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Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
1 day ago via Movies on iPhone

Two idiotic party animals are ordered to get dates for their sister's wedding as they wreck every family event. The two dates they get seem to be as wreckless as they are. A pretty entertaining comedy that has very crude humour and near the mark jokes. Mike and dave need wedding dates is a great comedy to pass the time.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
1 day ago via Movies on iPhone

A mockumentary about a popstar just gone solo, featuring the boys from the lonely island. This was a pretty funny film and had many hilarious moments and packed to the brim with celebrity cameos. The run time let the film down a little however it was a entertaining comedy none the less.

10 Cloverfield Lane
30 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Another addition to the cloverfield franchise, 10 cloverfield lane is a tense, suspenseful psychological thriller. The majority of the film is set in a bunker with Michelle the main character having no idea what has happened. She is sealed in with two other men, and questions whats going on on the outside as well as the inside. A highly tense film that has you completely baffled throughout, especially the ending. This film desperately needs a sequel.

Child's Play
Child's Play (1988)
33 days ago via Movies on iPhone

A horror about a serial killer's soul being trapped inside a children's doll? Whats not to love. A completely psychotic and deranged horror film that was way ahead of its time. A suspenseful and slightly tongue in cheek slasher film that is ideal for anyones horror collection.

Sinister 2
Sinister 2 (2015)
34 days ago via Movies on iPhone

After watching the first one and being very impressed, i couldnt wait to watch sinister 2. With the deputy from the first film returning we see him continuing investigating the mysterious murders and the links between them. A new family is roped up with the sadistic demon. Very suspenseful and tense sinister 2 still captures some of the elements that made the first one so scary.