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The Lady Vanishes

The Lady Vanishes(1938)

The Lady Vanishes remains arguably one of Alfred Hitchcock's best film. With an incredibly talented cast, a pleasant mix of humour and suspense, as well as a very satisfying ending, this film shows the director at his absolute best (before coming to America and making his more popular films). Some critics and audiences have claimed the first act is too long, but there's a certain charm to the way the story takes its time setting up the characters, particularly the relationship between Iris and Gilbert.
Hitchcock's brilliance is best displayed in movies with few locations - Psycho, Rear Window, Rope. The train setting in The Lady Vanishes ensures that the characters are limited and that any one of them could be the culprit behind the kidnapping of Miss Froy. There are incredibly well executed scenes of suspense, such as the multiple shots of Miss Froy's name written on the window sill. And it is all presented with a light-hearted touch that never forgets to keep the audience laughing as much as gripping the edge of their seats. This is a must-see for Hitchcock fans!