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I'm Speechless!

There are no correct words to describe how ... epic this movie is. It has a bit of everything in it.
Fantasy - the spiritual beliefs of the Na'vi
Science Fiction - it was based on another world
War - the massive fight between the humans and the Na'vi (the native creatures of the plant
And of course Romance!

It will take your breath away as you fall in love with the characters and the world. It makes me see how much being a human kind of sucks and how much wrong we do. The battle that rages between the humans and this native tribe kind of reminds me of the Vietnam War, in terms of methods, but also any other war in general. I'm anti-war if you can?t tell.

However, back to the movie, "I want a tail" just because being one of those people looks magical which is the point James Cameron was trying to get across.

This movie cost so much but I can see where that money went. The special effects were amazing. Everything looked so real and believable. It was not overdone at all. The worlds create were spectacular. (Also reminding me a bit of something I dreamt up once which turned into an A on my art project).

Anyway this is my type of movie and I?m getting it on DVD.
Recommend it everyone.
Go and see it