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Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2 (2010)
7 years ago via Movies on Facebook

A decent action movie, but that's about it. Plot managed to be convulated without being satisfying, while the only truly satisfying action sequence was Black Widow's break-in to catch Whiplash. Passable, but not groundbreaking.

Juno (2007)
9 years ago via Movies on Facebook

A witty, quirky tale seen from the eyes of the individualistic wisecrack Juno. Not laugh out loud funny but has its chuckles and the touching story redeems it somewhat.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets
9 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Nonsensical and brainless. The characters make baseless and ridiculous inferences which somehow turn out to be unerringly correct all the time! The only upside to this show is the rather exciting car chase in the middle, but even that wasn't fantastic.

Michael Clayton
9 years ago via Movies on Facebook

A slow moving but thoughtful drama of disillusionment. Not incredibly exciting or engaging but features fantastic performances by all involved.

Children of Men
9 years ago via Movies on Facebook

A believable, dark dystopia sets the backdrop for this story of hope. Brilliantly acted and shot, sucks you right into the thick of the action, and unlike many other movies, you feel the pain of almost every death.