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The Scorpion King 2

It was initially quite exciting but I am really dissapointed over the end of this movie. Everything there went too good! Too much magy and too less connection to reality! The fighting scenes weren't cool at all!!

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

I think the story reminded a little bit of the toy story 2 with an evil toy who tries to spoil Woody's plans. I was also much younger when I saw the first two toy story movies. Maybe that's why I didn't think the third movie got the same level. However, it contains a lot of funny moments and charm moments also.

Arn - Riket vid vägens slut (Arn: The Kingdom at Road's End)

I like the two Arn movies as a whole, but I think the first movie is more intresting. The music and surroundings are still very impressing, but the acting and the story fall some levels in this second movie which make this less intresting. It brings nothing new and the dialogues feels more slow. Still, the two Arn movies are one of the best swedish creations ever!

Arn - Tempelriddaren (Arn: The Knight Templar)

One of the best swedish movies ever! I like the story, the music and the surroundings. The quality of the acting is mixed but overall I really enjoyed this "hero movie".

Picture Perfect

A bad story spoil it all! A predictable end and strange behaviour in several scenes. I can't feel with the characters and didn't enjoy this one!!

Death Race
Death Race(2008)

I think the story has a pretty low level and also the acting, I think some of the action scenes is too brutal and too predictable to be really enjoyable.


Not a movie in my taste! Too much singing and it felted not like a movie for me. More like a concert! The story is ok!

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

I like the theme of pirates and think this movie was very good! Captain Jack Sparrow is the entertainment!! How long to the next movie?

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Actually a movie with many funny scenes but ...some parts of the story was just embarrassing and dumb so the overall grade is almost good!

The New World

I enjoyed this movie even if it was a little bit slow and with a disturbing music. I think the story was the best part. And it's message gave me some things to think about! But some things was a little bit strange which I believe was misses by the director.

A Perfect Murder

Actually pretty exciting. I was surprised of the plot which turned face a lot of times. Michael and Viggo plays there roles great and is the reason that kept this movie alive! But the end was a typical one and pretty predictable.


A sweet story mixed with a lot of fighting scenes, but this movie is all too predictable. It was also too much sci-fi for me.


Pretty bad actually! Some funny scenes but the movie overall is a big joke.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

The last movie was a little disappointment for me which depend on the lack of good actors. I never felt that Harry Potter was the hero because Dannys acting never made him to a hero. I also expected more from the battle scenes. But this final movie is very exciting and also very surprising for me who havn't read the books. The story is briliant when all the answers is laid through. In some way it's sad that this now is over..... Alan Rickman as Professor Snape is unforgetable!

Mission: Impossible III

Again a very exciting mission with great action and also great story. Maybe the best in the series! It's very unpredictable and involves better acting by the cast beside Tom Cruise!

Mission: Impossible 2

Maybe this movie was more predictable than the first one. But I think it was better!

Mission: Impossible

Exciting and good movie, but far too exaggerated action scenes! The last fight with the helicopter was totally ridiculous. Otherwise a smart movie with some surprises!


A very intelligent movie with a great story which differs from all others! It was exciting with good acting but mostly because the smart idea. I never expected what will happen next!

Charlie's Angels

This sort of action is too much for me. It feels so outside the reality. I like some humor scenes and cameron diaz smile ;) Otherwise is the story and this movie nothing special, just a bit of entertainment for a while.

Midnight Bayou

The story was strange but even exciting. But too many thing has a low level so this wasn't much as entertainment.


Actually better than my expectations. A new idea with a nice story. Good acting and a surprising end. I like Portman very much but even overall I felt satisfied with this movie.

Bernard and Doris

Just a slow and pointless drama! I had no interest during this movie and was close to turn it off several times. The story didn't get forward, everything went so slow!! The acting was neither anything special.

Hur många lingon finns det i världen? (The Importance of Tying Your Own Shoes)

A nice story with some funny moments made this movie enjoyable. The cast wasn't perhaps the best, beside of the mentally retarded. They did it great! A typical swedish movie!

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

Actually, I was disapointed when I watched this movie. Before I thought it was better! My low grade doesn't depend on the story, which I thought was very great and intelligent. My problem is instead the special effects (with the "evil humans"), which was too unreal and almost like cartoon. This movie was exciting but felt just wrong! Human doesn't look like this "transformers", even with a disease. I want more reality and less computer in this creations. Otherwise I really like the story which contains more reality!

The Last Song

A nice and very interesting movie with a touching story. The story felt real and I really felt for the characters. Although it was good there was one big problem with the story.... the common hollywood syndrom!!! Maybe it was too predictable but this movie has a point, meaning and a big heart and I appriciate that! The acting was just ok but I like the boy Bobby Coleman, such a funny boy!

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

I think this movie was terrible bad! Was so close to turn it off after just 20minutes. It growed better after a while but it is not a movie for me! I miss the colours and think the story was too messy. Usually I like timeshifting movies but Sin city is too messy in the beginning and my interest fell. It took a long time before I understood the story. Also I think it was too many unrealistic moments - some of the main characters was like superman which felt strange in this movie. Moreover, it's far too barbaric! It's not healthy to watch this sort of movies! No, I'm not impressed at all!


A very interesting movie with a great cast and awesome acting! I really like both Al Pacino and Robert De Niro and didnīt know who I actually wanted to win! Both are spectacular! The story is good but some things made me dissappointed which lower the total grade! This involves action, tension, love, hate and regret!! Movies - at its best!

Look Who's Talking

A nice family movie! The fact that we can hear the babys thoughts is both funny and disturbing. John Travolta is very funny together with the little babyboy!


A movie with a typical disney spirit! Maybe to childish or female for me but I think it was entertaining. A lot of funny scenes specially from the horse!! Belongs already with the classical disney because it's spirit!!

The Tourist
The Tourist(2010)

I'm surprised that this movie haven't got more positive critics. I think it was good, it has a mystic and a very smart story. Maybe it's too much hollywood over it and the usual action scenes. But it's impossible to predict the end and it's interesting all through!! A big plus for the clever story! I was really surprised over the end and I like that!!

Despicable Me

A very funny animated movie! It's filled with moments which make you laugh a lot! Even when you are older like me. But it's a great mix with seriousness too and that make this movie very good!!

Life as We Know It

I think women will like this movie mostly. Because it's a nice movie about the family life. It started in a bad way but it growed better after a while when the main characters is forced to take care of a baby. It's very funny like always when a child is involved! But although this movie is very predictable and has the same "red line" like common romantic movies, I think this was sweet. It was great chemistry between Heigl and Josh!


Nothing spectacular! Just a common movie in my opinion. The story is mostly around this train all the time and I can miss a kind of variation. It's also very predictable without surprises. The action is like in other movies so this was just good as entertainment. It has nothing more I will remember.

My Name Is Khan

An entertaining and touching story of how religions rapidly can affect friendship. I think the first two hours was amazing but the longer it kept going my interest declined. The last part felt too much like Forrest Gump and was a little bit too long, 3hours is much! But the message is strong and also the acting! This kind of movies is really worth seing!

Freaky Friday

I think this kind of movies are very special, I have hard to like them. To be in an another body is just confusing. This movie was also very childish with a bad and common story. No surprises!

Love and Other Drugs

I don't think this movie was any special. Much nudity and a typical romantic story without surprises. Jamie meets the Girl!! and he fall in love for the first time. The only problem is that this girl has the Parkinson disease. I think the acting is ok, but I wanted more of this movie!

Moulin Rouge!

A very touching movie with a wonderful story about real love! The chemistry and the mystic atmosphere make everything very interesting. Except from the beginning which is very strange. Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman make their performance great and especially Ewan sings wonderful. One of the better musical movies.

Sense and Sensibility

Very much like Pride and Prejudice but not as good. A little bit too slow for me who love more action, but the story and the performance from the cast is touching!

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

This movie is special in many ways. But for me it's just silly! It's to much thinking and "amazing" things! The lack of reality and a decent story make this movie very bad. I just waited for the story to begin but suddenly it was end. The only entertaining thing is Marvin the paranoid robot!!

The Social Network

This movie is more intresting like a documentary or biography, not as a movie. I didn't get any intrest at all for the movie itself. The only thing I was curious about was how the story about Mark Zuckerberg actually was. I like the acting, with a lot of new faces for me! But I would rather see a really good movie with a profitable story! This was too much documentary for me!

Run Fatboy Run

A real B movie with a mediocre story but with some funny scenes. A usual comedy with no surprises. I would have pick something else to watch!


A dark, honest and emotional movie about modern relationships. Julia, Jude, Clive and especially my favorite Natalie Portman are great together! A very good story with a special tension! It left many lines I will remember. Like: "Hello stranger!" or "Where is this love? I can't see it, I can't touch it. I can't feel it. I can hear it. I can hear some words, but I can't do anything with your easy words." The better, this movie differs from others in a way that it's not predictable and it has not the usual story with the fantastic end! That's why I really like this movie! It makes the audience think! It's special and it contains some lovely moments! I prefer young Alice, who do you like?


I don't usually watch swedish movies which can be strange because I am Swedish myself. But I was stuck when I started watching this movie. Not because the story, which actually was quite weak and partly a little bit slow and also too much dreamy! But instead I was impressed of the actress Eva Röse who made this movie very intresting. Her play, together with the acting over all, saves the whole movie. This movie shows one side of the swedish culture and totaly I think this was OK!

Vegas Vacation

Not good at all if you compare to the first movie with the Griswold family, when they travels to walley world!! This one is just too much and have not the the same family spirit, with the humor from family troubels like in the ealier ones. I am dissappointed!

The Jackal
The Jackal(1997)

A thriller with great performances from Richard Gere and Bruce Willis. Especially Bruce make his role as a cold blooded murderer very good! It was exciting and intresting. But the story is quite simple and predictable.


I can't deny there was some very funny moments in this movie. But totaly it's was a real B-movie. Partly it was very awkward and with a bad story.

Days of Thunder

A racing movie with a few lightning moments. It's very cliché, easy to predict and nothing is a surprise. Itīs not a movie I will remember but it wasn't worthless to see. Some things was funny and charming!

Kindergarten Cop

A funny and different Schwarznegger movie! Actually this is quite charming in fact it's not action. Arnold can play the daddy role too! Very good moment when he learn the children some dicipline!! He makes it ok and the story works! Not the best movie but although entertaining!

Just Like Heaven

A movie with a very special story. Too strange for me! Some scenes spoil the whole movie, as an example the "spirit guy" in the book shop! Mark Ruffalo play his role well, otherwise the acting is a little bit crazy! I didn't like this movie very much, it was just ok!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

Again a very good movie! But in this one very little gets revealed. Itīs clear that this is just half the book! Like usual itīs very exciting and I really long for the last part! The humor is there but is different because the seriousness in this movie. There really are bad times they are living in!!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I think the Potter movies getting more and more exciting... All the questions of the mysterious Voldemort begin to get answers!. The students starts to fall in love with eachother and therefore many scenes are a bit cute, sweet, awkward and extremely funny! But all this are mixed with a big seriousness. Itīs very exciting and some secrets will be revealed in this movie. This movie makes me long for the next one, how will it end? But it was slow in the beginning and I want more action from start!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The darkest movie this far. Not a movie for children, the target group is teenagers! This movie differs from the others in many ways! The usual magic lessions are gone and here we just follow a big competition! The funny scenes are even more frequent here when the teenage problems grows bigger and bigger! Love and jealousy are some suitable words!! Itīs less magic too....

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The Harry Potter series getting better and better! The story is very intresting and exciting here. The story is more mature because the actors are getting older! Many funny things follows also because their aging.... Teenage problems and so on!! The riddles of Harrys parents death are solved and much more are revealed in this movie!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Again a very intresting movie with a magic which is puzzling! You start to know the characters and a lot of funny things is involved in this exciting movie.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

The first Harry Potter has some golden moments but itīs hard to understand the story completly truth this movie. The actors are almost too young but it has a magic which makes everything very intresting!

The Heartbreak Kid

This movie was bad from the first beginning! Mostly because itīs bad story! Almost not funny at all and just awkward to see!

City of Angels

A romantic movie about the love between an angel and a human. A strange story in many ways and I think it was too strange for me. It was very slow in the first part and I was close to change movie. But it was more intresting the longer it kept going. A word of wisdom after have seen this: The grass is not greener on the other side!

Kate & Leopold

The time travel movies is always a little bit special. I give a big plus to Hugh Jackman, but the story isnīt so impressing on me. I think there is bigger differences in a humans behavior when you switch time with about 100 years. It felt to much Hollywood for me and not reality. But I agree that some scenes was very funny and charming!

Four Weddings and a Funeral

This romantic comedy was better than I first expected! Very intresting in a way that I could feel with the characters. It was a funny and charming story! And for once I even thought Hugh Grant did a great job!

The Fast and the Furious

Crimes, Street racing, Sport cars, A cop, Love....
This is an action movie in my taste! The story wasnīt any special but in some way I even liked the movie. It has a great chemistry between the characters which was very intresting! And the story wasnīt quite what I expected!


An exciting space movie with an unlikely story!! There are many famous actors here which was funny to see, but some scenes made me disapointed. Itīs too far from reality for me. It also contains a heartbreaking moment which could have been much better! But over all it was a great entertainment.

Rat Race
Rat Race(2001)

A real mad world!! Some incidents are very funny... but some incidents are just too much! A comedy for the younger, there is no seriousness at all! But itīs fun and impossible to guess the end!


A very good movie! So close to perfect! In the movie we follow different persons in their daily life and how the racism affect them. Itīs emotional in all possible ways and it makes the brain wondering! You will never know what happening next! All is a big surprise! It has an odd story - Not like the usual movies, it has a real story - Feels like reality and I could feel with the characters, it has a great story!!!


A B-movie with a common story and mediocre acting. About a looser who find the meaning with his life when he becomes a baseball trainer. Ok movie which was intresting!

Cradle 2 the Grave

A bad story and to see Jet Li fighting is just too much! My intresse for this movie became weaker the longer it kept going. The end wasnīt hard to predict! Not in my taste!

The Last Boy Scout

A typical Bruce Willis movie where action, bad guys and a police/detective is the main story! Not so unlike the "Die hard" movies, but this was not as good as them! In some way I felt it was too much sometimes! But it was exciting and pretty funny! Bruce was "stone hard"!!

Passenger 57
Passenger 57(1992)

An airplane become hijacked! I think this movie was great! Acceptable action scenes and a suitable story! Neither it was to long! It was exciting from the first beginning because the movie starts in a high speed! The acting was just ok!

The Virgin Suicides

"Love Sex Passion Fear Obsession" This is a really touching but also tragical movie about a sad family situation. A group of male friends become obsessed with the five beautiful and mysterious sisters who are sheltered by their strict, religious parents. The hard protection from the parents leads to one suicide by the youngest daughter and the family situation getting worse. But for a short while it getting better......

A special movie where the end differs from the usual. But I think thatīs lifts the movie in this case. You can also learn something from this movie, which i good! Finally.....Kirsten Dunst is fantastic! I was totaly in love! She is the only great actress here! Worth to remember!

Love Actually

A movie full with famous actors! The plot is divided into many stories, love stories where we follow different persons in different kind of love stages. I think it was a nice movie with some intresting parts! Itīs easy to feel with some of this persons, because of good acting!

Knight & Day
Knight & Day(2010)

Very entertaining and funny actioncomedy with a great chemistry between Tom Cruise and Cameroon Diaz. But some actionstunts was all too exaggerated for me, especially in the beginning. But I went from this with a content smile!

Edward Scissorhands

Again a very special movie by Tim Burton. Itīs one of itīs own kind and is like a fairytale where the heart really feels for the characters! Johnny Depp plays Edward Scissorhands, a mystical man who makes a whole village curious and intrested in him! But after a while the life becomes complicated for Edward. His mind have to fight against love and hate!! A great movie with an intresting plot!

Top Gun
Top Gun(1986)

Tom Cruise is great here and makes a lot sentences to remember. The movie overall is a little bit weird for me. There is no strong story....

The Big Bounce

Owen wilson is a liitle bit funny. Reminds about his character in "You, Me and Dupree". But otherwise this is a real B-movie!

Saving God
Saving God(2008)

The great thing here is the message and some parts of the story. But I think many things happens to fast and the story has som weak parts too!!

Out of Sight
Out of Sight(1998)

A classic actionmovie where the bad guy and the police falls in love. I think some things where too bad to give this movie a higher grade! Just entertainment for me! Not a movie to remember!


A good movie but the story is too magical and has just one perspective!! A 12 year old boy in a 30 year old mans body. Great, if you want to make the time pass quicker!

Ghostbusters (1984 Original)

Compare to the special effects today this was really bad! I understand this was a good movie once, but I donīt think it is that nowadays. The story is just riddiculous!

Jerry Maguire

This was just a movie to make the time pass. A happy end which I already had predict from the first beginning. Tom Cruise is like usual charming and Renée supremely good, but the story is a bit amateurish.

Freedom Writers

A movie with a great message! Otherwise it wasnīt a top score movie with itīs performance, but I like when a movie tells something!

Shanghai Knights

I have seen too many Jackie Chan movies! This one wasnīt any special at al. A bad story and the action are the same like usual.

The Dark Knight

When I watch this I havenīt the best sound which may have affected my grade. But I didnīt think this was awesome. It took too long time before the movie really begun and when it did it was too long. The joker was the best one, itīs pity Heath Ledger no longer is alive.


A young and charmy Tom Cruise and a lovely and very qute Elisabeth Shue is the only good things in this 80s movie. I admired their romance and relationship before all the bad things appeared. It was very romantic. Otherwise is too much pride and selfishness in this story and after all the obstacles it ended strange!

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

This movie was too slow in the beginning before I start to understand itīs composition. It has a lot of violence but the story is great with different times in different scenes... also it jumps in the time! That make this movie very unpredictable! Many stars among the characters and I couldnīt deside who was the good one! Leaved me with a lot of thought afterwards! A very odd and special action movie!


The story of this movie is a kind of amazing, no one can survive that long on the ocean! But I like the characters and the chemy between Kevin, Chaim and Jeanne! A sweet journey where some human try to find the way to Dryland.

Bad Company
Bad Company(2002)

A mediocre action movie with a weak story and performance. There were nothing special who makes this movie different from other action movies and that is pity.

National Lampoon's Vacation

Classic 80's comedy.Chevy Chase at he's best! This one was very funny! Like the swedish "Sunes sommar"! The father Clark takes his family one a vacation trip through USA and always everything goes wrong!! Some things are so stupid! I laughed very much...

The Last Samurai

A lot of action and blood, sometimes itīs terrible to watch this kind of violence. It makes me think that people actually has done this in reality for years ago. This movie has a spiritual fascination and itīs very intresting and exciting. Good enviroment, story and acting made this to a nice movie!

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

I donīt like this kind of movies. Itīs just too much for me. Itīs unrealistic and the story is bad! Itīs more like a movie for children!

The Blind Side

A very touching story based on a true story, true stories are always the best! I like that the focus is on the family situation and not on the sport like in so many other movies about football. This movie has some lovely moments and is inspired by the message of God. It really makes me thinking....


A man with the ability to see the future and change the outcome of events before they occur! This could had been a cool movie but unfortunately it wasnīt! Many times itīs too fantastic when the answers just appear from nowhere. How did FBI know that Chris Johnson could see exactly 2 minutes of the future? Many example of that point made this movie to just ok!


I thought this was better, am a little bit disapointed. The story is too unrealistic with a maschine who tells the future..... impossible!!!! It was easy to predict the end and the bad guys missed every shot from good positions... not exciting at all!!

Pride and Prejudice

It took some time before I start to like this movie. The beginning was very slow and boring. But the longer it kept going it captured my heart completely! A movie with true love where money and rang doesnīt matter. It has some very sweet romantic scenes and itīs hard to not empathize with the characters and in the plot. Already one of my favorites!! I recomand you to watch it alone, or itīs much better to discover the magic of this movie alone!

When a Man Loves a Woman

A very emotional and heartbreaking movie. The story is so truth and it almost feels like reality. Andy and Meg is great, their chemistry and acting makes the whole movie. It was hard to keep the tears away cause I feeled so much for the characters!

The Bourne Supremacy

This was almost a highscore. I didnīt like the fast camera shift in the action scenes. But again a Bourne movie is very exciting! The plot is awesome!

The Shawshank Redemption

Awesome movie! One of the best which has ever been done! It has everything.....

The Bourne Identity

A really great movie, always exciting and thrilling! It cannot be much better! Jason Bourne is best! Thatīs it!

Bruce Almighty

King of humour!? Jim Carrey does his best performance ever, perfect balanced from Jennifer Aniston. This movie has so many funny moments! Jim Carrey with all his things can sometimes be too much! But here heīs perfect!

The Man in the Iron Mask

This movie wasnīt so intresting in the start. It took a while before it was really entertaining. A great story, a really great story! I didnīt like the acting all the times but the story stands for itself! It was something different and touching over it!

Demolition Man

This movie was better for some years ago. Now the movie feels too unrealistic and just too much. There were some cool future effects and I wonder if some of them will become truth. But otherwise wasnīt this movie so encouraging.

Walking Tall
Walking Tall(2004)

Wild and funny movie with great action. Entertaining and short, nothing was unnecesary and that made it very intresting. Chris came back to his home city and fights back against the corruption in "his" town by becoming the new sheriff.


Of all the vampire movies this actually had itīs own plot. It was exciting but I think it was too farfetched. It was also difficult to get a good feeling. In that point of view Daybreakers was like all other vampire movies except from Twilight.

The Count of Monte Cristo

One of the best revenge movies ever! The story is great and contains a message inspired by the bible. Itīs fun to see (for me) new actors and the performance was perfect all around. Itīs a great adventure, intresting all the time and I couldnīt guess the end. Thatīs worth five stars!

Catch Me If You Can

A very inteligent story in a briliant movie. That this actually is a real story impressed very much on me. Some things are just incredible! A smarter boy is hard to find!

Walk the Line

A biography of Johnny Cash which made me very surprised. I never thought he had such a sad, tragical and hard life. Maybe the movie was too depressing for me.... But I liked the acting and real stories are always the best!

American History X

A very emotional movie and one of the best of its kind. Here is the contrast between love and hate big! I love to watch movies who say something and this movie has a strong message. Very exciting and you never know whatīs gonna happen. The end was a proof of that sometimes life is not fair.


A great movie with high quality. Very exciting and intresting and the actors was perfect. A movie with a message: to protect our nature and to end up with wars. Here itīs an amazing new world, the only thing I was missing was a bigger connection to reality. Was too much like a fairy tale for me.

Bird on a Wire

Mel Gibson is always intresting to watch in movies. The story wasnīt perhaps the best but the chemistry between Mel and Goldie Hawn was lovely. A nice action movie with a proper combination of love, excitement and intrigue!


Of all the highschool movies this was the worst. It has everything: The loser gang and the popular gang. The girl everyone wants. A mediocre plot and of course a happy ending. It was in some developments too embarrassing and painful to follow this movie. There are scenes I just hate in movies and this containted some of them! But of course it existed some fun scenes too!


A very mediocre movie that didnīt have much to boast of. A big volcano in LA with a big disaster as a result! It sounds exciting but the special effects were very bad and several scenes were just a big joke! Neither I liked the acting.... Sweet Anne Heche was the only one who was intresting and thatīs because her look!!

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

A good movie that differs from other action movies. Damon and DiCaprio in particular is very good in a script of violence and gangsters. Both working / infiltration on the other side of the law, DiCapro as a cop on the gangster side, and Damon is gangster in the police side, and it's very exciting to see who first will reveal the other. The end was a big surprise to me. But the kind of movies can also be good.

Mr. Bean's Holiday

Mr Bean can sometimes be too much! This time he was! There were many funny scenes, but the wholeness was almost boring and painful. When Mr Bean is the main character is he much better in the shorter format. He needs more serious actors beside him in a full lengt movie, like in Mr Bean disaster movie! That one was much better!


A cute animated movie from pixar. A may say it was future inspired with a world ruled by robots and machines. The people just lived for survive a fallen earth. Not a bad plot, where even the robots have feelings. Maybe itīs possible this will become truth? ....But far in the future...!!


This movie was just ok like entertainment. I like the relation between Sean and Catherine. But were missing the inteligence. All the crimes seemed too easy. I want more...

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

I didnīt miss the tension here. It was very exciting and it was a new plot of Robin Hood for me. A great adventure with all the bits and pieces the story needs. It didnīt make me dissapointed!

Jingle All the Way

Some things are very embarrassing, but some things very funny. An ok movie where Arnold plays the daddy role in a broken family. Many things are strange but it works like entertainment!

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

I think the charm from the first movie continues here. I like the characters except from the hotel staff which was a little bit special. The smart kid Kevin and the humor is the same, but the plot is another. Maybe the traps can feel like a repeat but otherwise this is very good movie!

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo

A comedy movie with some very funny scenes! Mostly the jokes is sex inspired.... The plot was pointless, just funny!

Con Air
Con Air(1997)

This wasnīt a bad action movie, but the plot was REALLY bad!! Itīs too exaggerated and I almost feel sorry for the characters cause neither the acting was ok! I may say I was disappointed over this prisoner escape! Not cool at all!

North Country

I like movies based on true stories! This is a great drama about female miners endured harassment from male co-workers. Charlize Theron gives a great performance! A touching story, intresting all the time and a great message!


I may say I had mixed feelings after seen this movie. It was mostly sad but even happy in some ways. The war scenes wasnīt any special. This movie had something else. It was filled with different feelings: love, hate, imperial, revenge, proud and so on. It was really touching!!

Dumb and Dumber

This is a real comedy movie with humor for boys! Two men who is a little bit slow in their minds, make life difficult for many others on their journey through US! Their thoughts is great and kindly but nothing goes like they planned! The humor is at a childs level and sometimes they can be too much, but mostly this is really fun!


The thing I will remember in this movie was the special effects which was very cool! Some scenes was also a little bit funny. But in general it was too much unrealistic moments and the cast was too calm in all the dangerous situations. The movie was very exciting and because of that it felt short, although it was long! The plot wasnīt any surprise except from the end, but it was too unrealistic!

Old School
Old School(2003)

A few funny scenes but mostly a waste of time. The plot wasnīt good at all and the movie overall felt very amateurish!

Kingdom of Heaven

I think this movie was very entertaining! Great battle scenes, but the best of all was itīs intelligence. Orlando Bloom plays baron Balian who travels to Jerusalem during the crusades. He appears wisely and becomes very popular. He wants to be a good knight, among all other knights who just think about power! This movie makes me think about how strange the world has been during all these years! The religion is mystical and has been a reason for many problems during the time. This movie shows us one point of view of the history in an intresting way!

Home Alone 3
Home Alone 3(1997)

This might be a movie for the smallest kids, but not for me. I remember how fun the first two "home alone" was, for some years ago. This one is just a copy with some new cast and new traps. Of course I laughed sometimes, but thats not enough. All the time I knew whats gonna happend and this burglars arenīt fun at all, just embarresing. I want more from a comedy movie! .....I was surprised to see a young Scarlett Johansson here!

The Bodyguard

Kevin Costner is great in this movie, but otherwise there wasnīt much to remember. An ego film of Whitney Houston with a plot where I just waited for something exciting to happend. There was many amateurish moments and the movie was too predictable. But like I said, Kevin Costner is the perfect bodyguard here with his mulish acting! That made this to ok entertainment!

Wild Things
Wild Things(1998)

A hot actionmovie! It started very weird and my expactations wasnīt very high anymore. But furthermore it seemed to be a movie with a decent storyline. Here we have lies, murders and betrayls at a very high level! After a while you donīt know who is on the good and the evil side anymore. It was very unpredictable! In this movie you canīt trust anyone, that will be your death!! But in some way I thought this was just too much... I got only confused!


A different movie with a special plot. Very unpredictable, mystical and odd in the beginning. Here we gets a new look on the scary vampires. A romantic movie with some lovely moments. But of course there is evil vampires and a big suspense too. I liked the acting from Kristen and Robert! There was a special connection between them which was very comfortable! The end tells us about a continuance... and thatīs needless in my point of view!

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

A fascinating movie! This must have been amazing when it first was new. A movie who never dies.... Nowadays the action is a little bit old and not as cool as the three latest Star wars movies is. But althought this movie has a heart and is still very exciting. It has an excillent plot and great characters. Iīm totaly in love in this Star wars world... but unfortunately I have to take one star away.... I want more cool action and more real looking aliens in it, to give five stars and to be completely enjoyed....

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

A very funny movie! One of the few comedy movies where itīs almost impossible to predict the plot. This is so unexpected and new crazy moments appears all the time! New actors in the main characters is also a big plus! A great movie if you want to have some fun!!

State of Play

This grade may not be fair, thought I watched without subtitles and didnīt understand everything which was said. A political and journalist movie where some journalist tries to investigate some conspiracies in the congress. Some murders take place and the investigation seems to be more dangerous and unspected than it first appeared. A thriller, but only thrilling in some moments. I wanted more action. I also think the acting was low, just Russell Crowe which was very good!

Ocean's Twelve

This was a really bad continuance..... I liked the first movie, but this one was just crap!! The intelligence was missing in many parts of the movie and the Julia Robert and Bruce Willis scene is a big disaster in the history of movies!! It was pointless, not exciting enough and the acting could be much better! I liked some parts of the plot, but I want much more through the whole movie!! Dare I see the next one?

Gangs of New York

A cruel movie about the dark side of the birth of America. Murders and wars was the reality and criminal gangs dominated the city of New York. At the same time there was people who tried to start up democracy. The city was a big chaos and in all this we follow Amsterdam Vallon who has only one thing in his mind, to revenge his fatherīs killer! A very exciting movie with a lot of blood. The cast is great and so also the plot. Itīs hard to understand that the world once where like this.

Thelma & Louise

Started a bit slowly and I was close to be bored a while, but it growed as longer it kept going. It was meant to be a fishing vacation in the mountain for these two girls, but it ended with a big journey no one could had expect. Their criminal journey was intresting to follow and Geena didnīt just charmed the men in the movie, even me!! It has some magnificent moments which is really touching! It also has some feministic messeges which I totally agree with! Our world can be stupid in many ways, but violence donīt solve any problems!


Such a weared movie, but althought very enjoying! Was a little bit qute, charming and funny. The notorious seducer Casanova meets a lady who is his first challange and immediately his thoughts about what real love is gets clear to him. But nothing is easy, at the same time he is chaised by the church and his big love is engaged with a rich buisnessman. A good cast make this movie to a great adventure!

The Guardian
The Guardian(2006)

Actually I liked this one very much! Mostly because an intresting plot and great acting from mr Costner!! Kevin playes the legend Ben Randall in the coastguard. One day an accident and some family troubles takes him away from the ocean. Instead he start to teach in the training program for the coast guard and itīs here all the good stuff begin. He is an awesome teacher who knows what every person need. Especially the arrogant Jake (Ashton Kutcher). This movie is mixed with a big feeling of reality, love, action and so on! Itīs never boring! You can almost feel with the actors in every situation!! That is the sign for a five star movie!! Recomands!!

Bring It On: All or Nothing

A dancing movie which started in a very ridiculous way. Some girls compete in cheerleading and for some of them itīs very important to be the captain in the group. We will see some girlfights and some awkward moments. It was not a movie for me but althought it was intresting in some way. Many qute girls and some funny moments too made me watching the end! But this is a typical high school movie where you can forseen the plot!

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

An exciting movie, but I think it was too much like the first one. Some incidents was also just too much, unrealistics!! So I was a little bit disappointed cause I liked the first one very much.

Lethal Weapon

A great action movie where Mel Gibson is the big star. The plot is typical in this type of movies, there is drugs, kidnapping, hookers and a lot of murders. But the acting and the action makes this one special. Mel Gibson is the crazy cop who donīt care about the rules. He makes his job on his own ways. And he is funny toghether with Danny Glover who is the opposite to Gibson. A great duo and I really enjoyed watching them!!

The Da Vinci Code

Some part of this movie was really exciting, but mostly this felt like bullshit. Reminds a little about National treachare, cause here they tries to find an answer of a big secret. That Jesus Christ was married and had a child. They always get new clues and of course they are hunted by both the police and some burglars which also want this treachare. Felt like I have seen this before already, nothing new and the theory to prove that Jesus is fake, was a good try. I rather believe in the bible!

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

For me it was the first time I saw this movie and this was a new thing for me. Intresting plot and great action. This was a very inteligent movie where the manus writer really has used his mind. A fantasy world in connection with the real world, where telephones and computers are the link between them. Man are slaves, but some fights to free them. The rivals are almost impossibIe facing so everyone are waiting for the One! The acting is awesome in this exciting movie! I like this cool stuff and think this one is special and worth seeing.

Around the World in 80 Days

This one was very funny at some moments. It has a childish humor and can sometimes get too riddiculous. But overall itīs a good movie. Jackie Chan has like usual some fighting scenes where everything can happen! Itīs a great mix with action and adventure but the plot could had been more serious.

American Dreamz

No, I didnīt like this movie. It was bad, riddiculous and strange from the first beginning. They are making fun with the program American idol and I have to say Iīm no fan of the idol programs. Because of that, neither this movie! A cute girl (Mandy Moore) and a muslim (Sam Golzari) tries everything to be the winner of this competition. We will also follow a president who lost his control and terroristīs which tries to bomb the American idol final. You hear how stupid that sounds!!?? Well, all of it was actually a kind of stupid!

Big Fish
Big Fish(2003)

This wasnīt the movie I expected! Thought it would be about fishing and that it would be a low budget movie! But I had wrong, cause this one surprised me a lot! Instead we will meet a father, who is an awesome storyteller. The storys is from his own life and itīs hard to believe, especially for his son. The movie take place in the real life and through flashbacks from the fathers life. I was really touched and couldnīt do anything else than love this character, who is played by both Ewan McGregor (young father) and Albert Finney (old father). The plot is very good and the acting is also great! My favorite is of course Ewan who always act with a great smile! He makes me happy! Itīs not usual that I cry in a movie! But this was really touching and of course I recomand it!


About a different boy who wear dresses and acts very uncool if you prepare to the other boys in his age. His family situation is tragical. The mother is deaply sad and eats a lot to hide her grief after her divorce. His father will not have something to do with him. Instead this boy lives his own life, inspired by his dreams! The movie is a little bit funny and was ok for me. The plot holds a low level but I think the cast did it great! The little boy Bruno keeps his smile up in every situation and he puts an ideal which I admire. Dare, be yourself, I think that is the message!!

The New Guy
The New Guy(2002)

A very funny movie! But the plot and the acting is at a pretty low level. Itīs like a standard high school movie. The most uncool guy becomes the hero! Think I recognize the concept! But movies doesnīt have to be perfect, it can be funny anyway!!

Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky(2001)

A very complicated movie where I several times didnīt understand it. The point will be clear in the end, but I was too confused to think this actually was good. The acting is great and there was some charmy moments, but the plot is my problem. A longer life in dreams for the spirit when the body already is dead is a strange thing!

The Wicker Man

At first, donīt see this movie! I really regret I did! If you love the devil you will probably love this movie too. But for a healthy human this movie was just absurd, evil and terrible!!! Edward Malus (Nicolas Cage) arrives to a very strange village on an island, to investigate a disapearing child! He notice soon that this village is a big sect and everyone has some wrongs in their heads. He solve the case, or he thought he did. But then a big surprise will meet him! I will warn you, this movie has no lucky end, the end is just sick!! This movie creates only anger with itīs mess and stupid plot..... and of course itīs end!!

Cool Runnings

One of the best comedy movies! Jamacians who drive bobsled, such strange thing to hear about, but itīs a reality back from the 80:s! Very funny movie where the Jamacains meets a totally different culture! Their way to act makes them special here and you will laugh a lot of times! The end differs from other sport movies and it couldnīt almost be better!!

Ladder 49
Ladder 49(2004)

This movie wasnīt what I expected it to be. It is told through flashbacks which serves to introduce the firefighter Jack Morrison (Joaquin Phoenix) who gets trapped in a big fire. I was hoping to see more cases and tips of firefighting but in this flashback there was more of his common life beside the life on the firestation. The movie is good but in some way I was never really comfortable with this plot. The acting and music was great but a great movie about firefighting, it was not!


Well, superman has one side which I like very much, but it has also one side which is so embarrasing and overexaggarated. When Superman starts to circle around the world and turn back the time I was almost upset. Such a bad ending! The plot has some problems and is not so exiting. One other example of a bad scene is the interview between superman and Louis Lane. Why? No, I didnīt like this! But the side I like is the charming acting from Christopher Reeve, he makes it intresting even if the plot is bad! And the other cast was not bad either!


A very funny movie where Jimmy Fallon was the one who held up the movie. Simple humour about an unsuccesful cop who makes the wrong decitions and things all the time. You will get some laughts but the action isnīt anything to remember. Otherwise many scenes were faked and the cast wasnīt the best. A perfect girl league which totaly play with the cops felt very unrealistic. But ok entertainment for me when I want to have some fun!

The Wizard of Oz

This movie has no special effects or cool action. Nor it has mordern shapes or actors which is megastars. This is like a fairytale! A fantastic play in a theatre scene where words like truth, reality, genuineness, cleverness, love and courage just flows to the audience. An original movie from a time long ago when this sort of entertainment just where in the childhood. It still caught peoples interest, it still has itīs magic, and most of all, itīs still very good. I never think no one is to small or to old watching this! It comes right from the heart and that is when movies are the best!

The Girl Next Door

Well, At first a common high school movie. Was a little bit bored. The only thing which kept my intresse was the great looking Elisha Cuthbert. Her charmy and beautiful look is hard to say no to. After a while even the plot become intresting. This is when Danielles friend Kelly appears in the movie. Matthew meets the hard life and his feelings to Danielle make him do things outside the box... some of theese things was nice to see!!

The Clearing
The Clearing(2004)

Afterwards, this felt like a waste of time. A kidnap movie where we follows the psysical game in this drama. Itīs slow and almost nothing happens. Itīs just a lot of conversations all the time. The whole movie is sad, I have no good feelings afterwards, just depressed. Robert Redford is a great actor, but the plot makes no one happy! Thatīs why I give a low grade.

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

A fun movie to watch. Jolie is really hot and makes it really great even if some scenes are overexaggerated. The plot is a kind of strange but I think the whole movie is exciting with great action.

Superman II
Superman II(1981)

This movie is some years old and if I compare to the movies nowadays itīs a kind of embarrasing, unprofessional and not so exciting. But it has also a charm which make it intresting watching. It was ok entertainment for me.


Iīm not sure if I like this thing about a green man who get superpowers. Although I really was caught when I watched the hulk! I think the movie is really exciting and I really wanted to see how it ended. Of course the movie is unreal to a high level and some scenes are a little bit exaggerated. But in some way I liked it.


From the first beginning I understood this was a low quality movie. The start felt unreal with a big monster wave out in the deap and still ocean. And then everything happends too fast and we had this common disaster scenario which Iīve seen so many times before. The plot is very bad and very predictable. You know someones gonna die and a few survive and the only suspense is who is gonna die and survive and how will they make it finally. Josh Lucas is the only actor who is good here, the others makes only ok! Probably I will have forgot this movie next week!

Training Day
Training Day(2001)

Well, If you think this is a common police chaising burglars movie, you will have wrong. This movie is special with a great plot, realistic scenes, cool action and awesome acting from both Denzel (Alonzo) and Ethan (Hoyt). In one single day we follow Hoyt who wants to become a narcotics officer. The training day starts as a big surprise for him and he exposes to tasks which is opposite to what he learned on police school. Alonzo, the smart detective officer plays with Hoyt and show him how hard the street life can be. As the tasks getting worse, more brutal and evil, Hoyt finally reaches the line to what he can accept. Will he hunt the bad guy or become one of them himself?? I can really recomand you watch this movie!!

A Guy Thing
A Guy Thing(2003)

This movie has some funny moments worth laughing about, but is mostly very awkward and annoying. The final grade is ok, cause there wasnīt many surprising scenes. The plot is very predictable and annoying and some things was very hard to see cause they were so bad. I think Julia is a great actress but I canīt recomand this movie.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The best Potter movie this far. Very exciting from the beginning and a much better and intresting plot than earlier. There is some complications between the ministry and the Hogwards which make this movie different from the other Potter movies. Voldemort is back and put some nervous feelings inside. Now we donīt follow their lessions like usual, now they make their own lessions! A big improvement which make the movie less predictable. There are more seriousness when the story about Harry Potter comes near to the end. The cast have been older and the action increased! I like that!

The Cincinnati Kid

A good movie about cardgame. Steve McQueen wants to be the master in poker and he really got talants. I think this movie is good, even cause itīs pretty old now. It has some magic I never see nowadays. McQueen really can act, the whole movie is depending on that! And together with the other actors and actresses they make a really intresting movie from a plot which otherwise sounds boring. The movie can be slow in some situations but this is a classic which is worth to see!

Cruel Intentions

Well, I will say the end saved this movie totaly! Two rich kids, a brother and his sister, compete with eachother and plays with other peoples life. The games is about to the most popular and to get every person in bed. Some scenes are very intresting but there are also many unrealistic and bad scenes which made this movie very amateurish. But when Sebastian falls in his first love the movie turns in an unexpected way. First here the movie becomes very intresting when the contact between Sebastian and his sister becomes irritated. The movie has a message, everything in dark will be revealed in the light, so hold on to the truth! I think the cast is perfect for this movie! Sarah Mischelle is very hot, ryan makes everything well and Reese is like usual the innocent nice girl who stand for the justice. The only thing Iīm not comfortable with is the plot in some situations which is very amateurish.


This movie really surprised me a lot. I never thought it would be this great and intresting. An underrated movie with great sence of humor and action!! It has a story which really caught my intresse!! That depends on the unnoticed scenes. It has a multiple intertwining storyline, which leads to that you never know whatīs gonna happend. Everything gets explained in the end!! Directed by Doug Liman (Mr & Mrs Smith, Bourne Identity) and filled with entertaining performances by a large cast underrated actors, this is a film that went unnoticed by most people and deserves more attention. Again, Surprising good!! Recommands!

The Devil's Own

Well, this was an ok movie which was intresting all the time. The acting wasnīt the best but held a decent level. It works like entertainment but hasnīt anything new to show us. The movie is about the "wars" on Northern Ireland and how the terroristīs working. The end was in some wayīs emotional, cause I didnīt know whoīs side I supported!

Rush Hour 2
Rush Hour 2(2001)

A great comedy! This was a very funny rush hour movie! Actually better than the first one! I think the plot is great here and the co-operation between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker is awesome. They really fit together in this sort of movie. Jackie Chans fighting scenes and Tuckers humor can be too much sometimes but here they make eachother better actors!! They are hunting a rich gangster chinees man and will meet all of his gang! I promise you will laugh at Chan and Tuckers way of solving this case!! Recomands!!

Seven Pounds
Seven Pounds(2008)

A great drama movie which starts slowly and made me wonder were it aimed to and then in the ending it just exploed and left me full of emotions. Will Smith made a great performance in a character very unlike Wills typical way of act. Here heīs not the funny one, neither heīs the cool one. No, here he makes a typical serious drama movie in an awesome style. He plays the depressed guy Ben Thomas and made it so well that heīs still my number one actor!!! This is a Hollywood movie with something to say, but althought everything was perfect I didnīt feld totaly well afterwards. I think it has a sad atmosphere which affected me negative and thatīs why I canīt give more than four stars! But this movie really is special and will not be like other movies youīve seen earlier!! Recomands.....

Mama Jack
Mama Jack(2005)

A very funny movie which reminds a lot of Big mommas house! The plot and acting is ok, not so special but the movie gets a high grade for its humor. There is some moments when you just canīt stop laughing. So I recomand this one!

Tarzan and the Lost City

Think this was an ok movie. Just good, cause it happen things all the time so itīs pretty exciting. I watched it with intrest! But then there is some childish magic which take this movie to a lower point. It wasnīt realistic, nor cool, so I will guess itīs more for children!


A nice and cute movie with a special and funny story. This has itīs moments when movies are the best, but also some things which is typical for this genre. About a man who start to date a 14 years older woman, who seems to be his mothers client. And because his mother is a therapist, she will hear many things from her sons relationship... more than what is necessary. How long will she stand? This was a romantic movie which worked for me!

United 93
United 93(2006)

I think this movie was really exciting and it also made my feelings "flow". A reality movie about september 11th and the big disaster that day. But here we follow the forth aeroplane which didnīt hit any building. And of course I couldnīt see this movie without being touched. Mostly sad and angry feelings about how people could do such a thing. But it was intresting to see how the chaos may had been that day, in the flight buissness and in the army. The acting and the effects wasnīt any special here, the thing I will remember is the plot with the chaos and all the exciting moments. Cause that was great!

Who's Your Daddy

This movie just past the limit to be bad. It was ok to see but there wasnīt anything special at all with this movie. Just a common american high school movie where the jerk becomes the hero. The plot, acting and many things had a low level but althought I wanted to see to the end. And thats why this gets 2 stars!

You, Me and Dupree

Actually this has some very funny moments but this has also some very bad moments. The plot is ok and so was also the acting. It works like entertainment but is just a middle class movie in my opinion!


Actually this wasnīt so bad as I first expected. But of course itīs a movie mostly for girls in my opinion. A new creating idea with a mix of an animated fairy tale and the real world. It has some very funny moments but also some embarrasing and over exaggerated moments too. I think the story was a little bit qute, a typical classics of Disney with some piceses fetched from earlier Disney classics. Maybe too predictable and too girlish, but itīs entirely worth seeing once at least.

Chicken Run
Chicken Run(2000)

Chicken run is a movie which make you laugh. There is some very funny scenes and the age doesnīt matter. Some things I recognize from other movies and thatīs bad, but this has still many great comedy moments.

Finding Neverland

Finding neverland is a really emotional story and I have hard to see how to make this movie better. The acting is awesome and Johnny Depp really show his briliant talent here. He can play everything and make it great!! I like the connection between the fantasy of Peter Pan and the more serious reality here where Depp plays the writer James. Itīs a sad story but even charmy and filled with love. I recomaned it, even if you are a man!

The Santa Clause

This movie is at a childish level but even very funny! Sometimes itīs too magical for me but I really enjoyed this movie. Specially now in christmas times itīs a success! Itīs nice, charmy and it made me laugh several times and thatīs why I watch movies!

Body of Lies
Body of Lies(2008)

I think this movie was ok. But something is missing or may I say: I have seen all before in better movies. Reminds a little bit of the bourne but wasnīt as good as them. The acting is very good. Di Caprio who once was the girls favorite has now become a man for the boys. He really fits in action movies.... the story was also intresting but it feels like this movie is missing itīs heart. I wasnīt touched.

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

I think mamma mia was the best musical movie I ever had seen. Iīm very impressed over the connection between the classic songs of Abba and the story in this film. I think it was charmy and exciting all the time. I like exspecially the acting from the women here but the men was not bad, just ok. A very nice and funny movie, it made me glad!

Miami Vice
Miami Vice(2006)

Miami vice worked like entertainment but wasnīt one of the best movie Iīve seen. It was good but I think it was to common, the action, acting, the story.... I have seen it all before, there wasnīt anything new.

Transporter 2

This movie was very exciting and cool! Very nice cars and there was a lot of more things which was great! But unfortunately I didnīt like all things in the story and several times it was too over exaggerated. It was "impossible" action and I want to see movie more like the reality!

War of the Worlds

It happened things all the time and that made this movie a little bit exciting. Otherwise there wasnīt many good stuffs here. The plot (story) didnīt make any good impression to me. It was to unreal and just bad. And the end was a big disaster!! I never noticed how the mashines finally got down. And you never get the feeling that this affect the whole world. And the son survived! No, I wanīt more to remeber this movie!

V for Vendetta

I canīt do something else than put five stars on this movie!! The plot is briliant and so smart!! I was caught directly after the start and then it was so exciting. It has so many feelings, great acting, awesome action and much more. Iīm so impressed that I canīt find words. The movie was so clever!! And of course it makes me think about the future.... about the control society which slowly apears nowadays. Maybe this is the society we will face in the future, but I prefer watching it on movies and especielly in this movie which was outstanding!! I recomand this very strongly!!

50 First Dates

A very nice romantic movie! A bad beginning but than it was so fun. The plot is a kind of unique with Henry who falls in love with Lucy who has short-term memory. So every day is a new first date for them. The acting is ok but the animals is phenomenal!! Awesome to make a walrus wave and make other cool things! I enjoyed it and laughed a lot of times! Watch yourself!! Thats my advice!

World Trade Center

Real stories use the be the best to see. They are always emotional and so was this movie too. I donīt think everything was true but it was even intresting watching the horreble attack from this specific view in the middle of the chaos rather than outside of it. During that time we saw the outside of it in the news and thats enough. Unfortunately I knew whats gonna happend so the movie wasnīt any exciting, but like I said, very intresting it was. The plot and acting was ok. Itīs hard to make it better with this plot. Hope you will see it!


This movie was very predictable and the action wasnīt much to see. The plot and acting was at a low level so several times it just felt riddiculous. There wasnīt anything new or smart ideas here. Everything was very simple!!

A View to a Kill

A very exciting Bond movie. I also think this was one of the most evil bad guys James Bond ever had faced, very good acting from Christopher Walken. The story is like a usual 007 movie where it will happen things all the time. But maybe this is more cruel!!

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor(2001)

A great second world war movie. About Japans cruel attack on US marin base Pearl Harbor 1941. We follow two boys who love the same woman, but both of them have to leave her and take on a top secret task in the war. Fun and exciting with much feelings!

Rain Man
Rain Man(1988)

Such a wonderful movie. I have to say this was one of the best drama I ever had seen. The acting here is so profesional, Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise is perfect and work so good togheter. And especailly Dustin is terrific!! I place his performance in "Rain Man" as one of the most convincing and touching performances of all time!! But Tom Cruise is not far behind. Rain Man makes you feel, connect, and relate with its characters mainly because the acting is so good. The story is so qute and you canīt do something else than feel sorry for Tom Cruise character in the end! But the movie is even funny and itīs hard to not laugh at this whole situation you will see if you watch this movie. Itīs also very much love in it or itīs starts with selfishness but the love grows stronger the more the movie keeps going. This is a real classic!! You better might hurry to see this one!!!

A River Runs Through It

A very nice, beautiful, touching and also sad story. It almost made me cry. About two brothers who grows up in Montana. And we follow how their lives seperates in two directions. One of them (Brad Pitt) gets himself in trouble whereas Craig Sheffer becomes a proffesor and become successful. But one thing link them together, the fishing. In this movie there is a wonderful nature and excilent acting. Brad Pitt really show his big talents and why he is a moviestar. The story is also very good and well written and the movie never gets boring. I can heartly recomand this one!

The Hottie and the Nottie

The storyline and the thought with this movie is sweat, but unfortunately very predictable.The acting isnīt much either. All scenes with Paris is so overreacted. So beautiful sheīs not. But like I said, the movie had a good message! That beuty is on the inside and not the outside!

Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls

Almost as good as the first one. This movie has some perfect moments when you just laugh so much. Jim Carrey has his style and here you canīt do something else than like him. But honestly this storys about Ace Ventura are a little bit riddiculous! But sometimes itīs feels good to be childish and laugh at simple things.

Lost In Translation

Such a depressing movie. Not in my style at all. It had no point and wasnīt funny at all, just depressing. It felted like a waste of time. The only good here is the qute Scarlett. I think sheīs a good actress and the only light here. The movie overall, no I didnīt understand it!

I, Robot
I, Robot(2004)

This movie scares me a little bit. It was a great film with awesome special effects and acting. The entertainment was perfect! But this make me think about the furture and that robots soon will be at market. Like Spooner, I neither like robots in our human society. I think itīs a scary development. Well, Will is the perfect man for this character, he is a big star and make this movie so much better. The plot is unpredictable and exciting and the idea is unique. But my head is full of thoughts afterwards and I donīt like that. The perfect movie will also involve feelings and I missed that here. But the action is brilliant!


A really bad movie! There wasnīt much worth to see. The plot and especially the special effects was a real misstake. The crashes was so unreal that you just laughing at it! And of course you can predict how it all will end!! A very unprofessional movie with no kind of heart!

The Gospel
The Gospel(2005)

A movie with a great message about the gospel of God! I think the movie was very true and touching. Many of the folks today fights with the same problems as the main characters do here. The acting was pretty good and the plot too. About two friends which separates from God in two different ways. David runs away from church and Frank becomes an ego! And we follow their way back to the real love! No one is perfect and everyone needs God! That message is clear! See this one!!

The Prince & Me

I think this movie was very embarrasing and a kind of riddiculous. Specially in the start and the end. But in the middle it was a little bit charmy so this love story gets the grade good from me.

Into the Wild

Such a horrible movie but even so great!! Many feelings like love, freedom, grief, happyness, disappointment. I promise, you will feel them all. About a boy who escapes from his life and lives in the nature and on his journey he meets many nice people. This storyline is awesome and to be a drama itīs exciting all the time. I really felt with this boy and the end says it all: Happyness is real when itīs shared!! Please, see this movie!

Coyote Ugly
Coyote Ugly(2000)

I donīt think this movie was any special. But it was not bad, it worked like entertainment. I liked Adams charmy comments and Pipers qute face. But this partylife isnīt anything I use to remember. And I will not do that this time either.

Facing the Giants

I give the highest grade here because the movie is very touching with a great christian message! The quality of the acting and the story is low and predictable. But that doesnīt matter here, cause the strong message gives the movie a big heart. And you have to fight against your emotions... itīs real love here!


Surprisingly this was an awesome movie!! I didnīt thought you could do robots so real!! But this one beated my expectations. The action adventure was marvelous and the visual effects brilliant!! And now I find me a new favorite in the most beautiful girl genre!! Megan Fox.....what a girl!! Can it be better!? Yes.... the storyline... but its hard to do great science fictons! Iīm very satisfied with this one!!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

A very funny and charmy movie. This big greek family made me laugh several times. We humans can be really different and you will notice that here.

Seven Years in Tibet

I love the intro music to this movie!! The movie itself was very good too. Wonderful nature with the powerful mountains in the background. A touching story which tells about the cruel attack China did on the tibetians. You really feel for this people after watching this movie. Brad Pitt was brilliant in his character!


Will Smith is awesome! No matter what movies he does, he is so proffesional! This movie are funny and has some heartbreaking moments you canīt forget. He is the love doctor with the perfect phrases which can get every girls heart swallowed. But itīs danger to date the wrong girl! I heartly recomand this one!

Brokeback Mountain

Well, I have mixed feelings. I think homo things are disgusting and hate to see and hear such things. The film is also several times very slow and I felt bored. But still, there was something nice I canīt describe which made it a good film. That was the reason I watched to the end. Otherwise I canīt see guy films and used to change it or turn it off. But the acting here and the picture with amazing landscapes and culoures were great. So the final grade is ok, but I will not see it again.

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

A very qute story. I specially liked Jude and Cameroon which was so charmy and sweat. I felt a lillte bit of myself in there story. But this is not a movie I will remember. It doesnīt have many special or heartbreaking scenes. But althought good for this time!

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

I have to say this was one of Jim Carreys best movies. There were several scenes which was so funny. I laugh and enjoyed it very much. But Jim Carrey is special and all of his things isnīt appreciated.

If Only
If Only(2004)

I actually got surprised and thought this was really good. Not at all like Iīd expected before. The plot were unique and not predictable. Itīs so great when you donīt know whatīs gonna happend. About half the movie the plot turns in an unexpected way, and after that itīs quite exciting all the time! And the end is perfect, not like all the other movies in this genre! Iīm surprised and impressed!


A touching love story, like all the other romantic movies. The plot were actually unique and intresting, but some times too predictable. It felt like a perfect movie for girls. My sister enjoyed it very much.

Sweet Home Alabama

Too much like a girl movie for me. It wasnīt so exciting, a little bit slow. But some things were charmy. Just ok for me!

Astérix et Obélix contre César (Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar)

Well, If you have boring this is ok. But otherwise itīs not much to see. To riddiculous and childish for me. But some parts were funny, but the movie overall, njae....

The Incredibles

Very good animated movie with so many funny scenes. You will get a laugh! Pixar knows what the crowd wants! Recomands!

The Bourne Ultimatum

Here we have a perfect movie! It was exciting from the first beginning and all the way to the end. Thatīs unusual! Jason Bournes search for his identity goes on and you canīt do anything else than be impressed of this guy!! He works so smart and is superior in fighting! Many cool scenes and the plot is awesome! I recomand to see the two earlier bourne movies first...and do it quick! Cause you have to see this one!!

Casino Royale

Very good Bond movie. Not like the other ones and that makes this special. Here we follow him from the beginning when he learns from his misstakes. The plot was very good and exciting. There were also many cool action scenes and Eva Green is perfect to bring balance between action and love. Worth to see!


I think this movie was ok. Very low quality some times and a very odd case. But the plot is intresting and the end were more than I expected! Otherwise it wasīt much such entertainment.

Liar Liar
Liar Liar(1997)

No, I didnīt like Jim Carrey here. He was just too much with all his faces and stuffs. The film was unserious and actually not so funny it supposed to be. I wanīt more.....

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Hard to see it was narnia in the beginning but afterwards I felt this movie was awesome. A bit better than the first one. Some scenes reminds about Lord of the rings but some scenes actually were new for me. It was excellent.

Bridge to Terabithia

A great family movie, very hard to predict whatīs gonna happend. About a boy and a girl who find themselfs a dreamland, far away from all the evil friends and the ignoring parents. Funny and charmy plot with an unexpected end! This movie has a big heart, Iīm sure you gonna love it!

Shattered Glass

An intresting movie which was slow in the beginning but growed better the more it was keep going. Fun to see how a journalist life can be and the actors made it great!


Well, this was better the first time I saw it. It was some years ago and now Iīm more grown up. Thought it was too much nude, sex and party scenes. But some things is so funny! The Italian man and Miekes little brother will surely make you laugh!


Again, a very good pixar movie. I love animated movies and this one didnīt made me disapointed. A funny plot with a mouse who makes food with help from a clumsy boy. You will get some laugh, I promise!

The Longest Yard

Well, sport movies are always special. Cause you always know whoīs gonna win. It was a good movie but maybe too much riddiculous in the last game. I want to see something knew! Waterboy is a better movie in that case, the two of them is were alike. But in waterboy you will get a higher laugh cause itīs riddiculous in a funny way, not in an embarresing way.

Happy Feet
Happy Feet(2006)

A qute and good movie even for me. Here we follow a brave penguin on his journey to be accepted. Itīs a kind of charmy, sad and actually very intresting! Recomands for the small children but also for adults! The question about the climate is worth thinking on after watching it.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

A great end at the star wars series. Here is the jedi powers at a higher lewel and the plot is also great. Iīm impressed that they did this great film for so many years ago. That shows how big/great star wars is!!

The Butterfly Effect

This movie was a little bit scary. But also smart with a briliant plot. Somewhere in the movie I was lost and didnīt understand what was happening. But after have seen to the end I can say it was awesome. The time traveling and psycology was gathered in a great end! And my reaction was: wow!

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

A great movie! Much better than the forth and now I really long for the last movie. This was really exciting with a better plot and better action. And you canīt do something else than love the characters! Great acting, specally from Harrison Ford! Heīs awesome! Such a hunk he is! And Chewbacca is so qute, haha!

Bee Movie
Bee Movie(2007)

Not one of the best animated movies. Thought this one was ridiculous. Just funny for the small kids. Not like several other animated movies.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

A really great film! Great specail effects and very exciting. Unfortunately the plot is very dark and you just feel angry, irritated and disapointed afterwards.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

I love Star wars! Itīs superior in all kind of space movies. This is like a boys dream. To have super powers and to fight for freadom and be a hero. Can it be better? Great action and special effects, and the plot is also perfect with a great mix of feelings!

My Life as a Dog (Mitt Liv som Hund)

One of the best swedish movies. Itīs typical for the swedish society in the 50īs! A sweat and touching story about Ingmar who looses his mother and moves to his unkle where life is totaly different! Many funny and intresting things happend and Iīm sure you gonna like it!!

Cast Away
Cast Away(2000)

A great movie. Very sad but althought good. Tom Hanks is again awesome, one of the best actors ever. Here he shows the perfect feelings for this situation. You canīt do something else than feel sorry for him... and of course like him!

Dangerous Intentions

Oh, I hate stories like this. Violent men who beats their womens. A sad story which never seemed to end. But the acting is great here and you really feel sorry for this womanīs situation. I couldnīt stop watching cause I had to see the end. The movie is great but I give a lower grade for the terrible plot. Unfortanately this are reality, that make it worse.

In the Line of Fire

Actually this was great. It felt very long but was never boring. Great acting with much psycology involved. The plot isnīt bad either. So if you like detective movies you will like this! Almost 4 stars!

The Lost World - Jurassic Park

Great entertainment, but many things felt just strange so the excitement wasnīt relly high. The plot are intresting and the special effects good. But I miss something which make this film different from all others. It felt just like a film use to be.

Tomorrow Never Dies

Very good and entertaining. Very much action and not as surrealistic like the Bond movies use to be. Pierce Brosnan is here on his top and do his things great!

Stuck on You
Stuck on You(2003)

Well, I wasnīt in mood when I saw this move. Thought it was slow and sometimes boring. But there was many funny scenes too. Good like entertainment!


A film about the future? Some things were interesting and actually it was exciting, but i didnīt think it was so real. I great movie are supposed to be that. The more like reality, the better. But here they didnīt succeed. The acting and plot...ok!

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

I think it was nice to see, very entertaining! Disney always do such great comedies. This one was very good in a jerky way!


Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence in the same movie canīt fail. Funny movie with some excilent scenes.

Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story

Not so funny, this movie was just riddiculous and awkward. And you know whatīs gonna happend.

The Living Daylights

I think this is the best Bond movie Iīve seen until now. The story is much better and more realistic than earlier. And Dalton is really charmy, excilent in his character. But this was just my third Bond movie, I have some more to see than....

Girl With a Pearl Earring

The story wasnīt bad. But it was a little bit slow and not my stile. Scarlett is fantastic, she does her things great and itīs because of her I kept watching. She expressed a special feeling. It's amazing how Scarlett's character can say so much without actually saying much at all. Iīm impressed! The film overall....ok!


A lot of action and cool stunts. But like the other Bond movies I miss a message or maybe a feeling is a better word. I canīt love Bond but I canīt hate him either. This movie is great like entertainment but I want more. Eventually, Pierce Brosnan must be the best Bond ever!

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Surely the best of the three Indiana movies! I really liked this one! It was interesting all the time and Sean Connery makes the series much better! You surely will get a laugh too!

The Fugitive
The Fugitive(1993)

A little bit slow in some parts but never boring! Again Harrison Ford is the man! Great acting and together with a great story, itīs interesting all the time! You will love this film every time you see it! For me, it has almost been too many times!

U.S. Marshals

A bad copy of the Fugitive. But if you donīt compare the two and will just see this one, itīs pretty good. A lot of action! But two things disturbs me. What happend with the injures? If I remember correct Marshal was shot and Wesley Snipes broke his arm! But after a while they run like nothing ever had happend. Strange, aha!!


Oh, such a girlfilm!! But I have to admit it was a little bit qute.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Some things were ..haha.."very funny"! But the evil is too occult, you almost feel a warning in your heart which tells you, not to see this. And some scenes are just riddiculous. But Harrison is great and Indiana is Indiana. That gives the grade good!!

Bull Durham
Bull Durham(1988)

A bad begining, was so close to change channel. But afterwhile it growed better. Something between ok and good is the grade here.

Deep Blue Sea

Oh... and Iīm so afraid of sharks! Itīs not gonna be better after this. The movie was so exciting, nervous all the time. But some things was stupid and unreal!

Schindler's List

Sometimes itīs slow. But my opinion is that everyone have to see this! It shows us in a perfect way one part of the second world war. Itīs horrible to know this actually happend in real life.

The Lion King

All the years since I was a little boy and first saw the Lion king, I have loved it! A great story and if you also think, a great message!

Blood Diamond

This is why films are so great! Blood diamond is amazing, totally heartbreaking!Itīs horrible to see how the world can be in other countries. This movie has a strong story and an important message to the audience. I hope everyone will see it!!

The Sum of All Fears

Well, this one was good! It shows us how stupid the government can be. The idea is intresting, but I think you can do this movie much better.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Some things were strange, but otherwise this was a great and entertaining movie. Harrison Ford is the perfect Indiana Jones!

Jersey Girl
Jersey Girl(2004)

A sweat and touching story! I think this film was pretty good. The little charmy girl and Benīs perfect acting makeīs it worth seeing.


Reminds me a little bit of oceans eleven. Not that cool like the oceans movies are, but I think this one was more....from the heart! Itīs a great film!!

Midnight Cowboy

Oh, I just felt sad after watching this movie. It was really depressing. And Iīm not satisfied with the end either. But although there was some sort of love who made me keep watching.


Some things were great, but mostly this cat idea was riddiculous. Specailly the fighting part. I wonīt see it again but it was entertaining this time.

Police Academy 4 - Citizens on Patrol

It feels like the series getting badder every time. This one was a joke, bad story and just awkward!! But although I still like some of the characters.

Spiral Staircase

Really exciting and you have to think a lot to know who the killer is.

Bad Boys II
Bad Boys II(2003)

Cool and funny! A really good action movie!

Ocean's Eleven

A briliant robbery and good acting! The movie was good but althought something were missing!?

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment

Many things was just so fun! But itīs too unserious to get highest score!


Oh, this movie was soo exciting. I was really nervous in some parts of it. Almost perfect!

Christmas With the Kranks

A little bit funny, but otherwise it was such a movie you knew whats gonna happend before it did. Thats bad!

xXx: State of the Union

Very exciting in some ways, but otherwise it was a fantasy(dream) movie. To many unrealistic things made it unserious.

Fever Pitch
Fever Pitch(2005)

No, this was only ok! Drew was fatastic but although something were missing. It was too awkward!

Into the Blue

Really exciting and a great plot and it isnīt bad with beautiful womens either!

High School Musical

To childish for me. And the songs were just pathetics, it does not sound like their own voices!

High School Musical 2

Much better than the first one. The hole thing isnīt so bad here, not as riddiculous as I first thought!!

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

When Rohan attacks, itīs the best film clip ever. Awesome movie, maybe the end should be shorter but together these three movies are the best! Extended version recomands!

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The black riders makes it really exciting! A great begining of the best trilogy ever! The music,clothes, environment....all is perfect!

Mona Lisa Smile

I donīt think the movie gave something. Nothing special happend!

Independence Day

I like the end but otherwise it was to unreal. It wasnīt much exciting than.

What Women Want

Wow, a very funny movie. Entertaining and charmy!!

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

When this movie was new! Itīs one of the best movies ever! I love every part of this movie, but itīs dangerous to watch it too many times!

Saving Private Ryan

One of the best war movies I ever have seen. In this movie we can see one of the worst days for mankind in the history, in a realistic way!!

A Walk to Remember

I use to love action, but this movie really touched me. So much love and passion.

Chasing Liberty

Well, I like this movie, almost! The end was like it use to be in a romantic movie. Nothing new, but otherwise it was great and I liked Mandys charmy stile!

Sleeping with the Enemy

I think it was ok! Very exciting at the end!


I think this movie is very good because itīs age. But if you compare to the movies for today, nja!

The Pelican Brief

I didnīt get a wow feeling but it was exciting all the way to the end! Julia Roberts is also a great actress!

Big Momma's House 2

Areally fun movie with some new ways of humor!

Coach Carter
Coach Carter(2005)

A great movie with a great message! Itīs worth to see!

The Blue Lagoon

I wonder how many times I have been dreaming of being on an empty island with a beautiful girl! This fantastic movie made me remember my memories! But this movie was also so real, I donīt think anyone else should have done anything different in there situation.

Coming to America

Eddie Murphy is so cool! Here he does another great movie!

The Waterboy
The Waterboy(1998)

A really funny movie! I like Adam Sandler! But this one was.... maybe to childish!

New York Minute

Two quete ladies and some funny acts! This wasnīt so bad as I first thought it should be!


I really liked this movie! It caugh my interest from the beginning!

Phone Booth
Phone Booth(2003)

I think this movie was boring! Just stand with a telephone all the movie, no I wanīt more to be enjoyed!!

Murder by Numbers

Well, i donīt know what to say about this movie! It was ok!

13 Going on 30

A strange movie with a different plot, but I think it was ok!


A funny movie with an intressting plot!!

The Whole Ten Yards

Well, an ok movie with some funny acts. But not so exciting cause the evil side was a big joke.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

Well, i think girls likes this movie better than boys. The ending was too ridiculous.

Bad Boys
Bad Boys(1995)

Maybe this wasnīt the best acton movie, but Will and Martin are so funny and that makes the rating higher!

The Simpsons Movie

I donīt think this movie was any special. Many episodes of the series is much better.

The Assignment

A really good thriller! Itīs hard to forseen whatīs gonna happend next. And I like that!

Evan Almighty

This was really funny but sometimes it getting too much, you know, childish.

Fantastic Four

It was too ridiculous but some acts was really funny!!

Lethal Weapon 3

Not as good as.... for example Die hard! But it was entertaining.


All is about these tornados and very much are too unreal. Not a highscore here.

Foul Play
Foul Play(1978)

I think it was really exciting in some parts of the movie. But many times itīs relly simple too.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Amazing acting, Johnny Depp and Leonardo are outstanding!! The story is also great. But the movie is too sad and I just feel depressed when I sees it!!

Left Behind: The Movie

We can only speculate the worlds end. But here we get some intressting thoughts.

The Legend of Zorro

I feel upset, a bad continue to the first movie. Zorro isnīt himself with bad behavour. He isnīt the hero he used to be.

Rush Hour
Rush Hour(1998)

I think it was funny. But without Jackie Chan there havenīt been much of a movie. FBI was a joke for example.

Don't Talk to Strangers

I think this movie was exciting, but not one of the best Iīve seen.

Beautiful Joe

I think the story and the acting was really simple. Especially in the begining, but itīs giving us a good message.

The Passion of the Christ

You canīt see this movie without having feelings afterwards. I think there is power in the name of Jesus cause this movie always make me cry and make me wonder about how I spend my life.

Crocodile Dundee

Mr Dundee is really cool!!

National Security

You will get a laugh, I promise.

10 Things I Hate About You

One of the few collage movies which is awesome!!

Crocodile Dundee II

This movie was exacly as good as the first Crocodile movie.


I have to say that this story was awesome. A really good movie, almost perfect. I can recommend it!!

The Scorpion King

This movie caught my intressed from beginning to the end, an ok movie.

Notting Hill
Notting Hill(1999)

Wonderful movie. Perfect for a dreamer like me.

Tom & Thomas
Tom & Thomas(2002)

A funny story. Could actually happens in real life.

Kiss The Girls

A good movie. It works like entertainment if you havenīt anything to do.

Live Free or Die Hard

One of the best acion movies ever! I donīt have to say anymore.

Mystic Pizza
Mystic Pizza(1988)

A sweet movie. I really enjoyed it and I tell you this: Julia Roberts is awesome!


The best movie ever! So much feelings, exciting and awesome fighting scenes. Great music and acting! I recomend this one!!

She's the Man

A typical girl movie! Not in my taste.


Mycket bra film.

The Phantom of the Opera

Christine bär verkligen upp filmen med sin underbara röst och fina utseende! I övrigt sådär....

Beverly Hills Cop

Eddie Murphy är ju så sjukt rolig

American Pie
American Pie(1999)

Riktigt skön film för att tillhöra klassen amerikanska collage filmer. Den här sticker ut och frambringar många skratt.


Rolig handling och spännande manus. Tycker dock inte att filmen berör så värst.

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

Lite humoristisk, men ingen speciell handling.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Här händer det grejer hela tiden! Mycket bra film!

Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines

Trean var helt klart sämst av Terminator filmerna

Six Days, Seven Nights

Ganska härlig film med mycket sammankopplingar till det verkliga livet!

Shrek 2
Shrek 2(2004)

Inte lika bra som ettan, men den duger som ett par timmars underhållning.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Rolig ibland men i det stora hela riktigt långtråkig

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Mycket bra men känns inte så berörande!

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Känns gammal om man mäter med dagens teknik! Men bra iaf.

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

Älskar animerade filmer och den här gjorde mig inte besviken!!!

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman(1990)

Kan ses hur många gånger som helst!! En riktig klassiker!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Spännande och väldigt bra fram till slutet. Där den ballar ut med overkliga scener och tråkig handling.

There's Something About Mary

Många skratt och snyggaste tjejen. Men ingen film som sticker ut.

Austin Powers in Goldmember

Kul stundvis men är väl egentligen en stor töntfilm.

Meet the Fockers

Inte alls lika bra som ettan var!

White Chicks
White Chicks(2004)

Börjar oroligt och töntigt. Men växer hela tiden, grymt bra även om den kan vara lite genomskådlig ibland.


Tycker Rocky filmerna är lite sega. Är väl ingen boxningsfantast heller.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Vad ska man säga. Solkar femma, gillar fantasy och den här är mycket välgjord, händelserik och spännande. Rekommenderas!!


Bra film. Tuffa krigsscener.