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Whit's Review of Psycho

9 years ago via Flixster


I'll be honest, this is the first time I've watched this movie all the way thru. Being a life long horor fan I'm ashamed to admit this. I had seen bits and pieces and I'm sure everyone knows most of the story, but I decided it was finally time to spend some time at the Bates Motel. One fear I had was that it would not live up to what I had pictured. Many older movies that were influencial are considered "classics", but are impossible to sit thru. I am happy to report that Psycho does not fall into this category. The characters are 3 dimensional and you really feel for them, yes, even Norman. The story just flows and some of the scenes are shot in ways that current directors should take a look at. Hitchcock is a genius, and this work definitely helps cement his place as a great director of suspence.