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Deep Red (Profondo rosso)
2 days ago via Flixster

Finally gave this one a look on Blu-ray and have to say that it definitely lives up to the hype surrounding it and makes me see why people can still give the man a pass, if he had this kind of good faith in the bank with me, I probably wouldn't be so put off by shit like Mother Of Tears during his later career.

This film will give Suspiria a run for its money as far as my favorite Argento film goes, and I almost feel as though I owe each of them a re-watch back to back to see what comes out on top.


Pieces (1983)
2 days ago via Flixster

Frequently nude coeds, over the top bloodshed and a killer lurking about on a college campus: we must be watching an 80's horror film, right?

The ridiculously hard to catch killer, lugging an ENORMOUS chainsaw around a college, casually carving up girls to collect whatever pieces he needs for a pet project - this film is a lot of fun and well worth a look for the awful dubbing and dialog alone.


While We're Young
2 days ago via Flixster

Noah Baumbach is always a draw for me, so I went into this with high hopes and came away feeling sort of middling about it overall. A childless married couple finds new life and activities with a younger couple, but as things move on, they begin to notice the benefits of aging gracefully, etc., and they also start to suspect that one of their new friends may only be along for selfish reasons.

Worth a look if you have the chance, as it does have some pretty amusing moments, but it gets a bit too serious in the final reel for my tastes.

Fresh Dressed
Fresh Dressed (2015)
3 days ago via Flixster

I gave this a spin via Netfux Streaming, and I was impressed. You get a nice overview of hip-hop fashion and how the earliest designers started out using pieces of other designers clothing to deconstruct and rebuild to make their own pieces, then went mainstream with a certain urban lifestyle look.

Worth a rental.

High Fidelity
High Fidelity (2000)
3 days ago via Flixster

One of those comfort movies that I can put on at any time, Cusack really does a great job as the slightly assholish, aloof guy who delves deeper into his past to try and find out what went wrong with his current relationship. The credits roll as we get a slight hint that he's come out the other side a better person, and it's a fun journey.

Well worth a re-visit if you have the chance.