ZaneUmsted's Rating of Argo

Zane's Review of Argo

4 years ago via Flixster


Whenever I hear that a film is a "political thriller," I'm instantly turned off a little bit. Generally more political than thrilling, most films in the genre do very little to initiate the viewer into the political issue that serves as a backdrop, whether real or fictional. Without the requisite knowledge, I tend to get frustrated when I can tell by chase scenes and frantic music that shit just got real, but I have no idea what the political stakes are. Argo knocked it out of the park from the get-go with a nifty little storyboard introduction to the Iran hostage crisis that gave me a better understanding of the Iranian Revolution than did the entirety of the film Persepolis. With the political stakes properly explained within the first five minutes, Argo becomes cinematic stimulant. Ben Affleck the director was so effective that Ben Affleck the actor's sleepy-eyed calmness couldn't chill me out. And good grief that airport finale was some of the most thrilling cinema I've ever seen.

PS-Bryan Cranston should've been nominated for Supporting Actor over Alan Arkin.