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The Thing
The Thing (2011)
5 years ago via Movies on Facebook

While they didn't explore any new territory with this updated prequel, I found the tension to be high, the special effects bang on, and the acting solid. One area I find they failed was musically. In John Carpenter's The Thing, the music was really low key and added to the atmosphere in that heartbeat tune. This one was a bit more symphonic and, while it didn't take away from the movie, it certainly didn't do anything to add to the fright. All in all a great flick and one to catch on the big screen if you're a fan of these genres.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes
5 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I hadn't much hope for this one but it surprised me very much. the CGI wasn't distracting at all and, in fact, quite impressive in some scenes. I really liked the story development and how it didn't just jump into everything. Found myself cheering for the apes in the end. Go watch it now!