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Ben-Hur (2016)
5 months ago via Movies on iPad

This was enjoyable, it's obviously not on the epic scale of the famous Charlton Heston version, but for a new audience it does a good job. Jack Huston was great in the title role and I was with him all the way. Props to Toby Kebbell as Messala, you know an actor has done a good job when shortly into it you want nothing more than to give him a good slapping, which lasted throughout! Morgan Freeman brought some subtle gravity to the film and he reminded me of Oliver Reeds Proximo in Gladiator. I also loved the very understated performance by Rodrigo Santoro as Jesus. The Chariot scenes were good and satisfying. All in all, it was a good film.

Inferno (2016)
5 months ago via Movies on iPad

I'm happily biased because firstly Tom Hanks is still my favourite actor and secondly because I love him as this character. I will happily overlook any historical discrepancy in these movies because I simply love this sort of film. Whilst this didn't surpass my love for Angels and Demons it's still a hell of a ride, pun intended!! I don't know much about Dante so it was interesting and very fast paced, definitely worthy of a second viewing to take it all in! I love a good twist and this movie did not disappoint in that respect and the ending was very tense, just as it should be! Someone give Robert Langdon a seat for 5 minutes, he totally needs a hug and it was lovely to finally see a female character who felt that way too; oh and the best part?! Mickey Mouse, back in safe hands!! Bring on the next one Ron Howard, I have total faith in you!!!

Zoom (2006)
3 years ago via Flixster

This is a lighthearted and fun superhero movie.

The Hunt (Jagten)
3 years ago via Flixster

A powerful and compelling movie, The Hunt takes us into the life of school teacher Lucas portrayed by Mads Mikklesen.
Lucas is a very likable character who is a good friend and neighbour in his small community and Mikklesen wonderfully portrays the type of person you would want looking after your children as he has genuine care and affection for them; but through a misunderstanding one of his young students accuses him of sexual abuse and things spiral out of control.
The incredibly delicate subject matter is handled with great care and I was torn between feeling utter sympathy for Lucas but also understanding the communities abhorrence at the notion of child abuse and this remarkable film lets us as audience members see just how quickly a life can be torn apart by words and a complete lack of evidence.
With wonderful performances by all involved, whilst the subject matter may be uncomfortable this is a piece of cinema that will linger in the mind long after the credits role.

From Russia With Love
3 years ago via Flixster

Sean Connery's second outing as James Bond is very enjoyable especially as he gets to grips with Bond's suave nature.
I love the flirtation he has with Miss Moneypenny even when he's in the company of another female!
This time he's the one who seems to fall as he meets beautiful Tatiana Romanova seductively played by Daniela Bianchi.
The villain of this film is even more mysterious than the former Dr. No; known only as 'Number 1' and with a gorgeous cat in his lap he is out for blood and will not except failure. His henchmen/women are ruthless; in particular Rosa Klebb played by Lotte Lenya, who brings an almost uncomfortable flirtatious quality to her character as she briefs Romanova on her mission and her reappearance later on is also brilliantly devious.
Much of the movie takes place on the Orient Express and Bond's encounter with Red Grant played by Robert Shaw is an effective action sequence that will become a trademark of the series. I'm also a big fan of the many cleverly concealed 'gadgets' that continue to make James Bond a spy you don't take for granted!