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Albert's Review of The Simpsons Movie

8 years ago via Flixster
The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons Movie(2007)

DESTINED TO BECOME THE BEST ANIMATED MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!and it is the best animated movie ever!well
it was everything i expected and a whole lot more!
the laughs never stop coming throughout the whole film!
the story line has been well guarded and rightly so cause it is actually pretty good but i am saying nothing!
The film should maybe have a 12a because we see barts family jewels and homer sticking up the middle finger!
but that didnt stop me from enjoying it!
it was at a perfect length of 90 minutes!
but the problem was that most of the characters didnt really didnt get their moment to shine but the trailer does say "A Cast of Thousands"!
Well it was definitly the best film of the summer and the year so far!after the two awful months of may and june
July and august have been the best(incluing Harry Potter 5,The Simpsons Movie,Hairspray,Transformers and Die Hard 4.0)
Heres hoping for a sequel and maybe hopefully the series can get better!