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Arrival (2016)
11 days ago via Movies on iPhone

A supremely intelligent and satisfying sci fi drama that reminded me of Contact, Interstellar and the Star Trek TNG episode Darmok (in which it is discovered that an alien race use allegory and metaphor as language). In this film, Amy Adams plays a linguist tasked to decipher an alien race's intention on Earth. Another superb film from Denis Villeneuve.

Manchester by the Sea
12 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Expertly paced, wonderfully structured film that is remarkably uncluttered but also gripping and above all incredibly moving. Case Affleck gives his best performance to date carrying an unburden-able grief and Michelle Williams broke my heart in two with the line "We can't have lunch?"

Certain Women
Certain Women (2016)
12 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Beautifully textured, understated but powerful in almost magical way. The photography is stunning, the tiny details in the minutiae of every day life are perfect, the performances are luminous. It will stay with you.

The Noonday Witch
13 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Beautiful to look and a great child actress performance aside, the Noonday Witch seems to strive for mythic but never quite gets there, and it's rarely as scary as it needs to be.

Frantz (2016)
13 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Unusually plotted and beautifully acted period piece with stunning black and white photography (and small, wonderful moments in colour). There's a lot of great subtext and subtle parallels in the shifting story, and it has one of the most perfect endings I've seen all year.