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The Ruins

The Ruins(2008)

I'm not particularly a gore hound per se, but being a horror lover does mean I don't shy away from the red stuff. If this movie accomplished anything it would be awesome close your eyes, turn your head, and breath thru your nose so you don't puke moments. To shy away from spoilers I'll just say amputation and hunting knife, get the picture? That being said, the other parts of the movie sucked. The main girl was annoying and both male leads were lacking something (note I really love all of these actors, just not in this movie), but I did like the blonde girl and the German guy. I never really felt a whole lot for anybody though, which made it easy to watch the gore but hard to get into the movie. If your main concern in a film is blood and guts check this one out, otherwise be smarter than the characters and turn around.