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The Incredible Hulk

This movie was not predicable and Edward Norton did a great job as bruce banner

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

I watch this film good acton but choppy story line to many holes.


The laugh were few and far between....of course I missed the first 5 minutes.......rating could change later

Hannibal Rising

This gives you insight into silence of the lambs Just remember he is a killer and the ending came late. look for bathroom scene which should have ended there

The Dukes of Hazzard

This is a fun movie (Simpson is no Catherin Bach) If they would have used more of the original cast it would have been better.

Wild Wild West

A movie well worth seeing(will smith does a good job) get the popcorn and enjoy.

Perfect Stranger

this was great you will never guess the twist. very enjoyable movie

Deck the Halls

Could not get thru it

George and the Dragon (Dragon Sword)

Action packed and fun it's a family movie what can i say.


fun popcorn movie for rainy day

Hide and Seek

This movie has twists and turns. Cast does a great job. Well worth seeing.

The Hills Have Eyes 2

good story line,little dark humor,and good work cast. not perfect but fun.

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

great movie,awesome f/x good story and great cast.

She's the Man

This movie was fun to watch. kind of reminded my of the keystone cops. slow in the beginning.

The Messengers

Not even Kristen Stewart could save this film. good job by Kristen Stewart, script not great sorry.....

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Good Story, Bruce Campbell great, low budget special effects.


real slow and very few laughs

The Covenant
The Covenant(2006)

predicable, good special effects, this is a good popcorn movie. Laura Ramsey good on-screen.


this is a good psychological thriller but lot of plot changes as if couldn't decide on direction of movie.

Red Riding Hood

good cast in this twisted tale not for children especially good were Kathleen Archebald and Susan Satta.

Bram Stoker's Shadowbuilder

This is a classic , good special effects, story and cast. I brought the dvd.

The Devil's Rejects

fast pace and good storyline. i enjoyed watching this one with my bro


fast pace and nice special effects. good for Halloween


too slow, gets boring

Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus(1993)

Bette Midler is great here. Good singing voice.

The Tooth Fairy

Good Halloween story, not predicable and good casting

Super Mario Bros.

The Marios rush to save a princess from Koopa. fun movie, for cold day and popcorn

Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa(2006)

Good message for the middle age


I have heard so many rumors of George Reeves death. It would be interesting to see what happen from evidence compiled on the case.

Turistas (Paradise Lost)

The Movie has a good beginning, slow middle, picks up at end. you will be glued to the screen

Pootie Tang
Pootie Tang(2001)

If you want a movie with a good beat, message, and laughs this is for you.

The Return
The Return(2006)

This movie is a roller coaster ride with good visual effects.

Left in Darkness

This movie will keep you guessing. Cast did a great job. If you are a horror fan this is worth renting or owning

Code Hunter
Code Hunter(2002)

Video Title Code Hunter/ theater title Storm Watch

America's best player is being pulled in to the ultimate cyber-terror. The game's mastermind has stolen his identity, not the only thing stolen. The story is put together with other movie plots boring after 20 mins

Carlos Mencia: No Strings Attached

some of you may be offended but all he said is true

Drop Dead Gorgeous

The plot is not so far out there and a lot of petty faces.

Lucky Number Slevin

If your looking for a good jigsaw puzzle. This movie is for you. The cast does a great job.

Running Scared

good action movie to the end. Mature audience only.

The Punisher
The Punisher(2004)

If you have never seen the Punisher. This version has more violence then 1989 version. See the 2004 version before the 1989 version

The Punisher
The Punisher(1989)

To get background on character see the 2004 version first

Stay Tuned
Stay Tuned(1992)

Fun spoof for cold winter day


This is a dark comedy with lots of gore.
after awhile you stop looking for a plot and get caught up in what happens to who next.