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The Twilight Saga: New Moon
7 years ago via Flixster

I didn't like the film much and the music was mellow. The big to do scenes of the book were a flash in the pan for the film. The first film was done much better and I could have waited to see this when it came out on DVD.

Death at a Funeral
9 years ago via Flixster

"She was the most beautiful girl in the village...she'd walk into a room...and everyone's eyes would look at her...everyone wanted to f$@! her." LOL!! That was the best part in this surprisingly witty British comedy. This contains your standard British banter with a few surprises thrown in. The best character by far was "Uncle Alfie" the king of all wit and grumpiness. The film itself had a great cast of characters and was light and entertaining all the way through.

No Country for Old Men
9 years ago via Flixster

Unfortunately "No Country For Old Men" falls into the "All Hype and No Sizzle Trap". Although it gets kudos for going against the norm as being not like every other plot and character development. For instance, how you think that certain characters would play a main role and there would be some sort of big show down in the end. I myself would have like to seen "Into The Wild" as a contender for "Best Picture" at the Oscars. For the winner it should have been "Atonement".

Torch Song Trilogy
9 years ago via Flixster

If you like the genre "Drama" than this film is def for you. With this film did bring tons and tons of it. Course what gay men out there does not have drama happen in his life. Above all I did like this film but towards the ending it kind of just flipped around and had some things happen per say I didn't quite want it to go there. Though at the very end it was def a touching movie and made you feel like it was a happy ending after all. I loved the whole Drag Queen scenes and you can't forget the guy who was Jackie's love interest from the hit tv show "Roseanne". Matthew Broderick was good in his role yet he could have been stronger. The times have changed where it no longer matters if a A list star would play a gay role. For people who have seen the play I am sure this is a bad representation of it. I still think this is a good gay cinema film to watch and learn from.