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Justice League: Doom

Justice League: Doom(2012)

Good stuff. Great animation and solid story telling. Matched by an incredible cast, both characters and voice actors. The JL meets their match in the Legion of Doom. Led by Vandal Savage, a myriad of DC's B-list super villians manage to bring down the JL, thanks in part by stolen contingency plans from Batmans personal files on all the JL's members, including personality and psyche profiles to powers and weakness's. But just as the best heroes do, they manage to outwit and thwart the villians plans and save the earth from a solar flare that could destroy 2/3's of the earth. By the end, Cyborg is a full fledged member and everyone feels like they can't trust Batman, prompting Batman to facepalm and give everyone the finger and quit. Awesome.