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Serenity (2005)
8 years ago via Movies on Facebook

One of the best science-fiction films is special because it features a tremendously strong script and compelling story-line rather than just cool action and special effects (although it has that too). Most of all director Joss Whedon handles the material with love and devotion and creates a world where the characters seem real. Main characters die in his universe and because of this, our stake in them in that much higher.

Quantum of Solace
8 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Wow, I absolutely loved Casino Royale. What the hell happened?! Daniel Craig is still great as Bond but he is given no support from anyone in front of or behind the camera. Marc Forster, who I usually like as a director, did a terrible job. The action scenes were poorly shot and edited worse. The story was non-existent and a complete let-down after Casino Royale's brilliance. Do yourself a favor, see Casino Royale again and skip this trash!

Blood Diamond
Blood Diamond (2006)
8 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Great movie with amazing performances, excellent direction, and a great message.

Body of Lies
Body of Lies (2008)
8 years ago via Movies on Facebook

This movie had a tedious first act, a pretty solid and entertaining second act and cop-out third act. Overall it was nothing special. The acting was okay but both DiCaprio and Crowe have been a lot better. Cinematography was strong but the story never went anywhere and ultimately there was no reason for this film to exist because there was never really anything substantial at stake. I didn't care about any of the characters although I did think that Mark Strong completely stole the show with his portrayal of Hani. His acting was the best part of the movie.