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Alien: Covenant
2 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Well. I went for Michael Fassbender, and in that it did not fail me.

American Honey
4 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Star is watching life from the sidelines when we first meet her, the audience forced to be helpless as we watch her try to salvage a thawed-but still wrapped!-chicken from a dumpster; but she is not alone. Star has two children in tow, but she is not their parent, she is merely the only one willing to give them the attention she (and all humans) crave. She isn't happy in her life, that much was clear immediately, but she's making it work. There's strength that not many possess within the nearly silent Star. I actually felt myself wanting to yell "don't do it!" When she found her interest piqued by the rambunctious group of people all close to or around her age. The first time she lays eyes on the group dancing, we know she is doing something she hasn't done before but she musters that courage and she finds herself boarding a van and experiencing more in the short time following than she has ever experienced in her 18 years.