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SFX were awesome, directing was decent, adapting the book to screen was poor (other than a few changes) and music was decent. Acting was pretty good I suppose, but soo much was left out, skipped, or drastically changed. I've been waiting for this movie for a year, and I must say--I am disappointed. To be honest, 3 1/2 stars is generous, but I didn't want to give it any less because I still enjoyed seeing the book come to life.

The Wizard of Oz

Ok, I grew up in the same town she was born in and I am sooo sick of Judy Garland...I'll admit this is a good movie--but spend a few years living in the town she grew up with and being around people who idolize the actress who puts them on the map will drive you crazy, too.

The Last Unicorn

This movie is absolutely amazing. I watched it over and over again as a kid. The music is brilliant and the story is captivating. One of the best animated films of all time.

Super Mario Bros.

OMG what a horrible movie. Somehow, the ending was left open as if there would be a sequal. How is it even related to our beloved Mario Bros.?

Batman & Robin

I have never, ever watched this movie since I saw it in theaters. I cannot believe how incredibly lame this movie was. It's like this movie was planned to bomb. Remember the scene where Batman and Robin are underwater (and why are they getting their A**es handed to them anyways?) and Robin surfaces and the film is played backwards as he is dragged under again? Or the unbelieveably pathetic puns from Mr. Freeze? And who could forget the inexplicable ice skates within their boots?
'Nuf said.

Agent Cody Banks

I thought this was an interesting movie even though it was for younger audiences...


This was fun. But it wasn't so great...SFX were below average even then

X-Men: The Last Stand

A fantastic movie with a brilliant musical score. But there were too many things I didn't like to give it a perfect 5. Rouge, Angel and X-men who weren't even in the movie didn't have enough screentime...and people who shouldn't have bit the big one. Otherwise, a majorly aweseome movie.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

It's too bad what could have been the greatest comedy ever had such a pathetic ending.


Very awesome movie. I love movies about alternate realities and potential futures. The way it was set in the future with old-fashioned themes was completely cool.

The Hot Chick

Funny, but not all that special. I liked Adam Sandler's scenes a lot. hehe...Drummin.

But yeah...overall a decent movie.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie

MST3000 the movie is totally hilarious. If you like the series, this movie is for you. If you're not rolling with laughter, I'll be surprised.

A Knight's Tale

Ok, the actual movie is alright...Heath Ledger does a good job...but I have such a hard time getting over the Queen soundtrack for a Medieval movie...


The original 13-going on 30. A fun movie.

Don Juan DeMarco

Oh what a great beginning this movie has! Johhny Depp is a brilliant actor, and if your a fan, you should see this movie.


One of the greatest movies of my childhood.

Batman Begins

Before this movie, I thought Batman movies were gone forever thanks to the atrocious Batman & Robin. A very, very awesome movie. The musical score was cool and the special fx were great. My only problem was the silly Bat tank. Seriously...why, man?!?


Tobey Maguire was perfect for the role of Bud. I thought this was an excellent movie. Totally awesome. Do you get the picture? See this movie.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Secret of the Ooze

I'm a huge turtles fan!!!! I loved this one more than the first one.

Matchstick Men

Nicholas Cage is fantastic in this movie. I was very into his performance. This movie is surprising.

The Neverending Story

Classic. I love this movie so much!

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Well, it's South Park. I think South Park is pretty disturbing most of the time, but this has a lot of funny stuff.
"****ing Windows 98! Get Bill Gates in here"
besides, Conan dies! I just have to skip the Terrance and Phillip movie scene. *shudders* I can't handle the f-word that many times in a row. If you love South Park, you've already seen this movie.


Oooh, this was one *Hell* of a good movie. Ok, I'll can the bad puns.

Seriously, this was exciting. The special effects were killer, and the plot was cool. Besides, we got to see Neo again! Who doesn't like Keanu Reeves?

Good Will Hunting

You know something? This movie surprised me. I expected blah and it was actually really interesting. You might agree...

Dr. Dolittle
Dr. Dolittle(1998)

Eddie Murphy:...funny.
Dr. Dolittle: not too bad.

Meh, might be worth a rent.

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

I liked this movie. It was one of the extremely rare Disney sequals that I think actually turn out ok

Space Jam
Space Jam(1996)

Although this is actually a pretty lame movie, I liked it a lot. I'm still a kid I guess, and my favorite cartoon characters w/ Michael Jordan made for a fun movie. So sue me....

Bad Boys
Bad Boys(1995)

I like Martin Lawrence and Will Smith...this is a good pair and a good movie. I think you'd like it.

The Mask
The Mask(1994)

Oh this is one awesome Jim Carrey movie. It's too bad it had a sequal...what a terrible thing to do to a great movie.

13 Going on 30

Fun...nothing special though. Just remember to never lose your inner child and you'll be fine :)

Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls

Jim Carrey is awesome and you know it. This is such a good movie.

The Sixth Sense

M. Night Shaylaman's best movie hand's down. Very, very good directing and an excellent suspenseful plot. Just don't let anyone spoil the ending for you!

The Lion King

Disney's masterpiece. That's all that needs to be said. Period.

Napoleon Dynamite

This falls into the so bad it's good category. I don't if anyone expected this to be successful, but it's worth seeing if you want to see something ridiculous...

Scary Movie 3

The only Scary Movie I've seen so far, and I don't know why! So hilarious XD

The Da Vinci Code

This was a weel-done version of the novel. Only a few things were changed, and I'm ok with them. I'd recommend this to anyone willing to watch with an open mind, but especially to anyone who's interested in a good mystery (since I'm sure this isn't at all true)

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Well, there were a lot of good things about this movie, but there were a lot of not-so-good things too. Overall it was pretty funny most of the time...

Sister Act
Sister Act(1992)

How did this get a sequal? 0_o

Lilo & Stitch

Surprisingly, Disney created a good movie. On their own no children's stories to steal from this time. Very fun.

Shark Tale
Shark Tale(2004)

there were lots of celebs in here!
ok, it sucked. -_-


Well, obviously this isn't accurate...but it was enjoyable. Just remember that Hollywood isn't in the business of telling the truth....

The Little Mermaid

One of the best Disney movies. Just do yourself a favor--don't watch the sequal....

Mission: Impossible

What a thrill. This movie is one of the most exciting movies I've seen. There's a reason it's had two successful sequals....

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

Strange because I love Monty Python, but I hated this movie. Though the short was pretty funny. Watch Holy Grail or "And now for something completely different". I haven't seen the life of Brian yet.

My Side of the Mountain

I loved the book. It was a landmark in my childhood. But why is there a movie? And why was it so terribly done? Too many changes were made, and so much of the book's quality died with it.

National Treasure

Somewhat fun ant interesting...but it was so completely unrealistic to follow the clues that could not have been there two centuries later...

Treasure Planet

Trash. Yes it was a creative retelling of Treasure Island, but it was poorly done. I could read everything like a book--I knew what would happen two scenes ahead, and not because I read the book because if I even did read it, was so long ago I can't remember. Conclusion: Just like all other animated movies, only more pathetic and even less original. I'm not impressed.

Planet of the Apes

Why bother with the remake?