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Mr. Vampire
Mr. Vampire(1985)

This one is a classic Hong Kong cinima movie! There is a spectaculair mix of horror, humour and kungfu. Don't mention the vampires, you never saw them so hilarious!

A real hong kong classic!

Breaker! Breaker!

Norris did the fight choreographic, but that wouldn't help for this movie.


Average cop-movie. Not good, not bad.... just average.

The Magnificent Seven

Great cast, good story, great music, great western!

House II: The Second Story

It's not really a 'horror movie', but that's allright. Enough comedy and funny quotes to stay pleased!

The Shooting
The Shooting(1967)

Nice movie to watch, especially at the surroundings! Everything is good about this movie: story, filmmusic (long time when i heard this type of music, last time was with Unforgiven with Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman). Thumbs up!

Well, there are some weak points in this movie: like the character explanation, why they are reaching their goals. It's more flat characters now...' Wasn't satisfied with the end of the movie... Looked like they had no budget anymore so the movie stopped...

Conclusion: it's a good movie to watch but Unforgiven is better! Note: Jack Nicholson is playing a nice role as a assassin!


Good cast and story is nice (happily without much flashbacks etc). Hopefully no one gets sick after watching this movie!

Hard Justice
Hard Justice(1995)

Action with a capital A! Compliments for the begin of the movie, but the whole movie is nice to watch. I would recommend this movie to action lovers

Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in The Hood

Whole movie enough funny jokes IMO... A great movie to watch with your friends and have some beer!

Violent City (The Family)(Cittą violenta)

Not a classic... But enough nude scenes of Jill Ireland!

Red Dragon
Red Dragon(2002)

First chapter.. It's not really horror with lot's of blood and gore... It's more like a thriller and detective work in my opinion.

Chato's Land
Chato's Land(1971)

Great movie, especially the story is great in my eyes!

Natural Born Killers

Great movie with some deeper thoughts about people

Mission: Impossible

Great movie for action fans! It has won some awards in '96/'97... Rent or buy it if you can find this movie for a nice price!

The Kentucky Fried Movie

Very great comedy movie. I especially like the Bruce Lee parody! But there is much, much more!


Finally a good Spider-man movie!

Positive: you don't need to read the old comics to understand this movie.
Negative: The suit of the green goblin doesn't look scary at all... More like a clown...

Nice movie to see indeed. But I don't some aspects of the movie.


Good story and good action with Charlie Bronson.


Good movie to watch at a rainy day. Just read the 'Synopsis' then you know enough in my opinion.

Back to the Future

One of the most orginal movies of the 80's. Lot's of humour and it's exciting till the end!

A Better Tomorrow

This movie has a good story and actors. Almost as good as "The Killer"!

Conclusion: A good enjoyable movie!


Nice movie: good and especially short dialogues wich are logic and realistic! The film music is of a high level and in my opinion the acting is great.

Conclusion: I enjoyed this movie in whole!

The Last Warrior

Boring, think only the trailer is nice.

The Terror (The Haunting) (The Castle of Terror)

A bad movie, everything isn't right in this one... Happily there are some funny dialogues in this movie. But i recommend not to see this movie!

Home Alone
Home Alone(1990)

Still fun to watch, especially when it's christmas or when you are bored.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

One of the best Muppets movie! And lots of fun guarenteed!

Kill Bill: Volume 1

Very nice revene movie. Also with many references to other movies (Game of death, Lady Snowblood, Gone in 60 seconds from 1973 , almost the same sunglasses at the cardesk when the sheriff is riding in his car at the begin of the movie and more!).

Ringu (Ring)
Ringu (Ring)(1998)

Entertaining, and orginal movie! Think you can better watch this movie instead of the American version!

Never heard that sound effect... 'Singing saw' or whatever its called. But they made it nice!

Lat sau san taam (Hard-Boiled)

Positive: good shooting shooting like always from Chow Yun Fat.

Negative: some errors in the movie.. Saving all the babies, but let the patients die? And why is everyone shooting like rambo ;) ? Well, story isn't realistic sometimes...

Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance (Shura-yuki-hime: Urami Renga)

I especially like the 'final'. This one is less violent then part 1. But it's a enjoyable movie to watch!

WarGames (War Games)

Fun to see those old computers back. Stil fun to hear: "I didn't hack into the computer, Joshua (a computer-program) did".
Hmm, why does the FBI always have a sunglass and so on? Very stereotype...

The Untouchables

Good actors, and more importantly: very nice acting! Sean Connery won an oscar for his role in this movie! And Robert the Niro is shining as Al Capone, very nice to see!

Wong Fei-hung chi tit gai dau neung gung (Deadly China Hero) (Claws of Steel) (Last Hero in China)

In my opinion is this Jet Li's best movie, with acting and action! I especially like the very great mix of kungfu, comedy and storyline.
An old time classic!

Dead or Alive: Final

Positive: Takashi Miike directing style, very orginal and nice to watch!.

Negative: story line could be confusing when you watch this movie for the first time (and without seeing the other two of the trilogy).

Conclusion: nice movie to watch, when you have time check the other dead or alive movies!

Lady Snowblood (Shurayukihime)

Great movie with enough vengeance and gore. I don't recommend this movie to people who don't like to see blood!

Love and Bullets

Nice Charles Bronson movie and especially the great final ending, that's the orginal way to finish gangsters (not with bullets but with a great 'boom').

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Must see movie for all people! Symbolic end of the movie? Five oscars says enough in my opinion (and many of other nominations).

Contract Killer

1/2 star becase Jet Li is featuring in this movie (otherwise i gets 2 stars from me). Trailer looked very nice, but movie is boring at most moments... I suggest that you could better watch' Wong Fei-hung chi tit gai dau neung gung', also knows as 'Last Hero From China'. (This title is not yet at Flixster, so check IMDB!)

The Killer
The Killer(1989)

Hotdog magazine: "The best hong kong film ever". Absolutely true!

Jing wu men (Fist of Fury)

I especially like the fight in the Japanese school and the end fight vs Robert Baker! Shame that the acting and decors aren't that great ( if you compare it to "Way of the Dragon" and "Enter the Dragon").

Return of the Dragon (The Way of the Dragon)

Great movie! The 'Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee' end battle is one of the best directed 1vs1 kungfu battle in my opinion!

Game of Death II

This film is nice edited, good fight scenes, good story! If you have the dvd (version by Hong Kong Legends) then remember to watch the Deleted Footage Archive.

The One
The One(2001)

Positive: Speed of the movie... No long talking about other universes etc. Kungfu fights... There is a lot possible with the computer these days to make them look better!

Negative: some holes in the story. For example the evil Lee? What would happen if he is a god? Everyone has a purpose in this live or am i wrong? And more examples are possible!

Conclusion: if you like action and kungfu you could watch this movie !

China Strike Force

Well i enjoyed this movie, (really) good action scenes.

Nice movie to watch!

The Dragon from Russia

Positive is the action. It don't get bored. Filmmusic is ok in my opinion.

Negative is that you can sometimes see the wires in some scene's.
Note: remember to see this movie in Cantonese, not in English dubbed version... Because the dubbed version is ironicly bad.

True Romance
True Romance(1993)

Thumbs up for this one! I especially like the endscene! You will never see so much great music with gunfights....!
The scene about Italians is quite funny too haha.
Don't wait and WATCH this movie now!!

The Bourne Supremacy

This is action as it should be!

Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown(1997)

Nice well-made movie. I especially like R. de Nero! He doesn't say much in this movie, but you can see his body language does most of the talking!

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

Great onlineliners, great dialogues, great script, great story and funny acting by a great cast!

From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money

This movie is funny at some parts. Dialogues, effects etc.
Negative: some holes in the story..

The Matrix Reloaded

Part 2 of the trilogy. Computer animated graphics are amazing, not to mention the action. I especially like the freeway scene's and the (kungfu-) fights!

Negavite could be the endless talking about the Matrix... "What is the Matrix?" or "Who is the creator of it?". Well it seems that no one has answers...

Well enough fun guaranteed with this one!

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

This movie is cult in 10 or 20 years!

Good points: the action (no wonder with Yuen Wo Ping! 'kungfu-movies'), music (good soundtracks... ('pumping up the action and feeling'). And i think the story is quite orginal!

Negative about this movie: story could be very confusing for some. But it's definitively the watching worth!

The Green Mile

This movie is great! Actors, story, setting etc.
I'm looking forward to see more of Frank Darabont (the director).

Negative about this movie is it's lengte: over 3 hours... But the feeling of the movie makes it a classic!

The Devil's Advocate

'Never sell your soul to the devil', good avise for most of us! This movie is rated as an action movie or at flixster as a horror movie, well for most part it's only blabbing about the court, trails, relationships. So no gore like in a horror movie ;)

Well acting isn't that bad and i think you can watch this movie when you are bored and it's raining outside!

No Tomorrow
No Tomorrow(1999)

There is one bad guy (Master P) who want to get steal the weapons from Gary Busey. Master P uses Daniels as a bait.

In my opinion Master P is quite cool in this movie. And also the rap-music with the gun-fights is nice made! Problem is that the other part of the movie is not that great... 'Average' ... that says enough ;)

Gone in 60 Seconds

Great car-action-movie by H.B. Halicki, and in my opinion better then the remake of 2000 with Nicolas Cage and Angela Jolie. I especially liked the car pursuit of more then 40 minutes! And many cars were destroyed...! The restored screenplay and soundeffects are well done.

In short: All time classic!