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Barbara's Review of Cracks

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This is the female version of "Lord of the Flies" where there are a bunch of school girls that are sent to a private boarding school that isolates them from their families. The kids feel rejected from their parents and attempts to find love and compassion through one of their teachers, played by Eve Green. The kids try to understand the adolescent age of life where boys start to play a larger role and how it is to become more of a woman. The sport of diving is used to help the women present themselves as beautiful but yet competitive and driving for greatness.
Green portrays a teacher that lives her life vicariously through books until she encounters a student that has adventures that surpasses the books that she has read. Green grows to adore this student that has come from Spain and quickly becomes the teacher's pet. The previous favorite becomes jealous and threatened that she takes on the task to reclaim her spot as the teacher's favorite. Eva Green does a great job in her role but the kids steal your heart as you watch how cruel kids can really be to each other.