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The Social Network

The Social Network(2010)

The Social Network is excellent. As with all of David Fincher's films, it is engrossing, brilliantly shot, and the performances are strong across the board. Jesse Eisenberg proves that he is not the poor man's Michael Cera, although he kind of already had. A big standout for me was Armie Hammer who plays both of the Winklevoss twins. I was unaware of this fact until after the movie ended. Aaron Sorkin's script is fast paced and witty. The opening scene is almost reminiscent of a dark screwball comedy. The film isn't particularly fast paced, but I was shocked when it ended. I couldn't believe two hours had already gone by. Its a shame that many people will only know it as "the Facebook Movie" because it is so much more than what that title implies. Facebook is really the MacGuffin of the film. The characters and events are fascinating regardless of what drives them.