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The Return
The Return (2003)
8 months ago via Flixster

"Fresh, breakthrough, wit, simply beautifuL" One of the best directing works in years.. How can i believe this is the debut work!! Remember, remember his name "Andrey Zvyagintsev".. Superb directed, Blue tone made my heart cry.. Real Beautiful camera work.. Great acting of 3 main characters.. Great simply story filled with Philosophy + Individual things.. All being together!!!

I saw this movie on the indie movie rental shop years ago.. and felt interested with the picture in the front cover. Now i deeply heartbreaking by that captured frame!! I know from the movie detail on the back cover that Vladimir Garin, one of the kids in this movie, has drawn death... 2 months after finished shooting!! Died in the movie location.. Oh god he should have seen his great work!! He didn't have a chane to know the movie he involved with was won the Golden Lion from Venice. So sorry for him.. And for me He is the most impressive character in the movie!! Goshh

You'll know when you see it.. maybe you don't know it by reason or theory.. but sure you can know it by your heart.. This is high artistic work of directing!! The way he shooted it.. How the camera moved.. wonderfuL!!

Salute, Vladimir Garin!! ..You have left something good in this world!!

PS. Somebody underated this movie!! I don't give a shit ;) but if you never see it.. Try it !! I Highly recommend this..

Tito and Me
Tito and Me (1993)
7 years ago via Flixster

TITO was both Hero and Evil for Yugoslavia.. This is the last film of Yugoslavia.. before it was torn apart by the civil war!! Charming life of Zoran.. a fat kid who worship a dictator as his idol.. Finally he found the answer for his belief.. So was me.. A Fun and Heartwarming movie. With interestin' story!! Take a look at children.. They're our future!! Our heritages left in this endless world!! and they're looking at us.. Learning for us..

A viewpoint of a kid to the world he lived in!! "Interesting and clever in some point"