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The Collector
The Collector (2009)
8 years ago via Movies on Facebook

"Let's take a halfway intersting idea and do as little as possible with it and see what happens!" "Cool." I feel this is about how the production meeting for this film went. Usually that wouldn't irk me so bad, but I think they could have made a great movie. But instead they scavenged ruthlessly from other films (Saw, Hostel, Strangeland) without paying it off with something original. Ther was NO character development. The only person I felt somewhat sorry for was the robber, but I couldn't even tell you his name. Everyone else was 1-dimensional, including the killer. Cardboard cut-outs could have replaced everyone for 95% of the movie. Plus, the ending was so unoriginal I would say they just quit, but to be honest I don't think they ever started. The main guy and a fairly awesome scene involving a room full of bear traps are the ONLY things saving this film from utter failure.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
8 years ago via Movies on iPhone

These movies are always the hardest to review for me. I preface this with the fact that I am a true Potter fan, so even the movies that haven't been the best have a special place with me. That being said I was really impressed with this movie. They got back to the basics with the characters' relationships, which is what this franchise is really about, behind all of the wands and scars. There was also a lot of humor and it never felt forced or out of place, which is odd for the serious nature of the overall movie (both the magical and muggle worlds are under attack from Voldemort (yes, I said it!) and his Death Eaters). The core cast have stepped up their games, these kids we've watched grow up are now serious (and good) actors. New members seem to have felt the same need to "bring it" and really helped to round out the cast. I was disappointed with the final climax. I was expecting much more action and emotion and it felt like everyone got tired and stopped. But even with the fizzle at the end I feel this is one of the best Potters yet and it leaves me excited for the last two.

The Ruins
The Ruins (2008)
9 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I'm not particularly a gore hound per se, but being a horror lover does mean I don't shy away from the red stuff. If this movie accomplished anything it would be awesome close your eyes, turn your head, and breath thru your nose so you don't puke moments. To shy away from spoilers I'll just say amputation and hunting knife, get the picture? That being said, the other parts of the movie sucked. The main girl was annoying and both male leads were lacking something (note I really love all of these actors, just not in this movie), but I did like the blonde girl and the German guy. I never really felt a whole lot for anybody though, which made it easy to watch the gore but hard to get into the movie. If your main concern in a film is blood and guts check this one out, otherwise be smarter than the characters and turn around.

21 (2008)
9 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I grew up around poker and I love it, but I've never really played a lot of BlackJack. Gambler or not though, this movie is fun. They explain the basic stuff and glaze over the complex stuff, which is good. If they had gone into too much detail I would have spent half the movie trying to understand it. By giving a small explaination and moving on I was able to let it go and just enjoy the movie. The characters were great (Ben and Choi wer my favs) and left you cheering for the "bad guys". Let's face it , it's not cheating exactly but it's not right either. Some of the signals could have been pulled off a little smoother, you've already told us what they are, don't make it so obvious! I will warn the viewer...watching this movie leaves you craving Vegas!

Return to House on Haunted Hill
9 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Blah, that pretty much sums up this latest forray inot the sequel of a remake world. There is nothing particularly bad about it, but in turn there is nothing particulary good about it. The scheme used to pull the story together is rather hare-brained, the artifact is in the house because the crazy doctor thought art could calm the patients? That seemed a bit of a stretch, plus the mercenaries who are going to wreak all kinds of havok for $5 million, come on. Nothing new or original, just a by the book attempt at capitalizing on the original's name.