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Whit's Review of 21

9 years ago via Movies on Facebook


I grew up around poker and I love it, but I've never really played a lot of BlackJack. Gambler or not though, this movie is fun. They explain the basic stuff and glaze over the complex stuff, which is good. If they had gone into too much detail I would have spent half the movie trying to understand it. By giving a small explaination and moving on I was able to let it go and just enjoy the movie. The characters were great (Ben and Choi wer my favs) and left you cheering for the "bad guys". Let's face it , it's not cheating exactly but it's not right either. Some of the signals could have been pulled off a little smoother, you've already told us what they are, don't make it so obvious! I will warn the viewer...watching this movie leaves you craving Vegas!