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Léon: The Professional

Léon: The Professional(1994)

Tense from the opening shot, this is a slick and suspenseful movie, a classic of the action genre but one that's thrilling for other reasons as well. There's a little comedy, subtle echoes of some classics (Taxi Driver, True Grit), a disturbing sexualization of the precocious Natalie Portman character as a subplot, a surprise motive for the "bad" guys (well-led by Gary Oldman, in a great turn), and an ending that's, shall we say, explosive. Immediately after watching it I wanted to watch it again; aside from a few overly sentimental blips in the early going, it's pretty much a perfect movie. Weird that I couldn't get into Subway or The Fifth Element (Besson's other work) - I absolutely loved this outing.