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Eddie Murphy Raw
7 years ago via Flixster

THE BEST MURPHY PRODUCT EVER. Every minute is hilarious and very entertaining.

My Name Is Bruce
7 years ago via Flixster

A lame movie that manages to be entertaining because it is possible. A B movie legend loses his flame and does crappy movies then gets his image revived by doing something memorable.

Bedtime Stories
7 years ago via Flixster

Its a cute movie meant strictly for kids. Adults wont find it interesting except for watching Guy Pearce and Lucy Lawless as villains.

The Spirit
The Spirit (2008)
7 years ago via Flixster

Not worth my time at all. There was poor acting all around and everything was predictable. The Spirit's flirtatious behaviours are stupid, annoying, and unnecessary. His love line with the doctor is poorly constructed. The love line in itself is stupid, unnecessary, and ill placed. If that part was taken out, it might have even helped the film. The only good thing about the movie is its reminds me of better movies like Sin City, with its graphical city, and Unbreakable, with the hero and villain being identical in many ways.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit
7 years ago via Flixster

A fascinating movie mixing reality with fantasy while keeping the film PG. U have your detective, femme fatale, and a sucker. All the while there is no real violence or sex ... just Paddy Cake. haha