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Cath's Review of Skyfall

4 years ago via Movies on iPhone


Terrific to have a decent Bond back after the dull and muddled Quantum of Solace. Top class director Sam Mendes wisely focuses on character, and specifically Judi Dench's M, and Javier Bardem as pretty scary villain Silva. Unlike some previous Bond films where the motivation for excess huge action pieces is unclear, Skyfall's plot is much more simple - Silva wants to bring down M. The interactions between Bardem, Dench and Daniel Craig are at the core of the film.
However, it's a Bond film, so there is plenty of action too and some dazzling visuals. The obligatory Bond girl is relegated to just a few minutes, and the actress is pretty outgunned by the high class cast - see also Ben Wishaw, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, etc. indeed, you have to wonder if Bong girl totty was a studio requirement which Mendes and his team wanted to get out the way as soon as possible!
Entertaining, thrilling, heart-breaking, this is the best Bond in ages! Oscar nominations for Bardem, Dench, cinematographer Roger Deakins and for Adele's fab theme song please!