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The Legend (Fong Sai Yuk)
10 months ago via Flixster

Great fight sequences, great cast, the humour is a bit too much here. The usual slapstick stuff of early 90s that it's either a hit or miss. Overall this is very much worth a check, but not as good as i was expecting. The sequel seems to be better.

In July (Im Juli)
10 months ago via Flixster

If only things were that simple in real life.

I Am Sartana, Trade Your Guns for a Coffin (C'è Sartana... vendi la pistola e comprati la bara!)
13 months ago via Flixster

Seems nobody can make up their minds if this is suppose to be an official Sartana film or not. Garko was suppose to be in it, and the style and plot are very much the usual stuff of the Sartana films. It's a fun ride neverless, even if it has some swamps here and there regarding plot and pacing. Hilton clearly lacks the screen persona of Garko, but he's not a bad choice either. This Sartana has a thing for eggs, and for a change he actually has to save some innocent civilians from bandits, something Garko never had to do as Sartana. Not a must, but it won't hurt giving it a try.

The Hidden
The Hidden (1987)
4 years ago via Flixster

Well made sci-fi/action combo, showing you don't need a lot of money, or convulted stories, to make a fine sci-fi flick.