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Blades of Glory

very very funny movie

Everything is Illuminated

happened to stop on HBO just as this movie was comming on, what luck! pretty good movie

Shaun of the Dead

very VERY good movie! one of those you can watch over and over again and still laugh at


Very good movie but with a very sad ending. I'd recommend it to anyone!


this movie never gets old; i could watch it over and over again....oh wait i have!

Casino Royale

the best bond movie in my opinion


i used to LOVE this movie when i was little!

Drop Dead Gorgeous

probably one of my all time favorites

A Mighty Wind

much like best in show, this movie roks!

Best in Show
Best in Show(2000)

i thought this movie was supposed to be serious but after watching it i LOVED it!!! there's nothing better than a fake documentary...haha

Moulin Rouge!

I thought i was going to hate this movie but i ended up loving it!!!