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Up (2009)
5 years ago via Flixster

"Adventure is out there."

Opened in scenes with minimum dialogue, Up is an exquisite motion picture brought to you by the 10th Disney-Pixar collaboration. This time we meet Carl Fredricksen, a 78 year-old balloon salesman, who spends his childhood wanting to be an adventurer. He has lost his wife, Ellie, and is about to lose his house because a property realtor is re-constructing his neighboorhood. Left with an unaccomplished dream of moving his house to Paradise Falls in South America, Carl flies his house with the power of baloons.

On his journey, Carl meets lots of characters, starting with this fussy excitable 8-year-old wilderness explorer called Russell. Russell wants to earn his 'assisting the elderly' badge. As the movie goes by, Docter and Peterson tell us why earning this badge is important to Russell. With the voice of Jordan Nagai, Russell is more than to meet the eye and he's a character that will be remembered due to his adorable figure.

When Carl and Russell reach South America, they met Kevin, an exquisite bird whose species haven't been discovered and Dug, a dog who can talk like a human because his genius master invented this colar that can interpret his barking to human language. Docter and Peterson feed the fantasy of dog-loving people, who may have been dreaming about such colar.

The journey of getting his house on the top of Paradise Falls is not as smooth as Carl has imagined. The arduous journey develops Carl from the kind of old man you don't favour to a caring old man and he grows even more adventurous than the kid he was. It encourages us we can always start anew despite our age and condition.

So, what makes Up a movie not to be missed other than it has the goodwill of disney-pixar movie? One is the lovely pictures of wonderful composition of colors. Two is the adorable side characters. Three is the ability of Docter and Peterson into turning the simple storyline to a wondrous journey, and a selfish old man to one of the loveliest character in the big screen. (PS)

Final Destination 5
5 years ago via Flixster

"It's kill, or be killed."

Final Destination have always been my guilty pleasure. Things I read from top critics on the internet have never stopped me from hitting the theatre everytime the next installment comes out. Because the fourth one didn't give as much satisfaction as the previous three, I put higher expectation on this fifth movie.

The opening credit is rather cool with series of objects which slaughtered the characters from the previous four. Then I got to the opening scene with a group of coworkers who are about to leave for a business retreat. As they got on the bus and about to pass an in-the-middle-of-constructing bridge, Sam, the principal in this movie, started to get a series of alarming signs, leading him to a vision of that bridge collapsing. He also saw his fellow coworkers died one by one in that vision. If you've watched the previous movies, you'll know what to do when watching this scene. Something to do with "order" for a hint, in case those who haven't watched read this review.

The rest is pretty much the same with its predecessors. Except that the characters didn't google if the strange event that's happening to them had occured before, like characters in previous four did. They solved the mystery on their own and ended with a conclusion, the way of cheating death this time is "kill, or be killed."

Too bad the scriptwriter didn't do the pretty alluring premise justice, seeing at how poorly it was executed. I guess it won't be a sin to add 20 more minutes to its 95 minutes running time, for more puzzle-solving or death cheating exploration. This is one factor that makes Final Destination has its own fans. The actors' acting is just worsened the movie. They fail to convince me that they're being chased by death. They may have Tom Cruise (Miles Fisher) or Julia Stiles (Emma Bell) look but they hardly possess even half their acting skills.

Another reason people love Final Destination, after the third movie, is when death comes to visit in the most unlikely situation and can cause some people a little trauma for a couple of time after watching. Remember the tanning scene in FD 3? I'm talking about that sort of scene. This time they do it with lasers. Death came to visit Olivia Castle when she's about to have a laser surgery for her eyes because she doesn't "want to miss a thing." The scene leaves us with not-even-half of tanning scene's effect and I'm reminded of my wondering of why she didn't wear contact lenses instead. So there goes the supposed-to-be traumatizing scene in FD 5.

So finally, as much as I love Final Destination, I must say that this one is the poorest installment and quite a disappointment. Thankfully the twist is rather nice, unexpected and make me at the end of this review, still suggest you to watch it. (PS)

The Departed
The Departed (2006)
7 years ago via Flixster

Wanna give 5 stars, but since it's a remake, I only give 4. Jack Nicholson u rock!! Two thumbs up for Leo and others too.

Inglourious Basterds
7 years ago via Flixster

I've been starving for good movies in the cinema for a while. And how I'm glad to find that Inglourious Basterds feed my appetite!
Why do you have to watch this movie? First because it is Quentin Tarantino's. Quentin is hardly known of producing good movie. He's a cold-handed director, for you to recall.
Inglourious Basterds performed a comical black comedy with bewitching characters: Liutenant Aldo Rain, "The Bear Jew" and Colonel Hans. My most favourite is Colonel Hans amid those three.
In this movie I can see that Brad Pitt who played Liutenant Aldo Rain, has improvement in his acting. I see his endeavour on his southern accent. He only needs a little more attempt to polish his accent. Though it's good for him to have improved his acting. Brad Pitt with his southern accent reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio with his south african accent in Blood Diamond. But DiCaprio did better with his foreign accent.
Eli Roth, played The Bear Jew, also brings life to his character.
While Christoph Waltz, who played Colonel Hans, didn't really outshine them all. He got advantage for his strong dialogue and his sleek character. He outshined everyone, but he lose a little bit of his charm when coped with Pitt in the last 10 minutes scene.
In the end, I would say that this movie has a good script which produce mesmerizing character as well as the dialogue. Once again, thanks Mr Tarantino for feeding my appetite!