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The Legend (Fong Sai Yuk)
6 months ago via Flixster

Very exciting action sequences.

Flirting Scholar (Tang Bohu dian Qiuxiang)
6 months ago via Flixster

OMG, I have finally found the perfect Stephen Chow film where Stephen acts the same way he usually does. However, his best is still Journey to the West. The story is very brilliant and highly appealling. Altho it is from a folk lore meaning the writers didnt write the story, their attention to detail is magificent. The script stays true to Stephen's kind of comedy which is fun, sometimes disturbing, mixed with inside canto jokes. Stephen had so much firepower backing him up, he just couldnt suck and he DIDNT!! Another honoury mention is Gong Li. I have never found her attractive until I saw this movie. This is her Shallow Hal (i found Paltrow attractive only in that film). Gong Li's like the ideal girl and her acting matches it to a tee. Lastly, Alex is also amazing. He is also fortunate enough to play his usual kind of character ... a dooche. However, this time, he holds back from being a complete dooche and it pays off. His character just fits the film perfectly. On a funny note, I finally know why ppl think the name Pa Hu is a bad name. In actuality, the name means great tiger but it sounds like 8 pains/sorrows. How many wives did he have in the beginning? LOL.

Eddie Murphy Raw
7 years ago via Flixster

THE BEST MURPHY PRODUCT EVER. Every minute is hilarious and very entertaining.

My Name Is Bruce
8 years ago via Flixster

A lame movie that manages to be entertaining because it is possible. A B movie legend loses his flame and does crappy movies then gets his image revived by doing something memorable.

Bedtime Stories
8 years ago via Flixster

Its a cute movie meant strictly for kids. Adults wont find it interesting except for watching Guy Pearce and Lucy Lawless as villains.