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Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim(2013)

Being the only $200 million budgeted film this summer to feature no stars and a horrible trailer marketing it as a "Transformers vs Godzilla" knockoff, Pacific Rim has a long uphill battle ahead of it. Hopefully, word of mouth will get around to sell the damn thing, because it's a pretty decent blockbuster. Like most of this year's summer movies, Pacific Rim is heavy on special effects and light on story. But what makes the movie worthwhile is director Guillermo del Toro. The man behind the brilliant masterpiece Pan's Labyrinth, del Toro's focus is on developing a truly unique and believable world, while telling a story we actually care about.
Perhaps the coolest thing about the film is that the robots can only be programmed by two people through the process of mind-melding, which literally connects two people through their minds, memories, and thoughts. In other words, finding the right co-pilot requires mutual trust, respect, and friendship. This dramatic stuff is what Del Toro excels at, and while the script glosses over a lot of potential character development that could have been explored in greater detail in relation to this concept, he knows how to get his actors to communicate feelings with subtlety. The robot designs look great and their slow movements mimic a sense of realism in relation to their size. Some of the monsters look a little goofy, suggesting that this material may have been better served in the anime format, but Pacific Rim kick starts a potential franchise about as good as Man of Steel and Avatar respectively did. Only time will tell if the masses agree.