CathOG's Rating of Oblivion

Cath's Review of Oblivion

4 years ago via Flixster


Great looking sci fi thriller than actually has some ambition narratively, even if the ideas are very derivative. Yes, it's Tom. Cruise as WALL-E, there's a dash of Planet of the Apes, The Matrix, and a heap of Moon (which is an enormous spoiler if you've seen it! Sorry!)
The set up is good, Andrea Riseborough as Cruise's partner Vika is nicely brittle and the relationship just on the edge of not quite right. Melissa Leo as their controller, only seen on video-link unsettles and chills too. Unfortunately, there is a bit too much of Tom Cruise shooting robots or flying around in his helicopter that are just boring, but I guess they needed the action to sell it to the masses!
Morgan Freeman pops up as the leader of the rebels, but his gravitas is wasted in yet more robot shooting. The action really is especially dull in this film! However, the film looks great, Cruise is ok, Riseborough and Leo are good and there is enough here to keep you entertained. Just no more shooting robot films please..!