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Bombon: El Perro

This movie was at once endearing and funny. Villegas' expressions were excellent and practically told the story by themsleves. The plot was different and refreshing.


"Bolt" is an endearing movie with adorable characters and a relatively good script. It will entertain children and adults alike.

The Scarlet Letter

This film is described as a "free adaptation" of Hawthorne's novel ... and, boy, do they mean "free". Aside from character names, location, and the scarlet letter itself, the film barely bore any resemblance to original story. The acting was mediocre, the script cheesy, and the plot so ridiculously hollywoodized and cheap that this film is an insult to Hawthorne's classic.

Pride and Glory

"Pride and Glory" had the backbone of a good film, but lacked the character development, background, good directing, and smart script to get it there. For a cop movie, it was mediocre. Norton should be praised for, as always, making the most of his role.

Good Night, And Good Luck

What a fantastic film about one of the most important men in media history. Having heavily studied Edward R. Murrow, I loved seeing his story portrayed in film in such an artistic and historically-correct way. Clooney created a masterpiece with this story.

Inside Man
Inside Man(2006)

This exciting story did not have enough twists or intelligent dialogue to fully pull me into the story. I found Foster's character kind of flat and while Washington was good, Owen could have been more interesting. I think the movie suffered from trying to straddle the line between action flick and psychological thriller.

Flags of Our Fathers

Aside from the superb cinematography, directing, and ensemble cast, "Flags of Our Fathers" made an impact on me in its focus on the American media machine, rather than the actual fighting. Eastwood conveyed extremely important messages about the media, America's attitude towards war, and hypocrisy in government ? and he did so in subtle ways that show his skill as a director. This movie is a must-see for all North Americans.

The Bishop's Wife

I was unimpressed and bored by this film. Sure, Cary Grant had some "moments" and the idea was good enough but the execution didn't cut it.

The Green Mile

"The Green Mile" is a fantastic, touching story. The mystical aspect was done in an excellent way: not too sci-fi, not to hokey. The cast was very well selected and the cinematography was beautiful.

Grace of My Heart

A cool look into the music business with an awesome soundtrack.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

A feat of artistic genius; choreographed like a ballet.

The House Bunny

A much used concept but Anna Faris was adorable. Unfortunately, the acting was mediocre at best and the comedic timing was way off.

The United States of Leland

I had been wanting to see this flick for over 2 years and I'm glad to say that it was worth the wait. I liked the pace of the film and Leland's narration which, unlike that in many movies, made sense with the plot and character. With the exception of Jena Malone, I thought all the performances were exceptional no matter their size. Having seen Malone in several films now ("Donnie Darko", "Saved!", "Life as a House") I'm beginning to find her performances repetitive and stale. She seems to inhibit the same "eccentric yet angst-ridden" teen in every movie. Nevertheless, Gosling and "The United States of Leland" was incredible.

Continental, un Film Sans Fusil (Continental, a Film Without Guns)

An interesting movie about loneliness and interconnectedness. The filming was superb and I liked the minimal use of music.

Hamlet 2
Hamlet 2(2008)

Oh boy. I was totally lost during this movie. What should have been a quirky film with odd characters was very stale. The comic beat was off and some story-lines just seemed thrown in (like the teacher's wife). I would not waste money seeing "Hamlet 2".

Death at a Funeral

What a brilliant comedy! I love British humor and this movie was ripe with a great script, physical comedy, and well-chosen actors. The plot mirrored an "Agatha Christie" type mystery yet was spun in a hilarious way. A very inventive movie.

The Commitments

Cool movie with great music! The Irish humor was hilarious!

The Princess Bride

Top Kitsch Movie

it never gets old! i looooove this movie! "he's mostly dead"

Waking Ned Devine

hilarious and funny story idea! the small town characters are perfect and unique.


my all-time favorite cartoon

Reservoir Dogs

Tarantino's breakout movie was a fantastic watch. His directing style is something to be envied, from the long conversation shots to the excellent handling of gory scenes. The mostly lesser known cast carried their roles very well: I especially enjoyed Buscemi, Roth and Madsen.

The Shawshank Redemption

"The Shawshank Redemption" is a beautiful piece of art. The slow pace of the script and the subtle acknowledgments of passing time offered a perspective into the monotony and suffering of serving a prison sentence. Never before had I been given such a striking portrayal of what being behind bars feels like. The poetic language supported the directing yet did not seem out of place in the story's setting. Finally, the intricacies of the film are not overwhelmed by a Hollywood ending. A masterpiece.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

This movie grabbed me in its first seconds and held me in wonder until the end. From the artistic directing and camera work, to the marvelous acting, to the unique script, everything about "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" is worth applause.

27 Dresses
27 Dresses(2008)

The plot to this movie seems like the love child between "The Wedding Planner" and "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days". Nevertheless, as a romantic comedy it was well done. Heigl brought great acting talents to s simple movie, and Marsden was a good choice for his role. The montage of dresses as cute and reminded me of old-time movies.

Coyote Ugly
Coyote Ugly(2000)

"Coyote Ugly" is a formula-based, light moralistic movie with mediocre acting. For its purpose as cheap entertainment it fills its role nicely. I wouldn't spend money to rent/buy this film, but if you're looking for a mindless weekend flick this can be it.

Iron Jawed Angels

An excellent portrayal of the suffrage movement that was true to history and to mood. Swank was a perfect choice for the lead role and the supporting cast added interest and talent. I loved the cinematography and directing, as well as the humorist aspects.

Léon: The Professional

Absolutely brilliant film. Portman blew me away and Reno silent heroism was fantastic. This script could have been a half-assed action thriller but it avoided that predicament and came out as an excellent piece of cinema. It should have been nominated for an Oscar, and it deserves its Césars.


What an adorable and romantic fairy tale! "Penelope" has a great message conveyed through an off-beat story with excellent cinematography. The cast was perfectly selected for their roles: McAvoy was the sensitive quiet guy with a big heart; Ricci is wonderful in quirky movies; Witherspoon was a fresh touch to her supporting role; and O'Hara was a nice comedic addition for the overbearing mother. One final note, I loved how the location and dress were somewhat ambiguous: like any good fairy tale, "Penelope" could have occurred anywhere, any time.

August Rush
August Rush(2007)

I was terribly disappointed with "August Rush". Sure, the movie was okay, the acting was okay, and the cinematography was "artsy". However, I felt that an inspirational story stolen from "Oliver Twist" with Biblical undertones was being shoved down my throat for two hours. I also found that this movie was three independently interesting stories schizophrenically mixed together: the "music is a universal connection" and musical genius story; the separated lovers from different sides of the tracks story; and the missing son story. Overall, I just wasn't feeling this film.


Very possibly my favorite Meryl Streep movie! I forgot that I was watching a her and not Silkwood herself. Cher and Russell were perfect in their supporting roles. The story was very well played out and the director presented it in a very natural way: no "hollywoodization." A must-see.

Cool Hand Luke

The slow, emotional vibe of this movie is truly superb. Newman's quiet strength really makes the film. The effect that he gradually has on the people surrounding him is of particular interest. I thought the supporting characters really helped to demonstrate this. "Cool Hand Luke" is a classic worth a watch by everyone.

In Bruges
In Bruges(2008)

I have to admit that after viewing this movie, Farrell deserves more credit than I had attributed to him. His performance was at times subtle and hilarious. Gleeson was a perfect partnership with him and I enjoyed how their relationship was developed. Fiennes was great in his pyscho role. Having just visited Bruges, I loved being able to spot familiar monuments and picturesque spots. A wonderful film!

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Not my taste, but an adventurous kids' movie nonetheless. The story was good and well-developed. The acting was so-so and I was particularly disappointed with Parker's role. Also, I didn't quite get the necessity for a sword-wielding sister character but did she come in handy now and then.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Snore! With a great cast and an excellent story to work with, you'd think that "The Other Boleyn Girl" would have turned out to be a good movie. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Aside from it being extremely boring and lifeless, the performances by the actors are average at best.

Arizona Dream

While the acting was good, I found the story -- though unique -- a bit too off-the-wall for me. Some of the more ridiculous scenes had me really cracking up, though.

Assault on Precinct 13

For what is was intended to be -- an action thriller -- this movie performed relatively well. Hawke and Fishburne were well-chosen for their respective roles. The story was different but lacked good development on the part of the characters. Matteo was good in her role, but her character was unnecessary. An okay film all around.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Whoa. I knew the 4th instalment of the Indiana Jones series would not live up to the others. However, I did not expect the incredible degree to which it did not live up to them. What a disappointment! I am a huge Indiana Jones fan, so I found this film to be an insult to the original trilogy. Although I enjoyed the humour between Ford and LaBoeuf and found that the latter was well chosen, the plot was absurd. The story was TOO unrealistic and should not have had a science-fiction focus. "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" was a total let-down.

Four Brothers

I had no idea what was going on in this movie. The plot was twisted and totally ridiculous. Who shoots every person they meet? While the idea of a mother taking in troubled boys is interesting, it was paid barely any attention in "Four Brothers". The entire movie focused on see-that gun fights and an angry Mark Wahlberg. Don't waste you time on this flick.

Brave New World

This movie adaptation was BAD. The impact and tone of the novel were totally lost on the big screen. I hated how the plot was changed drastically and the "creative license" the director used. I DO NOT recommend this film as a substitute to the book in any way.

Colonel Chabert

After finding the book by Balzac interesting, I was thoroughly disappointed by the film. First of all, the length was totally unnecessary and dominated by sombre, "artistic" scenes. Ardant and Depardieu were okay, I guess, but the actor playing Derville was annoying and didn't fit the role. I feel this book is in major need of a remake.

Erin Brockovich

I have mixed feelings about this movie. While I liked it very much, I feel as though it didn't deserve the accolades that it received. The movie would have been lost had the true story been any less fascinating. Julia Roberts was a good choice for the role, however, as seems to happen in almost every one of her films, the shine of Roberts overwhelms the character. Thus, I felt that I was watching not Erin Brockovich but Julia Roberts playing Erin Brockovich. One final note: I very much enjoyed both Helgenberger and Finney's performances.


A beautifully filmed story of romance and regrets. The subtleties in the book and movie are what make it unique. I enjoyed Knightley's crisp attitude and McAvoy's saying-it-all expressions. The creative typewriter-infused music was interesting addition. A must-see for all die-hard romantics.

Bonnie and Clyde

Instantly one of my favorite films of all time, "Bonnie and Clyde" is a perfect combination of excellent directing and a talented cast. The cinematography and pace of this film fit the story very well, as did the smart dialogue. I really liked how the plot did not rely too heavily on dialogue, but on looks and actions, to tell the story. Finally, I appreciated how the movie did not stray excessively from Bonnie and Clyde's real lives.

Annie Hall
Annie Hall(1977)

I am not a huge Woody Allen fan, but this film was quite special. The directing style was groundbreaking and the performances by the leads were impeccable. A true artistic movie!

Where the Heart Is

The title says it all. "Where the Heart Is" is a charming portrayal of the importance of good friends and how love is the true driving force in life. Although the script is light, the plot is interesting and moves along. Portman is heart-warming in her role of Novalee and the supporting cast really rounds out the film.


Top Musician Movie

Notting Hill
Notting Hill(1999)

Top Romantic Comedy

Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

Top High School Comedy

March of the Penguins

Top Documentary

awesome filming with a great narrator, morgan freeman. the story was captivating without a dull moment and incredibly moving. it had a great mix of sad, funny, and adorable sequences. a must-see for documentary-lovers!


Top Shakespeare Adaptation

Definitely my favorite version of Hamlet on the silver screen (and I have seen at least 3!). Branagh is absolutely superb in his extremely difficult role. Jacobi and Winslet also make a lasting impression. The production and direction of the play was very well done and maintained some sense as to what the original play would have felt like on stage.


Top Social Commentary

a beautiful depiction of the racial issues in the united states (in particular los angeles, of course). i loved not only how all the characters were connected, but also how the stereotypes were not simply black and white (excuse the pun *cough*). what i mean is that none of the people were good OR bad, wrong OR right, racist OR non-racist. they all mixed into this blurry zone which made each of them lovable and detestable in a good way.

Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane(1941)

Top DirectionJust by viewing the opening scene, it is clear why "Citizen Kane" is considered by amny to by the greatest film ever created. Having studied William Hearst, the connections Welles made to his life and secrets was astounding and daring. The directing, use of lighting, and staging were the most magnificent I've ever seen. Welles was also a genius at scene transitions and telling a story through images. Everything there is to know about movie-mkaing can be seen in "Citizen Kane."

The Bourne Identity

Top Secret Agent Movie

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Top Cinematography

"The Assassination of Jesse James..." is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. With astounding cinematography and a slow, graceful pace, this film presents Jesse James in an entirely new light. This interesting portrayal would not have been possible without Pitt's incredible performance, notably his empowering silence, and Affleck's curious acting. Finally, the score added an extraordinary feeling of solitude and drama to the movie.

Little Miss Sunshine

Top Family Movieone of the best movies i have seen in my lifetime. the family, though quirky, was so realistic and down-to-earth that it felt like i was watching real people. olive was the most amazing, inspirational character that made me cry and smile at the same time. this film was extraordinarily touching and endearing. a must-see for absolutely everyone!


One of the best social commentary films I have ever seen. "Pleasantville" conveys important, relevant messages in a subtle and aesthetically pleasing format. The direction was absolutely fantastic and the mock-50s-TV-show was created to perfection. Maguire and Witherspoon were great choices for the leads, but the movie depended on its excellent secondary characters as well. A must see!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I never read the book, but this film was my favourite of the series so far! Aside from the great actors and cool special effects, I really liked how this story focused more on the inner turmoil of Harry than on a complicated plot. I liked the dark mood of the movie. Can't wait for the next instalment!

An Affair to Remember

A sweet love story with just the right amount of implausibility. Not to mention Cary Grant in color. Yum!

A Beautiful Mind

I loved Sylvia Nasar's biography of the same name, so I guess I expected a similar style account of Nash's life in this film. Howard seemed to have romanticized Nash's life and make him more "lovable" for the audience. However, I rated this movie high because of Crowe and Connelly's excellent acting.

Step Up
Step Up(2006)

I liked the 2nd "Step Up" better than the original. Having said that, I saw "Step Up 2 the Streets" first. It was only after viewing this movie did I realize that the two films had pretty much the same plots with the main male/female roles reversed. Still, I preferred the acting in the second film and the more hip-hop-oriented style of dance.

Dan in Real Life

I, unlike so many others, was not expecting a "40-yr-old virgin" style movie when I saw "Dan in Real Life". Therefore, I do not have the harsh criticism for it that other viewers do. I will say that, having liked Carell in "Little Miss Sunshine," I enjoyed seeing him in another serious role. This movie showed that he is not only talented as a comedian, but as an actor as well. I found that Binoche really made this film. Her grace and sweetness added the down-to-earth feel this film needed to stand out.

Raise Your Voice

I liked the plot of this movie and the fresh faces that play the music students. Duff's acting, however, is most definitely NOT fresh. I feel like I'm watching the same Lizzie McGuire persona every time I see one of her films. Even worse was David Keith. That man cannot act!

John Tucker Must Die

Very mediocre performances in a seen-there-done-that romantic comedy. The lead girls were cute enough.

There's Something About Mary

I had heard so much about this movie, so I was extremely disappointed when I finished sitting through a boring, slow, and slightly stupid comedy about stalking Cameron Diaz.

Never Been Kissed

This movie was so-so, and what was good was being totally carried by Barrymore's cuteness.

Across the Universe

I absolutely LOVED this movie! I had never been a Beatles fan before but I fell in love with their music after this film. I liked hearing all the different styles of voices singing their songs and carrying the film in their own way. The directing was superb and created a string of psychedelic music videos one after the other. A must-see for everyone, Beatles fan or not.

Step Up 2 the Streets

This movie far surpassed the expectations I had for it! While I waited for cool dance numbers barely stitched together by a half-assed plot, I got a well thought-out story with pretty good performances by all characters. The dance numbers were very well done and I enjoyed the soundtrack very much.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

As anticipated, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" is a light-hearted action movie, dependant on big stars and big explosions to draw in audiences. Having said that, Jolie and Pitt are a great pair on screen ... and in real life!. The little bits of humour, especially on Pitt's part, added to the fun appeal of the movie as well.

A Man for All Seasons

"A Man for All Seasons" is definitely deserving of its Oscars! The imagery, camera work, and directing perfectly match the script. And, no need to mention that the acting is superb.

The Crucible
The Crucible(1996)

I thought this movie had the potential to be great, but it is only mediocre. Ryder's performance particularly disappointed me. I felt like I had seen it before in her other films. Contrarily, I enjoyed Day-Lewis' portrayal of John Proctor.

Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog(2007)

I wasn't "pleasantly surprised" by this movie as many viewers were. "Alpha Dog" was exactly as I had expected: a mediocre drama. I found that it was trying to impart a greater message onto its audience but fell short because of bad acting and a simple script. The true story could have been developed into a lot more, with increased emphasis on themes of drug trading, family, and unemployment. Because the filmed touched too lightly on these big concepts, it failed to make an impact on me.

The Basketball Diaries

I didn't know anything about Jim Carroll before seeing this flick. Although it gave a very real perspective on his adolescence, I would have liked to see more about the development of his art and writing. That said, DiCaprio was fantastic in this flick. I always enjoy watching his earlier movies because he really gets into the role.

The Last King of Scotland

Forest Whitaker couldn't have done a better job playing Amin. His portrayal was bone-chilling. James McAvoy also deserves props for his very naturally-played part of the physician. Although some critics were dismayed by the mix of history and fiction, I believe it added to the story.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

A very witty comedy with a perfectly fitted cast. As quintessential a coming-of-age movie as "The Breakfast Club" or "Stand by Me."

Damn Yankees
Damn Yankees(1958)

I found this movie, even for its time, very corny. It was too simply a representation of the Faustian myth of selling one's soul to the devil. Plus, I expected more musical numbers.

American History X

Most Disturbing* Content
*In an interesting way!

One of the most amazing films I have ever seen. Everything about this film is spectacular, from Norton's and Furlong's near-perfect acting, to the extremely intelligent script, to the captivating directing. I find the movie terrifyingly good at not only portraying neo-nazism but also displaying how convincing their ideas can be. A must-see for EVERYONE.

The Front
The Front(1976)

An informative account of the 1950s Hollywood blacklisting. Woody Allen was a bit irritating but played his part well.

Shake Hands with the Devil: The Journey of Romeo Dallaire

An eye-opening movie that not only taught me a great deal about the UN's role in the Rwandan genocide but also of its effects on Dallaire. I liked the mix of 1994 and current clips.

Cyrano De Bergerac

A great adaptation of the play and Depardieu was stunning in his lead role. The final scene was especially moving.

The Terminal
The Terminal(2004)

I got what I expected with "The Terminal": a quirky comedy with a few laughs. Tom Hanks was perfectly suited to his role, yet the foreigner jokes are a bit overdone. Zeta-Jones, however, was an insult to acting. She was over-the-top and unnatural.

Runaway Jury
Runaway Jury(2003)

I was thoroughly disappointed by this movie. While the all-star cast did a great job in the acting department, the good plot idea was ruined with so-so directing, a complicated story, and bad transitions.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

As equally interesting as the original, this version of the horror story has excellent directing and use of motifs. It also brought the "Invasion" story up-to-date. I recommend this film to all sci-fi lovers.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Deliciously campy, the original "Invasion" is thrilling to watch not only for its horror genre but for its communist-fear undertones as well.

The Philadelphia Story

Not my favorite Cary Grant film, but good fun nonethless. James Stewart was the true star of this film (he even outshone Hepburn) with his excellent comedic timing and hilarious drunk scene.

The Painted Veil

this movie is outstanding because of its cinematography and great acting. i thought that the story was very interesting but the movie was a bit slow. neverthless, i enjoyed it very much.

The Namesake
The Namesake(2006)

A beautiful, non-stereotypical movie focusing on the blurred lines between tradition/culture and modern life in America. The story was true-to-life. One note: the transitions between time changes could have been better.

To Sir, With Love

One of the first of its kind, "To Sir, With Love" is an amazing depiction of the affect a good teacher can have on his/her students. Although "inspirational teacher" movies are now commonplace, this Poitier classic avoids clichés, hollywoodization, and over-acting. It presents a classroom in a very natural sense and provides solid character development. A must-see for all.


A very cute story (though not original) with a nice cast. Amy Adams was adorable in her lead role and has a beautiful voice. There were a few funny bits, but I found the movie to be OVERLY cutesy and very simplistic.


Stellar performances by both Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise in a film that's more than an action-thriller. I really liked the character development and that the actions sequences didn't ruin the movie by going overboard.

Jesus Camp
Jesus Camp(2006)

I was very interested in the content of this film, and thought that it presented it in a fair and unbiased way. I liked, though, how the directors added in the anti-evangelical opinions almost subtly. The documentary did not have the "in your face" style of Michael Moore, which made it a solid film for conveying information but not as entertaining as others of its genre.

Lost Embrace
Lost Embrace(2005)

Although this film wasn't very captivating, it had an interesting plot and great characters. I enjoyed the humorous bits and the eccentricities of the mall owners.

An Avonlea Christmas (Happy Christmas, Miss King)

One of my favorite childhood Christmas specials!

Shattered Glass

Great performances weave an intricate and enticing true story about journalism in "Shattered Glass". Aside from the actual story being intriguing, the way in which the movie is filmed and the plot presented raises a multitude of questions about truth in the media and the questions that are failed to be asked.

P.S. I Love You

I was expecting a simple romantic comedy from this movie and got a lot more! The choice of actors was excellent -- I particularly liked Lisa Kudrow -- and the script was well done for this type of movie. There was not a dry eye in the whole theatre!

Surviving Christmas

I am usually lenient when it comes to Holiday movies but "Surviving Christmas" went too far in terms of crappy acting and a half-assed script. Do NOT waste your time with this film any time of the year.

North by Northwest

I really liked the plot for this movie and enjoyed watching Hitchcock's directing. I loved how Cary Grant got to still use his smarty-pants humor in this thriller but some of the dialogue, particularly with Saint, was too cheesy.

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

A really captivating and haunting story lead by a fantastic actor. Scorsese did an amazing job directing and really captured the feelings of the main character in his cuts and use of sound. A great film especially for those who love psychological thrillers.

The Nanny Diaries

I got what I expected from this movie: a cute comedy and nothing more. Everything about it was okay, nothing much else to say about it.

The Boondock Saints

I enjoyed this movie but I was disappointed by the bad writing and the over-the-top action sequences. I really like the plot premise but I thought it could have been better put together. I sometimes wondered if the movie was partly a self parody (err... it isn't). I particularly did not like dafoe's character because he was all over the place and out of place. I do, however, suggest that you rent this film for thrills.

Ocean's Thirteen

I did not think this Ocean's installment was as exciting as the first but it did pack some good laughs and, as always, a great cast.

Ocean's Eleven

a good action film with a GREAT cast. the humor was quite good as were the cameos. it actually reminded me of the italian job.

Toy Story
Toy Story(1995)

Top Animated Movie

"Toy Story" was a pioneer in the animation sector of filmmaking. Although the quality of the animation is outstanding for the time, its excellently developed story-line and characters bring this film to life. "Toy Story" is a unique movie that set a high standard for the animation flics that were to follow.

Stand by Me
Stand by Me(1986)

Top Coming-of-Age Story


Top Children's Movie

Peter Pan
Peter Pan(2003)

This kids' movie actually kept me interested and I liked how the writers did not change the original story too much. I was disappointed by the leads but I kept in mind that they are young actors.


My favorite film musical! i loved chicago's humorous take on the american legal system and how absurd they made it seem. the songs were catchy and funny, and the dance numbers were fantastic. roxie's "dreams" were a great way to highlight the broadway show's performances. i must-see for all broadway lovers!

In a Lonely Place

I liked the story idea but thought it could have been executed better. There wasn't exactly a "climax" to the plot and the ending was a bit cheesy. I really enjoyed Bogart's performance, though.

White Oleander

"White Oleander" is the result of mixing a good script, solid character development, excellent acting, and an interesting tone and pace. "White Oleander" set itself apart from other mother-daughter dramas by it being particularly critical of the mother and demonstrating how the daughter must not only pick up the pieces for the family, but put them back together as well.

The Good German

I was curious about how this movie would imitate the "film noir" style. I was very impressed by the directing and the techniques used to mimic old movies. The story is interesting but is delivered in kind of a boring way. I liked Clooney's acting very much, he reminded me of Carey Grant, but was less impressed by Blanchett. Tobey Maguire should NOT have been chosen for this role. Period.

The Untouchables

Top Gangster Movie

An amazing group of actors and great portrayal of Al Capone. I was sitting on the edge of my seat through the entire movie!


Top Action Drama


Top Historical Figure Movie

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

Top Quirky Story

I finally saw it! One of the most precious movies out there! A great story and excellent acting.

Edward Scissorhands

Top Fantasy Story

Revitalizing a Frankenstein-esque story in modern times, Tim Burton created a visual and intellectual masterpiece. Unsurprisingly, Johnny Depp is magnificent in his role of Edward. Humor plays a large part in this movie but the messages buried under the surface of "Edward Scissorhands" are very powerful. Finally, the filming, directing, and use of sets makes this movie stand out.


A cinematographic masterpiece, which can teach viewers a lot about the art of making films. The subtle nuances, visual clues, and expression through face movements added greatly to this movie. And who doesn't love the shower scene?


I was not very impressed with this adaption of Shakespeare's classic play. I believe that Hawke was a bad choice for the role, not because he is a bad actor but because he does not fit the part. Stiles butchered most of her lines and Murray seemed to be lacking something as well. Although the acting did not impress me, I found the production to be fantastic. The modern twist on Hamlet was well executed and the imagery was perfect.


"Breach" was a lot better than I expected, mainly because the acting was great. Cooper was subtle and intriguing as usual, Phillippe really raised the bar for himself, and Dhavernas did a lot with her small role. I thought that the story was well executed and avoided the overly-action-thriller-ness that tends to attack movies about the FBI or CIA. Character development also played an important and interesting role in this film.


"Awwwwww," is best way I can describe this film. Who knew that rats could be so cute? Excellent animation aside, this movie was fantastic. The story was well developed, very funny, and extremely creative. I also appreciated the smart references to the tough Paris restaurant world and the true-to-life depictions of an haute-cuisine kitchen. This movie is a great pick for families young and old.


I was extremely impressed by the artistic merits of this movie. The filming style, directing, and use of imagery blew me away. I also liked the story, though I found there should have been more of a climax. The concept is very cool!

Bee Movie
Bee Movie(2007)

As far as animated comedies go, this film was impressive. Thanks to Seinfeld, the dialogue was witty and of relatively high-calibre, while maintaining kids-movie charm. The story was a bit ridiculous bu acceptable nonetheless. I have two criticisms, though: The jokes were not tailored enough towards children (i.e. the parents were laughing but not their 5-year-olds), and the script/moral was a bit preachy.

10 Things I Hate About You

i loved it! it was a great movie as far as romantic comedies go. heath ledger and julia stiles were hilarious plus perfect for their roles.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Thankfully, the final installment of the Bourne movies lived up to the trilogy's record of interesting directing, good acting, and fast-paced action. Although I was a bit disappointed with not learning more about Bourne, and him not opening up very much, I was please with the movie. I liked the point at which they started the story and how it continued from the last one.

Becoming Jane

I am happy that someone did a film on Jane Austen herself for once and not another adaptation of one of her books. Although very Hollywoodized, this story was cute enough and the acting wasn't too shabby either. Most importantly, James McAvoy made my heart melt! If you enjoy romantic movies, then you will like sitting through this one.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

As a big fan of the novel, I did not like the way the film version strayed from the original story. I would like to have seen them keep a strong focus on the Chief. However, the acting on the part of all the characters was superb and the script was fantastic.

Snow Cake
Snow Cake(2006)

One of the best movies I have seen in a while. The story is beautifully woven around interesting characters played by very talented actors. The cinematography really enriched the story, as well as the directing. A must-see film.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Another great installment in the Harry Potter series. As always, the cinematography and special effects were amazing. The main cast gets better every year (my hat's off to Watson) and the story was enthralling. However, this was the first movie out of the four so far that I've noticed a problem: one would not understand the story if he or she had not read the books. However, in this Harry-mania age, I don't think that's an issue...yet.

Fathers' Day
Fathers' Day(1997)

With the team of Williams, Crystal, and Louis-Dreyfus, you are bound to get some laughs...and I did! The story was cute but not hilarious. The actor playing the son was pretty bad and didn't add anything to the movie. If you are a fan of one of these big stars, then it's an okay watch.

Sydney White
Sydney White(2007)

First of all, let me say that Amanda Bynes is my favorite female "comedian". I absolutely love her shows and her movies. Although this flick was not as hilarious as "She's the Man", it made up for that with funny and unique characters. I loved the quirkyness of the dorks!


Definitely in my top five most romantic movies, Dogfight made my heart melt. Phoenix was superb in his acting and his attention to details and mannerisms was equal to that of Johnny Depp. Lili Taylor couldn't have been sweeter. I enjoyed how this love story, though in an interesting scenario, seemed very plausible. The script was never cheesy nor Hollywoodized.

Billy Elliot
Billy Elliot(2000)

I was worried that this film is overrated but I was glad not to prove my worries correct. Billy Elliot was endearing, humorous, and just plain fun to watch. Bell did a great performance, as well as the actor who played his best friend. A great movie to watch with the whole family.

Broken Wings (Knafayim Shvurot)

One of my favorite foreign films of all time! The story was beautifully constructed and attached all the delicate strings of the various characters. I enjoyed seeing the perspectives of every family member, not to mention that they were played by amazing actors. If you typically stay away from non-English movies, this one will change your mind.

Life as a House

what could had been an excellent movie because of a great story was brought down by two things: horrendous directing and so-so actors. i found that the scenes were so mixed together and cut short as if they weren't sure what to do so they just moved on. kevin kline was decent but hayden and jena were predictable.


i found this movie to be a let-down. i thought that the story was too slow and there wasn't the amazingly interesting twists that were advertized. it was a pretty predictable court movie that didn't delve deeply enough into hopkins' character. ryan gosling was good but rosamund pike was awful in her role. she missed the mark by a long shot.


after seeing the musical over 3 years ago, i was so excited that a new film version was being made ... and it did not disappoint! the lead was perfect in her portrayal of tracy and all of the supporting roles did a superb job. i particularly liked the pair of john travolta and christopher walken, as well as amanda bynes who did a lot with a reduced role (compared to the musical). the musical numbers had me singing along and moving in my seat. a great feel-good movie!

Mansfield Park

though i have not read the book, i feel that the director captured the austenian atmosphere and correctly portrayed the characters in her style. i thought that the plot was a tad slow but not slow enough to bore me. a good watch for an austen fan.

Primal Fear
Primal Fear(1996)

this movie was so intelligent and well-written. richard gere was the best that i have ever seen him and edward norton's acting just showed why he became such a respected actor so quickly. i found that "primal fear" set itself apart from other courtroom movies, as it dealt with the pyschological toll on the people involved with the case and the consequences of getting too far entrenched in the lawyer world, instead of just showcasing dramatic speeches. finally, i wanted to say that i kind of wish that there wasn't the twist at the end...though i wont give it away.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

i understand that comic book movies are mostly action and cool effects mixed with spandex costumes. but the acting in spiderman 3 wasn't even decent! topher grace simply took his character from "that 70s show" and brought it to this movie. kirsten dunst is her normal average self with nothing interesting to offer and her costar maguire is super cheesy. i would say that franco was the least painful to watch but thats not saying much. even though i wasnt expecting a lot from this film, it was a let down.

The Godfather

an excellent pace with great acting and beautiful imagery.

The Lookout
The Lookout(2007)

i found the story about the main character's pyschological problems more interesting than his involvment in the robbery. the acting was okay and the cinematography wasn't half bad but this film doesnt really stand out for me.

Bon Cop, Bad Cop

as a native quebecer, i loved watching this film especially for its clichés and stereotypes, however overused they were. there were funny bits, cheesy parts, and surprisingly good action sequences.

The Good Shepherd

i found this movie to be on an interesting topic but too slow. angelina jolie did the best acting job out of the entire cast.

The Closet (Le Placard)

a creative idea for a film with subtle humor and cute characters.


i really enjoyed this moive. i found it captivating, touching, and unique. although the acting wasn't spectacular, it was still good and lent a lot to the plot. all in all, i was moved by Dreamland.


i loved Secretary! the acting was magnificient and the story was beautifully twisted and slightly perverted ... all in a good way. i thought it is a very unique movie displaying a lot of creativity.

Boys on the Side

a very heartfelt film with endearing characters, excellent acting, and an extremely touching story-line. i would recommend this movie for a mother-daughter bonding night!

The Virgin Suicides

I found the story an interesting one (i might read the book) but I did not enjoy the directing. I felt like I was watching a movie that was cut and pasted together. Also, the scenes seemed only half finished -- like there was something more to say but it was left on the cutting room floor.

The Queen
The Queen(2006)

This film put a very real, "normal" face on the queen, which I enjoyed very much. As I was very young when Diana died, I learned a lot about the event. The acting was superb and very natural. I felt like I was watching a documentary!

The Opposite of Sex

the most twisted comedy i have ever watched -- and i loved it! christina ricci was positively evil and lisa kudrow was great in her role. i did find that it dragged on too long, however.


a very entertaining mobster movie that mixes reality with outrageousness! the characters were crazy and the swearing was insane but extremely funny. a must-see for any mob movie lovers!

Jurassic Park

a really fun movie with a great idea and marvelously bad actors. the b-movie-ness of it made jurassic park so lovable and entertaining to watch.

What Women Want

it took too long for the story to really get going ? and that story wasn't really interesting anyway. it was a cool idea but was not executed very well. not to mention that the acting was only mediocre.

Ocean's Twelve

i liked this one better than the first! there was more humor, good cameos once again, and a more involved plot. i cant wait for the third!

Moulin Rouge!

amazing music and costumes! they alone are what made this movie worth a watch because i was not extremely interested by the story, unfortunately.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

a definite improvement over the last one! the effects were absolutely mind-blowing and worth the movie ticket alone. johnny made the movie, of course, but i would have liked to see the minor characters have bigger roles like they did in the first film. the story, though complex, wasn't complicated and i liked the fact that everyone was making deals behind each other's backs. i suggest everyone go out to see this own!

Half Nelson
Half Nelson(2006)

a good story: very raw and true to life. however, i found it a bit slow and as if there was no climax to the story. to be honnest, i was a bit disappointed.

The Spirit of the Beehive (El Espíritu de la colmena)

a haunting film where less is truly more. the cinematography was brilliant and the main character was a beautiful actress. really worth a watch by everyone.

Stick It
Stick It(2006)

absolutely awful acting, however the gymnastics were great to watch. if they didn't speak at all, it would have been a good movie, lol.

Scent of a Woman

pacino and o'donnell were superb actors in this film! it was great to watch not only for the story but to simply appreciate the acting talent. my only citicism is that i found the music didn't match the movie very well.

Year of the Dog

so awkward is the best way to describe this film! funny but got a bit dull at times.

Bullets Over Broadway

a classci woody allen film that has charm and humor to please.


amazing cast! every actor brought something unique to the film and with such power as well.


curious idea for a movie and well thought-out but i find that the acting and direction of the movie could have been more enticing.

Shakespeare in Love

very cute film with good actors and great humor. the costumes were amazing as well as the sets. i particularly liked how the story incorporated ideas from shakespeare's actual plays such as Romeo&Juliet and Twelth Night. having said that, I don't think that it deserved the Academy Award for Best Picture :s

13 Going on 30

ugh. AWFUL acting, extremely boring, and nothing new to offer. dont waste your time with this film.

Out of Sight
Out of Sight(1998)

funny and interesting. not an award-winning script, of course, but entertaining nonetheless.

An Inconvenient Truth

i learned A LOT from this movie and was startled by the facts/diagrams Al Gore showed. i found that the presentation of the information could have been better. I didn't like that the majority of the film was a video tape of him giving a speech and the rest clips of him owrking on the speech :s

Groundhog Day

very cool idea for a movie! the acting wasn't amazing and there were more than a couple cheesy moments but overall it was a cute flick. i have to say that the insurance man character was my favorite, lol!

Reign Over Me

i thought this movie was good all around: it had a nice pace, a fun cast, and mixed humor and drama very well. i loved adam sandlers peformance! im not a fan of his comedy but i loved him in this film. lastly, the score and soundtrack was perfectly fitted to the story.

Key Largo
Key Largo(1948)

i wasn't too enthralled by this one. the acting was good but the story was too slow and uneventful.

The Sixth Sense

even though i knew the twist before starting the film (thanks, mom) it was fun to see the clues that shyamalan put it and how he made the story work. osment was brilliant in this role as was bruce willis. horror was used at the right moments and never too much. most of all, i loved the story!

Man of the Year

i was not expecting the serious part of the plot but i thought that the director mixed the comedy and the drama very well -- even tho, at first, it was kind of strange. robin williams was hilarious as usually and i actually laughed out loud many times. a must-see for his fans.

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

really cool! all the actors were amazing and very realistic. i thought the story was great, could have been a bit shorter, but did not drag on.

Notes on a Scandal

interesting topic -- i actually thought that the story of dench's character's obsession was more intriguing than the teacher/student scandal. needless to say, great acting by dench, blanchett, and nighy.

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman(1990)

julia roberts' character is so lovable in this film and her acting, along with gere's charming role, is what makes the film so memorable. it was a unique and touching story, mixed with a nice type of comedy.

Jerry Maguire

first off, renee's character's child is probably the most adorable boy i have ever seen. he made me laugh more than all the other characters combined! cuba gooding jr is annoying but entertaining and tom cruise deserved an oscar nomination as well.

The Wedding Planner

me favorite lopez film by far. she plays the role very well but i wish that the other actors were a bit more entertaining.

Sixteen Candles

kind of disappointing. the first half was funny, cute and amusing. however, after watching for an hour and a half, you expect to have a very romantic, satisifying ending. 16 candles ended abruptly and had me asking, "that's it?"


this is such a ridiculous movie...but thats why i liked it :) it was funny, crude, over-the-top and stupid but not nauseatingly so. as far as teen comedies go, its realtively high up there. jason schwartzman was the perfect blend of creepy stalker and vengeful nerd.

Curse of the Golden Flower

one of the most beautifully filmed movies ive ever seen. the colors, costumes, and sets were out of this world. the fight scenes were excellently crafted. i thought the sotry was very interesting. my only criticism would be that the final fight scene dragged on too long.

She's the Man

i was laughing out loud the whole time!

The Princess Diaries 2 - Royal Engagement

soooooo pathetic. they could have done a lot better.

The Fugitive
The Fugitive(1993)

one of harrison ford's best thrillers. super suspenseful!

Gangs of New York

this movie owes everything to martin scorcesse and his brilliant directing/filming.

Gone in 60 Seconds (Gone in Sixty Seconds)

nothing special...just a standard action-packed movie with an okay sciprt and okay acting. there were a few good laughs, mind you.

A Few Good Men

i liked how the story played out and the evidence that tom cruise used was very smartly written. on the other hand, the acting was a whole other story. demi moore was annoyingly over-dramatic and cruise was teetering on the edge as well. i also found that there were too many "big speeches", if you know what i mean.

Ladder 49
Ladder 49(2004)

i was pleasantly surprised with this movie. it was much better written, directed, and filmed that i thought it would be and the acting was far beyond what i had imagined. i liked the style of jumping back and forth between the past and present leading up to the final fire call. two suggestions: i would have liked to see the conflict with jack's wife and jack's uneasiness about his job explored more in depth.

The History Boys

i was very impressed by the acting in this film and was happy to see that the original theatre cast was chosen for the movie version. i found the story very poignant and is relevant to today's education systems as well as back in the '80s. the only part of the film i was pleased with was the ending, however it did not ruin it.

Coach Carter
Coach Carter(2005)

your typical sports-related-inspirational film and for its type it was not bad. i found that it followed a formula, though, of the team doing well, screwing up, the coach yells at them, adn then they learn a life lesson. this process seemed to happen over and over again in the movie. i also found samuel jackon's speeches to be corny and overdone.

Thank You for Smoking

funny and witty! i was amused throughout this film and found it quite smart. however, i find that aaron eckhart was the only good character.

Cruel Intentions

i enjoyed the quirkiness of this film and the originality of its sotry. sarah michelle gellar was very entertaining with her sexy but cruel attitude.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

i think that it is slightly overrated, however, i was pleasantly surprised. i liked its take on society and "some" of tyler durden's philosophies to live life by. i think that the twist was unexpected and made the film miles more interesting. needless to say that the quality of acting by norton, pitt, and bonham carter was superb.

Donnie Brasco

not your typical mobster film. it has elements of comedy with its over-the-top mafia stereotypes but at the same time has very good character development (especially with al pacino's role).

My Best Friend's Wedding

super cute! you'll want to slap julia roberts because of all the problems she creates but you still gotta love her character.

Blood Diamond

this was such a heart-wrenching film! the entire cast acted so amanzingly and so naturally, i actually believed them at some points! and i loved that the reality of what happened (and is still happening) in sierra leone was so in-your-face. it really made me think about the situation there and i was left with an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. i think it will really reaise awareness about the condition in war-torn african countries.

Love Actually

a cute, lighthearted film about love. nothing more than that but it didn't have to be. i liked how the humor was kinf od subtle and not over done and how it didn't seem as if they were trying to be overly sentimental or dramatic. worth the watch if you are a romantic comedy fan but not the best in its genre out there.


very captivating and different characters played by anexcellent ensemble cast. the fast switching between their stories kept me interested in the movie even though not much which going on in the overall plot. the final scene was definitely the best. emilio estevez gets props for the script, although it could have been a little less cheesy, but especially the directing.

Lord of War
Lord of War(2005)

i loved this humor in this film as well as the cinematography. it displayed the violence and corruption of the world without an in-your-face documentary style. nicholas cage was brilliant in his role and even jared leto wasn't half bad.

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

wow, it really makes you think! thats what i loved about this movie. even after its over you are still not sure exactly what happened and it leads to disucss different theories. i thought the beginning of the film was a bit too long (it took a while to get into it) but the last 20 minutes were amazing. the acting was great and the idea well thought out. definitely see this if you love physchological thrillers.

Sleepy Hollow

the only thing i really enjoyed about this film was tim burton's directing. his odd style thats a unique blend of creepy and funny was quite entertaining. however, the acting, especially on johnyy depps' part, could have been a lot better and less cheesy. the take on the legend was interesting yet could have been better developed.

Beijing Bicycle

it was hard to feel sympathetic for the main character when he was, well, stupid. the acting was good but the story was a bit irritating and extremely slow. the way the characters talked less and less added to the boredom as well.

Autumn Spring (Babí léto)

adorable, touching story with great life lessons (yet not in a sappy way). it was surprisingly funny as well.

Girl, Interrupted

obviously from looking at my rating ii loved this movie! all the actors, from jolie and ryder to the supporting cast were outstanding. the switching back and forth at the beginning of the film (between the past and present) was a great idea and fit perfectly with susanna's (ryder) state of mind. jolie definitely deserved her oscar but i believe that ryder did as well.

A Prairie Home Companion

with all the hype about this movie i expected something much better. the only shining lights in this film were kevin kline, who was subtely hilarious as usual, and woody harrelson. a fan of meryl streep, i thought that she would carry the movie but i found nothing special in her acting. the songs were entertaining, yes, but they were lost in the weird script. i especially disliked the "angel" character which i believe should have been left out all together.

Running With Scissors

i loved it! the backdrop really made the movie, but the actors were marvelous as well. it was hilarious, sad, and moving all at the same time. i liked every bit of it.


it took too long for the movie to really get going and the acting could have been a lot better. mark wahlberg i did like, however. the scrpit was also a bit cheesy.

Losing Isaiah

meh, nothing special. halle berry was good but not outstanding. the story was a good idea but it could have been played out better. i find that the movie only got interesting during the court scenes and that was and hour and a half into the movie.

The Insider
The Insider(1999)

excellent movie for many reasons. the acting was so natural it was unbelievable, the story was a great choice, and the cinematography really helped enhance the entire movie. my only citicism is that it dragged on waaaayy too long so i got tired by the end. however, it was definitely worht watching to learn at this 60 minute story.

Open Season
Open Season(2006)

very cute characters and an okay script. definitely not at the level of shrek, ice age, or nemo but a very good effort. they were even some parts that made me laugh out loud!

Kandahar: Le soleil derrière la lune

it took me a lot about the culture in afghanistan, in particular the situation for women there. i loved the fimography and the idea for the story as well. my only criticism is that the acting was a bit stiff.

A Good Woman
A Good Woman(2006)

i really enjoyed it. i thought it was a fun period piece with great actors. the gossipers were very true tio real life and the look into affairs was an interesting take. i loved the twist at the end.

Kitchen Stories

a nice film about friendship and loneliness that is very touching. i enjoyed the way it explored human nature.

Dark Passage
Dark Passage(1947)

uuuuhhhhggggggllllluuuuuhhh. really boring with annoying, schizo filming.


very good script with funny moments and sad moments. i loved the actors as well who were perfect in their roles.

Heavenly Creatures

one word: chilling.

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World

i was expecting it to be a lot funnier. i think that the idea was very cool but the script could have been written better and more developed. the ending was also a bit of a dud.

The New World

could it get anymore boring? no. i had good hopes for this film but i couldn't believe how bad it was! i actually stopped it 20 minutes early cuz i couldn't take anymore! nothing happened in the story, the script was bad, as well as the acting. i strongly suggest to AVOID this movie at all cost.


needed better actors but was enjoyable. the battle sequences were the gem of the film and the music as well.


adorable comedy which, even though totally impossible, was nice to watch nonethless. was overall hilarious (not just some funny parts) and the weird students were the best. a must-see!

The Illusionist

i loved the twist at the end (dont want to give away too much!). it was written in a way that it is EXTREMELY hard to see it coming or to figure out the "grand illusion". the filming style was very interesting and the music was excellent. props to paul giamatti who did a wonderful job as usual.

Good Will Hunting

beautiful story and great cast. a really nice way to depict "finding yourself" in a movie.

Out of Africa

a slow but excellently written movie. the actions were subtle yet strong and the ideas and morals were great. meryl streep, as always, did an amazing job in her role and her accent was very well done.

Man on Fire
Man on Fire(2004)

cool filming style and good acting though the script could have been A LOT better. it was still enjoyable for an action movie.

Falling in Love

cute but slow romantic movie. a beautiful paring of actors and the script did a nice take on affairs.


interesting idea but could have been better scripted. the argument scenes were a bit tiresome but other than that a cool film.

World Trade Center

i find that it was tastefully done yet quite cheesy. the best performances, in my opinion, were actually from the wives and not the policemen themselves.

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

although it was extremely confusing, the film was amazing. jake gyllenhaal is great in his role and the mix of sci-fi, suspense, and drama is cool. even though i didnt quite understand what had happened once the film ended, after looking up explanations it made more sense. the fact that i had to look on web sites to understand isn't a negative thing, mind you. the story was very complex but well thought out.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

tried too hard to be GOOD instead of stupid and funny. it had its moments but was really not worth paying the money to see.


weird story, confusing, and boring. SOME and i mean SOME sort of funny bits.

I Am Sam
I Am Sam(2001)

one of the best movies i have ever seen. it was a true tear-jerker! sean penn was so natural in his character it was astounding! the rest of the cast, dakota fanning in particular, was amazing as well. the story was superbly written and was paced very well.

Everything is Illuminated

very ineresting cinematography with a unique story and nice sense of humour. it was a very touching film while being subtle.


interesting concept and good actors but i think it would have been better if it was more of a thriller and less comedic.

Match Point
Match Point(2005)

not the most unique take on a love triangle but i love the pace of the film, music, and the photography style.


hoffman definitely deserved his oscar. the story and time in capote's life chosen for the film was what made it so interesting. i also like how the writers included nell harper lee so much.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

not nearly as good as the first one. it was too long, focused too much on the creatures/effects than on the acting and good script, and has an overly intricate plot. it still had its good bits here and there but overall i was somewhat disappointed.

Patriot Games

a true harrison ford-esque action adventure with a ridiculous fight scene to finish it off. not a bad story idea but the overly heroic indiana jones-style action sequences overshadow a plot that could have been better developed.

North Country

beautiful and powerful. charlize theron was an excellent pick. the only thing i was thrilled about was the court scene at the end. it was a bit too "hollywood ending" for the rest of the movie. other than that is was marvelous :)

Analyze This
Analyze This(1999)

a hilarious take on mobsters! robert de niro and crystal are amazing choices for this film. i was laughing throughout the entire movie and loved the story line.

The Talented Mr. Ripley

creepy in a mysterious way and a very smart script. matt damon was excellent in this role.

The Awful Truth

quite funny and one of cary grant's best.


Hilarious and daring. Felicity Huffman was scary and brilliant at the same time as the transvestite!

Peaceful Warrior

extremely diappointing! it seemed as though the writers were trying desperately to make an "inspirational" film but failed badly. nolte's character's script is comprised of Hallmark sayings (very corny) and the movie is overall a strange mix of not-quite mystical, not-quite realistic. the only good thing about the film was the sometimes interesting cinematography here and there.

The Man in the Iron Mask

story was all over the place; acting was corny; and it was mediocre in terms of period piece production

16 Blocks
16 Blocks(2006)

i surprisingly enjoyed this film. Mos Def was superb in his role.

American Dreamz

Actually, I found it a bit disappointing but still funny and, of course, satircal as can be. I would reccomend seeing it but it wasn't a "wow" for me.

The Constant Gardener

beautiful cinematography and soundtrack. the story was suspenseful but captivating at the same time. ralph fiennes was subtle yet powerful in his acting.

Tristan & Isolde

an interesting adaption of the story, well casted, but a bit lacking in the actual romance, lol. that was a bit disappointing.

Dead Poets Society

a beautiful movie that is inspirtaional, poignant, and funny at the same time. a definite classic and must-see for all movie-goers.


definitely the craziest movie! i loved the whole thing and was laughing from start to finish.

Last Holiday
Last Holiday(2006)

wat i expected: cute but boring and a weak plot.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

i hate this version of rudolph. the old-style stop frame is unappealing and the singing is EXTREMELY annoying.

War of the Buttons

one of the best coming-of-age stories ive edver seen.

West Side Story

gets at least its one star because of the funny dancing which is suppose to be a show-down.

To Kill A Mockingbird

great book, awful film.

The Secret Garden

one of my favorite book adaptations.

The Barbarian Invasions (Les Invasions barbares)

saw the original french version and i really didn't like it.

The Chorus (Les Choristes)

ive only seen it in french and i love it. the music is amazing.

The Parent Trap

One of my favorite, most-seen, childhood movies!

Red Dragon
Red Dragon(2002)

extremely thrilling


crazy story and interesting characters. my fav is the punk Jewish girl at the Catholic school.

Pretty in Pink

extremely cute, esp. Duckie!

Breaking Away

great coming-of-age story. ive seen it more than 3 times!

The Lord of the Rings

i hate the cartoon version, seriously

The Break-Up
The Break-Up(2006)

Had its funny bits, but I found the fights a tad long and sometimes annoying. I also felt as thoughthe story was missing something.

Kinky Boots
Kinky Boots(2006)

Extremely cute characters and a unique story. It had funny parts too :)

I Was a Male War Bride

sooooo funny! i love the scene when he dresses up like a woman!

Operation Petticoat

hilarious! esp. for the flirty nurse!


cute romantic comedy but wasn't really going anywhere. however, enstein's friends were hilarious! i love those guys!

The Weather Man

A tad disappointing but interesting and had its funny bits.

Take the Lead

Go dancing movies! The plot was kind of weak but the dancing was cool and the story was an interesting idea. Plus, I like the fact that it was based on a true story.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

Not as good as the first one but still very funny and entertaining. The squirrel named Scrat was the best part of the movie and the funniest.