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It (2017)
7 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The best part about this movie is the acting. I'm not sure if it needs to be as long as it is, but the acting and direction made it up. It still has some of that stephen king's cheesiness but done in a stylistic way. I mean it's Stephen King. Everything is predictable and expected of. It wasn't explained why he targeted this random group of kids, with the fat new kid being new and weren't part of the "losers" randomly chosen. Like wat? Why them?

Great performance by the kid actors. I'm indifferent about the pennywise character since he just does the curling creepy smile most of the time he was on screen. I get that it's harder to act with body language, but it just wasn't as spectacular as I expected it to be according to reviews.

The amount of gore and humor is sprinkled like confection sugar on top so it's not so bloody cheesy. Overall, it was an enjoyable show albeit a little too long (understandable since it's condensed from a tv mini-series).

I Am Not Madame Bovary
7 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Stylistic approach to a wonderful literary piece. I'm never a fan of Fan Bing Bing's acting and you don't see it much on here cos the camera is always faraway. Wise choice. The ending was actually quite satisfactory. I still don't particularly like the character cos she reminds me of a few people I know growing up who just doesn't give up after proven wrong and holds grudge forever. This is not exactly a movie you'd enjoy after a long work day.

Moana (2016)
8 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I never thought I would actually fall in love with an animated Disney movie that's like a princess type. BUT she's not a princess, she's a chief. And she has muscles. And she can climb palm trees and rocks! Best of all, there's no love story!! Like seriously, if women can reproduce asexually, I'd take that option.