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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

A happy ending after all the bloody battles in The Two Towers.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Ah~. I could still remember the fateful melting Skywalker scene...

Shrek 2
Shrek 2(2004)

We all love warped fairy tales, ain't it?

50 First Dates

The ending was satisfying. Drew's character still has the short-term memory & CAN still live happily ever after.

X2: X-Men United

Score for Lady DeathStrike!

The Mummy Returns

The male & female leads get together and now have a son who is kidnapped by the same revived Priest in the last movie. It is more or less the same action-packed formula relying on exotic Egyptian background. But interesting nonetheless.

Johnny English Reborn

I was kinda expecting more from the legendary Rowan Atkinson, frankly. The gags fall flat after a while with stereotypes so typical it is wearisome. The straight black guy, the hottie female nerd, the seemingly perfect charmer who's actually a traitor.

Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no haka)

I last saw this movie years ago & can only remember bits and pieces of it now. But what I can recall was how heart-wrenching it was towards the tragic ending....Hence I wanna watch it again!


I was a kid at that time and it had one of the more touching moments.


The scene I was most affected by didn't have any dialodge in it. It was the opening sequence where the love story of the protagonist and his wife begins and how it ends with their dreams unfulfilled.

School of Rock

A bunch of kids with hidden musical talent. Their coming-out rock style was cool, but the flim could have had more depth.

Kuchisake-onna (A Slit-Mouthed Woman) (Carved)

It was more of the actual legend itself which was scary. Besides that, the movie was a little gory, a little creepy, but nothing remarkable.

It was the image of the Kuchisake-Onna's wide open grin which was haunting.

Repo! The Genetic Opera

It sounds like the nest Rocky Horror Picture Show. Kinda campy, kinda funny & an all round cult classic.

I loved it. There wasn't much cheese about it. While singing in the midst of so much gore and sexual dyfunction might sound hard to take, it actually fuses pretty well.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

Awesome. Wolverine's mysterious origins are finally out.

But there were plenty of plot holes in between. While some of the mystery was cleared, more doubts sprang in their place.
However, being a movie and all, it'll be hard to incorporate the whole intricate web of past that covers Wolverine in the comic world.

Resident Evil

Cool chick kicking lotsa scary zombie ass.


The whole vampire culture has been eroticized here. Apparently they have continuous feeding orgies nightly. Still, the whole expeimenting and hybrid thing is kinda interesting. And shoot-ups. Vampires VS Werewolves war.

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

Think of all the gore..>:). The sadist in me is getting excited.


The Ring
The Ring(2002)

I bet the Japanese version is way better, whether it is the scare factor or the acting. But I'll have to watch in order to compare fairly.

It's good on visuals but poor on scares.

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

It's crackatastic, from what I heard.

But in the end, it's kinda slapstick.

Alice in Wonderland

Wonderland here was absolutely spell-binding. Johnny Depp made the Mad Hatter his own, probably the only menacingly cool Mad Hatter there ever was without losing any of his unhinged touch.

Good ending too. It was great to see Alice empowered again.

Clash of the Titans

Cool effects, but they made plenty of changes to the original legend which sorta put me off.

The Karate Kid

The kungfu scenes were cool as Jackie Chan features go. But where Jackie Chan fights with six kids, granted they're six kung fu experts kids, is still just plain wrong. Kids VS THE legendary JACKIE CHAN?

Shark Tale
Shark Tale(2004)

It's pretty cute, I guess. And just about the only undersea movie with smart-talkin' fishes in it. But it didn't really leave much of an impression though.

Brave Story
Brave Story(2006)

Brave Story is one of the best animated movies I've ever seen. Gonzo meshed together 2D & 3D animation brilliantly. The storyline is simple enough - Boy Goes Off to Change His Destiny & Learns Many Lessons In The Process.

But it flows along smoothly, although I find some parts rather rushed. Like most Animes, there isn't a real antagonist you could truly hate because everyone has a justified reason for what they do. This movie is about growing up and making sacrifices when you have to.

I felt like crying when the antagonist died but found his own heaven in the process.

The ending was left hanging even though it's technically a "Happily Ever After". I want a sequel!

Toy Story
Toy Story(1995)

Fulfiling every child's dream of toys coming alive.

Stuart Little

It's adorably heart-warming and rather intriguing, especially when you see the world from Stuart's Little Mouse view.

The Frighteners

It may not seem very original and all...But the idea of being about to know about someone's impending death and TRY to prevent it is actually pretty riveting to watch.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life

Much better than the first one. I really liked the scene where she went sliding down this rope upsidedown a cliff while shooting off henchmen.

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

I guess the action sequences are good here. But I'd much rather prefer other action movies.

Underworld: Evolution

Lots of Bloody Gore! From the beginning to the end. A great visual spectacle actually. But that's all. The so-called love between Selence & Michael surfaced as sexual tension most of the time and only once when Michael "Died" & she grieved in a sudden outburst of emotions.
Maybe she was supposed to be like that , as a 600 year old vampire with a hardened heart. But still...

Doctor Dolittle

Lolz. Talking animals and the troubles of trying to communicate with both worlds while not appearing mad. Tis amazing how much of a sense of humor the animals have.

The Aristocats

Umm, What do I say of a Disney Classic? Well...It's interesting. Abandoned kitties trying to find their way home after being dumped by a greedy butler after their mistress's inheritance. Then they meet Thomas, the alley cat who helps them get back. And I don't really have to go on after that since it's pretty much predictable.

But I really enjoyed it as a child though. Since I like cats, and having the usually dirty, mangy stray cats portrayed as gallant saviours is simply the icing on the cake.


I don't think this refers to a movie, it's more of an Anime series. Anyway, the story's based on the real-life Shinsengumi of the Meiji Restoration. Thumbs up for historical accuracy and portrayal of the pain and suffering of the turbulent period. And a hell lot of realistic (well...SOMEWHAT realistic) swordfighting. What I really liked about the show was the maturing or rather, the loss of innocence shown as the story progresses.


The plot's predictable, the storyline cheesy. Girl & Guy meet. Throw in a few obstacles (a la persistant love rivals, evil stepmother, bumbling servant). In the end, they live happily ever after.
Bah humbug.
But the songs redeem it from Doomsville. Despite the corniness and cringe factor of some of the tracks ("True Love's First Kiss"), they're all rather pleasant to the ears. Though to be honest, I prefer the melodies of Disney's Classics to this. But still, this is a refreshing movie for those who don't see enough happy endings.

Anna and the King

The first time I watched this, I was eight and fell asleep. The subsequent times, I rather liked the show with its melodrama and so on....And what the hell?! Tom Felton was in this? As Anna's son? I didn't know!

The Mummy
The Mummy(1999)

It's always fun to see the whole "Curse of The Mummy" play itself out. This time, with a rather beefy revived Priest struggling to bring back his lost love (already reincarnated). Plenty of action and gory traps (scab beetles which strip flesh away from the living~!) to look out for.

Dudley Do-Right

CRACK. It's pure crack. With the psedo-sixties narration going on and the ridiculous villian with the sneer...

George of the Jungle

It's a pretty whacked-out Tarzan movie. This time, the jungle man goes to the city to live with his "Jane". With side-splitting disasterous effects of course.

Night at the Museum

Remember those Enid Blyton stories about toys which come alive at night and is forced by the light of day to remain motionless? Well, this is a bigger, better version. There were historical references (President Teddy) & mentions of literature (the minature Liliputants). I suppose it IS educational in a way, but really, it's all good ole fun. The ending was refreshing for once. The young son was let into the secret and the nouctural activities of the museum exhibits lived on.

Nanny McPhee
Nanny McPhee(2006)

So-so story. McPhee herself reminds me distinctly of my Physics teacher *shudders*, but is way more sinister (She nearly made Chrissi drop Baby Aggy into a pot of boiling soup simply to force the kids into submission). I can't say I dislike her style though. >:-)

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins(1964)

Despite its length, I rather enjoyed Mary Poppins. Several times in fact. This is one of the classics which will never be forgotten.


Great songs, great scenes. Good storyline (Charles Dickens after all...) and eye candy lead actor (Mark Lester).
Tis a pity for the ending though it leaves much to the imagination.

Sky High
Sky High(2005)

The plot was overall, rather standard for superhero tales. But all the little hints of the variety of powers in the show kept it interesting enough.


Hairspray got me really into 60s music. Although there weren't much dialodge (mostly songs and music). the movie is fun to the point that I didn't care for the rushed through story and all. I haven't seen the musical (2002) yet, but that'll definately better than this. But heck, four stars for livin' it up!


Blade is like this walking, talking robot; no emotions whatsoever. But at least the action and plot was good.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

...The only capitivating scenes were mostly those with little words and much action. (e.g. the web-slinging across New York from Spidey's point of view. The entire storyline is just...Blah. Everything was much too summarised for my liking.


It's cute, the way the zoo animals dealt with their stranded-in-the-wild situation. But my fave was still the partying lemurs. And the "I Like To Move It!" song was stuck in my head for a long time.

Happy Feet
Happy Feet(2006)

It stands out from the other animal movies. I mean, penguins are the last creatures I'll associate with song & dance. Someone did a brilliant job on this one.

The Phantom of the Opera

The part when the Phantom traps Christine's lover boy was somewhat silly. But perhaps it was fitting for that particular time era where women aren't taking much initialtive.

Calamity Jane

It's a good movie, with jolly jig songs and all. But things move too quickly when showing the romantic development of Calamity & Bill.


Liza Minnelli was awesome in this movie. Along with the creepy Master of ceromonies. But I didn't particulary like the ending. Too ambiguous.

Spirited Away

It's a fantasy beyond one's imagination with a hint of innocent young love. It's been a long time I felt so much at peace after watching a movie.

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

Can you say, uber-cool sci-fi?


The only movie so far which kept making me want to cry everytime I watch.