down, one of the best openings of a movie I've ever seen. That being said, I was disappointed by the overall movie. There's a slow burn after the opening, and I was expecting the action to get insanely over the top when it came. The action was good, but by having such a long build up, the last 30 minutes should have had the audience flipping out. Instead the movie has one last fight scene, then it's over. Cue the sequel. Should've been better.

Mother (Madeo)

A really quirky, murder mystery. An overprotective mother tries to find the person behind framing her son for a crime. Filled with twists and turns, it lulls you in until you get to the bottom of the mystery. Interesting and quirky story.

The Runaways
The Runaways(2010)

The acting, the directing, the design, and the music are all top notch. The fault with the movie is the structure. The script is smart, and has some great dialogue, but the way the events play out is not interesting enough to make this the great music bio-pic that it wants to be. If you're a fan of the band, or just Joan Jett, you may like it more than I did.

Cop Out
Cop Out(2010)

I normally love Kevin Smith films, but his last few has been off the mark. I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie because it was the first one he's done that he didn't write.
Although the script was pretty weak (I'm not sure how this got the green-light, Kevin Smith's direction and editing has definitely stepped up. Occasionally funny, with some great cameos, it's a fun rental.

Knight & Day
Knight & Day(2010)

I was rooting for this to be good. I have no problem with Tom Cruise or Cameron Diaz (or James Mangold for that matter). The story just wasn't strong enough to care about these characters the way we should've by the end. All the acting is good, the stunts and chase scenes are cool, but if you can't really invest in the characters, what's the point. Good lazy day rental.

Brooklyn's Finest

Worked good as a drama, not really an action movie. Three different stories about three different Brooklyn police officers. Two of the stories were engrossing and entertaining, one was just okay. Solid attempt, but I wished the whole thing was equally good all around.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Didn't think it would be any good. The trailers did not do it justice. Surprisingly good entertainment for a Greek mythology family adventure.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Intense mystery that made me feel the full range of different emotions. Great performances, directing, and story. Can't wait to see the sequels and the American remake.

Sultanes del Sur (Sultans of the South)

Very cool bank heist movie with some great action scenes. A cool story with a cool ending I didn't see coming.

The Good Guy
The Good Guy(2009)

Nice cast, decent story, but just okay execution. Did have a nice surprise type ending that I liked.

Green Zone
Green Zone(2010)

Started off great, stuttered in the middle, and had a hard time getting the good momentum back. A little too Hollywood and preachy in some parts.

Remember Me
Remember Me(2010)

A serious drama about family loss and family collections. Good acting by everyone, especially the the leads who hide their accents well. Intense drama with a powerful beginning and ending.

When in Rome
When in Rome(2010)

Kristen Bell is adorable and Josh Dumal is good with the physical comedy, but the story is kind of lackluster. There was some decent chuckles in it.

Youth in Revolt

Quirky and amusing comedy, had a lot more "R" rated moments than I was expecting. A nice showcase for Michael Cera and some cool animated sequences throughout.

From Paris with Love

Barely entertaining enough B movie. Some cheesy dialogue and overacting, but decent, simple story and action scenes.

Get Him to the Greek

Completely ridiculous and hysterical. Great follow up to "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". Russell Brand is awesome, and Puff pretty much steals every scene he's in.


Easily one of the best horror movie in recent years. The fact that in interviews the main actors said that they don't watch horror movies, yet each one of them signed to do this movie, speaks to smart the story is an how talented the directors are. I was incredibly surprised how good this movie was for a horror movie.


It felt like a Terminator copy, but with angels. Didn't really work for me.

How to Train Your Dragon

As good as a Pixar movie (and that's a compliment) and amazing looking in 3D. Worth watching twice.

Edge of Darkness

Entertaining, but I thought it was going to be better. It was really cool to see areas of Massachusetts that I live near be in a big movie.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

Extremely entertaining sequel. The only thing I wish was different, was if Terrance Howard had returned. Don Cheadle was very good, but for continuity it would've made their slight rivalry more emotional.

The Descent 2

Tries really hard to be just like the first one, and copies a lot from it. A few of the "new" ideas are kind of weak, and some of the attacks are "insert close up of fake body part as we stab it", but good for a few suspensful moments.

The Losers
The Losers(2010)

Started off GREAT! Started to get over complicated in the middle, then fizzled out. Left wide open for a sequel, but I don't think anyone is going to care. Too bad, because I was rooting for this one.

Banlieue 13 - Ultimatum (District 13: Ultimatum)

I was really hoping part 2 would as good as the first one, especially since it picked up right at the end of the first one, but no. The story was tried to get more complicated, but it fell really flat. Also there wasn't as much cool stunts in this one. This director also wasn't as good as capturing the stunts as the original one. Very dissappointed.

District B13 (Banlieue 13)

A simple story, but told brilliantly. The stunts are amazing and we get just enough of the characters to care about what happens to them. Reminded me of those old Jackie Chan movies where he those crazy, ridiculous, stunts. Fun popcorn movie.

Crazy Heart
Crazy Heart(2009)

Jeff Bridges does his thing and adds some singing and guitar to it. Nice lazy sunday aftenoon movie that has some good acting from everyone. Very enjoyable.

44 Inch Chest

A very simple story about how far a man will go for revenge. The reason to watch this movie is for the acting and for the camaraderie of this group of friends. It's filled to the brim with every British cuss word known to man, and because of that, it's hysterical! Guys being guys telling it like it is. Very enjoyable if you like British dramas.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Terry Gilliam is an incredible visual director, and this movie looks amazing, but the story is too wacky and doesn't have a strong narrative to support it. Aside from that, all the performances were good (especially Tom Waits as the Devil) and Heath Ledger was clearly enjoying himself working on this movie.

The Young Victoria

Nice story. Couldn't follow some of the politics of it, but I understood the dramatic aspects of it. Good acting from everyone across the board. And does Mark Stong have to be cast as the bad guy in new every movie?

Clash of the Titans

Entertaing popcorn movie, much more intense than the original. Good special effects and okay peformances (except Ralph Fiennes who blows everyone away).


Over the top, sorta spoof of comic book movies, that delivers. I did have some issues with the pacing, and the some of the music, but I can't deny the awesome characters. Hit Girl steals almost every scene she's in.
It's a story that defintely works on the page, but is missing something when translated to screen. Worth watching in theaters with a crowd (who's hopefully respectful).

Mission: Impossible III

Each film in the series is a spy/action extravaganza, but the 3rd one is probably the best. Non stop action and a great, personal story, J. J. Abrams sets the bar and proves himself a talent to contend with.

They Live
They Live(1988)

The pacing in the 80's is a lot different from nowadays. Still a fun, over the top, sci-fi action flick.


A drama with some comedy elements and some action that doesn't quite balance out. A movie to watch for the performances, not the comedy.

Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked)

Good movie, not really super funny, but amusing. I did have problems with the pacing, fortunately it had really solid ending that was satisfying.

Hot Tub Time Machine

Awesome. Funny. Raunchy. Ridiculous.

Sherlock Holmes

It's kind of like if there was an action hero episode of "Psych" set in the Victorian age. Decent story, great cast, and Guy Ritchie doing what he likes to do.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Incredibly strong performance by Nicholas Cage (yep, I said it). There's some weird scenes, but the story is so intriguing, I was completly caught up in it and couldn't wait to see how it ended.


Nice surprising blend of drama and suspense. Columbus Short is an actor to watch in the future. Great cast and tight directing.

The Princess and the Frog

Awesome! I forgot how much fun an old school Disney animated feature could be. Great story that's funny and sweet (and a little heartbreaking). Can't wait to watch it again.

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

If you like these actors, then you'll like the movie. Harmless and with some great supporting work from Sam Elliot.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Smart, artistic, mature humor. Good for kids and adults.

The Blind Side

Some parts were a little too Hollywood, but overall an very sweet and entertaining movie.


Good drama. Better than the previews made it.

Astro Boy (AstroBoy)

Not as good as a Pixar flick, but still entertaining.

Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton does his thing (but luckily not too much) in this remake/sequel. Fun story and really sharp in 3D.

A Perfect Getaway

Thought I had figured it out and was kinda right, but the movie still surprised me. Shout out to Timothy Olyphant who does an awesome job in this.


Boring story. Thought it was going to be better.

The Time Traveler's Wife

I did not think this was going to be good. A romance connected through time travel? Seriously? It started out somewhat confusing, but once the "science fiction" aspect started to be explained, i was right along for the ride. Reminded me of an old Twilight Zone episode. Solid acting from everyone and a surprisingly solid fantasy story.

Couples Retreat

Very amusing. Vince Vaughn as his usual wise cracking self. I did wish it had some big laughs, but it's good to see Vaughn, Jason Bateman, Jon Favreau, and Faizon Love trading quick jokes between each other. All of the ladies provided solid straight work, letting the guys play the goofballs.

Universal Soldier: Regeneration

I've heard some good things about this movie, but I didn't really believe it. Turns out this movie was actually good. A simple story, but executed very well. Did anyone know this was suppose to be a "B movie"? There was actually time and effort put into the stunts and camera work. There's a couple of one minute steady-cam sequences that really impressed me, especially one that followed Jean-Claude while he went room to room killing other soldiers. A decent rental.

Planet Hulk
Planet Hulk(2010)

Another Marvel Animated Movie. I have never really understood The Hulk. I enjoyed the t.v. show when I was a kid, but I never really saw the appeal of him as a character. He gets mad, gets green, and smashes stuff. Repeat. That being said, I did like this movie basically because it just a gladiator movie with The Hulk. If you've ever watched any gladiator movie in your life, you already know what's going to happen in this one. It's still fun because it's a basic story and Hulk beats up on everyone.

The Book of Eli

I had really high hopes for this movie. It had all the right ingredients, Denzel, Oldman, The Hughes Brothers. How could it go wrong? The story works and was interesting, but it wasn't worth the talent that came together for it. Enjoyable, but I was hoping for a much more compelling and structured story. Cool to see Denzel get nice with a sword, stabbing and slicing off guys heads. Enjoyable rental.

Whip It
Whip It(2009)

I Love Drew Barrymore!! She has made a fun, sweet, coming of age story that is funny and also works as a sports adventure. It has her quirky sensibilites all over it and some greatt supporting work from Jimmy Fallon, Kristen Wiig, actually from everyone.

The Lovely Bones

Supposedly there are some books that are "unfilmable". I am fascinated by that challenge. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Peter Jackson, he's one of my favorite directors, and he pulled off one of the most amazing "unfilmable" challenges with "Lord Of The Rings"... 3 different times. Having read Lovely Bones years ago, I wondered how it was going to be made into a film. It didn't seem like an easy task, but I had faith in Peter Jackson's ability. Truth be told, he didn't make a bad film, it's actually pretty good, but he made it a little too true to the book, and the story itself didn't work as a "movie" I believe a different filmaker who wanted to take the story and mold into his/her own stylings, (ala Kubrick) would have made a more engaging film. The acting, the special effects, and the "look" of the movie is great. There are visuals in it unlike I've ever seen, and that's saying something. Enjoyable rental.

The House of the Devil

This movie was a trip back to a simpler time in movie-making...the 80's. It's designed to be like one of the old horror movies from the past, and it succeeds. The movie builds on suspense and builds. It's only an hour and a half and hardly anything happens until an hour and ten minutes into it, but so much time has been invested by that point that the last 20 minutes is a real roller coaster.


Because this movie is based on a graphic novel, it immediatlely had my attention. It's a great concept and I was really looking foward to seeing how it compard to the book. It's a great set up and the first 10 minutes of the movie was awesome. The rest was intriguing and I was all about it until about the 3/4 mark. Then it started to lose steam as the mystery was starting to unravel. It's a great concept and the execution of it was good, but without giving away too much, the climatic battle lacked something. All the performances were good so it's worth a try. Side note: there's no mention of the director at all on the dvd. It's like he was banished away from talking about the movie. Weird.

Grey Gardens
Grey Gardens(2009)

Great acting. The two lead actors completely bury themselves into their characters and turn in great work. The story is compelling, especially when it gets to the later years of their lives.


It took a couple of viewings to decide how I felt about the movie. First I will say that it was amazing in 3D. That was easily the best 3D in a movie I've ever seen. The acting was good, the special effects were astounding, and the action scenes were awesome. That said, I felt the weakest part was the story. Although the story hits all the familiar buttons, it still works and that's probably because even though you already know what's going to happen, you're going to enjoy getting there. Anyone who has seen Pocahantas, Dances With Wolves, Last of the Mohicans, or The Last Samurai has already seen this story, but you haven't seen through James Cameron's eyes, and that makes all the difference. How is it that one filmmaker can pretty much make history everytime he releases a movie?

By the People: The Election of Barack Obama

It's been a year since the election that made history, and now that we've moved on back to our normal lives, that united feeling is gone away. Maybe that's just me. This movie is a great reminder of how it felt those months leading up to (spoiler alert) Obama's win. The great thing about this film is that these two women thought they were just following this energetic Illinois senator around. They had no idea they were inside of one the most significant moments in history. That gives the footage a fly on the wall perspective that I've rarely seen in a documentary. Right after watching it, I knew this was a must own for the library.


Rented this movie again because i lost my VHS copy and wanted to see if it still held up. I honestly don't believe there is director with a better track record than Alfred Hitchcock. This movie is an amazing stunt of a film that actually works and is still funny, romantic, and suspensful. Trying to pull off the "single take" method would be a lot easier to grasp now in this time of computer graphics, but to have the stones to attempt it in the 1940 and do it sucessfully? Hitch is the ONLY filmmaker that I can say without a doubt is a master of his craft.

The Other Man

I could not really get into the story at all. All of the actors are good, and seeing Liam Neeson on a revenge kick is always fun, but the story they were telling wa noy for me. One thing I did enjoy was seeing Antonio Banderas not playing the typical Spanish Lover he could so easily dial in. He displayed a vulnerablilty that was very effective.

Julie & Julia

A solid movie with equal elements of drama and comedy and biopic. All of the actors do a great job, especially Meryl Streep as Julia Childs. I was surprised at how much I liked the direction of it. Nora Ephron had a good grasp on a movie that could've very easily went off the rails and been a standard chick flick.

The Ministers

This movie does get marks for having a predominatly Hispanic cast, especially a lead female detective, but the story was not quite up to par. Actually the story was pretty weak, but it was nice to see John Leguizamo playing dual roles. Harvey Keitel didnt really get that much to do, but he was solid. Good idea but executed poorly.

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

If you like the first one, then you'll like this one. A fun family adventure that has alot of action and wackyness. Everyone is funny and Amy Adams is especially cute and fun. I really did enjoy the movie, probably more than the first one.

Flammen & Citronen (Flame & Citron) (The Flame and the Lemon)

I know this movie has been getting great reviews, and it is done very well, but something about this story did not work for me. I may just be spoiled by "Black Book". That's a WW II action movie that pushed all my buttons. The performances are good and the directing is very top notch, it's just the story that didn't feel paced right to me. It may be I was just expecting a different type of movie about assasins during the war.

Five Minutes of Heaven

I really enjoyed this movie, especially the performance by James Nesbitt. Liam Neeson is awesome as usual. It does seem like a low budget t.v. movie, but this is not a movie that needs giant robots and explosions. A good solid story and solid acting with a nice emotional ending.

Star Wars: Empire of Dreams

I absolutely LOVE this documentary. Everyone knows Star Wars changed the world, but seeing exactly how George Lucas pulled it off, and the obstacles he faced, is one of the most powerful stories I've seen, fiction or not. Even if you don't like Star Wars, it's a amazing look at the process of filmmaking in the 70's and 80's and how one abstract artist went against the grain and wound up changing the grain.

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

And for my 100th movie review....."Boondock Saints 2-All Saints Day". I loved the first Boondock Saints movie, and I love the second one too. Exactly what a sequel should be, reminiscent of the original, but not a direct copy. A grander idea that makes you look back at the first film and see it in a new light (and preferably with the original cast returning). "All Saints Day" does have some faults...It's not as original as the first one, and some of the action scenes could've been handled better, but I love where they start the story and then where the story goes. Most movies you can tell the ending just from watching the trailer, but was pleasantly surprised when this started to unravel. This may not be a movie for everyone, but it's my kind of movie, kick ass and very funny. Special shout out to Clifton Collins Jr. as Romeo. From "Star Trek" to "Sunshine Cleaning" to "Boondock Saints 2" this guy is showing up everywhere and making people take notice. He practically steals this movie.


One thing I will say for this movie is that it is original. It's four completly seperate stories that are interwoven together, and the trick is figuring out what's the connecting thread between them. Three are serious dramas and one is a sci-fi thriller. When the third act finally starts to answer some questions, you feel the pieces start to come together, and then the ending comes and dissapoints. It's a very poetic ending, and it immediatly makes you want to go back and rewatch it to see how it makes sense. I just wish it had a more "audience friendly" epilogue. I think that would have made this movie a standout. Still it stuck with me and I'll probably watch it again. The filmaker is definatley a major talent.

Michael Jackson's This Is It

This movie is the epitome of bitter sweet. Watching the concert rehersal footage, you get the sense that MJ was going to put on one of the biggest concert of all time. A greatest hits show with songs and dances just like you remember them. It might have even been worth flying to London if you're a big Jackson fan. The one thing that was on my mind while watching this was "I can't believe he's 50 years old". He was in great form and full of energy and creativity. Seeing all the performances hit, after hit, after hit, you're reminded of just how many years he's been entertaining. The Jackson 5 segment was a personal favorite. Not really a definative documentary but a great look at what MJ had in store for all his fans. I know I would've really enjoyed this concert.


Finally got around to seeing "Zombieland" and had a blast. A script that was more clever than I thought it would be. The blood and zombie guts that were everywhere was more disgusting than I thought would be. The comedy was hilarious and the story had some touching aspects I didnt see coming. Some of the most fun I've had at the movies in a while. Special shout to Woody Harrelson, who reminds everyone just how talented he is. He was born for this part and he shines.

Dead Snow (Dd sn)

A horror movie about Nazi Zombies. It is exactly what you think it would be. Something to watch with the lights turned down low and volume turned up high. The story isn't really that original and the tone of the movie is all over the place, the beginning set up is serious, the middle tries to move to Evil Dead, Shaun of the Dead territory and doesn't quite make it. The blood and guts are way over the top, which is exactly what it should be. A silly splatterfest built on a fracture of a story, but entertaining.

Blood: The Last Vampire

Based on a really cool anime from years ago, this was surprising close to the original material. The story did get fleshed out to have more character development, but the ideas for the story are not even close to original ideas. That being said, there is a slight comfort in watching a movie play out exactly like you thought it would, kind of like a romantic comedy. My main problems with this movie are the directing style. There is a type of instant slo-mo technique that is usually done well in movies like "300" and "Charlie's Angels" but here it's mismanaged and chaotic and not employed well at all. Also the CG in this movie is REALLY bad. The creatures appear and it looks like a bad video game. It's laughable. The less said about the CG "blood" the better. Despite that, seeing a Japanese schoolgirl slicing through monsters with a samurai sword earns points in my book.

The Tournament

A cheesy B movie set up that reminded me of "the Condemed", but where this movie excelled is in the bloody violence. It's like a horror movie with blood and chunks of meat flying everywhere. I was also impressed by some of the action sequences involving the French assasin, which is saying something. Not the best for story or acting, but enjoyable for some really mindless entertainment.

The Girlfriend Experience

I'm sure in it's own low budget, docu-style way it has something to say, but I didn't care what it was. It's the days leading up to the big presidential election. How does a high price call girl make a living in these tough economic times, while juggling a life with her boyfriend? Who cares.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

I loved this movie. It's probably my favorite of the "DC Animated" features. Action packed from beginning to end, and seeing Superman and Batman trade quips at each other was really fun. I also like the design of the characters this time, a much better improvement since they're referencing the original comic book the story is based on. I do believe that if DC decided to changed the animated style from a 2D cell animated to CG based like "Star Wars Clone Wars" or a Pixar feature, these movies would make people forget about the live action counterparts (except for Nolan's Batman). I hope the next one is just as good.

Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!

A fun documentary about how Austrailia developed their own film community and made up the rules as they went along. They made some of the most over the top, ridiculous movies because they could. Gotta love that. I'll admit I've seen only one of the movies they talk about, "Mad Max" when I was about 10, but it made a huge impression on me as an action film. This docu made me want to check out some of the other Aussie imports.

Anvil! The Story of Anvil

A good documentary of a band that should have had a bigger amount of sucsess than they do. Not my type of music but I was rooting for these guys all through the movie. Will they be able to record a new album? Will they have sucess on a European tour? Will they be able to get a major record deal after trying for 20 years? A great example that shows if you are doing what you love, it's not really work.

Observe and Report

Seth Rogan movies are hit or miss for me. I wasn't sure about this one because the trailer (unlike most) didn't really tell what the story was about. I was pleasently surprised beacuse the movie is completely bonkers. It has it's own vibe, and I was caught up in it. Reminded me of a very un-PC, strongly "R" rated Napoleon Dynamite. I had a lot of fun watching it. Good writing, directing, and performances all around.

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

A mixture of romantic comedy and "Scrooged". Entertaining, could've been a little better. You can see the ending coming a mile away and they don't even try to disguise it. For some reason McConaughey's accent really bothered me this time when I usually find it amusing. Shout out to an unrecognizable Emma Stone who practically steals the movie.

Drag Me to Hell

A fun, creepy, and very funny horror film. I laughed out loud and was horrified at the exact same time. I didn't catch all the Evil Dead references, but I caught a few and they were funny. My only issue with the movie was the ending, and it's not the movies fault, it's mine. I was expecting one kind of movie, and got a different kind, a truer to its genre kind. Well played Mr. Raimi.


Thank goodness there's someone out there who understands how to make GOOD adventure movies! I think of what Whedon had to accomplish by making a movie that was a sequel to the t.v. show, that would get new people up to speed, and somehow be entertaining to everyone. The fact that he was able to pull it off makes this movie a miracle in more ways than one. Awesome.

Land of the Lost

It's always slightly amusing watching Will Ferrell play a egotistical idiot. He's good at it and is constantly doing it. This time he's a scientist who has discovered a element that makes time and space fold onto each other or something like that. I never watched the show as a kid, so some of the references and jokes didn't really work for me, but it was amusing. I did think the movie would be for families because of the original material, but this pushes the bounderies of PG13. I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending it for the smaller kids, probably 10 and up.

Trick 'r Treat

A fun and scary Halloween movie. It's actually made of smaller different stories that are all connected, similiar to Pulp Fiction. Some stories are stronger than others, but all bundled together makes for fun Halloween entertainment. Written and directed by one of the writers of "Superman Returns" this proves he actually does know somehing about comic book style movies.

The Proposal
The Proposal(2009)

A by the numbers "chick flick" that doesn't really have any surprises. It's saved (barely) by Ryan Reynolds and his wise ass remarks. Betty White also has funny scenes.

Battle For Terra

This movie tackles more mature themes than you would think of a animated movie. A movie that is almost a "War Of The Worlds" in reverse, where the humans come to a planet and start to take over. Okay story and acting, but the design of the aliens are a little too cute for such a dramatic story. Worth it for the older kids.

Sleep Dealer
Sleep Dealer(2009)

A surprisingly well thought out drama. It uses Sci-Fi elements to tell a human dramatic story. The special effects were a little on the cheap side, but it's understandable seeing how its a independent film and where it's coming from. No doubt when this director gets his hands on a bigger budget, he's going to be a strong new voice in filmaking. Good acting and a great story jam packed into 90 minutes. Worth it.

Crank 2: High Voltage

For the record, I hated the first Crank. It was stupid, ridiculous, and worthless. It was just a video game (that you couldn't control) that looked like a movie. I realize now that the movie was making up it's own rules and you were either with it, or not. I haven't watched the first Crank again, but I may enjoy it now that see what they were aiming for. That brings me to Crank 2. Any rules that they established with the first movie is gone with this one. The rules of Crank 2 is that there are no rules. Whatever they think the story needs at any given point, it's there with no rhyme or reason, and I admired that. The fun in watching this movie is wondering what's the next crazy thing that's going to happen. There's a scene where our hero fights a bad guy and they turn into giant Godzilla like versions of them selves battling on top of a model city. Why? Who knows, it's over the top ridiculous so it's in the movie. The entire movie is filled with that type of who cares attitude and that made it funny. It's almost art. Worth it for the sheer craziness of it.


I wanted to love this movie, I really did. It has actors in it that I flat out LOVE. It's from the man that created "Office Space" so I thought this was going to be funniest movie of the year. It's not. It enjoyable, but very dissapointing. It's amusing in that it makes you chuckle, but rarely laugh out loud. There's some good jokes in there, but not enough of them. To be fair, it may require another viewing from me to get into the rythym of it. Some comedies are designed differently than others. Maybe worth a cheap rental.

Sunshine Cleaning

Here's an enjoyable movie that's very reminiscent of "Little Miss Sunshine". Part ridiculous comedy, part heart warming drama. A story of a woman who has made mistakes in her life and is trying to overcome them and do right by her family. She enlists her sister to help her run a crime scene cleaning service, which they know nothing about. As they learn the buisness, they learn more about each other and make strides to clean up their lives. Nice story that's actually a little gruesome with the crime scenes. Amy Adams is great as always. Worth it.


"Adventureland" is a sweet coming of age story that's more drama than comedy. The most refreshing thing about this movie is that the characters are actually smart. It seems like they would be "wacky, goofy" charcters like in other teen comedies, especially considering that the movie was marketed "from the director of Superbad", but everyone (with the exception of Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig) acts like normal people with intelligence. The smart script helps. This is a lazy sunday afternoon movie that's enjoyable, but not super funny or overly dramatic. Worth it.

The Last House on the Left

I've never seen the original, so I don't have a basis of comparison, but I will this movie was better than I expected. It also might be because I've seen some pretty horrible horror films lately, that it was refreshing to see one that actually had some brain power behind it. There's some artistic choices in the filming that showed they were trying to accomplish something here. Very simple revenge story, but told with a decent pace. Brutal and bloody with a slightly cheesy, but crowd pleasing ending. Worth it (if no other options)


"Sugar" is one of those uplifting sports stories that we've all seen time and time again. What makes this one so unique is that it's a side of sports that not too many people have seen before. Seing how these player come up through the Dominican shows the very tough road there is to get to the Major Leagues. An honest story told truthfully with an unexpected ending. I look at Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz with a new level of respect now. If you like baseball, definitely worth it.

Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre(2009)

Sin Nombre is an coming of age/ adventure/drama in the same vein as "City Of God". It's an intense look at gang life in Mexico as well as a suspensful immagration story. There's two different plots going on here and when they converge, it actually feels organic and not forced. A very good movie.

500 Days of Summer

Awesome. The most original "romantic comedy" since Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind. Intelligent, funny, gut wrenching, and all around entertaining. As the tag line says...this is not a love story. Performances, writing, directing, everything is spot on.

Terminator Salvation

A decent action movie that can barely be compared the other "Terminator" films. This is on a different level that the James Cameron films. It plays in the same universe, but this is more an adventure than a cat and mouse chase that structured the first two movies. Entertaining, but not a real Terminator movie. Special shout out to ILM for bringing Shwarzenegger back into the movies. That scene was awesome.

17 Again
17 Again(2009)

This type of "body switching" movie has been done to death. Unfortunately this movie doesn't add anything new and it's too bad because it's a good cast. It starts off good and ends rather abruptly. There was some highlights. A movie that can have the lead actor do a dance routine to "Bust A Move" and get into a fast paced lightsaber battle can't be all bad.

The Hurt Locker

A movie that was billed as an intense action event of the summer, but is actually more of a drama. The action scenes are suspensful, but not gripping enough to make this an "action" movie. That being said, the acting was amazing from everyone and the ending was quite a surprise. A good film.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

A Big, loud, action movie that doesn't try to be anything more that it should be. Colorful characters running around and stuff blowing up big. Cool action sequences and fast moving story made this an enjoyable popcorn movie. Plus Rachel Nichols is smokin'!!

Gomorrah (Gomorra)

A mafia movie set in modern Italy. There's about 5 stories all set in different levels of mob life. There's no straighforward narrative to latch on to, just documentary style scenes that slowly get under your skin. When all the stories start to reach their conclusion, it's jaw dropping. The fact that there is no score in the movie makes it feel just like a documentary. Awesome.

Dragonball Evolution

I never watched the anime that Dragonball is based on, so I don't have any preconceived notions about what should or shouldn't be in the movie. I just know that the hero has really spiky hair. Check. This story has a very classic hero's journey and likable characters. The plot isn't as tight as should be, but it definitley feels like a real world anime and I don't think I've ever seen it done so convincingly on screen before. Not a bad rental.

The Ugly Truth

A few decent scenes but as a whole, not entirely well executed.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The new Harry Potter was fun in comparison to the other"HP" movies, but as a movie on it's own, the dramatic set up was a little disappointing when the ending arrived. I really hate being one of those people who complain about how much the movie was different from the book, but there was a great "Empire Strikes Back" feeling that was at the end of the novel that I don't think was fully realized in the movie. The ingredients were there, just not the execution. Luckily the performances of ALL the actors keeps the movie highly entertaining.


"Moon" is a slow burner. It requires a bit of patience , but once the pieces start to fall into place, the story proves to be really captivating. A low budget, psycological, sci fi, thriller. Along with a powerhouse performance by Sam Rockwell, worth it.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

I'll admit I've always had a love/hate reaction to Michael Bay movies. They're all completely juvinille, as if some 13 year old kid suddenly had access to millions of dollars. I did appreciate some aspect of that, but sometimes in order to make a movie better, you need to have better writing and directing, not just bigger explosions and hotter women. I really thought Bay found that balance with the first "Transformers". Great effects, great action, and amusing comedy.
In "Transformer2" everything is just bigger. The opening, the fight scenes and the effects are great, and the Optimus Prime story arc was great, but wow, the comedy is way over the top with it's immaturity. (Sam's mom was funny, but the tiny Decepticon humping Megan Fox's leg, w.t.f? The less said about the "twins" the better.) Plus something that is so aimed at young kids shouldn't have so many swear words. I understand you have to appeal to the adults too, but I wouldn't want my pre-teen kid saying some of the "funny" quotes in this movie. For any 14 year old boy, this will be ther new favorite move, everyone else, just check your brain at the door.

Pink Panther 2

I'm not a huge fan of the original, but from what I can remember it was entertaining. The second was was actually a lot of fun. Really goofy shenanigans and an great cast made it fun. I remember Emily Mortimer being really cute as the mouse secretary and she's back again even more adorable. The addition of Aishwarya Rai was really welcome. She needs to be a household name. I did miss Kevin Kline, but John Cleese has some great moments. Through everything, it's still a mystery and it was fun seing how the bumblling idiot was going to solve it. Worth it.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

The true defintion of chick flick. I did not understand this world at all so I was curious if the movie could be entertaining. It was enjoyable. The cast was really good, and I actually laughed out loud at a couple of spots. Isla Fisher is really adorable here. The movie is a paint by numbers rom-com, but enjoyable because it doesn't take itself seriously at all. Strictly for the ladies.

Waltz with Bashir

Waltz with Bashir is part drama, part documentary, and all animated. Reminded me very much of Persopolis, but with I like this one better. It contains "talking head" interviews with people that I felt had to be real and acurate. The story gave me a look into a world that hadn't seen before in movies. Watching this man try to unravel the mystery of his dreams has very dramatic. The last scenes in the movie were heavy. Very depressing story but very well executed.


Brendan Fraser in another family adventure movie. He seems to just be phoning it in this time, or maybe his character just doesn't have enough things to do here. This is based on a book and it kind of feels that way. It's structure just did not work for me. I did like the visuals and Paul Bettany was good as usual, but the movie to me was just meh. It's too bad because the trailer made it look like fun. The trailer also gave away a key plot point to the movie. When it came up in the film as the big reveal, didn't mean anything because of the trailer. Wait for it on cable.


No one is making better animated movies than Pixar. This movie lives up to their earlier animated classics like Monster's Inc. and Toy Story 2. Great story, awesome characters, and amazing third act action scenes.The villian's story was a little light (same as Star Trek), but who cares, it works enough. One of the best movies of the year. See it in 3D.

The International

Here's a movie that actually puts faith in its audience that they are smart enough to follow a complicated plot without giving them all the info. The movie starts with a converstation and quickly turns into a murder mystery, chase, espionage thriller. Clive Owen is typical Clive Owen, which is good, and a shoot out about three quarters through the movie is flat out amazing. The movie did lose steam at the end and that's where I checked out. Decent movie, just wished the ending lived up to the shoot out earlier. Worth it.

Crossing Over

Here's a movie that reminded me of "Traffic". Multiple stories about one subject matter. this time it's immigration and becoming an American citizen. Unfortunatly there are way too many stories here, and how they connect to each other is really stretching, but the performances are good, especially Harrison Ford dropping F-Bombs throughout. Also nice to see Wayne (Running Scared) Kramer still on his game.

Fired Up
Fired Up(2009)

This movie isn't for everyone, pretty much "American Pie" but a PG13 version, but comedies are all about timing, and this movie has great comic timing. I honestly couldn't believe how much they got away with in a PG13 movie. Not that it's really raunchy, but based on the some of the subject matter, I have to believe that an R rating was just around the corner here. Sure the actors don't look like they're in high school anymore, but the two leads are funny and have a great supporting cast. A dumb comedy for smart people. Worth it.

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

Clint directing Clint. This movie is one of the most un p.c. films that's been released in a while. It's also surprisingly funny. Eastwood is pretty much Archie Bunker with a shotgun, throwing out racial insults to everyone he comes across. Eastwood does a great job balancing a drama with the comedy. I honestly did not know how this movie was going to end. Worth it.

He's Just Not That Into You

Wait a second. A chick flick where the guys in the movie are actually kind of like real guys and not just plot points to get to the big happy ending? No way. I watched this movie, and although I don't know many girls like the ones depicted here, I recognized a some of the guys. And they made sense to me as oppose to doing stupid things that no guy would really do in certain situations (I'm looking at you Sex and the City). All the actors are good (especially Ginnifer Goodwin), the story does get schmaltzy towards the end (it is a chick flick), but it was actually intelligent and enjoyable. I never would've thought someone could write a good script coming from such a unbelievably awful idea of a book (the guy who wrote that book needs to be punched out. I honestly fantasize about it. POW!!) Worth a rental.

Che: Part Two (Guerrilla)

Che Part Two was set up a little differently than one. More of a straight story, only this time in Bolivia. No time jumping, just a story of a man trying to lead a new revolution. The complaint I have here is pretty much the same as part one. The pacing and arc of the story are really slow, and when the whole thing is in Spanish, reading the subtitles makes it seem even more drawn out. Benicio and Soderbergh are still in top form though.

Che: Part One (The Argentine)

I'm not a history buff, and I didn't really know much about Che Guevara, so I can only judge this movie on it's merits as a movie. Didn't work for me. There is a lot of time jumping and problems with pacing that I couldn't get into. Soderbergh's directing was solid as usual and Benicio Del Toro is amazing as usual, but without a (to me) strong narrative, like JFK, this was like reading a boring history book. Rent only if you're aready interested in the life of Che Guevara.


"Killshot", the movie that everyone has seen the trailer for, but no one knew where to see it, until now. A typical suspense movie (someone witnesses a murder, the killers then track them down) that is actually better than the press has made it out to be. Not a great movie, but entertaining, and honestly that's all I needed. Everyone in the cast is good, and the story is suspenseful. The movie does drag a bit in the second act, but it picks back up to a decent ending.
Now I know after the Dark Knight, no one should play the Joker again anytime soon since Heath Ledger delivered one of the most iconic performances, but if Joker had to be recast, Joseph Gordon-Levitt should at least get an audition. His resemblance to Ledger is uncanny in this movie (who would've thought that watching them in 10 Things I Hate About You) and he's absolutly bats**t crazy in this. I think he could possibly do it, just my opinion. By the way, this movie is brought to you by the same director who gave us "Shakespear In Love". Wow.

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

I'm sorry, but for some reason I thought Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus would actually be entertaining. One of those movies that would be "so bad, it's good". Lorenzo Lamas and Debbie Gibson together in a monster movie? Yes, please!
I swear, the budget for this movie had to be around $400. The effects are so unbelievably bad, it was jaw dropping. The effects of my screen saver are more realistic. The same cheesy shot of a "Mega Shark" swimming towards the camera was used over, and over, and over. The less said about the "acting" the better. I was hoping at least for a new Debbie Gibson song in the closing credits, but no. One of the worst movies ever, and that includes Dragon Wars. Yikes.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

Who knew "Star Trek" could be this fun? Summer popcorn movie at it's finest.


I really had no idea what this movie was about, but Michelle Williams and Ewan McGregor are both good actors, so I gave it a shot. The plot synopsis pretty much explaines the entire story. The movie mostly concentrates on the aftermath of the incident. The mother (Williams) is emotionally wrecked, trying to make some peace with her life, meanwhile McGregor is a reporter who uncovers some clues about the incident and is trying to find answers.
Some elements of the story feel forced, like a subplot about a young boy who Williams starts following, and other elements just feel unfinished, like McGregor's investigation.
It maybe worth renting for Michelle Williams' performance (or if you used to watch "Dawson's Creek" and ever wondered what she looked like without a top)


Wow. I understand what the filmakers were going for, but the execution of it was not impressive. I've always been the one to argue that a movie doesn't have to be just one thing, it can be a comedy AND an action movie. This film wants to a suspense thriller and a romantic story, and it actually is both of those things, just not good ones. It also doesn't help that the two ideas never quite mesh up.
Anne Hathaway is cute, quirky, and silly in her romantic "getting to know you" movie, while everyone else are clues to a big mystery/conspiracy about a plane crash. I give it a star because the direction is good and another half for the perfomances, which are all decent.

Last Chance Harvey

This movie is exactly what it's advertised to be. Part drama, part romantic comedy, this movie is like a comfortable sweater. That being said, it does take a while to get the set up out of the way, but once the two stars meet, it plays out nicely.
Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson are both doing nice work here. A casual rental.

The Spirit
The Spirit(2008)

I really wanted to like this movie. I really, really did, but as cool as it wants to be, it isn't. Visually, it's AMAZING. You can pause the dvd at almost any scene and it would look like a page out of a kick ass Frank Miller book.
The problem lies with the tone, or rather the tones, of the movie. The goofiness is way to over the top. The Acting goes past funny to just plain ridiculous. It has it's moments, but not enough to recommend to anyone, unless you just want the visuals. I still have love for Frank Miller though.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Here's another big remake that didn't realy need to be made. The original has a old school charm that mixes Sci-Fi and 50's sensabilities in an enjoyable blend. This movie would have been so much better as an sequel. The acting is good by everyone including Keanu, but the ending could have used a better emotional impact, especially considering how the original ended.
While watching the end of the movie, I kept feeling like I had seen something like it before, and then I remembered. Fantastic 4 :Rise of the Silver Surfer. It's almost an identical twin. Slightly entertaing popcorn movie.

Donkey Punch
Donkey Punch(2008)

Yes this movie is exactly about what you think it is about. Pretty young British adults, out on a nice boat. Some drugs, some sex, and then suddenly things go wrong. Watching the first ten minutes of the movie you can figure out who's going to survive and who isn't.
That being said I couldn't really get behind the story because I didn't really connect with the characters. I didn't care who got killed or how and when it was over, I didn't feel the ride was worth it. Maybe it's worth watching if there's absolutely nothing on.


Doubt is a very intense drama. This is the kind of movie you watch for the acting and it doesn't disappoint. All of the actors are on point and the story is somewhat suspenseful. The really good thing about the movie is that it is open to interpretation so everyone will will have to form their own opinion about the story. The "hero and villian" of the story totally depends on your very own look at the world, and you don't see that in well crafted movies that much. Worth a rental.

Punisher: War Zone

Here we go with another Punisher Movie. I wasn't really a fan of the Thomas Jane version. I liked him and I like the cast, but the story was so-so and the directing was weak at best.
I had high hopes for this one, but was once again dissapointed. Another weak story and okay acting, but where this film suceeds is in director's choice for violence. This movie is over the top and then some. It was like a horror movie in it's gore and that is made it entertaining. While the other versions were rated "R" with violence, this one is RATED R!!! WITH VIOLENCE!!!! Thank you Lexi Alexender, a woman who brought some balls to The Punisher. This is a B movie that can only be enjoyed with very minimal thinking involved. I will say that the of the two bad guys, Jigsaw was way over the top and slightly ridiculous, but Loony Bin Jim was great. Full on psycho that you don't want to mess with.
Next time I watch this (and there will be a next time) it will be some beers in me for sure.


Coraline is fun, dark tale that's kind of reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. The images were very cool and the story was good. I did not recognize Dakota Fanning's voice at all during the movie, she did a great job (as she's known to do). The main reason I went to see this movie was because of the 3D aspect. There were moments where I felt like I was looking through a window and not onto a movie screen. I think because the movie was mad with stop-motion puppets and not the typical CGI images, there was a certain texture and realness to the movie. That provided me with a unique movie going experience and when you've seen a lot of movies, that's a rare thing. Fun movie for kids and adults, although I'm not sure how well it would hold up to me without the 3D factor.

Rachel Getting Married

There is a real documentary style that Jonathan Demme uses here that's quite effective. It really makes you feel like you're watching a home movie of someone's real wedding. I will say it's one of the strangest weddings I've ever seen, but it's nice to think that somewhere in the world, there's a group of people who are gathering around just like that. The real reason to watch this movie is watch Anne Hathaway put in a raw performance, and she does. She's funny, heartbreaking, and intesne as this character, Kim. Everyone in the movie is good, but it's such a naturalistic style in the movie that it doesn't feel like you're watching a movie. It feels real.
The story is filled with dramatic and comedic highs and lows. It's prettycrazy and somewhat believable that a family could go through ALL OF THIS in one weekend. My main problem with the movie is that the plot (what there is of one) stops cold and we're just witnesses to the ceremony, which is unique and interesting, but I wanted to get back to the characters and their situations. So I was dissapointed in that, but it was a okay film.

Nobel Son
Nobel Son(2008)

The poster promised twist and turns and a brilliant story about payback. This was not quite it. The twist and turn robbery story bar was set pretty high by movies like the Ocean's Eleven, The Sting, and Usual Suspects. This doesn't come close, but does try to be entertaining. The best thing about it is the acting. No one plays a prick better Hans Grub....ooops I mean Alan Rickman. He can almost never fail in any role he plays, he's great. Eliza Dushku was really good and sexy in it too. Check it out if it's on late night cable, otherwise you're not really missing anything that special.

Let the Right One In

My Girl + Lost Boys + Twilight = this movie
I had to watch this movie twice to decide if I really liked it. It is paced really slow and takes it time with the story and the images. I realized the second time I watched it that it's suppose to lull you into a bleak, fantasy landscape in order to maximize the connection between the two young leads. I was looking for a messed up vampire movie. This movie does have some of that aspects and a nice play on the rules of movie vampires (such as what happen if a vampire goes into a home uninvited), but it also had a lot weird character actions and long pauses between any dialogue. That being said, the vampire stuff was really cool, and the acting by the young kids was good. I wonder how Matt Reeves is going to handle the American remake of it (after Cloverfield, I have complete faith in him). Oh yeah, it's Swedish.


I wasn't sure about this movie. The beginning started off slow and I wasn't sure if I wasting my time. Sally Hawkins plays a girl named Poppy that has a incredibly positive outlook on life. Every single person she's comes into contact with, she smiles and tries to spread some happiness to them. Not everyone wants to be a part of that. The story picks up when she signs up for driving lessons and the instructor is a very serious man who's not amused by wacky personality. They are Yin and Yang and them together perk up the story at a good pace. Some of the story seems unnecessary, but you know it's leading somewhere, and when it gets there it's worth the journey. A nice little quirky story.

Cadillac Records

This movie was a great history lesson, but it was slightly faulty as a movie. Jeffery Wright is amazing as always,as Muddy Waters and Adrian Brody was solid as ususal. Beyonce puts in a real powerhouse performance but completely took over the end of the movie. While we got to see glimpses of everyone else's performance, Beyonce got to perform 3 full songs. I guess it helps when you're an executive producer. Mos Def turns in my favorite performance of the movie as Chuck Berry. He comes in late in the film and his story is over very quickly, but man did I want to seed more of that. There's a whole different story that needs to be told. Watch it for the performances and the fantastic music.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas)

I was really expecting this movie be a dry, low budget, art house drama, and it really wasn't. I was pleasantly surprised. Great directing, acting, and story. About halfway through the movie I realized that I'd seen this before when it was called "The Fox And The Hound". Two young boys who are suppose to hate each other but actually are friends. Extremely powerful ending, the credits started rolling and I was flat out stunned.

Role Models
Role Models(2008)

I absolutely loved this movie. Paul Rudd is becoming one of my favorite actors because he cracks nme up with just a wisa ass look on his face. Ever since "The Shape Of Things" his dramatic and comic timing has really impressed me. Everyone in the cast is fantastic. The kids are great, the counselor at the organization, and the script is really funny. If you like the "Apatow" movies, this one is just as funny. Also anytime Ken Marino shows up in a comedy, it's okay by me.


I can't believe I liked this movie. I liked some of Baz Luhrman's other movies (Strictly Ballroom,Romeo and Juliet), hated Moulin Rouge. I went into this thinkng it would be a overly melodramatic corny hollywood epic, and that's exactly what it was. It's saving grace was that the beginning of the movie didn't take itself too seriously. It's was actually like a comic book movie. Colorful, adverturous, and silly fun. The more the story went on, the more serious it got. Then at about the 2 hour mark, the fun adventure story was done, and the movie felt like it was over. Suddenly the real serious dramatic story kicked in and the movie went on for another 45 minutes. Luckily at this point I became so invested in the characrters, I wanted to see how it ended. It also helped that there some cool action set peices. All in all, I'm glad I didn't see it in the theaters because it's loooooong, but it's actually a prettydecent movie. Go Baz.

Speed Racer
Speed Racer(2008)

This is the movie I waited my entire life for. I know it's not a great movie. It barely passes as a good movie, but it is completely original and I have always been a HUGE Speed racer fan. i'll tell anyone, if this movie was two hot wheels cars going around a plastic track for two hours, I would still love it. That's how much I've wanted to see Speed racer on the big screen. A true sign of love for me is every time I see my poster of the movie hanging up, it brings a smile to my face. Goofy, cartoony, silly, over-caffinated, emotional, thrilling and a dream come true. The reason to own a Blu Ray player and a HD TV.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman(2009)

Wonder Woman is part of the "Big Three of superheroes" that includes Superman and Batman. There have been 5 Superman movies in the last 30 years and 6 Batman movies in the last 20. There has yet to be 1 live action feature film with Wonder Woman. It is a tough story to tell. DC Animated has laid out a pretty nice blueprint for any writer/director that wants to take it on. If this Wonder Woman cartoon was live action, it would rival "300" and "Lord of the Rings". It's epic! A solid plot that involves alot of Greek mythology. The damsel in distress is actually a guy, Steve Trevor. He is voiced by one of my favorite actors, Nathan Fillion, and he does a awesome job. He has some great one-liners that made me laugh out loud. His character gets the short end of stick when it comes to story. Even when he gets something to do, it turns into nothing. This is all about Diana and the Amazons. Very cool movie and surprisingly violent.


I've read some reviews of this movie comparing it to "Jumper" from a few years ago. I can see where someone would think that, but a big difference here is that "Jumper" was entertaining. Push tries to be a "real world" comic book movie, but the plot gets in the way. Too much going on with characters that I didn't really care about. There was nothing about Chris Evans character's storyline that made me want to root for him. His relationship with his ex-girlfriend or his new friendship with a little Dakota Fanning were not compelling enough to want to spend two hours with.
I've really enjoyed the directors other films, but he let me down with this one.


The Changeling was a compelling mystery as well as a intense drama. The trailers show Angelina Jolie's story about her missing son and the way the police return , what she thinks is, a different boy instead. This is a long movie, and that's just part of the story.
The LAPD are completely corrupt and get away with so much evil at that time. John Malkovich is a man with a voice who stands up for what's right in that town. Although He's not in the movie that much, his few scenes are powerful. I sometimes forget what a good actor he is.
Another great thing about the movie is the art direction. This movie actually looks like it was made in the 1920's, not a modern city or soundstage designed to look like the 20's.
Clint Eastwood's direction is on point once again. The man knows what he's doing, make no mistake about that.
Good direction, good layered story, and outstanding performances from every single person.

Body of Lies
Body of Lies(2008)

Body Of Lies was a surprisingly good thriller. Ridley Scott is usually hit or miss for me, but this was a direct hit. It is kind of light on action scenes, but when they come, it's full on. Leo and Russell are in top form, playing well off each other, and Mark Strong is definatelymakinghis presence known as actor to look for. He delivers an awesome performance. Exciting, suspenseful, and stuff blows up good.

Slumdog Millionaire

I've seen this movie twice and am just blown away by it. I know the hype is ridiculous and the backlash should be coming any day now, but Danny Boyle has made an amazing movie. I love the way the story is told through flashbacks. He gets asked a question on the game show, then we, the audience, gets to see how his life had given him the answer. I really love the subtle way that element gets switched around.
It's a fairy tale, but unlike other movies in this style, like August Rush, it suceeds because of the strong investment you'll have no choice but to make in the main characters.
This is a fantastic movie, great acting, amazing direction, and a kick ass soundtrack. Probably the best movie of 2009 (if it weren't for The Dark Knight).

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

Everybody loves a comeback. Mickey Rourke struts his stuff as again, but in a role to make all the critics take notice. I personally thought his role in "Sin City" was the perfect, and I couldn't think of anyone else playing that part but him. The same goes for this movie. I don't think anyone could've been better for this. He gives a speech in the movie that could've been from the "Mickey Rourke" story, it's that close to him. I'll admit, it is like the Rocky Balboa" movie from a few years ago, but that was a last hurrah to an iconic character. This is gritty, dirty look at a man at a crossroad just trying to do what's right. It looks and feel like a documentary giving it added realism.
Decent story, good acting from everyone, and I can say that this is Darren Aronofsky's least confusing film for me. I was only puzzeled by one thing and for an Aronofsky film, that's saying something. I will definately not look at wrestlers the same way in the future.


As much as I love Fernando Meirelles' City Of God, i was dissappointed by The Constant Gardner and unfortunatley by Blindness. There's no doubt that this is a strong story, and Meirelles brings an amazing style to it, but it's basically a depressing prison movie.

Frozen River
Frozen River(2008)

Frozen River is one of those indie movies you watch for the strong acting. I was completely shocked at how suspenseful the story was. Once it hooks you in, the story ramps up to a crazy place. The acting is strong, but it's the situations that these characters find themselves in that elevates this movie. Perfect drama for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Soul Men
Soul Men(2008)

Samuel L Jackson and Bernie Mac dropping more F-Bombs than an Scorcese triple feature, and having a good time doing it. This easily could've been a "Motown Grumpy Old Men", but having it rated R lets the two stars reallycut loose and they are awesome. Decent story and some huge laughs, but the real star of the show is the chemistry of the two guys.


Have you ever wondered what "Ong Bak" would be like if they got rid of the Buddha head element of the story and replaced Tony Jaa with a 15 year old girl? Me neither, but somebody did and here is what they came up with. The main reason to watch these movies is the fight scenes, andjust when I thought they couldn't get any more crazier, they did. The story is actually decent enough to hold interest, but basically it's a young, autistic girl whipping ass all over the place. You also have to love the fact that they show the stunts that went horribly wrong in the closing credits AND in the TRAILERS!!!!! These guys are nuts.

Miracle at St. Anna

This is a long movie and at some parts it felt it. Great set up to the story, and then about 3/4 way through it started to drag.Keeping up with all of the clues to the mysterystarted to wear thin too. Then it starts to ramp up in the final quarter, and the ending punches hard in the gut. A little too Hollywood, but sometimes that's good for such a serious subject matter.


From the outside, this doesn't look like it would be a good movie, but Oliver Stone keeps the story flowing along and it is really fascinating. George W. Bush's rise to the White House is an interesting journey that I enjoyed more than I thought I would. It's ridiculous and funny because it's true (for the most part). Special shout out to Thandie Newton playing Condoleezza Rice. I could not believe me eyes and ears, she was that good.

North by Northwest

There's not too many filmakers I would call a master of the artform, but Alfred Hitchcock is no doubt a master. This movie is him working at the top of his game. Action, comedy, suspense, and romance all together in one presentation. Cary Grant carries it as only Cary Grant can, flawless.


This is THE comic book movie. Nowadays comic movie are a fixture of summertime, but back in the day it was an incredibly exciting moment to see a pages come to life on screen. This movie set the bar for me, and nothing else has passed it. Superman is a tough story to tell right (Bryan Singer knows), but dispite the movies flaws, Richard Donner crafted an amazing film.


If Jason Bourne got older, and had a teenage daughter that got kidnapped, this is probably what that movie would look like. A little set up, and then it's all action until the end. Nice to see Liam Neeson kicking some ass all around Paris.

The Escapist
The Escapist(2008)

Sometimes Brian Cox is just "The Man". This is one of those times. It's pretty much "Prison Break" the movie, but it's done with a lot of intelligence. I never thought that Joseph "Shakespeare In Love" Fiennes could play a badass. There wasn't any opening credits and I honestlydidn't recognize him. Full of suspense and honest thrills, it's a good flick.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

I don't really remember the first one, but this one was entertaining. Nice work from the Late Bernie Mac and Alec Baldwin. was actually funny too. Of course everyone knows these movies are all about the penguins and they don't dissapoint.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

I wasn't really sure about it. I like Michael Cera, but this could've been really cheesy. This was some of the most fun I've had watching a movie this year. Silly, and kind of sweet with the two leads really shining. A fun movie, and extra points to anyone who can spot Eddie Kaye Thomas in his cameo.

Dead Man's Shoes

This Movie is one of the cooles movies I've ever seen. Shane Meadows is a director who is working on a level most filmakers will never see. Gritty, scary, sad, shocking as hell, touching, and very British. A rare, GOOD movie.

The Frighteners

I liked Dead Alive, loved Heavenly Creatures, but when I saw this...I knew Peter Jackson was a force to be reckoned with. One of the few movies that feels like it was made just for me.

The Untouchables

The most perfect movie I've ever seen. Acting, writing, directing, music, sets, costumes, everything perfect.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

This the one that started it all. If my parents hadn't taken me to see this, I would probably be a totally different person. And not for the better.

Over the Hedge

Just when I thought "Shrek" would be the only animated movie Dreamworks could be proud of, along comes this amazing picture. Not quite up to Pixar's level, but it's really close. Steve Carrell as Hammy practically steals the whole thing. Awesome!


Where this character ends up is so different from where he starts, that it's kind of worth the journey. Not what I expected form David Mamet.

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

Amazing. "Infernal Affairs" the fun, and dramatic version. This is the strong meat and potatoes version. Alec Baldwin's one-liners practally steal movie.

The Incredibles

At a time in my life when I thought when I thought current state of movies was depressing as Hell, I went and saw "The Incredibles" and was instantly reminded how much fun a well crafted superhero movie could be. Brad Bird, and Pixar, are true masters of cinema.

Akeelah and the Bee

If you're not teary eyed by the end of this movie, you're a robot. Excellent!!


It's a boat. It turns over. People escape.
Entertaining popcorn fluff.

Inside Man
Inside Man(2006)

You may have seen bank heist movies before, but this still feels fresh and new.