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Lockout (2012)
15 months ago via Movies on Android phone

You can watch the first 4 minutes of this move and you will know if you are going to love the move or hate it. Over top dialogue and flashy CGi will either suck you in or make you laugh at the movie.

But wasn't that what Kurt Russell was in Escape from NY? I also enjoyed Guy Pierce's acting and was surprised by his character, especially being so different from my other memories of him. (Memento and LA Confidential). With almost all action movies these days, you have a certain level of acceptance from the audience in plausibility.

For me, this light humor action movie took me in and I enjoyed the Indiana wise crack remarks with FU personality of Snake Plisskin. Escape from NY fans, how can you over look that Kurt Russel name is Snake Plisssssskin! Same with Guy Pierce and Snow! You can enjoy or just walk away.

At least after the opening scene you will know where you stand.