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Before Midnight

Before Midnight(2013)

Before Midnight is a masterpiece. Plain and simple. It's the best film of this or any recent year, and it's also undoubtedly one of the most perceptive and insightful portrayals of middle age anxieties that I have seen in a very long time.
Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy reprise their roles as Jessie and Celine respectively. The budding romance of these two characters in Before Sunrise was a wonderfully unique tribute to young love. Nine years later, their brief real time conversation in Before Sunset reflected their fears and insecurities as they matured into adulthood. Now, in Before Midnight, with a family (or families) of their own, Jessie and Celine are still unsure about each other or about their aspirations for life.
Before Midnight is by far the funniest of the three films, but it is also the least optimistic. As the decades have passed, Jessie and Celine have grown older, but they are not that different from the twenty year old versions of themselves who met on that train in Vienna. Nevertheless, this is a beautifully written, directed, and acted stroke of film brilliance that adds that much more depth to this wonderful franchise.