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Cath's Review of Hitchcock

4 years ago via Flixster


After the hatchet job on old Hitch in the BBC film, The Girl recently, this is a relatively cuddly depiction of one of the greatest directors of all time. The film deals with the relationship between Antony Hopkins Hitch, and his wife Alma played by Helen Mirren as they develop and make the classic Psycho.
To be honest, the dynamic of their marriage isn't that gripping. Mirren is incapable of playing anything but charismatic. Was the goal to bring the often depicted as mousy Alma to the fore? We see her writing the scripts, casting, coming up with the idea of killing off Janet Leigh in the first 30mins of the movie. Later we see her take over directing duties, editing the movie and even suggesting the classic Bernard Herrman shrieking violin score over THAT shower scene. I'm not sure how accurate all that is, but alongside Hopkins distracting prosthetics and mannered Hitchcock impersonation she seems very likeable and natural. Speaking of Hopkins, I'm wondering it it is possible for anyone to play Hitchcock as anything but a caricature. Toby Jones didn't fare a lot better with a much less likeable, almost psychotic Hitch in Tlhe Girl. The actor is stymied by how familiar we are with the Hitlch public persona.
Anyway, a rather lightweight story, competently told, but I'm not sure I believe either of the recent Hitchcock biopics. Maybe we're all better off just watching Hitchcock's films!