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The Legend (Fong Sai Yuk)

Very exciting action sequences.

Flirting Scholar (Tang Bohu dian Qiuxiang)

OMG, I have finally found the perfect Stephen Chow film where Stephen acts the same way he usually does. However, his best is still Journey to the West. The story is very brilliant and highly appealling. Altho it is from a folk lore meaning the writers didnt write the story, their attention to detail is magificent. The script stays true to Stephen's kind of comedy which is fun, sometimes disturbing, mixed with inside canto jokes. Stephen had so much firepower backing him up, he just couldnt suck and he DIDNT!! Another honoury mention is Gong Li. I have never found her attractive until I saw this movie. This is her Shallow Hal (i found Paltrow attractive only in that film). Gong Li's like the ideal girl and her acting matches it to a tee. Lastly, Alex is also amazing. He is also fortunate enough to play his usual kind of character ... a dooche. However, this time, he holds back from being a complete dooche and it pays off. His character just fits the film perfectly. On a funny note, I finally know why ppl think the name Pa Hu is a bad name. In actuality, the name means great tiger but it sounds like 8 pains/sorrows. How many wives did he have in the beginning? LOL.

Eddie Murphy Raw

THE BEST MURPHY PRODUCT EVER. Every minute is hilarious and very entertaining.

My Name Is Bruce

A lame movie that manages to be entertaining because it is possible. A B movie legend loses his flame and does crappy movies then gets his image revived by doing something memorable.

Bedtime Stories

Its a cute movie meant strictly for kids. Adults wont find it interesting except for watching Guy Pearce and Lucy Lawless as villains.

The Spirit
The Spirit(2008)

Not worth my time at all. There was poor acting all around and everything was predictable. The Spirit's flirtatious behaviours are stupid, annoying, and unnecessary. His love line with the doctor is poorly constructed. The love line in itself is stupid, unnecessary, and ill placed. If that part was taken out, it might have even helped the film. The only good thing about the movie is its reminds me of better movies like Sin City, with its graphical city, and Unbreakable, with the hero and villain being identical in many ways.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

A fascinating movie mixing reality with fantasy while keeping the film PG. U have your detective, femme fatale, and a sucker. All the while there is no real violence or sex ... just Paddy Cake. haha

War, Inc.
War, Inc.(2008)

A crappy movie with big name actors. The only decent part is the opening scene.

Eddie Murphy Delirious

Its very evident that acting ISNT meant for him but standup sure is. This is a great concert.

Another 48 Hrs.

There was no point in making this sequel. It sucks so much that even Murphy cant remotely save it.

48 HRS
48 HRS(1982)

Not worth watching unless you really like Murphy's oneliners. The only good part is when Murphy pretends to be a cop in a white bar. That was epic!!


I should have finished watching the motion comic before watching the movie cuz I now have a mixed feeling about both. Still, the movie isnt a good as the movie because several minors things were left unexplained. Still, the meaning is spectacular. Sacrifice is required for a better world, just like the ending to Dark Knight.

Role Models
Role Models(2008)

Overall: Boring. Only thing good is the boobie watch. The larping did NOT help.

My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady(1964)

My long anticipated film did not disappoint. The plot and the songs were beautiful and unforgettable. The only problem is Rex's singing. Still, the rest of the film is very well made and most importantly, Audrey took the reins and to a new dimension that may not ever be duplicated. For one thing, Audrey's voice is quite beautiful. She can hit high notes and mellow out the low notes. But more importantly, she has 2 very distinct acting styles in the film. One is the old self and the other is the new self created with the help of Rex's character. Still, Audrey's "Wouldnt It Be Lavaly" and "If You're In Love" makes everything better because those are hands down the best songs in the film. The distinction really doesnt entirely come from the change in cloths. Audrey's voice and gestures are very distinct. So, the audience can true see the change of her character into a fair lady. Lastly, the building of a crowd was quite fascinating. It turns the film from a conventional movie into an interdisciplary art that involves elements of theatre. Coming to think about it, such involvment gives this film a touch of class because theatre plays have often been associated with class. So, by adding some elements of that into a film that talks about class, makes the film itself classy.

Babylon A.D.
Babylon A.D.(2008)

Nothing stands out in the film. It looks attractive at first but the film isnt constant in its delivery.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Fancy fx with a childish plot.

Still Waiting...

Crappy movie thru and thru. Once again, Hollywood attempts to make sequels to any films that look profitable. This film lacks the characters and the chemistry in the first one. Nothing really works in the film. The only good moment were Nick and T-Dawg's conversations because they really stepped up in their acting. As for the rest of the film, only the girls from Ta Ta's made it bareable.

Man Jeuk (The Sparrow) (Cultured Bird)

Here lies the modern day Hitchcock film. Im very surprised that Johnny To goes out of his limp to use Hitchcock's style of filmmaking. However, it does pay off because the style makes the film more like act that a narrative. Sure there is a simple plot, but thx to the artistic features of the film and the witty script, every moment is just perfect.

Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye(2008)

In the most basic movie term, this is War Games meets Resident Evil. You have a messed up computer and people shutting it down. However, this film does deserve some credit for originality because its a modern day War Games and it can do alot more just because of how much we rely on electricity/technology. For the rest of the film, it was just boring info revealing too much of the characters' personal lives.

The Brave One

No matter how much change you do to a revenge film, it is still a revenge film. This one happens to be a typical one. Partner dies, survivor takes revenge, succeeds, and END. There are just too many similar movies of this. There is no pt at all in making this film.

Eastern Promises

Its a very slow moving film that lacks the suspense and action that everyone was hyped about. The only good thing was the highly unexpected twist. Sadly, Hong Kong films do that all the time so the impact was greatly reduced.

One more thing, Viggo's penis got in the way of the shot. Marks were docked off for that.


As much as I like Gary Sinise, this film was actually pretty lame. The ending was the only good part. Even so, the ending was highly predictable. I doubt I would ever want to watch this again.

The Dark Knight

After rewatching the film, I realized my two previous claims were extraordinarily absurd. Heath Ledger deserves an Oscar for his performance and Danny DeVito?s performance as the Penguin is no match for Ledger. As well, the last 30 minutes were not a drag at all and Dent?s rampage was not a sudden 180 turnaround.

No one caused my change in heart, even my fav critic and my close friend who is also a film fanatic, couldn?t change my mind. I initially didnt find Ledger?s acting special because that is EXACTLY what I expect Joker to be, a crazy, brilliant, and childish criminal who just enjoys making havoc. Now, I realize it really takes a lot of effort from Ledger, the director, and writer to make Joker so horrifying and yet entertaining. Everything Ledger says and does are part of the grand image of Joker. He is an anonymous criminal mastermind with nothing to lose and a psychotic past. It is what makes him so scary and it is how the fat boy with the bomb and the misdirection to Rachel and Dent came to be. Those also contribute to the entertainment of the film so that the typical movie-goers view would enjoy the perceivable action, while the more intellectual movie-goers would identify that they were tools to show Joker?s insanity between shots of him throwing around archaic gestures. Some could argue that Nicolson?s Joker is a joke. In actuality, he is a criminal of a different nature who lacked the production crew?s attention. And the same goes for DeVito but lacks even more attention because he was only scary because of the havoc he creates but not of his speeches and gestures.

My initial reasoning for Dent?s rampage was I thought Rachel?s death was the sole cuz of his change with a little encouragement from Joker. Now, I realize that Dent has been hot-headed from the start. He is an emotionally driven man is killed the 5 ppl in the last 30 minutes not because they were criminals and corrupt police, but they were the ones responsible for Rachel?s death. He was acting the same way he has been acting, only a little more aggressively. As well, Dent?s fall to death is a metaphor for what Joker wants with him, to have someone so pure of heart turn into a despicable piece of shit.

New things I found in my rewatch are that the script is filled with devastating moments and has some propaganda. In the scene where Batman infiltrates the tower where Joker is watching the ferries, Batman actually hurts cops. Like the beginning of the film, he is acting above the law, which is unacceptable in reality. Also, if the hostages and the captives? appearance are swapped and the police end up ?saving? the captives, then the public would lose all trust in them.

Batman?s massive sonar system is a propaganda tool for the viewers to accept the use of such system which highly violates privacy. Sure, Freeman calls is immoral, he is the only one operating it, and the system is destroyed after use. However, in reality, who and how do we appoint to monitor us? How can we trust this man to not disclose our private information? Although the film presents but sides of the argument for having such a system, the use of the system is a sign of propaganda because it is a sign of encouragement for the system. I personally agree that we should have this system because if you do anything with someone else, its bound to get found out. If its something that can hurt other, it MUST be disclosed. All im saying is that this film is going to create more fans of the monitory system because of the film.

Lastly, I would like to add how beautiful the ending is. Dent is ?A hero, not a hero we desired but a hero we needed.? And Batman is ?the hero Gotham desires but not the one who needs right now. So, we will hunt him because he can take it.? It is an act beyond noble for Batman to make the city turn out him in order to keep the peace.

This film also marks the first time I have ever rewatched a film in theatres, although, it was a theatrical rerelease.

A World Without Thieves

Great story, great morals, great cast, and good action. The topic was very unique because you rarely see how thieves work. The act of stealing and the camera placement was also very well choosen to illustrate the full action, objective and stealth.

That Thing You Do!

OMG, excellent movie and brillant music. Tom Hanks did a wonderful job for his debut as writer and director. But, there were some sketchy moments that took away that half a mark.
Lenny nearly killed me. He was freaking hilarious. Even in the credits when it said he is still single. WOW!


Here lies my favourite child molester character so far. The film is very suspensful and moving. My favourite part is when Beckert confessed that his actions were done unconsciously. There is no telling whether it was true or false. But the craziest thing is that the police saves this criminal from being punished by other criminals which reults to the parents of the victims calling for injustice at the legal court.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

This is much better than the book. They really added more action sequences which made it much less boring than the book. However, the book wasnt too boring. The siblings' return and their nostaliga was very well played and it made me feel a little nostaligic as well.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

I never liked the book because of its plot and suspense. The film managed to keep these to elements so i dont like the film too mcuh either. Even the battle at the end wasnt really epic. The camera isolated the battle too much which took out the epic factor.
I still have to admit i really liked the Christian references, like Aslan is Jesus and the Pevensie siblings are the apostles with Edmund obviously being Judas.

Bicycle Thieves (Ladri di biciclette)

An incredibly saddening film of how the poor get poorer and at times become the horrible and typical image of them.

The Cooler
The Cooler(2003)

A fun little film that gets extraordinarily boring when Maria Bello entered Will Macy's life.

Con Air
Con Air(1997)

This film is very entertaining. Altho it is typical and the action isnt really good. It still has a very good story of a man with everything to lose acting like he has nothing to lose in order to save morally good ppl.

Man With a Movie Camera

A fantastic display of various types of montage that use amusing and beautiful images.

Battleship Potemkin

A powerful film that showed the flaws and cruelty of the Tsar. The craziest part was that it was based on a true event. So, it wasnt too bias against the Tsar since he did kill those civilians on the Odessa steps.

Un Chien Andalou

I only liked the gore in the film. Otherwise, everything was very much confusing.


A series of random events with some that are entertaining and some that are horrible.

Symphonie Diagonale

I completely do not understand this film. All i can see are the occasionally neon-looking lights.

Return to Reason

A somewhat fascinating experimental film that was very confusing.

Pandora's Box

A sad and horrifying film that depicted the cruelty and sinister of men.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari)

A terrifying masterpiece that ceases to amaze from the beginning to the end. I especially loved the ending. It was very surprising with a hint of confusing that keeps u thinking about it.

Sherlock Jr.
Sherlock Jr.(1924)

An incredible comedy film that was very sad near the end but saved by a brilliant deus ex machina.

The Cure (The Water Cure)

An ingenius short film that has some really good Chaplin moments.

The General
The General(1927)

Buster comedy at its best. Everything was flawless and hilarious. I especially loved the bicycle ride. It was so different and has yet to be replicated.

Le Voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon)

Quite an interesting story with very elementary filmmaking techniques that would have been considered revolutionary at the time.

Dog Factory
Dog Factory(1904)

A Brillant short film. Altho the camera was stationary, the plot was very amusing. I also love the idea of turning dogs into sausage and then turning them back.

Double Indemnity

My first film noir turns out to be quite entertaining. It was quite suspensful altho some parts were confusing because of the witty dialogues.

Disaster Movie

Like Epic Movie, it fails to amaze. Only the hot chicks kept me watching.

Death Race
Death Race(2008)

A typical film with one really good race. Its basically Full Auto with a narrative presentation and better camera angles.

Black Hawk Down

A somewhat graphical depiction of the day in battle. It was quite amazing and scary to see how poverty can make ppl act like zombies.

Good Will Hunting

I am very surprised to find that Damon and Affleck wrote this film. It has since a mature sense of humour that I strongly believe that Van Sant and Kevin Smith changed a big portion of the script. The acting from most of the actors were expected including Robin, Stellan, and Affleck since they have been doing quite a lot of good acting. But Damon was mesmerizing. His acting was so mature that he seems to really have a talent in acting.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

It seems the higher the budget meams more crazy monsters. In fact is was the graphics that kept the film barable everything else sucked. At the top of the list of things that suck is the lovestory between Perlman and Blair was so lame that it isnt romantic at all.


A film of fascinating creatures with a few good scenes. Overall, it is a typical action film.


The homage was paid to crappy movies and its style was equally crappy but since this film copied, it makes this film worse.
I especially cant believe that someone would pay homage to Mad Max. Those were fucked up and boring as hell.

The House Bunny

A film that runs solely on sexy. Everything else was crap including the story, suspense, and especially the 'twist'.

Bangkok Dangerous

NEXT 2!! Thats the impression i get in this film. Cage looks and acts in the same way only he has a different job. Unfortunately, it much more typical than next including its ending. Seriously, in how many assassin type films did the assassin survive? I dont think any to this date.
One thing i found really intriguing is that Charlie Young plays a Thai woman. She's a HONGER. This just shows honger chicks are the hottest asians around.


Its surprising how appealing the idea of being minutes ahead of everybody is and yet the movie turns out to be quite typical. The only thing that stands out is Julianne Moore's femme fatale look. I just cant get enough of that.


An entertaining film that runs on fantastic fantasy actions moves that loses gas everytime the action stops. Angelina Jolie is a horrible pick as the female lead because she is NOT the embodiment of a godess. Looking at her is like looking at an ugly dude like ... James McAvoy. Oh shit, that makes 2 ugos in 1 film.

As for the notorious bullet curving. I can see how someone would be able to think of such thing due to curveballs in baseball. However, i know it is impossible to do in reality. So, i cant wait to see Mythbuster attempt to do this with a robotic arm.

Hero (Hi ro)
Hero (Hi ro)(2007)

Feels like an extended TV episode without the B movie feel. It is a genuinely positive and at times typical film that is just good perfect for detective story fans.

Speed Racer
Speed Racer(2008)

A childish movie with a big budget.

Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog(2007)

I am astonished at the fact that the film's release was delayed because some adults disliked the way the film depicted suburban America. The fact is that the adults of those kind of places are already depicted as selfish bastards that are always away who give their children complete power with no control.

As for the film, it was very believable and entertaining. Yelchin was the eyes to the real America teenage world who was killed by a hot headed teenage mind. The craziest part of the film wasnt the kill tho, it was how fun the teenage world is. I would love to be mixed in with those kind of ppl because of this film. Yet at the same time, you have to think of the consequences. U are dealing with hot headed teenagers that have way too much power for anyone's good.

Kung Fu Panda

Dreamworks never ceases to amaze. It is a childish looking family film that is really meant for the family. It has the observable entertainment that kids with understand and love. It also has fascinating action sequences for the male audience. And some very deep stuff that was mainly provided by the turtle.

My only pet peeve about the film is the limited amount of asians working on the film. In terms of crew, only the character designers where chinese. Only does the cast look a little more promising for the chinese. U have Luck Liu, Jacky Chan, and James Hong (the turtle). Oh well, its a white Hollywood production and a white guy always gets the lead. At least there were asians in the production and everyone knows that those are chinese kung fu styles turned into characters.

Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five

The purpose of this short film is very obvious. It is a low budget moral teacher. Essentially a very cartoony kids film.

The Dreamers
The Dreamers(2004)

It consists of many smoothly integrated issues in art. Unfortunately, the issues are far too advanced for me to fully appreciate them. So, i take in all the entertaining factors that do not require much background info and i found the film quite fascinating. Its a group of isolationists that find each other and fulfill many of each others' desires. This undoubtedly brings me to Eva Green, who not only fulfills Mike Pitts' fantasy but also my fantasy to at least see her nude. It is very smart of the director to try extremely hard to keep Eva in as many shots as possible. Altho it is only proper because she is the lead actress, some films neglect to use their beautiful actress in seducing the audience. Bertolucci does not neglect and finds himself an extremely attractive girl and give her an extremely seductive role that she makes me what to be with her.

Street Kings
Street Kings(2008)

This film should be called Cop Land 2. It was the same shit with a minor variation. The leader of the corruption actually liked the guy who was hunting him down.

Cop Land
Cop Land(1997)

An all-star cast portraying in a mediocre script about police corruption.

The Incredible Hulk

It is a much needed, much better reboot from the 2003 film. Norton fitted the role perfectly, He had a tough-guy-wannabe feel with an innocent mind-set that just fitted his role as Banner. The sfx were very well done. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Liv Tyler also contributed to the pros column with her new and very attractive look. Her femininity has grown very nicely. It now stands a chance against Connelly's. It seemed Tyler's pregnant really helped her acting. The highlight on the cons list of the film was the intensity of the film especially during the first half. He acted just like Bourne and the film felt like a Damonless Bourne film. This is a great and scary example that Hollywood cinema is being quite typical.


Its attempt of making the Hulk real was good but the script was all wrong. It just feels like another Tim Burton's Batman. It lacked intensity, suspense, and realism.

North by Northwest

It was a nicely played out film that didnt capture my full attention because too many other films had similar elements.

Por see yee (Trivial Matters)

A collection short story each with a different score. The sad parts were not entirely sad because they have been done. But the funny part are really funny because quite a few of them havent been done. My fav has to be the last story with Shawn Yue. The sequence before that was also very entertaining and hilarious. "Buy 10 get a free kill." As for Shawn's sequence. that is just the best ending to this collection. I couldnt stop laughing from the when he picked up his cell to the beginning of the credits. Dam, even the thought of it makes me wanna watch it again.

Moon to (Protégé)

For the most part it was an amazing film with a powerful message. As Danel said, "do ppl take drugs and become empty or do they take drugs because they are empty." The little girl was the solution in so many ways. The director had a great sense of recurring mise-en-scene that made the film so scary and powerful.

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

I have been looking forward to watching Mamma Mia in any format for a long time. My wait has finally ended and I have to admit the story is worth the wait. The story is devastatingly creativity and Im not even talking about how the film incorporates ABBA songs. You have a quest for a born-father under the mother's nose. I only wish I can have that kind of creativity. The story then keeps up the entertainment by having the potential fathers with different but realistic human traits and a lousy mother. It generates the perfect audience holder. It causes the audience to pick a potential father and hold that he is the actual father. Its a simple but potent trick that caught my attention only minutes into the film. And to top everything off, there are ABBA songs. I personally know a couple of ABBA songs and it really blew me away when I heard them and the fact that they worked so well with the scenes. The best example has to be the title track. Not only did I hum the song but I also sat on the edge of my seat wondering if the mother would drop in and say hello to the male leads. That moment is literally an edge-of-the-seat type of entertaing scene. The only problem with the film is the actual singing. I guess thats the trade-off for using professional actors instead of professional singers. The most obvious bad singer is Brosnan, I like him and all but he cant sing. Then there is Streep, she sang very beautifully in "A Prairie Home Companion" but she lost her voice in this one. Naturally, it makes "The Winner Takes All" the worst song in this film because that is their duet. Nonetheless, the rest of the songs are very well crafted to keep the audiences' attention on the actors and not their voices so the film loses minimal amount of stars. I would consider adding this to my DVD collection.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Good thing the TV show only comed the background story, if not the show would be terrible just like the film. It was a very sloppy vampire film that should have been edited by better ppl.

Serving Sara
Serving Sara(2002)

A boring adventure that was only saved by the all-time cast, especially Hurley and Adams with their cleavage.

Step Brothers

This film like other Ferrell comedies have moments that are hilarious but as a whole, the lack entertainment and suspense.


The action was entertaining but did not stand out. There have been too many superhero films that had similar plot and action. The only really surprising and unique part of the film is the way it hid Theron's character's background. Sadly, that was given away by the DVD poster and cover. Also, Theron's background was placed at a logical but not entertaining point of the film. After Theron and Smith's fight, the hospital scene became a major drag which made it hard for the audience to bear seeing as how epic the prior battle was.

All of Me
All of Me(1984)

Nice story and good acting from Martin but it could not get rid of the suspension of disbelief. The main reason was probably Martin's acting was at times not believeable and some events that occured were just too farfetched.

Blast From the Past

Very nice film that attempted to make the audience rethink their actions. Fraser and Silverstone are brilliant embodiments of the past and present. Together, they reminded the audience that we have become very scary and mean ppl and there ought to be a change. As for the rest of the film, it was very entertaining to watch Fraser being a fob.

American Gangster

Nice take on the life of a crime boss. However, it is far too long to be fully entertaining. Still, the overall story is brilliant, it was more than the life of a crime boss. It involved corruption in the police force. It was very interesting to see what happened to them. Also, Denzel played one scary gangster, he was smart, rational and exciting. It must have been really tough taking him down.

Pineapple Express

It is a brilliant mixture of action and comedy with a touch of randomness. At one point during the film, i thought that it was the best action/comedy ever made. The random factor blends the two so perfectly together that makes the perfect suspension of disbelief. The only problem is the film as the construction of the film as a whole. Each individual sequence is hilarious and exciting but together, they lack reality and maturity.

The Terminal
The Terminal(2004)

A sad and brilliant film that nearly broke my heart the first time I watched it. The sadness primarily came from the films neo-realism. The characters' situation at the beginning and the end were nearly identical - nothing changed except for the characters' encounter. Spieldberg is truly a great director. He can make films in all kinds of genres and yet make them brilliant. Bravo.

Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines

The worst Terminator by a long shot. The story was a drag and the villain wasnt as epic as the former ones. The only thing that was somewhat decent was the action but even that wasnt up to par. Also, the films selection of actors were terrible. Andrews was probably casted because he looked like Michael Biehn. And Danes was probably casted cuz she had Linda Hamilton's vibe from the original film. Both of these actors didnt act up to par with the hype that had been generated. Both of them need much more training for the role. I wont be surprised to see a remake of this film. Afterall, Danes and Andrews are supposed to be the center of the story when the machines take over.

The Terminator

A very typical Schwarzenegger film with a twist, he's the villain. It is also a good idea for a film. A man from the future creates his future in the past. Thats messed up but very interesting! Even the special effects are great. It does get a little choppy at the end but by the looks of how long the sequence was, the filmmakers knew what they wanted just the technology was not good enough to help him. Still, the chooy factor aside, the ending sequence was brilliantly constructed and I would love to see more innovative technologies in this series.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

An extraordinary piece of work. The technological advancement of special effects made this film far more interesting than the first one. The great example is the liquid metal man. He can do so much that its crazy, brilliant, and scary. The plot is also amazing, the villain becomes the hero and fights a villain that is almost impossible to defeat or recognize. Another interesting thing to point out is Linda Hamilton her dramastic change from the original was incredible. Her ability to change shows just how good of an actress she is. Even so, the action and the special effects are the biggest highlights of the film and they are done extremely well. In fact, this is a most watch for any action film fan otherwise, dont call urself an action fan.

Batman Forever

I fell in love with Nicole cuz of this movie!!!

Superman II
Superman II(2006)

Arguably the best Superman film. It fixed up alot of the confusing moments in the original. The only bad part was Lois tricking Superman in revealing his identity. I prefered the original version of that scene.

Superman III
Superman III(1983)

Worst Superman film by a long shot. It had extrordinarily stupid story, action, acting, and special effects. I cant wait to forget about this film. No Kidder, no good.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Hurray for another crappy Superman film at least Kidder and Hackman came back.

Superman II
Superman II(1981)

Confusion may become a trademark in the Superman series. So many things are left unexplained or just down right weird. For example, why did Superman have to sacrifice his powers to be with Lois? and didnt Superman's mom say that if he turned, it would lose his powers forever? How did he get it back? At least Kidder looked amazing everytime she was present so the film didnt feel too bad.


Everything up until Superman reverses time is brilliant. After the reversal, its gets far too confusing. Nonetheless, Reeves is awesome as Superman. He portrayed such extremely different characters, Superman and Clark Kent, and yet he does so without any mistakes. Margot Kidder is also amazing in the film. Her protrayal of a noisy, lovely, reporter is mesmerizing. Reeves and Kidder together make a beautiful couple.

Superman Returns

There is far too much explanation from Lex Luthor. Also, im so confused as to when did Superman and Lois slept together. The only potential time would be during Superman 2 but in both the original and Donner's cut, Lois forgets what happens.

Planet Terror (Grindhouse Presents: Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror)

The film succeeds in looking fake but it is not very entertaining. The plot and action were typical and boring. The only the worth watching was what stupid shit would happen next. Not even Rose could save the film altho her character is pretty funny. "Im going to do stand-up comedy because ppl said she was a real comedian." LMAO! There was one thing i really hated in this film, that was the part when Tarantino showed up. He is doesnt get it! HE...CANT...ACT!!! Whenever he acts, its usually the worst part of the film, and this film was not an exception. Right when he entered the film, I wanted to punch his face in. His lines didnt help either. They were long and boring but he looks so convinced that the lines are good. I hate him for it which is why I loved what happened to him in the film but it took far too long to happen.
Also, the best part of the film wasnt in the film. It was the trailer right before. I loved that mexican hitman. That looks like it can be an awesome film.

The Pursuit of Happyness

The film is very much like "The Bike Thieves." The story does a great job of toying with the audience's emotions as things get better or worse for the main characters. The father and son acting duo are also very good. I had a suspicion that this would happen when they sang "Just The Two Of Us" together. Still, it is great to see that Jadan is living up to his parents' acting skills and causes the audience to really sympathize their situation.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Terrifyingly amazing! Natalie Portman delievers her most brilliant performance yet. She played the powerful women that many women now resemble. However, with her tragic end, I understand the true purpose of the film is not to promote the actors but to attempt to return the status of women to the status it was back then. You have the 'beautiful' dumb blonde (Johansson) and the smart-mouth brunette (Portman) trying to win the king's heart. In the end, the smart-mouth woman dies which implies women should be dumb and beautiful but smart-mouths mess up men's business and get killed for doing so. Fortunately, we live in an era where women are smart enough to reject this hint. Nonetheless, it was terrifyingly brilliant because of the acting and the message. The script was also great, except for the occasional boring bits that only lasted for 3 minutes each.

Southland Tales

Fascinating interpretation of the apocolyse. The ending 10 minutes was the only part really worth watching. Sadly, you needed to watch the rest of the film to understand it, which was horrible. I was dumbstruck by the horrible script, makeup, and acting. It was a big budget, high tech flop.


Clooney is hilarious; I cant get enough of his quick and witty dialogues. He managed to make every single dialogue that he had into something very funny. And when Zellweger was around him, not only did they enacted what might have been the way ppl communicated in that era but more so, it was so quick and funny that just by being able to understand the dialogue instantly makes you feel smarter.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

Great display of film technology and prediction of future films. The film also bears a good message that BUSH should hear ... OBVIOUSLY, violence only causes more violence. As for the rest of the film, it was very standard for an action film, which did not capture my attention.

You Don't Mess With the Zohan

I really like Sandler and i understand his message but the delivery is lame and horrible. From this film, I sense that Happy Madison Company needs better scriptwriters cuz all Happy Madison has are good comedians and you cant make a brilliant FILM solely on that.

Superhero Movie

From the makers of Scary Movie comes something just as crappy ... Superhero Movie. Sucks in theatres everywhere!

Dial M for Murder

Hitchcock never ceases to amaze. The story is beautifully written in that it reveals alot of information which projects an inevitable future. But surprise after surprise happens and the audience is left in total shock and awe.

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

All I can say is my first impression of Larry is a bad one.

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

This is probably the best in its genre (spy comedy). The background information is very appealing and the comedy is stupid but EXTREMELY funny that follows the legendary Mel Brook's style who happens to be the film's consultant. Along with the legendary director is a devastatingly hilarious cast. From the lead character to the cameos, everyone made most of the hilarious. I cant wait to see more.

As funny as this film is, it still doesnt beat Bond!

Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control

A b-movie with a b-movie-rating. There are moments that are really entertaining but all-in-all it is lame.

Dazed and Confused

A very entertaining showing of teens being teens in the 70s.

Sex and the City

The most fan pleasing film I have ever seen. The structure is very standard and everything that fans have been craving for happens.

Baby Mama
Baby Mama(2008)

Tina Fey made a big boo-boo. This film is not funny, poorly developed, and lacks intelligence that is USUALLY in Fey's writing. The only good thing out of this is that Steve Martin is going to be in 30 Rock.

The Love Guru

A very flawed film from beginning to end. The biggest problem is the story. How the heck can a love guru show his real stuff within a week (cuz Finals only last for 1 week). If the film meant to do so then the film should have enthusized that. Next is the ridiculously lame acting from Justin Timberlake. He made such a fool of himself. As well, the ending is so embarrassingly horrible. There is no point at all to add songs in the end of a film. Myers barely crossed the line without making it feel weird but this film breaks the line. In essense, those songs are metaphors of the film. Embarrassing, horrible, and lame, and unnecessary. The last major problem is Toronto winning the Stanley Cup. It ain't happening anytime soon. They suck and the rest of the league knows it.

The Master of Disguise

Its a little funny but very LAME. The only remotely funny part of the film is Brent Spiner. DATA in a comedy, oh my.

Johnny English

A typical film structure and background with a very odd actor to be a secret agent. The result is a somewhat entertaining film, which could have been better if Mr. Beans was never created because Atkinson uses the same kind of comedy and it doesnt work will with dialogue.

Gray Matters
Gray Matters(2007)

Its official the show "The L Word" has made typecasts out of Rachel Shelley and Alan Cumming. For the start to end, Rachel gave off the power-lesbian vibe and at the end, the audience finds that she is. Alan's typecasting isnt as obvious as Rachel's but in the bar sequence, Alan cross-dresses. If you have seen the show, Alan portrayed a queer and in this film he dresses like one. But, I dont know whether this is a good or bad thing. If they are the only ones open to act that way then they'll get all the lesbian and queer roles.

As for the film, the story is quite intriguing. I didnt expect the story to be revolving around a sexually confused girl. Still, the girls are very sexy ... especially Heather. And I really enjoyed the fact that the film used Vancouver as part of NYC.

Bon Cop, Bad Cop

Somethings are exaggerated too much and the mastermind sounds too stupid to do something so smart. Nonetheless, it is an hearty Canadian film.

Bowling for Columbine

Not surprisingly, this is very intreging and probably the most interesting documentary i have ever seen. The film powerfully suggests the reason for all the violence in US.
Also, I find it so hilarious and cool that Canada is so safe because of how boring our news is. Sadly, I no longer think Canada is as safe as when the film suggests. Just read 24 Hours. And to top it off, I love the line, "Canadians do not watch as much violent movies as Americans do." That line is so hilarious that I couldnt stop laughing for like 5 minutes when i first watched it. All you have to do is look at how many violent films I have seen since what age and you would know that is SO NOT TRUE!
Lastly, I feel sorry for Charlton Heston. He damaged his reputation so badly. He didnt sound or act like he has a soul. He was so arrogant that he didnt even apologize. That would have been the least he could do. Unfortunately, I dont know when will I watch another documentary because this one still has not completely convinced me that all documentaries can be entertaining.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

An entertaining film supported by brilliantly hilarious supporting actors and sequences. The main problem is the story itself is quite dull and events are exaggerated a little too much.

I love the scene about the 'film' Kristen Bell's character shoots in Australia. This film burns itself in THAT scene!

Also, I cant wait to see more of Jack McBrayer!! He is so freaking hilarious!! "Off to find the MYTHICAL clitoris."

French Kiss
French Kiss(1995)

Meg's rom-coms are always pleasant this a good example. The story is so exhausting with its many twists and turns but Meg's character just soothes the transition. Sadly, I cant help but to constantly remember 'When Harry Met Sally,' Meg keeps debating about relationships and she is once again hanging out with someone her character doesnt like. The french dialogue didnt help the situation either. Kevin Kline is American! Why didnt the film sub the french?

Drillbit Taylor

Hurray, I have found my worst film of the year. It mixes my most hated actor with a super retarded story that anyone can pen. The acting is the only thing worth giving credit to. Everyone is just so hatable ... except Leslie Mann. I wonder if Drillbit Taylor is the story of Owen's life. A burn-out doing a random flick to raise his popularity.


What a brilliant movies spoof. Every sequence is made to be funny and they all go well with the story. Rick Moranis has one again proven to be a brilliant comedic actor. Dark Helmet is uber awesome and the scenes involving him are the funniest compared to those from other characters.

Red Cliff (Chi Bi)

Great casual entertainment with 'epic' written all over it. I cant wait for the sequel. The only major problem is the fight in the large trap. As exhilarating as it is, it carries on for too long compared to the rest of the film. The presentation is not consistent with the rest of the film.

Made of Honor

I believe it is safe to say rom-com has standardized itself. This rom-com like many others have the same story. Boy meets girl, they hate each other, tolerate each other, lose each other, then make amends. There is really no point in seeing this film. Everything else in the film was average. Nothing stands out and the story is typical.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Great family entertainment! It is also funny to point out the children are trying to get the parents' attention but they are often ignored ... like in reality.

Tequila Sunrise

A waste of Gibson and Russell. The only remotely good thing is Raul Julia. Without him, i would have stopped watching half way.

C+ jing taam (The Detective)

A unique thriller that is worth watching to the end. The film seems confusing at first but as the main character discovers more, so does the audience. By the time the ending comes, the audience would be in awe. The best part of the film has to be the ending. Not only does the film tie up all its loose ends but Aaron assist kills a person holding a fake gun. That was so funny.

Enemy at the Gates

Only the action scenes prevented this movie from getting a zero.

Suburban Girl

This film drives on one fuel and thats Baldwin. He is the primary reason this film is entertaining. He is basically Mr. Big but funnier and he's just different enough to not considered copied.

The Jerk
The Jerk(1979)

This is an creative and intriguing story about a happy-go-lucky loser. The problems are the acting and the title. Martin's acting is a little too sarcasmtic. As for the title, I just dont find Martin's character a jerk. He only cheated on his first girlfriend and he left his wife when he became bankrupt. I guess the the story eases in the jerk factor but because of this, I really dont think Martin's character is a jerk.

Vantage Point

It has a very fascinating way of presenting the story. The most amazing thing of all is that everything is revealed by the end even though the presentation looks very messy. However, when I think about the film, I realize its a simple/linear action movie that rewinds several times, so if it the film was to be presented in the conventional way, this film would have been very typical and just barable. Nonetheless, the film is an entertaining thrill-ride with some good messages. Terrorists get smarter everyday and terrorists are humans too. The ladder message makes the ending brilliant because the terrorists didnt look human before then but what they did changes the way the audience view the terrorists by alot.

Yat kor ho ba ba (Run Papa Run)

Brilliant film!! It is both entertaining and emotional. Gangsters always say you nothing can change me but something can ... a daughter. That is why the first half of the film is spectacular. You see Louis' transition from being a full-time gangster to a gangster disgusted as a businessman. The ending is also speechlessly brilliant. You see the consequence of Louis' evil ways but you are speechlessly happy that he is still alive. This leaves the second half to the point before the ending. This part gets a bit boring. You have the typical gang boss wanting to quit. There is just too much of that in HK cinema. Good thing the rest of the film is as brilliant as it is. Because of the rest of the film, I am still very happy to have watched such a wonderful film.

Batman & Robin

Hands down the worst Batman movie I have ever seen. Sure Silverstone is hot but that doesnt help the movie's rating. It is thoughtless, random, cartoonish, and ultimately childish.

The Rundown
The Rundown(2003)

I have to admit the plot is quite entertaining. The fight sequences are all really good, especially when the Rock kicking ass without using a gun until the last fight sequence. But everything else is quite a drag. the story is creative but it isnt entertaining. You have the Rock who doesnt use a gun but the reason is never revealed. Dawson and Walken talk too much and they do so in a very boring manner. And the treasure hunt itself is too typical. Its practically the first 5 minutes of Raiders without Indy and without the potent amount of intensity.

The Replacements

There are a couple of boring parts but the action is extremely creativity and most of the time they are hilarious. The really funny thing is that Gene and Keanu's individual performances arent that great but along with the rest of the team, their performances dont feel so bad. This just shows that sport isnt the only thing in life that requires teamwork to be entertaining but films as well.

The Longest Yard

I really like Adam Sandler but this film lacks ALOT of creativity. Not only does it copy Reynold's "Longest Yard", but it copies Keanu Reeves "The Replacements". Both films have a team brawl, a team vs. team brawl, a failed quarterback, a corrupt player, and much more. The only problem is "The Replacements" came out 5 years eariler. Fortunately, there are many unique moments like the recruiting and the practices. Not to mention you have an all-star cast from all over the show-biz. Sadly, the story is a bit too boring and the action has already been done to be barable to watch and solely great moments dont make a great film.

Hak bak do (On the Edge)

Basically, this is the sequel to Infernal Affairs except it is Tony Leung's character that lives. Only Anthony was great, everyone and everything else were just average.

My Name Is Fame (Ngor yiu sing ming)

Very interesting film about a man that starts off big in the profession, slumps down to the bottom, and jumps right back up again. Ching Wan executes the role with such excellence that he deserves that Golden Horse and indeed he got it.

Once Upon a Time in China 3 (Wong Fei Hung ji saam: Si wong jaang ba)

The series has drastically turned for the worst. The only things saving the movie are the beginning and Rosamund.

Courage Under Fire

A well crafted film involving a cover-up that doesnt become evident till the end of the film.

Step Up 2 the Streets

Story is more boring than the original but some of the dances are better mostly because the original was breakdancing mixing in with ballet whereas this time its the opposite. In a sense, this film is less civilized and the dances support this theory. Nonetheless, since there is more breakdancing in this film, there are alot more crazy moves that are worth watching the movie for.

My fav dance in either film has to be the dance off between Tatum and Briana in this film.

Step Up
Step Up(2006)

A barable plot with very entertaining dances. The only thing is the dances short and few in between but really worth the wait.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

There is no wonder why this is a pop classic. The concept of Breakfast at Tiffany's is still popular and there are bound to still be many struggling actors in NYC that are going thru the same thing as Hepburn's character. All in all, it has a great message. No matter who or where you are, be yourself!

Ready to Rumble

A pretty fun film about the wrestling world.

Definitely, Maybe

Very well done film which includes many debatable topics. My favourite has to be the one that wasnt talked about but only shown. What if the one you marry and have kids with isnt 'the ONE'? Reynolds' first attempt on drama really pays off because he is brilliant in this film. He fiddles with his character's emotions like a violin, which in turn toys with the audience's emotions. Then comes Fisher, she just keeps getting hotter and hotter and her acting keeps getting better and better. Its really hard to not bump her up my fav actress list. As for Banks and Weisz, they were also very good but fortunately, Reynolds and Fisher shadow them which is a good thing for the film. You wouldn't want the supporting actors to shadow the lead actors.

Just Married
Just Married(2003)

Its pretty funny but the plot is way way to predictable. I knew the entire story within the first 3 minutes and the rest of the film just confirmed it. Fortunately, the problems that Kutcher and Murphy go thru are still quite entertaining which earns them a barable mark.

Walking Tall
Walking Tall(2004)

Surprisingly good film. My guess is its because the film doesnt bother with fillers and just gets the message across. But since it is so simple, it cant get perfect because there is nothing really amazing about it. The only thing that really took away marks was the final battle. It sucked! It was too long and too simple.

The Siege
The Siege(1998)

Hurray, another terrorist film that sucks big time. No thrill, no shrill, just nil.

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep

A little predictable and there was not enough cg but overall the film was pretty well done. The biggest disappointment is the vibe that the film projects. It appears to be trying to get the audience to be very emotional with the actions that the characters do and even in films choice in actors. All of them have had done some other film that has made the audience pretty emotional, however, this film cant harness this ability. In the scenes that look like they can get ppl crying, I was not moved enough to the point that I'd have tears running down my face. Since the film fails on what it seems to be trying to accomplish, I only give it a barable mark.

Mad Money
Mad Money(2008)

An amateur film with an all-star cast. Its every director's wet dream but its still the script that makes the film great and this script is too amateur to even be barable.

Fulltime Killer

It is incredible how a great team like Andy and Takashi can make such a crappy movie.

The Perfect Storm

This is a well written and well casted film that was predictable but entertaining. The primary reason that it was entertaining was the suspense. The sword boat had everything worked out for them except for the nasty storm. I really liked the ending. Altho it was meant to be emotional and I didnt cry, it was still very heartfelt because of Clooney's and Walberg's actions.

Saam gwok dzi gin lung se gap (Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon)

Great story and messages but ok action. My favourite thing about this film is that it doesnt take sides. Neither Lau Bei nor Cao Cao were really depicted as villains. They were just selfish people that shared a common goal of uniting the nation. The most evident part of this situation was in the end when Maggie killed her general. He saw it coming but instead of giving a typical angry grin to Maggie, he gave her a look that showed he understood that he must die for his Princess. Another notably meaningful sequence was what Andy did when Sammo revealed he did something wrong. Lastly, I find it funny that in "Battle of the Wits", Andy's character protected a county by making the enemy pass thru them. In this film, Zhu Ge Liang protected the frontline by killing and capturing the enemy.

Good Luck Chuck

This is an extrordinarily crappy rom-com. The story was predictable and horrible. The acting was barable but the story kept there acting from being amusing. The only reason it has 1.5 is that 1 mark goes to its great effort in showing the beautiful parts of North America's most beautiful city, my city, Vancouver. Unfortunately, it isnt a good promotion of the city, afterall, this film is a big load of crap.

P.S. I Love You

I may be bias about this film but Im still giving it a four. Altho I knew Butler's character was going to die, I still mourned his death. Once the tears started, I cried thru the rest of the emotional scenes including scenes that I would usually not cry about. Butler really hit the spot with this film. He showed his courageous and masculin side in 300 and the gentle and kind side in this film. He really was the heart and soul of this film. Even Swank couldnt outshine Butler. He was just perfect. He acted like the perfect gentlemen's man and ladies' man. The story was also very well written but it seems that the best emotional stories are based on true events cuz there was a dedication to a lady in the end of the film and I have a feeling she did something similar to inspire the author. This story was very beautiful.

National Treasure

I guess for the most part I am bias about this film because I prefer Indy over this by alot. Nonetheless, the film is well written and somewhat exciting. The really disappointing thing with this film is starts off ok and ends up predictable and disappointing. Not predictable that leads to disappointing but both.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Like the first, it starts off great but ends disappointing. The most disappointing things are the location of the city and that Queen Victoria helped the Americans. Those are two historic flaws that I refuse to let the film get away with, especially since the original did not bend the myths this far out of proportion. However, the book and the relationship between Cage and Kruger was pretty entertaining.

Lucky Numbers

I guess I had too high of an expectation for this film. It turned out to be less that satisfactory. The story had far too many twists and turns and most of them are very predictable. The only thing that kept me from not watching was to know what would happen to Travolta. I think the ending was pretty well done but it was not good enough to save the entire movie.

Over Her Dead Body

Fresh idea, couple of good laughs, but overall highly predictable and highly boring. The only things that kept me from not watching this was cuz of Biggs and Sloane. Sloane is getting hotter and funnier than ever, and Biggs acts alot like me. Everyone else were such drags including Longoria. She should stick to Desperate Housewives cuz nothing else she was worked on been any good.

First Sunday
First Sunday(2008)

Good message and a couple of good laughs, but overall it was predictable and boring.

Rush Hour 3
Rush Hour 3(2007)

This series is going nowhere fast. The film just has a plot and then a series of random events before the important stuff. The stuff is so random that i wanted to sleep very early in the film. Also, why does Tucker get to learn Kung Fu? He was way funnier with his sloppy American style. At least he made two extraordinary moves because of it.

Autumn in New York

Everything was just barable.


A pretty upbeat film which a brilliant cast. I really like the fact Travolta, Pfeiffer, and Efron are in this. It seems HSM is also known as Grease 3, Pfeiffer was in Grease 2, and Travolta was the start of it all. So, we have the leading actors from all three Grease films doing one film. Thats pretty cool.

My Best Friend's Wedding

A disappointing rom-com from Julia Roberts. It was tasteless and not entertaining.

Kong saan mei yan (An Empress and the Warriors) (The Kingdom and the Beauty)

LOL, this must be Donnie's experimental stage of his life. Ever since he moved back to the HK film industry, he had been making movies with crappy stories and good action. Only SPL has really good action. This film isnt SPL. There were no fights that was amazing. They were either mediocre or barable. The most noticably mediocre are the big battle scenes. This film's choreographer sure can't choreograph battles scenes. And don't tell me that its not possible because Warlords' battle scenes were brilliant. Next bad thing about the film is the story, it was unappealling and a drag. I only continued because I thought the film would have better fight sequences later on, which did not happen. Also, why the heck is Leon in this freaking film and wearing armor in the poster? That is very misleading. I expected that he was going to fight in a battle. Then there is the fact that Leon cant fight. Sure he has a few action films in his belt that his fighting is still crap. He is only good in a shooters but a melee film! Everytime he fought he needed someone good to support his crappy fighting. In the Donnie/Leon fight, Donnie did all the fancy moves. And in the Leon-Kelly vs. fight, Leon just ran around while Kelly shot. Another thing, Kelly was too relaxed and her acting was bad. This was especially evident when he was living with Leon. She was so relaxed that the emotions she was supposed to have were meloded out. The only decents thing in the film are the message and Donnie's ridiculously big sword.

Rush Hour 2
Rush Hour 2(2001)

After a very successful first film, the series becomes shit. This is just an excuse for Tucker to go to Hong Kong and Hollywood to make another Hong Kong style film. I am very disgusted with this film. The only good things are Jackie and Zhang Ziyi. Too bad they didnt get to make a good fight sequence.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

In the film, Dewey Cox tries to find his masterpiece, it seems it is a metaphor for what John C. Reilly is doing with this film. Altho I do not consider this a great film, he made a brilliant spoof compared to the many out there. Also, the songs were very entertaining. I just cant get enought of "Let's Duet" that was the best song.

Walk the Line

A detailed and touching story of a famous star.

Grease 2
Grease 2(1982)

LMAO, the two Grease films have completely opposite ratings. Grease was brilliant with minor flaws and this was crap with some tolerable moments. Overall, this film was boring from the start. So, i give the movie 1/3 star for being consist at being crap, 1/3 for the few tolerate moments, and 1/2 to Pfeiffer just cuz she was so dam fine.


Brilliant film with brilliant songs. The only big downer is that its about senior year. Too many teen movies have been about senior year and I am getting tired of it. Fortunately, this film keeps itself entertaining by have beautiful songs. Some of their songs are far better than HSM, especially the title track. Its famous for a reason ... cuz its AWESOME! Then again HSM is a copy of Grease. If you think about both of their stories the are practically identical. One more thing, I think Hopelessly Devoted is underrated. Its a very meaningful and lovly sounding song. I prefer it over Grease Lightning.

The Nanny Diaries

A good family entertainment that has a very good message. The story is very appealing with both the characters and the events. But the most appealing are the actors. Scarlett really nailed this film. There were a few minor flaws but overall, she was very convincing. The kid was also brilliant, his brings out the vibe of a typical child who is hatable and lovable at the same time. Nonetheless, those two are supposed to be very entertaining and captivating because of the brilliance of thestory. The big surprises at least for me was Linney and Giamatti. The pros really acted like pros. I dont think either of them had ever played such an odd couple but they pulled it of. Laura played the hatable but tolerable Mrs. X perfectly and Giamatti played the all out hatable Mr. X so well that I couldnt believe my eyes. This movie definitely gets an A++ for casting. Unfortunately, the story was quite predictable and the emotions flying around in the film was not as heartfelt as those of perfect films.

The People Vs. Larry Flynt

It is a very well constructed and executed biography. It is very convincing and entertaining. Sadly, this movie will not get me to buy Hustlers. Still, I have one comment about the film. Alto Larry Flynt won his last case, he actually allowed the Supreme Court to break the American ethics. In US' Pledge of Alliegence it clearly states "one nation under GOD." Therefore, altho man has freedoms, he is limited because US is bound to God. God clearly states in the 10 Commandants, "Thou shall not covet thy neighbour's wife." Jesus clarified it and claimed that even imagining of such an act is an act against God. Therefore the Hustler magazine like Playboy and all the rest MUST BE BANNED in America. Only when US and God no longer have such a connection will I truly believe he has the right to publish Hustler mag, same goes to Hefner.

Lawrence of Arabia

It took 2 sitting but it was worth the time. The effort put into this film resulted to a really good film. The story was truly epic, the scenary were dreamy and clean WITHOUT CG mind you. And the actors were brilliant. It is no wonder Omar Sharif and Peter O'Toole became famous because of this film. They generated many convincing arguments and justified each side. Of course Alec Guinness was also brilliant. He played the prince perfectly. He acted like a wise man with greed written on his face but dared not express it. The second last scene of the film was a great example. He bargained with the English to have an English waterpump station under an Arab flag and he told Lawrence that young men conquered places but old men kept peace and made stability.


I like the demonic feel but there are too many plot holes. Nonetheless, Gabriel and Satan are very cool both in presence and in ethics.

High School Musical

A rare masterpiece from Disney. Unfortunately, it copies Grease. Yet, none of its songs are dull and the story doesnt have any dull moments either.


Mediocre in many many aspects. The only thing good was Rosie. MEEOW!!

The Firm
The Firm(1993)

I think this is the most entertaining Pollack film ever. You have a brilliant cast playing brilliant characters that are trapped inside a brilliant conspiracy. However, Tom was a drag. He was too arrogant for his role and it hurt the film.

Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus(1993)

One star for great story. Total of half to everything else because this film was highly not entertaining.

Meet the Spartans

This film improved in some areas and deproved in others compared to Epic Movie. However, my perception may be impaired because i despite Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe but not 300. Overall, just as crappy as Epic Movie. Only recommended to those that love cheap jokes.

Epic Movie
Epic Movie(2007)

Get me out of here. From 4 of the writers of the mediocre Scary Movies comes the far more than mediocre Epic Movie. It is so epic that it is probably this years worst film. It is thoughtless, stupid, and low. It is a terrible teen flick with adult actors. I despite this film. The only thing I liked were the amount of random Playmates especially Sara Jean Underwood who was in the Pirate song.

Meet the Fockers

It was way more uncomfortable than the original but somehow that made me like this more. I guess it was partly because De Niro's character was exposed to the irrational behaviour of Hoffman and Streisand which led to his conformity to this behaviour. But the main reason is that this film strands itself far from predictablity when the first film practically fed on it. Those spontaneous, unpredictable events really made this film brilliant. One more thing, I HATE OWEN!! I was so close from being very happy with the film when Owen showed up. I know Stiller and Wilson are friends but think of his career and his disgusting nose. Owen entirely relies on others to make a good film, he SUCKS!!

The Heartbreak Kid

It seems Stiller has been preparing for this for quite some time. He has been in Meet The Parents, the Fockers, and Along Came Polly, all of which involves marriage issues. The "Meet the" movies preped him for the relationships and the issues within the relationship. Then Along Came Polly preped him for the heartbreaking during his honeymoon. Only this time, he got to Debra Messing's role. Incidently, I watched the "Meet the" films right before watching this and the order was hilarious. MTP was the engagement, MTF was the confirmation, and this one was the marriage and the divorce. Plus, the girl that Stiller was going to marry are blondes. Go figure. Back to film talk. This film was a bit entertaining cuz the Farrelly brothers tend to be unique and unpredictable which I like. Unfortunately, the usually go a little over board in entertainment. The most eventual is having jokes run on for too long. Nonetheless, Akerman and Monaghan were great (Longoria too, but you're not supposed to know that). They both played very attractive ladies who were both perfect. However, only 1 is perfect for Stiller's sporty and calm character. Overall, the film is great. It stays true to be a very Stiller film -> calm man means frightful disasters.

Meet the Parents

Overly predictable but hilarious cast. De Niro really sold the audience as an ex-CIA especially after all those mofia films. Also, the ending was very heartfelf altho it was uber highly predicted. I actually cried when De Niro warmed up to Stiller and let him talk to Teri. Still, the film was too predictable to be entertaining. The noble Wilson, the house in trouble, and flight delay were merely easy examples of the predictablity in the film. I guess I have watched too many rom-coms but then again so did the writer if he/she could write this much predictable material.

The Bucket List

Great idea and great actors. The ending nearly made me cry. It was just brilliant. And the magistic view was really magistic. There were still certain points of the movie was a drag. However, Sean, Jack and Morgan were incredible. Jack played the shit out of his small role and really surprised me at how impressive his acting really was. There isn't much to say about Jack and Morgan thou, just that they were the ones that nearly made me cry. They were just perfect.

Hollywood Homicide

Crappy story but great characters. Josh and Harrison were occasionally hilarious but that isnt enough to keep this from being a dumb film about nothing.

Rain Man
Rain Man(1988)

Decent but not brilliant. Dustin and Tom's relationship was beautifully done but the events they went thru were just barable and at times predictable.

Singin' in the Rain

Brilliant songs, wonderful cast, and great story. This classic is going to remain a classic it is just brilliant.


From the guy that made Nascar and Skating funnier than ever comes the film that makes Basketball funnier than ever. Unfortunately, Will Ferrell goes over board again. He made and killed the film. The reason is a barly watchable film.

Field of Dreams

The idea is very unique but it is quite predictable. When Costner first heard the voice, I knew exactly who it mean and I was proven right in the last minute of the film. Nonetheless, the series of spontaneous events are highly entertaining. Costner really stepped up to the plate and delivered a great performance. It even felt like this role was meant for him. He was just perfect. However, I cant say the same for Amy Madigan however I did not experience the 70s. She was a little too childish in her role and she wasn't too convincing as the supportive spouse. It was the script alone that made the audience feel that she was a supportive spouse. Also, James Earl Jones and Ray Liotta also played a great job at keeping the movie fun. James was the serious but entertaining voice of reason that was sent to the world of no reason. And Ray kept this dream real. The only problem I had was James' exit. It left unfinished but since the movie was about building a field so "he" will come. When "he" came it was only logical to end the film.

Factory Girl
Factory Girl(2007)

Terrific art about art. The country is criticed thru Andy's art, Andy is criticed thru Edie, and Edie was criticed by the lead and supporting males. Then you have your rise and fall of the most innocent girl ever. Sienna delivered terrific performance. She was very convincing as the sweet girl that remained sweet but drugged till the end. That relationship with Jude Law seems to really be paying off. I mean, wow, what a role and what a talent she had in this film. Guy Pearce was also brilliant. His character does do selfish things but Guy manages to convince the audience that he had no intension of hurting anyone. He was merely using Edie to gain publicity but he never meant to hurt her because afterall, he did make Edie a superstar.


Stephen has truly developed a directing style of his own. Shaolin, Kung Fu, and this one all project the same feel entertaining wise. However, each one of them have very unique settings and brillant acting. This one is no less. Altho this movie is very predictable the acting and jokes done by the kids are to die for. They were all out hilarious and devastatingly beautiful. The kids really made the movie what it is, especially the main character. I lit up everytime he (she) was on because he (she) was so cute and his (her) acting was very well done. I would have to say it rivals Dakota Fanning in Uptown Girls.

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

Its a night at the Roxbury, high school style. I know this came out first but the style is so similar but this is far less uncomfortably entertaining. The movie primarily thrives on cheap jokes and common reactions. Also, the ridiculous dance is unnecessary and ugly. Those 3 minutes were so senseless and stupid that I hide away into my blanket to hope it would just go away.

Kissing Jessica Stein

After I watched this movie, all I could think about what a line in West Side Story, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright." In essence, that was the film. A pretty, witty, and bright story about two girls exploring lesbianism. In fact, the first half of the film was one of the wittiest parts I have seen in a long time. In addition to the brilliant story is brilliant acting. I especially enjoyed Jennifer Westfeldt's acting. She played the most fragile but unestimated girl so well that it kept the audience asking for more. The only major problem with the film was the ending. I just love the way season 5 of "The L Word" puts it. Distributers corrupt the beauty of the film to add sales. It just isnt right!!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

A heartfelt but stupid comedy. However, Steve Martin and John Candy do show that they have great acting skills.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

WOW, what a superb film. It is a great story, with a great cast and director. In just one minute into the film I was already calling Caine a dirty rotten scoundrel and it did not stop until the film stopped. I especially liked the ending and when Caine danced Glenne Headly because of the music that was playing. The sung version of that song was about women being useless.

School for Scoundrels

I thought this was gonna be entertaining but was crap thru and thru.


A great adventure that tries to replicate Jumanji. Unfortunately, this film is more predictable and less entertaining.

What About Bob?

A disturbing comedy about a man that cant go away. I have never really liked Bill Murray except in Ghostbusters, this film is a great example as to why. He is really talented at being annoying.

The Pagemaster

Here is your typical kids movie. It has a great plot and great cast but gets more boring the older the audience is.

The Interpreter

I consider this a waste of an all star cast and director. The story was heading nowhere fast and then people get hunted only to realize it was because of their connections. I dont find this interesting at all and there was no suspense to keep me watching. The saddest thing of all was that I watched this on its premiere and I felt really sleepy 10 minutes in. I only stayed away because of my admiration for Kidman.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Overall, the film was pointless and the result was nearly nothing as well. The only part worth noting is from the kids left the oasis to the end of the train track.


Quite inventive and entertaining. Good mixture of time travelling and action.

Chain Reaction

I dont know about you but this movie really reminds me of Paycheck. The overall of feel of the film is practically identical. The main differences are there is no time travelling in this film and it is alot less entertaining.

3000 Miles to Graceland

I could be a bit bias on this film cuz i was raised on this kind of film; action with a bit comedy, drama, romance, and suspense. So, I find this movie to be quite satisfactory. In fact I kinda regret watching it in 2008 when I could have watched this alot earlier. The Elivis theme really fooled me in thinking this was a drama film with no action. The only thing I didnt like about this movie is Costner. My dad really had him pegged when he said Costner cant act, he just has a great agency. As cool as he was in this movie, he doesnt give off the vibe that he is the baddest mofo alive.

Mad Max
Mad Max(1979)

i would expect a movie that has two sequels to be quite entertaining. Unfortunately that is not the case. This is downright lame! It was a total drag to watch and it was highly predictable.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Since the original was so bad, there was a lot of room for improvement but it doesnt seem like this movie wants it. The film was much more Sure the movie was much more entertaining but still as predictable as ever.


I had no idea that someone would copy The Road Warrior. Enough said.

Full Metal Jacket

An all around decent movie. It appears to be very insightuful of marine training and vietnam.

Bringing Up Baby

I guess ppl like this film because of how messy it is. Unfortunately, I despise such factor. I have to admit, I love the quick and witty dialogues thruout the film but no matter how I see it I dont think this is a toleratable film.

Father of the Bride: Part II

WOW, this movie pegs down quite a few notches. Not only are there less laughs but they film is extremely preditctable. Also, this movie is so similar to Nine Months. If I gave that movie a low mark, this should be around the same because not only are the stories the same but the entertainment value as well.

Father of the Bride

I dont think I have laughed as many times in a movies as I did in this one. Altho it is not going into my list. this movie misses the mark by very little. The story is brilliant and the entertainment is very high, sometimes the jokes are predictable or even overkill but the laughing still keeps on coming. Whenever I hear ppl talking about this movie, they always talk about Steve and Kim but the thing is Diane is great in this film too. Steve and Kim leads the film with most laughs generated but Diane keeps this movie sane and real. Good job Diane!

Back to the Future Part III

WOW, this is the perfect end to the series. Doc and Clara's relationship really showed age has no borderies. lol. That wasnt exactly why I felt so strongly about this movie, the movie was great because it was practically flawless. It was suspenseful, hilarious, tied up all loose ends, and had the perfect ending for all that Marty had been thru. More of all, it had many entertaining references to previous its movies moreso than any other 3rd installments I have ever seen. The best example is my favourite scene where the audience finds out Marty was wearing a chimney cover. It was a direct reference from the clip of Clint Eastwood in the second installment. I love this movie is much that Im really glad I bought this when it came out on dvd. I've rewatched this movie so many times its quite scary ... to others.

Back to the Future Part II

It seems the series turned for the worst in this one. Its attempt to pick up from the first was great but the follow up was a disaster. The future was highly unbelieveable and was too bizzare for a family film. The only things I liked in this film were only liked because of their impact in the third.

Back to the Future

I never knew that I wasnt alone in desiring to travel thru time until I watched this movie. This movie displayed a very plausible way and rules for time travelling, also, the ups and downs of time travelling. Along with a great cast and great script, this movie strengthened my desire of time travelling. I guess you could say I am bias in reviewing this film. Then again, Im only reviewing this over a decade after the first time I saw this and I am basing my rating on that long lived feeling that this movie was awesome. Coming to think about it, this might have even been my favourite movie during my childhood.


Brilliant idea and brilliant acting. Sadly, its not captivating nor suspenseful until the end.

War (Rogue Assassin)

Good twist ending, comedic dialogues from the Shiro clan, and great action. However, I never expect anything less especially with Corey choreographing. Still, the movie fails in a critic area that I believe many many cocasian Hollwood directors do. The placement and movement of the cameras during action sequences are unbearable. Sure most of the fights are close quarter combat but u dont have to film it that way either. The amount of movement from the cameras made me dizzly and disappointed. UR WASTING A GOOD FIGHT!! Its not American wrestling where arms and legs fly all over the place and the cameras have to move to make it look like its intense. This is freaking Martial Arts!! Its somewhat of intense dancing by the entire body, its a freaking ART for God's sake! By moving the camera so much u'r missing the art of the dance which is the movement of the entire body. This is one of things I want to correct if I go into film. Cocasians cant film asian martial arts!! Then again, Corey picks bad scripts to direct.


This Harry Potter and Hermione in a magical realm that has Kings and Queens instead of Ministers. AKA. a classic melodrama! It is highly predictable but has great visuals. A great example is the final fight. The reaction time and the delivery of fatal blows were slow and unreal. There was no real crisis cuz there was a whole 5 seconds to escape from each fatal attack. Still, the visuals are very good especially the drowning. Then, there is the matter of the actors. I have to admit, the advertisers did a great job of selling De Niro and Pfeiffer cuz they were the only ones that really helped the movie. If its wasnt for the ads, I wouldnt have watched this and I had good reason. Charlie, Claire, and Sienna played very trivial characters and they delivered very trivial performances. Then there is De Niro and his character, after playing comedies like Analyze This and Meet the Parents, he was prepared for comedy and it paid off. He was really funny in this film. Then there is the ever beautiful Pfeiffer. Her beauty, cruelty, and drama bought out the evil in the script and fear into the audience. If you want a fun fantasy movie, just rewatch Harry. But if you want good acting, then watch De Niro and Pfeiffer but be prepared to fast forward thru alot of crap. Oh, one more thing. I found a very hilarious thing in this film and it happened in 91:30. I heard Lord of the Rings music! It was barely tampered with but Howard Shore (composer of the LotR song) wasnt involved in this film. WTF??


I dont understand why ppl like this movie so much. I find it less than barable. The plot is pretty good, Jennifer and the puppets are good too, but the songs are crap and the pace of the story is very slow. I nearly had to watch this in two sittings cuz i was falling asleep in broad daylight. Nonetheless, the plot is awesome, I have aways had a similar imagination that I have power over some form of minions that will do my biddings.

Analyze That
Analyze That(2002)

Good, they learn from there mofia mistake from the first. This time the reason for attack is more evident. Also, by stranding a little further from psychotherapy the script manages to be a bit more entertaining than the first.

Analyze This
Analyze This(1999)

Altho its about psychotherapy AND the mofia, this movie lacks alot of psychotherapy. In fact, the change in De Niro's character from the therapy was completely unnoticable. Then there is the problem with the mofia aspect. There was bearly any worthwhile acting or even reason for one side to attack the other. It was a senseless battle due to hatred that doesnt even look like hatred. The only thing supporting this film alive are the actors but this script definitely doesnt support them. For crying out loud, the entertainment level of this movie is SO FREAKING low.

The Comebacks

Pretty funny spoof of many famous football movies.

Hot Shots! Part Deux

Ridiculous!! This is the most hilarious parody movie I have ever seen!! Altho I didnt laugh throughout the entire film, the jokes and parodies are so well planned and executed. And omg, the movie managed to get Richard Crenna to do this Rambo parody! Sadly the movie has some parts that are overkill but overall, this is a freaking awesome film.

Hot Shots!
Hot Shots!(1991)

WOW, i think this could be the highest budget parody of all time. There are so many SMALL planes!! Then there is the hilarious cast and jokes. Unfortunately, some places were overkill but overall it is a parody that is worth watching.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

This movie is basically a fan tribute movie. It focused more on stuff that fans are bound to have loved and still do but the cuz of this, quality of the movie is not as good as the previous three. Firstly, the movie lacks creativity compared to the previous three. Alot of sequences have already been filmed in other Hollywood hits. In fact, it copied quite a bit of the Mummy 1 & 2. Karen Allen was not as sassy as she used to be and [spoilers] how Meridith and Indy's relationship was rekindled was very poorly planned.[/spoilers] Nonetheless, the script continues to have many witty jokes and the action is very entertaining altho it was copied. Lucas and George really did a great job of reusing others' material and make it more fun and exciting. It is sucks that Sean Connery wont come out of retirement for this. I have always considered Sean and Harrison to be the perfect on screen duo because of there uber witty and funny dialoges and I didnt get to see that booo.

The Dark Crystal

Typical in many ways but brillant puppetting.

27 Dresses
27 Dresses(2008)

From the looks of the poster, it seems like your average rom-com. Unlike your average rom-com, this movie debates about many marriage, relationship, and ppl issues. On top of everything, Katherine finally delivers a top-notch performance to a top-notch script after performing in the terrible movies, Knocked Up and the Ringer. James also steps up his performance as the hateable and lovable lead male. The only disappointing thing for this movie is it humanliates Malin's character. For most of the movie is acts like the lovable villain. Then, she becomes Bridzilla. That is a lame excuse to make the audience hate her. Fortunately the movie does mix this problem by making her correct herself and demonstrate it in a funny way. I would definitely recommend this movie to any that likes Knocked Up, cuz this is the same genre but more intelligent and better male actors.

Airplane 2 - The Sequel

If my predictable of Airplane trying to be the stupidest and funniest film of all time, then lets just say it was trying to best the original. This time. the jokes are more than stupid, less funny, and very predictable. I truly regret watching this film, it was a waste of time and an eyesore.


I dont understand the popularity around this film, the entertainment is just caused by taking words/phrases literally or talking about irrelevant subjects. I guess the film is trying to be the stupidest but funniest film ever. However, I believe that it has successed in being the stupidest but not the funny at all. I only laughed once for God's sake when Striker left his taxi meter running.

The Producers

Extremely bad remake even thou I have seen the original. The songs were crap and the story was crap. The only thing that the movie did well was make Uma look attractive.

The Producers

Brilliant and creative. Altho the story is slow especially at the beginning, Gene Wilder and Springtime for Hitler make the film oh so incredibly enjoyable that they make up for the slow beginning. Gene Wilder's blue blanket scene is the best acting I have ever seen no wonder Gene is so famous.


Terrific movie, terrific story, and terrific cast. It is the perfect visual to every boys fantasy of an older woman. Monica fits the role to a tee. Plus, with her Hollywood fame, she might just be many boys' fantasy woman. The other outstanding thing from this movie is the ending. Im still dazzled at the brillance of it.

Wong Fei-hung chi tit gai dau neung gung (Deadly China Hero) (Claws of Steel) (Last Hero in China)

Yet another tragedy! Even with an all star supporting cast like Dicky Cheung and Pak-cheung Chan, the movie nearly made me cry because of how bad the series has become. One more thing, Drunken Monkey is not from the Shaolin mountain. The most obvious reason is that MONKS DONT DRINK!!

Last Action Hero

What a cool movie! I liked it the first time I saw and the last time I saw it. Im sure this is one fantasy that all boys have had and this movie does a good job at keeping it fun.

Once Upon a Time in China 4 (Wong Fei Hung ji sei: Wong je ji fung)

Yet another tragedy! Even with an all star supporting cast like Dicky Cheung and Pak-cheung Chan, the movie nearly made me cry because of how bad the series has become. One more thing, Drunken Monkey is not from the Shaolin mountain. The most obvious reason is that MONKS DONT DRINK!!

Once Upon A Time In China II

Donnie's robe fighting style is amazing but the rest of the film is thoughtless and not entertaining.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

OMFG, this ties Raiders in almost very aspect except for the cast. How can you beat Sean Connery and Harrison Ford being in the same film. They are so freaking great together. I personally think their chemistry rivals that of Harrison and Karen Allen. Then you have another biblical treasure, probably the most desired treasure of all time. What you end up having is a super stacked movie that cant lose in any way. The only thing that is worst than Raiders is the comedy/action, Raiders have rolflmao sequences while this one just has lmao but it has a truck lot of them to make up for lost marks.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

This is my least favourite in the series. The entertainment is not as consistent as the first but the beginning and the end are very exciting. Also, there are many references to the original which made me laugh in both films. The only things I dont like about the film are the ritual and the child slavery. The ritual is just too unreal and the slavery is not fully exploited. Oops, there is one more, Kate Capshaw, she is just way too annoying. Nonetheless this is a great family enterment.

Run Fatboy Run

Predictable to the point that it is scary. The film strives on the average Joe losing and then wanting to win back the girl of her dreams. The true enemy that is stopping him from getting the girl back is himself. But, just to make things easier, the enemy is personalified by Hank Azaria. That is a lame ass stunt that the film pulls.

THX 1138
THX 1138(1971)

A bizzare but artistic look at what could be the future. The film thrives on future ppl acting like the modern ppl. By doing so, it critics the actions of the modern person. However, to a teenager in the 21 century, the film is far more bizzare than entertaining. I personally find it more predictable than bizzare. Anyways, this movie revolves around the 70s' mindset of the government being able to control the human mind in the future. Therefore, those that would enjoy this movie the most would be those that have such a mindset.

Addams Family Values

This movie maintain the unique qualities set by the original. The family has a reverse sense of right and wrong, good and evil. However, the movie's entertainment level goes down drastically. The biggest problem is the use of very cheap jokes. For example, the summer camp is HIGHLY childish and predictable. I can easily think of much more entertaining events to happen in the camp. Nonetheless, Raul and Anjelica continue to shine as the perfect couple. Joan Cusack also delivers a wonderful performance as the villain. Sadly, I would not recommend the Addams Family to anyone cuz its just too bizzare.

The Addams Family

Great family entertainment with a twist. The family is just so unreal that it is awesome!

Monsters, Inc.

WOW, Pixar is just amazing creating hit after hit after hit. Steve Jobs just doesnt know how to make bad movies. Orginally, I wasnt interested in the movie but after watching this, I regret that I took so long. The story is unique, funny, and entertaining. Best of all, Pixar creates the cutest baby girl EVER!! Boo is FREAKING AWESOME!! The ending is also great. Especially the very last scene when Sully says "Boo?"

Toy Story 2
Toy Story 2(1999)

This isnt as good as the first one. I guess its primarily a movie to show that all toys should be appreciated because one man's trash is another man's fortune. Or in this case, one boy's 2nd favourite toys is a greedy man's wet dream.

Toy Story
Toy Story(1995)

Gosh, this movie made me think that my toys could talk and walk if only i turned my back for the longest time. The primary reason is that the story is so believable. Our toys might seriously do that.

The Indian in the Cupboard

I dont really want to trash this movie too much because the idea is very unique. At least for half a year until Toy Story was released. But the biggest reason that it is so bad is that the kids have amateur acting skills and the brothers dont fit nicely to the story.


Intelligent but lacks the finish. Also, I dont think Daryl is right for the role. Her chemistry with Steve is very low. The only thing keeping the chemistry from blowing over is Steve's great acting. His acting really tries to hide the low chemistry between them but to me, it just doesnt cut.

August Rush
August Rush(2007)

A brillant piece of work. It takes the cliche "music connects ppl" to a whole new level. The movie finds magnificent songs to go with the story and great actors to fill in the rest of the movie. The most noticeable are Keri, Jon, and Robin. Keri and Jon have a surprising beautiful chemistry. When they are together, it is like the movie is perfect, when they are separate, the movie is bitter. I guess their bittersweet relationship makes the movie bittersweet. Robin is also amazing. He portrays a typical money monger that does predictable actions. However, the movie makes up the predictability by using it to show a world that exploits music. The only downer is Freddie. He fails to make the audience as emotionally attacted to the movie like Haley Joel Osment in A.I. This movie and A.I. have a very similar storyline yet Haley makes the audience smile when he smiles and cry when he cries. Freddie is just the same in this movie as he is in most of his movies, sad character but doesnt get the audience to sympathize him and mimic his emotions. Nonetheless, the movie makes up for lost grounds by having many meaningful and moving songs. I especially like the Oscar nominated song, "Raise It Up." It fits the scene that it was played to a tee. I would definitely recommend this to all musicians. This is showing the power of music with a little exaggeration.

The Forbidden Kingdom

It is a good thing that the news of Jackie and Jet working together took so much publicity that it shadows the other actors and ultimately the story. Due to this publicity, I went into the movie completely clueless and came out amazed. Its a great play on my all time favourite folklore of Monkey King (NOTE: not Journey to the West). The biggest surprise is that Collin Chou plays the Jade Warlord. The Warlord and Monkey King's rivalry is the second best rivalry in Journey to West and I am just so happy that Collin and Jet get to fight as those 2 with a big ass Hollywood budget to back them up. However, there are a few things that prevent this movie from being perfect. First of all, there is WAY TOO MUCH english. For God's Sake, english wasnt around at that time! I rather see the mandarin or canto version of this movie and I dont mean dubbed. Unfortunately, that wont happen cuz the writer and director of this film are cocasians. Which brings me to the next point, that the lead shouldnt be a cocasian! But, the film barely pulls that off by setting the film in China. Another big disappointment is predictably. From the moment the boy brings the staff to Warlord, I know EXACTLY how things were going to turn out. Even the time when Jet sees the Monkey King and ... More disappointments are the pointlessness of Sparrow, and Jet's poor monkey acting skills (if u think its fine, ur a nub to Monkey King). Nonetheless, this is a movie worth watching in theatres and buying on dvd. I mean come on, Jackie returns to his Drunken Master fighting, Jet with more weapons fighting, and Collin with kick ass powers. If I can base this movie solely on action, it'll get full marks!

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

This is MUCH better than the first one. There are more witty jokes and more entertaining sequences.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Lame ASS moviE. I highly regret seeing this movie.

The Butterfly Effect 2

I only got attracted to this movie because Erica Durance is in it. Sadly, I expected too much from this movie. It is exactly what you would expect of a B-movie -> B-quality. Everything was predictable, dull, and repetitive. The only good thing is the ending, altho it was expected, it was a logical redeemtion for the mess that the rest of the movie made.

Cross of Iron

Great action and good story. Sadly, many of the fights have little lighting but it is nonetheless an extraordinary piece of work if i rate it in its own time's standards.

Chin gei bin 2: Fa tou tai kam (Blade of Kings)

What a big load of crap! I only liked 2 things in this movie. The female dominant world and the HIGHLY POINTLESS fight between Jackie and Donnie. The rest are just fillers.

Vampire Effect (Chin gei bin) (The Twins Effect)

I may be bias on this movie due to its stacked cast and having my favourite monster -vampires. Nonetheless, it is a very entertaining film about killing a cocasian vampire from being the ultimate vampire. And no, he's not Dracula.

The Bourne Ultimatum

What an amazing comeback from Bourne Supremacy! This movie is a great example of the 2nd sequel redeeming the series after making a not-so-good sequel. There are more unique and instense sequences. Also, more answers are revealed. Sadly, the action filming returns to the highly unbearable technique used in Identity and Supremacy - close combat with close combat filming. Nonetheless, I have finally grown fond of The Bourne Series (it might not be a trilogy 3 years from now).

The Bourne Identity

Unique story with great action. However, there is one terrible flaw. The close combat sequences are filmed like close combat sequences. The camera dances with the combatants and disrupts the view of the audience. This makes the movie extrememly hard to watch. So, I both anticipate the next fight sequence and dread it.

The Bourne Supremacy

Lacks quite a bit of the uniqueness and instensity set by the first movie. The only decent scene is the grass fight. This is just another movie that proves sequels (especially the one right after the original) are crappier than the original.

The Italian Job

The only truly decent part is the ending starting from the gang getting away with their minis all the way to the credits. Everything else is down right boring and at times unnecessary. Then there is the acting, the only character that really acts is Caine's yet he does a very disasterous job at playing a the leader of a disasterous group. He is perfect for the role in the scene that both him and the movie is disasterous. As I have said, my favourite part is the ending, that is primarily because we dont see anymore acting after the heist occurs. Fortunately, the new version (Wahlberg's) corrects both problems. It is alot more interesting, intense, and acting. So, if u havent watched either Italian Job, just watch the new one, this one is a big waste of time.


My 1000th rating turns out to be quite high. This movie is everything that movie critics say. It has a superb cast with great acting, witty and funny dialogues, and wonderful suspense. Sure, a story about pregnancy isnt original but the movie makes up for those lost marks with the very unique details as mentioned eariler. Also, Page really deserves the Oscar nomination, her acting is extremely good.

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

Like the original, this movie strives on its dancing to entertain. However, dancing is only like 10% of the film. The rest of the film is just like the original and is very slow and predictable. If you really want to watch dancing, I suggest you just search the web for excerpts, otherwise the movie will bore you to death.

Dirty Dancing

Most of the marks go to the superb dancing but as you can see, it is still not enough to make this movie bearable in my opinion. Also, everything besides the dancing is slow and predictable. The only real surprise is Swayze ending up with Grey cuz there is quite a big age difference.

No Country for Old Men

Like my father said, this movie is just a series of unsuspected events. There is no structure and lots of plot holes. To top it off, there is very little suspense to keep me watching. At lesat the action is pretty good.

There Will Be Blood

I dont understand why ppl give this movie such a high mark. I do not find this entertaining. Its just about the rise of a millionaire in the most discret way possible. I really want to join the Academy Awards so that I can ask all those professionals how the heck did this get nominated. While Im at it, I'll ask how the heck did Crash beat the Departed last year.

Raging Bull
Raging Bull(1980)

The movie is a bit long but is still quite entertaining and contains moral lessons. De Niro and Pesci are a really good team. They have that brotherly flare that just radiates in this movie.


OMG, this is a really crazy movie. If the part about him converting a book to a movie is true, Charlie Kaufman makes one heck of a script. Sure it talks about flowers but in the end it really becomes adapting to change. The reason I want to point this out is that the Orchid Thief doesnt seems to be about adaption, it seems to be about attaining the unattainable. However, if we leave this fact alone, this is an impecable movie. Charlie manages to add himself into the script and manages to develope the play from having a bunch of static characters into dynamic characters, and that adds 2 subplot involving romance when he explicitly say in the movie that he does not wish to do those things in a movie. The greatest part of all is that Charlie covers all the angles. He even calls himself a selfish person while the audience is contemplating the same thing. Sadly, he manages selfish in the sense that he does not rewrite the story but by doing so, he succeeds in writing another extraordinary piece of work.

The Seven Year Itch

The first half is very interesting, it really tries to explan the seven year itch. However, the second half turns into a comedy movie which I do not find to be entertaining. The only thing that I find really entertaiining is watching Marilyn Monroe. She is a natural beauty,

Speed 2 - Cruise Control

Note to self, dont make a remake without the lead ACTORS!! This movie bombed so badly without Keanu. Jason Patric just cant handle the greatest that Keanu set in the original. The only thing that prevents this movie from getting lower than 1 point is the long crash at the end. That was pretty good.


I personally consider this Keanu's best. Sure Matrix was great but he doesnt deliver as great of a performance in that. As for the rest of this movie, I find it to have quite a rush. The title is very well chosen.

Bull Durham
Bull Durham(1988)

Great movie throughout. There doesnt have much dull moments and the topics the movie discussed were very unique and it manages to discuss them in very hilarious ways. For example, the way Sarandon and Costner trains Robbins is so unique, funny and realistic that makes me laugh so hard that this movie deserves to be at least the funniest baseball movie. The only reason why I am not giving this movie full marks is because of the main plot ... vet coming back to help a rookie! Its been done.

The Green Mile

An odd story with a great surprise.

8 Mile
8 Mile(2002)

It took too long to get to the rap battles and the story was a drag. I really like Eminem and the song "Lose Yourself" but this movie is just so freaking crappy.

Get Rich or Die Tryin'

The movie was a documentary and was filmed like a documentary ... dull. There was no suspense and everything was predictable. The only surprise was 50 got shot. Watch this to learn how the life of a gangster is like but dont watch this solely for entertainment sake cuz otherwise you'd be disappointed big time like me.

50 First Dates

Pretty funny and pretty different from Sandler's usual comedies. I had a mixed feeling about this film but eventually settled down with the movie being a little more than bearable to watch.

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

What a waste of time? I expected it would at least be a little entertaining with such an attractive poster and title. Yet, it manages to destroy that image. The 50 foot woman only appears for 5 minutes!! for God's sake. Then there is the crappy ass excuse for a story. And no, different taste in different times do not make a difference for this film. The story was poorly thought of, constructed, and no suspense. This movie was a freaking drag. I dont recommend this film to anyone. DONT GET FOOLED BY THE TITLE! Thats not what the movie is about.

Seven (Se7en)

It is a pretty messed up movie but it is HIGHLY suspensful.

The Magnificent Seven

Some classics stay classic because there is a hidden element that can not be captured by other movies. Unfortunately, this movie has been exploited and every hidden element that has been duplicated time and time again. Therefore, although I consider this a good movie, I can not consider it a classic for I predict that there will be a time when this movie will be forgotten due to too many movies having the same elements as this movie.


Great concept of a lead character and great idea for a story. However, the story was crappy and everything else was messy and unnecessary. The girl was extremely unnecessary, the corrupt Russian cop wasnt exploited enough to make the movie enjoying, and the villain said something that required explanation but it never came. Last but not least, the actor sequences were ALL COPIED! Has Hollywood really ran out of new ideas action sequences? If so, Hollywood better bring more Chinese choreographers over, otherwise die hard action fans like myself will have to switch to solely watching Chinese movies for good action. The only remotely good things about the movie were the intro up to him taking and shower and at the end, starting with his captivity to the credits. However, that was only 15 minutes of the movie. The remainder 75 minutes were down right retarded.

The Invasion
The Invasion(2007)

Beautiful idea, great acting all around, ok story, crappy suspense. It was making earth a utopia with a virus from outer space! How great would that be? After much thought, I believe the most acceptable way to achieve utopia is thru natural evolution. In neither cases do I feel that war makes us be, as mentioned by the Russian Ambassedor. Also, Nicole Kidman was right. She said that mime acting is the future and really shows it with the uber amount of miming from everyone. I mean everyone, including the extras, really tried being as emotionless as possible. So, this has to be without a doubt the 'best acting from the entire cast in a single film' of this decade. On a personal note, Nicole Kidman really scared the shit out of me with her uber perfect acting especially her subtle movements. Fortunately, it does further solidify her godly status on my all-time fav actors list.

Man on the Moon

I dont know if I want to give it a really good mark or a really good mark because it makes the audience hate him. However, that is his goal in this movie is its only fitting to give it a high mark no matter how much i hate his character in this movie.

Rear Window
Rear Window(1954)

I highly anticipated this movie and it didnt disappoint at all. Although, I saw Disturbia first, it was not exactly a remake so Disturbia did not give much story away. So, I found myself enjoying many moments of the film. One of my favourite things in Rear Window were the witty and snappy comments and jokes made by the Stewart, Kelly, Ritter. Every word and tone were well thought up and executed. Ritter really sold herself as a lovable old lady. Then, there was the sensational chemistry between Stewart and Kelly. They played the perfect couple!! Both characters were so different in personalities and yet their love made each character change for the other. Lastly, I loved the idea that it was adults spying on the neighbours. When Disturbia chose teens to spy, they took away the bizarreness of spying on the neighbours cuz teens are always bored so they will naturally find ways to entertain themselves. However, in this case, the adults knew what rights they were violating but they still continued. This is a major masterpiece, the average mark of 4.5 is extremely accurate if not a little low.

Two Weeks Notice

This movie had an all-star cast and yet it sucked so badly that it really stains Bullock's and Grant's porfolios.

Two Weeks
Two Weeks(2006)

Sally Field was amazing. She was the heart and soul of the family and of the movie. Ben Chaplin was also amazing, playing an zen American. The last time I saw him, it was a very British loser in Birthday Girl. As amazing the acting was, the story was simply a depiction of a dying person with a few funny moments, but not much sad moments. Overall, it was a very real depiction but too real to the point that it wasnt entertaining.

The Hunt for Red October

It was everything I expected from looking at the cover. Great acting, great story, but not suspenseful.

Panic Room
Panic Room(2002)

THis movie can really get you on the edge of your seat. I dont mean it in a good way. While I was watching this, I always want to do something else cuz the pace was moving so slowly. Also, the ending was so predictable that there is no way I can ever give this movie a mark higher than 2.5

Gun chung (Eye in the Sky) (Surveillance)

There is only one major flaw in this superb movie ... the rookie. The rookie follows the typical path of any rookie in a movie. She makes a mistake and solves it. Then her superior would say she has alot of potential. However, the movie still deserves a high mark because of the very unique way of following both the cops and robbers and the dilemmas that Dog-head and Hollowman face.


A great twist to several classic fairy tales. Although it is highly predictable because it copies fairy tales. Nonetheless, the songs and the storyline are beautiful and entertaining. Amy Adams has alot of potential in becoming a strong powerhouse for Hollywood.

The Parent Trap

Exciting and hilarious movie. Its amazing how talented Lindsay was ... but not at the moment.

When Harry Met Sally

I thought this was supposed to be the perfect romantic movie of all time!! Apparently its just trying to be the funniest romantic movie of all time. The issues that Billy and Meg go thru are very thoughtful and the way they approach them are very funny. Sadly, the comedy did not save them from the evil predictability. The last third of the movie was just like every other romantic movie where a problem arises then gets fixed by having the characters admit their love for each other.

Ella Enchanted

Its an OK movie but a very typical fairy tale movie. I only continue watching cuz Anne Hathaway is the lead and Heidi Klum has a part in it too.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

This is a brilliant masterpiece. Almost everything was brilliantly thought of and executed.


Great story, great suspense, and great acting from Kevin Spacey. Sadly, this is not a perfect film. Those that portrayed the MIT students did not help much in increasing the entertainment value of the film. Their roles were not challenging at all and yet they do not find ways to make their roles more interesting. This is especially the case with Aaron Yoo, he had such an interesting role and yet he didnt exploit it to make it more entertaining. As a result, when he effortlessly stole things, I couldnt laugh, smile, or cry because he managed to suck out the entertaining value of the action. Then there was Kate Bosworth. She was just in the movie for the sake of increasng the movie's audience with her presence. Her role was uninteresting and unnecessary. She could have at least think of some angle to make herself different from the typical girl next door cuz her character is supposed to be an MIT student for crying out loud!! Jim Sturgess was also as bad as Kate Bosworth however, he had the script and Kevin Spacey to make his character a little entertaining. Overall, this is still a great movie just dont expect professional acting from the students cuz they acted like amateurs.

Independence Day

I first saw this a year after it came out, while i was under 10 years old. 10 years later, after learning alot more about world history, I rewatched this movie and found this movie very interesting, hilarious, and emotional. Along with the extremely exciting special effects and my insane home theatre, this movie just blows my mind at how awesome it really is. I strongly recommend this movie to everyone!!

Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Pretty interesting and funny. The most interesting part is how the bodies get disposed.

The Hidden Blade

I typical film about the honor of samurais. However, the director manages to take care of almost every little detail to ensure the movie is as interesting as it can be. I am quite disappointed that the average for this movie is so low. I believe it may be because more expect alot of fighting and the result is very little of that. So, for those that have yet to watch this ... dont expect this to be an action movie but rather a drama movie. That way, you will not be disappointed.

How to Deal
How to Deal(2003)

The movie tries to put many kinds of messy situations that ppl encounter in a relationship. However, it turns into a flat out messy movie! To top it off, there is no suspense, poor acting, predictable storyline, and worst of all the crappiest ending EVER!!! If you intend to be different by showing so many different messy scenerios then you better make the end very worthwhile. But noooo, the movie shows a happy ending because the mian characters resolve such a big problem as ditching with their love of each other. That is a big load of BULLCRAP!!

Du xia II zhi Shang Hai tan du sheng (Back to Shanghai) (God of Gamblers III)

I do feel happy for Stephen's "All For The Winner" pays off and he gets to make "God of Gamblers 2" but this one is ridiculous. This movie lack the GoG's intelligence, GoG2's action and suspense, and AftW's entertaining stupidity. As much as I like Stephen, I still have admit that this is a very crappy movie. One more thing, Man Cheung is far hotter than Gong Li, I rather have her as the lead actress than appear at the end of the movie.

Lu ding ji II zhi shen long jiao (Royal Tramp II)

The jokes in this one was much better than the first but the overall entertainment were almost the same. I just adore the "Undefeated of East" references especially since Brigitte Lin was also in the movie.

Lu ding ji (Royal Tramp)

A typical Stephen Chow movie with him being a little more hatable than usual. I just have to say his "We wung wung" was amazing. Sadly, those of u that have not seen any Hong Kong's black and white, action tv shows (espeically fo the 70s) would most likely not fully understand just how beautifully played on that scene was.

Rescue Dawn
Rescue Dawn(2007)

Acting and suspense was OK, everything was boring or bad. Nonetheless, Dieter did have quite an interesting time in Laos.

Ji jie hao (Assembly)

Great combination of Hollywood war-filmmaking and one of China's bloodiest times.

War of the Worlds

Could be Spielberg's worst film.

Kingdom of Heaven

Crappy story, crappy action, crappy movie!

The Lost Boys

Pretty good vamp movie. The only bummers are Haim's acting and the lack of vampire knowledge from the frog brothers. Still, as unlogical the end is, the twist at the end is pretty good.

Wedding Daze
Wedding Daze(2006)

The first half of the movie is a wonderful surprise. It is spontaneous, bizzare, and hilarious. Fisher is so freaking hot!! She incorporates the clumsy girl next door look into the awkward girlfriend look and makes an ultra lovable dream girl. Sadly, the movie turns for the worst after Biggs and Fisher says they like each other. The movie falls straight down the cliff and into predictable stupidity. Almost every single fun and spontaneous thing is demolished and then some. Even Fisher's lovable look is reduced to a typical girl next door. This movie is a great example of a movie that does so well at trying to be fun and then trashes with the ending. The scriptwriter(s) really messed this movie up and everyone that worked on it.

The Wedding Singer

Sandler is off the hook! The jokes and the songs are extremely amazing. His acting isnt bad either. And with the help of Barrymore, this is a pretty good movie.


Not as lame as my friends think. Biggs and Suvari make a "nice odd couple," better than Biggs with Hannigan.

The Wendell Baker Story

Great acting but crappy story. It seems Luke is trying to build up a reputation by filming with so many has-beens and soon to be has-beens (Owen). He really tries to show his acting skills and he shows them well but I guess the story is too crappy to be able to give him a shot at the Oscars.

Mr. Woodcock
Mr. Woodcock(2007)

Here is a stupid story backed by a great cast. Sean could have done a more convincing job as being one that goes against his own believes. However, everyone else delivers the best performance they can do especially Amy Poehler. Her performance in this movie makes her character in Blades of Glory a sissy on skates.

Bong ga (Kidnap)

Great acting, crappy story. The ending is quite intense.

She's All That

Not interesting at all. I wanted to watch this cuz I thought it would be a decent romance movie, I guess it isnt.

Bulletproof Monk

Dam Hollywood with trashing asian myths and more importantly asian actors. The movie is so unlogical and unasian yet it talks about an asian myth. Even the big surprise at the end is bad. So bad that it is the biggest trashing of an asian culture I have ever seen. The only good thing in the movie is the only fight where Yun Fat gets to hold guns. I only watched this cuz I originally thought it cant be worse than the Medallion but i was VERY SADLY MISTAKEN!!

Be Kind Rewind

I really think this should be called Be Kind Forward. The first half is filled with cheap jokes that make u want to leave or pray that the movie gets better. Fortunately it does. When the big typical turning point comes along, the movie makes a drastic turn for the better. The movie becomes very heart-felt but still funny. This is a good homage to alot of great movies from the 80s and 90s. I highly recommend this to fellow movie buffs but not too much to anyone else. I especially like the part when Gatekeeper herself (Sigourney Weaver) appears. I like that part so much that I might even want to get the movie after it comes out on dvd because of it.

After the Sunset

The movie has quite a unique story about temptation. Using an all star cast, this movie tries hard to be very exciting. Sadly, the audience knows exactly what is going to happen next because of the scene before. So, there arent much surprises or unique events which makes the movie quite a drag. Only the unique story and great cast prevent it to be a total waste of time. One thing that really stands out is Brosnan paying homage to James Bond by controlling a car using a remote control. I was in love with it when I first saw that scene and now Im so happy to see the comedic version of it. All-in-all, good movie to watch but not to own.

Empire Records

Very hilarious look at the many kinds of teenagers in the 90s era. Each person is flawed and yet they collaborate to enjoy their time together to the fullest. The only big problem is that Renee Zellwegger shouldnt sing. She has a terrible voice.

Birthday Girl

Its a highly predictable movie that isnt much of a joyride besides the beginning. You have a foreigner than doesnt speak english and a local englishman. There only connection is thru sex. Once the birthday happens, the movie goes down the predictable and stupid lane. The only driver that keeps me watching is Nicole Kidman and the fact that she speaks Russian so quickly that it feels fluent. Altho this movie is a slump it really shows how hard a worker Nicole Kidman is. She doesnt slack off cuz she knows she's in a bad movie. She treats each one with the respect it deserves and learns Russian cuz the role requires it. There is no wonder why she is my fav but this isnt the only reason.

The Girl Next Door

Quite a typical plot but the movie really tries to be unique and I think it kinda works. Having Elisha Cuthbert really helps boost the movie too.

Mad Detective

OMFG, i love this movie. Its not just a milestone for Ching Wan Lau and Johnnie To but its also a milestone for me. I think I have reached a new level in understanding and appreciating films. While I learn to appreciate movies as a whole and not just the visual, Ching Wan learns to harness is gift of being able to cross over to any genre. This time he enters an unfamiliar genre of horror/psycho while remaining to be the lovable and hatable sob that he portrays best at. He does it so well that I laugh my ass off just 5 minutes into the movie!! Then I love and hate him for the rest of the movie. As for the other sob, Johnnie To, he too tries to make all kinds of movies and also enters this unfamilar territory of psycho. The most amazing thing is that he manages to find familar terrorities in the film. There are moments where the movie feels like PTU, Breaking News, etc. Then at the end of the film he finds the perfect spot to place his close range gun fight. I couldnt resist laughing there either. The only reason I take half a mark off is that the story is a bit too complex. Nonetheless, the 2 sobs make an insane (double meaning) movie.

The Breakfast Club

Eventful movie about pointlessness. I really like this movie. Its so realistic both in the characters' actions and that nothing changes at the end of the detention.

Warlords (Tau ming chong)

The action and story are great however the balance isnt. On the one hand you have very "risky" battle tactics displayed by very good camera angles. On the other, you have the rise and fall of an emotional brotherhood. However, the 20 min prior to the last fight are very bad for the movie. Before that time, the movie builds up alot of momentum from all the battles and fights, then the paste slows down very abruptly. Good thing Jet Li and Andy Lau deliver very good acting. In Fearless, Jet Li already incorporates more acting than his prior works. This one he goes above and beyond by acting as a very believeably ruthless looking softy. As for Andy, he usually acts as a bold and smart man. This time, he acts as a bold but dumb man. He does it so well that it rekindles in my memory of the old Andy from God of Gamblers. Very great movie, can rival LotR for greatest epic of this decade.

Triad Election (Hak se wui yi wo wai kwai)

Not as good as the first in story but suspense is a bit better this time round.

Ye yan (Legend of the Black Scorpion) (The Banquet)

I dont know what this director was trying to achieve but the result is a bad movie. The impression I get is that he is trying to make a Crouching Tiger style movie but it just doesnt work. Th action sucks, the story sucks, bad visuals, and no suspense. Its a big bust coming for the same director that directed A World Without Thieves. That is still a great movie.

Big Fish
Big Fish(2003)

Pretty fun ride down in Tim Burton land. But I needed the synopsis to fully understand the movie.

Princess of Thieves

Pointless in making and pointless in watching.

City of Angels

Beautiful story but Cage and Ryan lack chemistry.


Its got pretty cool looking heists. And it is a good movie to waste time if u want to waste time but overall it isnt. Its especialyl because the story is boring and the wait for the next heist is long and dreadful. Then we have a very typical ending that has a very unrealistic result. There is no storyline leading to it but it still happens cuz thats the way fans like it.


Pretty cool idea with a very typical story. OMFG, Elizabeth Hurley is hot!!!

The Three Swordsmen

What a crappy movie. U have a great cast, cool weapons but a bad story and a bad director. Highly not recommended to anyone.

A Walk to Remember

I don't think I've ever seen a corny movie/show that would make me think this is corny. Mandy Moore's verison of Only Hope is just as good as the original if not better. Actually, all of the music in the movie are meaningful and timed perfectly. Its no wonder Mandy's manager demanded the movie's music to be from Switchfoot. But that is not the reason this movie is so high up my list. This is the perfect story of the perfect love complete with the whole "till death do us apart" thing. I guess the only problem is the ending starting with Shane in his Jeep. It becomes far too predictable. However, the song Cry times itself so that we can ignore that error. Cuz no matter what, im giving this a full mark. This is hands down my favourite romance movie.


Ahh, this is my first mole movie. Turns out this movie has quite an impact on both me and the move industry. The introduce of the gray area in life is quite a scary idea if you were only 8 years old.

The Matrix Revolutions

Graphics and story are similar to the second. The Neo/Smith fight is very critical in keeping this movie bearable.

The Matrix Reloaded

Cool graphics but story was less than bearable.

Curse of the Golden Flower

An insane story of a royally messed family. The addition of artistic action sequences makes this movie very entertaining. This is a very good redemption for the director after making the not so good Hero and House of Flying Daggers.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

I already feel sorry for Aniston losing Pitt but this movie makes me feel sorry for her even more. Pitt and Jolie's chemistry makes this movie very enjoyable. The chemistry adds a very potent dose of comedy in the already decent aciton sequences.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

A very slow pace movie with great action sequences. So, you have to wait quite a long time before you get to see action but fortunately, the action is good. I especially like the Zhang Ziyi/Michelle Yoh fight. It brings Cat Fights to a whole new level.

New Police Story (San ging chaat goo si)

Very good present to his die hard HK fans. Not only does is it good but he surprises everyone with some decent acting and it pays off big time.

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

Very good story. After analyzing the philosophical aspects of the film, I have become very surprised as to how they managed to add action sequences into the movie. This is a surprisingly good movie.

Fong Shi Yu II: Wan fu mo di (The Legend 2)(The Legend II)

Excellent action sequences and a decent story. I especially like the fight when Jet Li and Josephine Siao uses the no-shadow fists.


Great action sequences but very boring story.

San tau chi saidoi (Skyline Cruisers)

I guess this is a 1.5 star movie because altho there is alot of action, most of them are copied. Shu Qi's character is practicallly useless. The scopes on the guns are useless primarily because the characters dont use it. And there is not much story and character developement. Also, like most Leon Lai movies, Leon has one constant emtion throughout the film. However, all said and done, Im giving it an extra mark because this is the kind of movie I could make to launch my directing career. It would be like a trial run for me to direct the genre I really want to be known for, action.

The Da Vinci Code

Never would have thought the critics would be so right about such a great book and great actor.

Shaun of the Dead

Kinda funny but very hard to watch.

House of Flying Daggers

Most marks come from the beauty of the locations and elegance of the fights not the actual fighting elements of the figth sequences or the story.

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

Weird but bearable.

The Storm Riders (Fung wan: Hung ba tin ha)

Crappy story, ok action but a very good "comic turned movie" movie. I especially like the locations of the battles they look so beautiful. I cant wait to watch this on HD.

Dao (The Blade)

Very dark and very amazing action sequences. Its a much watch for HK action fans.

American Psycho II: All American Girl

Surprisely good. Just as good as the original but isnt quite in the same league.

Why do psychopaths always have good marks, jobs ... ? Or do they?

American Pie 5: The Naked Mile

Pointless but a good comeback from the 4th.

American Pie Presents: Beta House

I bet there is going to be more American Pie movies with Steve Talley as the Stifler. Although its just as pointless as 5, its still very entertaining. And as an added bonus, this movie has the most tits in the whole series.

Rambo (Rambo IV)

I've heard some really bad reviews for this movie but after watching it, I realize I have a really different taste from professional critics. I love this movie. Its got the perfect mixture of gore and action that was started by zombie movies like resident evil. Not only are they gory but the action sequences are also frequent. So, I believe this movie goes above and beyond the criteria of being a great action movie. However, it does not satisfy the great movie criteria and I think this is where critics destroy the greatest of the action sequences. There is no evident message, Julie Benz does an extremely bad job, the Christians were not brutally harmed, and there was no time for character development. Still, if you ignore the errors as errors and think of those parts are they, the result is you have a very reasonable movie. War only spawns more war and God does not do shit for these ppl. As a result, although this movie is not a good movie in the sense of Oscar worthy, it is a highly entertaining action movie especially for ppl that like gore/action and hell is already on earth.

Rambo III
Rambo III(1988)

The worst of the first 3. It cant beat the story from the first and the aciton in the second. The action sequences were actually copied from the second. And the comments on the government were already said. I just cant believe the US still went to Afgan after this was made. The big message that this movie is saying is "DONT MESS WITH THE AFGANS!" And what do american troops do? They do the opposite. Here is a great place for the Postman quote that I really like. "Wouldn't it be great if wars could be fought just by the assholes who started them?" Cuz us as citizens of the world should know by now soldiers just follow orders made by the government!! If the government saw this, they wont have ordered troops that have already seen this movie to go fight a winless fight.


The story is unique but the movie is not captivating.

Good Night, And Good Luck

I guess this is too sophicated for me.

Training Day
Training Day(2001)

Didnt like it at first but after rewatching it, i like it alot better. Its the kind of movie im developing a very passionate love for and that is Hell on Earth (ie. Good and bad are blurred).

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

I didnt really labelled the others like or not like, i just say good or bad movie. But this one me liky. I've always wondered what would happen on a ship full of crazy ppl, now I know. The captain jumps ship, lol. Then we have Barbossa being back. I always like movies where a former villain that was killed switches to the "good" side. Also, Chow Yun-Fat is my hero!!! He is a pirate and has 2 lives! The reason why there is half a mark taken is cuz there are alot of little things that disturbs the excitment of the movie. Like that sea god being captured. I could care less if Davy Jones finds his lover. And the end is pretty sad. I could have taken more marks off but the ending is just so beautiful but sad that i cant go any lower than 4.5

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

I think it is just as good as the original. There are new cool stuff to compensate for the new cool stuff in the first. The Kracken is the shit.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pretty good but I dont really know what the craze was all about. The moonlight fight is really cool tho.

First Blood
First Blood(1982)

Great explosions and very tactical attack strategies. However, the middle portion of the film is a bit boring because the sheriff chickens out and admits he's wrong. Still, it isnt the action that makes this movie get such a good mark. Its the reason why Rambo is in that town. Initally, the audience just believes he's just looking for friends. In actuality, he wants a life and the government screwed him over BIG TIME!! Therefore his actions are justified because all he wants is to return to society and society outcasts him regardless of his services.

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Rambo just laid out the flaws in US government. This movie goes above and beyond the original and actually demonstrates these flaws. The movie is an excellent put down movie on US government. They think soldiers are expendable? Then they are wrong. Rambo says it best in the end of the movie, the soldiers "[want] for our country to love us as much as we love it." If rescuing POWs can start a war then do rescue as descretly as possible. Dont just leave them there! Also, the action tops that of the original as well. There is way more action and explosion. The amount of action in this movie makes all those Arnold Schwarenager movies look dull and him like a wimp. One last thing, I love the credit music. Soft music is the perfect remedy to a hardcore action movie like Rambo. There is no doubt, this is an EXTREMELY awesome tribute movie to all the soldiers in the world.

Léon: The Professional

Great movie is so many ways but of course the action and the story takes most of the credit. Also, Natalie Portman delivers such a great performance that no wonder she is still around.


This movie might be too old for me to understand the jokes. All I gather from watching this movie is Bill Murray is an 'insane' comedian.

Blood Diamond

Trailer looks promising but its just a lot of crappy sequences trying to demonstrate a very critical and sensitive matter.

Resident Evil

Altho it doesnt relate to the games much, it is a pretty good action movie with just the right amount of gore and scariness. Milla is excellent in this movie both as an actress and as a fighter.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Sure the movie is a transition to the original storyline of the game, but its approach is extremely horrible. Not only do I not find this movie entertaining, I also despise the lack of thought into it. As one of my good friends say, this is just a typical and crappy zombie movie.

Racing Stripes

One word describes all about this movie and that is "Babe." The only difference is that the lead is a zebra. Also, the storyline is very thoughtless, everything is copied! And I just u can say they copied the zebra off Planet Earth. lol. Even Hayden didnt help this movie, it fact she makes it worse. Her acting is so bad in this one that I have no clue why the director chose her. Of course she is a better actress now by still she makes THIS movie crappier than it is. The only good thing from the movie is Snoop Dogg being a Snoop Dog.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Excellent return to good entertainment after fanning out into crappiness. Not only does it revisit the first and second movies. It adds more Resident Evil elements and way more good looking action sequences. The dogs are so annoying in the games but in the movie, they are freaking awesome! And, I especially like the ending, there's going to be Resident Evil 4: Attack of the Clones.

Stealing Beauty

Pointless except for tits galore.

The Dead Zone

Pretty cool movie about a few very scary dilemmas. Altho his last act is sinful, it is highly justified. However, the first half of the movie is quite slow. I had to watch this in 2 parts cuz I fell asleep from the boringness of that first half.


I remembered that this movie stayed in theatres for like a year and I still didnt watch it. After watching it, I realize its not as great as how my friends that were girls said it was. I just found the movie great because it managed to balance the romance line and the sunking in such a wonderful way. And I just cant get enough of the whole "fleeting love." I dont want it, but its so moving just like A Walk To Remember.


I find it quite retarded. Its just a bunch of ppl causing havoc cuz of being stuck. And the havoc isnt even good enough to be remembered.

Dante's Peak
Dante's Peak(1997)

I always hear ppl talking about this movie but I never really understand why. Its quite a crappy natural disaster movie. Volcano has a much better job with the whole volcanic erruption thing. The only good part about this movie is the way they depict the cloud of smoke. I have to honestly say I thought I was choking with the characters.


Best movie depicting a natural disaster. I think the way they stop the lava in the very end is kinda weak cuz that is only one side of the lava that is neutralized.


It is very crazy and cool the first time around. I think this is my first disaster movie so I may be a little bias about it. Either way, i'd recommend this to anyone that likes Day After Tomorrow cuz think this is better. Then again, its a completely different story only sharing the fact that its a natural disaster threat.

My Cousin Vinny

Without knowing it, I just saw the original movie that Legal Blonde copied from. However, this is way cooler, funnier, smarter, and more informative. In this movie, we learn alot of terminology that LB doesnt even mention and reasons why some of the procedures are done the way they are. I guess LB is for fags and gals. This one tho, is definitely for men. Another thing, if you're a guy like me that likes watching action movies with the occasional crime movies, havent u ever wondered how a MAFIA would do as a lawyer? If u have, this is the answer. If u havent watch it anyways. Its extremely unique and I dont think another similar has come BEFORE it. One last thing, Joe Pesci is officially in my list of favourites.

Casualties of War

Fine movie both in appearance and in moral stance. They are all just kids! They just saw their good friend die! I dont really know whether or not Sean Penn and gang should be punished so harshly. Nonetheless, they are to help the Vietnamese and not to kidnap, rape, then murder them.

Crimson Tide
Crimson Tide(1995)

OMG, you cant go wrong with Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer movies. NOTE, i said both names not just Jerry. This movie makes other non-combat military movies child's play. Military bureaucracy is displayed at its craziest and in a very intense way. To top it off, there is no real villain in the movie. Denzel only gets the sympathy vote cuz we see his softer side first. The only problem is that the intensity could have been higher. Maybe the music and the camera angles have something to do with it. Otherwise, this is an extraordinary piece of work.


Its a very creative sequel to a really great fairy tale. At times, things are a little too creative and it turns weird. Otherwise, this is excellent.

Chai gong (Mad Monk)

Altho at times it is predictable and bizzare to the point that it is not funny, the movie still manages to be very ethical and entertaining.

Yeopgijeogin geunyeo (My Sassy Girl)

At some points, the movie feels like a drag but overall, I think it is the best romanctic movie/story ever. To top it all off, the director found a really lovable female lead that just fits the movie perfectly. But above all else, THIS is how I want my girlfriend to be, a VERY sassy girlfriend.

My Girl
My Girl(1991)

A very funny movie for the first two-thirds and sad for the last. In a sense, the movie projects the right emotions at the right moments. However, the sad part in the end is quite typical and that is why a majority of the lost mark went.

To Catch a Thief

Watching too many moderns films have impaired my judgement on this film. However, it is still a very wonderful movie. I especially like the "strong-headed" Grace Kelly. I've always been fascinated with them but the modern cinema dont have alot of such characters. At least there is this to wet my appetite.

Beverly Hills Cop III

Just like the synopsis says, "third time is not quite the charm for Eddie." The unique jokes now become cheap jokes and everything else follows a highly typical plotline. Looks like without Jerry and Don, this franchaise is as good as dead.

Beverly Hills Cop II

The action gets worse but the jokes remain just as funny. So, although it isnt better than the original, it is still a decent movie.

Beverly Hills Cop

Fairly funny. Eddie Murphy does a good job at being a unique cop. However, the movie fails to deliever action wise and alot of the plot has already been used in other movies. AKA. Another typical cop movie with alot more humour.

The Lives of Others

Very interesting movie. It shows the goodest of a person whose profession clearly violates others. The ending is just perfect. No other word can say it better. Also, the ending got me to think why HGW ends up with a crappy job but then I realize its his retribution for all the other bad things he has done while being on the job.


Its a typical teen comedy with typical Christians. If it hadnt been for one major flaw, the movie would be bearable but this flaw is so big that it messes the entire movie up. It does so because the flaw basically makes the movie pointless. The flaw is that there is no clear message! The movie borderlines Christian believes and Athesism then to save its sorry ass from dammation or whatever, it ends up not picking a side. To top it all off, the movie makes me believe that the script writers dont even know what the fuk real Christians do and believe. Real Christians just dont swear, not do premarrital sex, or not be gay because they think they will get retribution immediately afterwards! The punishment is dammation when you die!! And the Mercy House is not a Christian parent thing, its a PARENT thing!! Any parent that is willing to send their children to a correctional home are ignorant NOT JUST CHRISTIAN PARENTS!! See how mad this movie made me. Watch this to prove me wrong, otherwise DONT!

Speed Zone
Speed Zone(1989)

The Cannonball Run franchaise is ever declining. The reason why this movie sucks so much is that its so random, not interesting, and painful to watch making it NOT FUN AT ALL! It is so bad that even the big then-semi-famous cast cant even save this movie.

Cannonball Run II

A little more random and a little less fun than the original. Im so happy to see Catherine Bach in that jumpsuit but she doesnt show alot of cleavage like the 2 Lamber girls from the original. They should have just scraped the jumper when she switched cars and change into a nice pair of daisy dukes.


A little weird but overall, it is very incredible. Along with the famous theme song to back up its popularity, its no wonder almost very person that follow HK cinema at least know its name.

The Conmen ( The Conmen in Vegas, Du xia da zhan Lasi Weijiasi)

What a lot of crap! I think this movie has a lot of potential of being the all-time worst gambling movie.

The Family Stone

I love family dispute movies.

The Hot Chick

Pretty hilarious. This is a great example of why Anna Faris shouldnt continue making Scary Movies, cuz she is so much better as a supporting actress. I guess thats a bad thing but she really lights up this movie thou.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

Hot in so many ways, especially, Tina Fey. And the good thing is I would have probably been in the Mathletes!!

Freaky Friday

I really want to see the original now, but this is still an enjoyable movie.

Just My Luck
Just My Luck(2006)

Unlike the characters, the movie never had any luck to start with. This is a big load of crap.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

A very typical teen romance movie.

Georgia Rule
Georgia Rule(2007)

Highly predictable with a little laugher.

National Lampoon's Pucked

Good title! Its exactly what this movie is, pucked -> phucked!

Because I Said So

I find movies about family disputes very entertaining, sure enough this one is although it is thoughtless.

License to Wed

Typical romantic film with a comedic twist that make this movie bearable to watch. Once you add Mandy Moore has the cute and lovable lead actress and Robin William with his comedic presences, it turns to movie to be a much better one. Still, there were moments that were not funny at all, some cuz of overkill, bizarre, and/or flat out too stupid.

American Dreamz

Funny songs, bad everything else.

Days of Thunder

Not as good as Driven because there is quite a bit of story and not as intense races. Nonetheless, the movie have stacked cast and crew, there is not much reason for the movie to flop and doesnt.


My favourite racing movie. There are lots of intense races and little story. Thats the way you treat racing fans!

Not Another Teen Movie

I cant exactly give 0 stars for this piece of crap because it gives homage to alot of good movies. Also, the cast is insane, you have Jamie, Chris, Mia, and Lacey. Then you have cameos from Molly Ringwald and Paul Gleason. Sadly, there is only one part I like and that is the re-enactment of the Breakfast Club with Paul Gleason giving Cody McMains detentions. "Dont mess with the bull young man, you get the horns!" lml

Ghost Dad
Ghost Dad(1990)

Typical story and poor visuals. I guess it was too early to make good looking ghosts in the 90s. So, just 1 mark for trying.

Lethal Weapon 4

The Rocketman at the beginning is quite pointless but the jokes about it are so hilarious that I cant take marks off for it. It seems the audience will finally not need to watch senseless bar fights like in the first cuz Cory and Jet are here. Unfortunately, the director dont seem to be able to cooperate in presenting the awesome fights so there I have to take a mark off. But to gain back the lost mark, this movies jokes are very hilarious. Like when Mel tells Danny that Chris is his son-in-law, and when Mel asks Danny where his new found money is from. (You know, the chat with alot of boinking.) Overall, a perfect movie but still cant beat LW3.

Lethal Weapon 3

This movie is freaking awesome! Not only do they finally improve their biggest problem but they add a femme fatale, Rene Russo. Im not sure if adding more good guys are going to continue helping these movies get good marks but one thing for sure, its working for this sequel. Fortunately, the movie returns to its roots and once agan delievers hilarious and amazing action sequences. Turns out, this is my favourite in the series cuz this movie deserves 5.5/5 while 4th only deserves 5/5.

Lethal Weapon 2

The more is truly the merrier. Joe Pesci literally puts the capital C in this action/comedy. Its a good thing the franchaise added him to the cast cuz the action in this movie is quite bad. Also same big problem happens again. The ending's lighting and camera angles are off again. But since this is a 2 vs lot, the action is all over thing place. Good thing I was wide awake during that part cuz otherwise you would have no clue what is happening to who.

Lethal Weapon

Its no wonder why there are sequels to this movie. Its highly entertaining and interesting. You have a near retirement cop and a psycho cop that can get them both killed. I especially like the parts when Mel shoots the target in the shooting range and when he snipes in the desert. There is still one big problem with this movie thou and that is the last fight. The lighting and camera angles are so bad, not to mention the fight is just a bar fight gone outside. What you end up seeing is a blurry image and its not cuz I wasnt watching it on HD either.

Daai si gin (Breaking News)

Its a messed up movie in more ways than one but I love it. You have so many things happening at the same location but at different parts and yet you know exactly what is happening to who and where.

Sien nui yau wan (A Chinese Ghost Story)

Very romantic and interesting movie. Sadly, the last part has bad visuals because the movie cant bend reality.

A Chinese Ghost Story

A little better than the original because it is not bounded by reality.


A little emotional when Cage kills his frined but otherwise its a stupid movie.


Interesting character but just ok story.

Memoirs of a Geisha

The movie is ok but I love the making of it. Its a jap story with Hollywood crew and most importantly Chinese leads. Its a cinematic revenge from the Chinese to the Japs.

The Punisher
The Punisher(2004)

Sure it has a good cast and lots of action but what a waste of cast and action. The movie is just so lame and predictable.

Batman Begins

The lighting is far too dark but otherwise quite good.


Too long but very interesting.

The Cannonball Run

Random but kinda fun. Roger Moore rules! Him personating himself is so hilarious, he is the main reason I continue watching. Even Farrah isnt as appealing.

Sleepy Hollow

The movie is just perfect as in it barely got full marks. Everything in the movie is flawless including making Christina Ricci look attractive. Cuz I still dont find her attractive in any other movie. Somehow, the movie does not excite me as well as other movies that I gave 5 stars to and that is why I said it barely gets full marks. After watching this movie, I know that Tim Burton is bound to be a legend. I mean look at the all-star cast! Quite of them dont even have attractive roles. Tim, if the world does not bow down to ur feet now, it will soon!

The Medallion

The movie seems to try hard to become a movie with a little bit of very film genre but sticks to comedy and action the most. By having all these little bits of other genres in so little amount of time corrupts the overall appearance of the movie. As a result, the movie fails in the little pieces and even the ending. When Jackie gets pinned by the horn, the villain should do a full on attack! Because he just stands there and lets Jackie kill him, the ending becomes an extremely lame ending that can make the movie lose alot of marks. Fortunately, the cast especially Lee Evans does a very entertaining performance. Claire Forlani indicates that she can to pretend fight really well. But above all else, Sammo Hung as the choreographer does the best job, minus the ending. Every fight except the last have the good'ol Hong Kong style that I have grown to love. Sammo even manages to make Claire look as good as she is in her fights. And Christy Chung does a surprisingly good job in the one fight she participates in. This is a really good comeback for Jackie after the extremely embarrassing Tuxedo.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Quite amazing how so many things happen and yet the movie remains to be very entertaining.

Die Hard
Die Hard(1988)

Very good movie but there is some missing.

Rumble in the Bronx

Not bad for his official invasion into Hollywood. I love that poster of him. Its so, "Americans prepare to get your ass wooped."

American Pie
American Pie(1999)

I dont get why ppl like this, its an all out stupid film with only 2 good parts. The pie fucking and Shannon getting naked.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

My favourite Star Wars movie! How could it not be, Vader fights son and Death Star gets destroyed again. As if seeing it get blown up the first time isnt good enough.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Pretty good but I dont understand why ppl like this episode the most.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

No wonder Star Wars has such a big fan base. The first one is already so freaking good. Its a big bag of surprise with some excitment, sadness, and intensity. The first time I watch this, I was so sad that Obi-Wan died without a fight both because of the death and the no fight thing when he was implying that he couldnt wait to fight him.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

This is the worst Star Wars movie ever. The story is ok but everything else is messed.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Pretty crazy but not as good as the original. Nonetheless, it has the best Jedi fight scene ever when Anakin fights Obi-Wan. It would be crazier if they fought on a stable planet that breaks as they fight but fighting on a "shattering" planet is still cool. So, although the fight does not cuz a planet to shatter, a planet does shatter during their fight.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Good wake up call to tell Star Wars fans that the wait is over.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

This is one of my most highly recommended movies of all time. Although it was a test for technology that were to be used in Star Wars, I consider this movie better than most of the Star Wars episodes.

Triangle (Tie saam gok)

This is a unique experience for me because I have never really seen a HK movie that has three directors. Unfortunately, I cant really identity who directs which part and why other than the last the 30-minutes. The first two segments dont really have much to work other than giving the backgroud info for the last segment. When we get to the last segment, the flow is completely different and alot more fun and intense. Lol, its probably cuz Johnnie To directs it, his trails are all over that last segment. There is the fat guy that is in almost all of his works (Suet Lam), his very complex situation, and his grass field fight. So, the first 2 segments are just there for info sack while the 3rd is the core of the movie and also the place that earns the most marks. The 3rd segment practically brings the 'i' back in "intensity" by making the last segment a thrilling coaster ride. Watch the first 2 segments if you want to but you have to watch the last if you want good entertainment. One more thing, can someone please give Kelly Lin better roles??

The Tripper
The Tripper(2007)

Good political opinion, great cast but bad use of everything else. Why the heck would you get Jason Mewes and not use him to the max? Nonetheless, his performance is the best throughout the film while everyone else sucks. Fortunately, there is one notable moment. When Jamie kills the tripper and the romantic music comes on, it really makes that one scene very comforting and hilarious. You have a love song in a very violent sequence. That is either really good or really stupid directing.

Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding

1 star for the being able to reunion the cast.

You've Got Mail

Probably the best Tom & Meg romance film. It is captivating and romantic. However, the ending isnt as good as it should because Tom dimishes his email identity and then shows up for the hug at the end. That is very bizzare! Also this movie lacks the emotional scenes for ppl to cry at. However, the suttle things were done extremely well, especially the name of the big bookstore, FOX!! This is a WB production and they are discriminating FOX, I find that quite hilarious. Overall, probably Tom & Meg's best primarily because it isnt a really good romantic film.


At excellent movie about a battle of wits. Nearly a flawless movie if the middle wasnt as boring as it is. Nonetheless the action and everything else makes this movie extremely interesting and worth watching. Good thing Sugar & Spice referred to this otherwise I wont have known about this movie.

Black Knight
Black Knight(2001)

Crappy everything except for the 2 on 3 fight in the forest and the 1 on 1 fight at castle wall.


Disgusting look at a workday in a restaurant. There isnt really a story but the entertainment value is incredibly high. Also, I consider this as Anna's best work. If you love Scary Movies, watch THIS!!

Wheels on Meals (Kuai can che) (Powerman) (Weapon X)

Quite a lame story but the car and the fights in the end are excellent.

Post Impact
Post Impact(2004)

Very crappy movie. It is everything you expect from a TV movie ... not much.

Delta Farce
Delta Farce(2007)

You dont want to GET-SOME of this movie if you want good entertainment.

Kindergarten Cop

OK, not good not bad and not very intense.

God of Gamblers II

This is my favourite out of all Gold of Gamblers movies. Not only do the jokes, action, and gambling look interesting but the cast is insane. How can you go wrong with Andy Lau & Stephen Chow? Having them in a movie is like holding a pair of aces. If you play the rest of your cards right you get can get a really good hand and that is what this movie is.

The Day After Tomorrow

Not a good movie for a friday night thats for sure.

From Hell
From Hell(2001)

OK story, great ending, but no suspense. Sadly, most of the movie is predictable. I knew who the killer was the first time the Ripper in his disguise appeared. It really sucks the suspense out of the movie when the audience knows the answer to the big question of the movie 10 minutes in.

Point Break
Point Break(1991)

The first 2/3 of the film is X-tremely well done. THere is a very unique story that is quite captivating. But the action isnt very good, not that there is much of it in the first 2/3. Then everything goes south in the last robbery. Just like the crew with their heist, the movie fails everything that it has built up for. Prior to the robbery, everything is very clear including Swayze's mindset. But when he tells his crew to rob the vault the rest of the movie becomes a typical boring action movie with a series random events/fights. And the ending, wow that is so lame! The movie completes its change to a pointless/themeless movie. Although the ending is good, it is not an ending fit for this movie due to fact the audience does not see the reason to let Swayze go! Of course fans can give many predictions but when you are trying to caught someone for an extremely long time, you dont just give up when you have him! If Swayze won the fight and fled, that would have been better but this ending isnt that! Overall, good movie to watch for the first 2/3 but dont except to enjoy the last third like the first 2/3.

Shoot 'Em Up
Shoot 'Em Up(2007)

The action sequences are very good, but the directing was extremely bad. U cant see the whole fight! Watch "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" to know what I mean. Also, the movie tried to teach ppl to eat more veggies and use ur signal when u turn. Those HAVE TO GO!! They are pointless and stupid. Also, the actors did far too much talking. Seriously, shut up and shoot already!!

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Overall, this movie is great but the other two just over shadows this one. Still, the Isenguard fight is very memorable especially when the Ents finally caused that flood.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Although it doesnt have the big fights, the visuals and the story are really captivating. I consider this the best in the trilogy for constatntly keeping the audience interested. I especially like the Uruk-hai fight at the end. Peter Jackson is so smart in moving that fight for the Two Towers to the Fellowship cuz the original ending in the book isnt suspenseful or intense at all, while this ending kept me thinking for a whole year.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Greatest movie of the decade! Only problem is that epologue is so freaking long and boring. I guess its essential boring stuff but its nonetheless boring and so it gets half mark off but I give the movie a full bonus mark. The fights are no doubt the best in the trilogy include the Shelob fight. But my favourite has to be when Legolas kills the Haradrim elephant and Gimli says, "That still only counts as one." It makes me laugh everytime I watch it.


Its the equilivant of Lord of the Rings except in the 90s. Flawless in almost everyway and then some. I like the theme of the movie the most thou. The rich are greedy bastards and the king of England at that time is the greediest bastard of all. The part when Bruce tells William that the nobles have alot to lose when in battle and William says dont the ppl have alot to lose too? That conversation just says it all. Rich only want to get rich by all means including treason. But I cant forget to mention the action, they are also very well done. They make you feel like you are watching a war with tens of thousands of ppl.

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins(1964)

Excellent in many ways. The songs are all memorable, the story is quite captivating, and the themes are very interesting. My favourite is that banks are simply legitimate thieves!

Election (Hak se wui)

A very new and powerful look at the triads.

Black Mask
Black Mask(1997)

Is a bad cross of Hollywood and HK action films. At least Jet Li looks like he tried his best to make this movie entertaining.

Kung Fu Hustle

I really have no clue why ppl like this movie especially cocoasians. This movie like most Stephen Chow movies are targeted at ppl that know or live in HK culture then he has his jokes and action to spice things up. In this movie, Stephen does some pretty bizzare and different style of jokes and action that I dont seem to like. Oh well, its still not horrifying, just barable.

Running Out of Time 2

A big disgrace to the original. The theme remains the same but everything else is either partly or fully gone. The biggest problem is this movie has nothing that can hook you in. Its no wonder the 2nd movie came out so quickly but the 3rd has yet to be rumoured. This one really gives the series a bad rep.

Running Out of Time

Very unique and captivating story but something just seems to be missing and it prevents me from giving the movie full marks.

Bad Boys II
Bad Boys II(2003)

Typical story and very practical first 2/3 of the film. Before the journey to Cuba, the movie is not exciting at all despite the large amount of action. The mission in Cuba really helps the movie gain back some point cuz it has this different/same Miami Vice feel along with comedy that has been missing or not as intense in many other action movies including the first Bad Boys. So, the first 2/3 of the film is a worth 2 stars and the last 3rd is worth 3.5 and the result is 2.5, a movie that is just bearable.

Bad Boys
Bad Boys(1995)

Action Comedy is my genre and this one does a very good job in balancing the elements of each genre. A very superb thing about this movie is although the lead male actors are Negros, the film manages to limit Negro jokes and have alot of situational humour. This widens the target teens and adults instead of just Negro teens and adults.

Lady in the Water

Undoubtedly the worst film from Shyamalan. Anything that this movie attempted FAILED!! It tried to be a horror but it failed! It tried to captivate the audience but it failed too! As well, it tried to make Bryce beautiful (who is in reality a beaut) but failed so badly that I dont want to believe that it is the same person.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

AWESOME movie. Some songs are really good and some songs are really crappy. Also, Alan Rickman cant sing, why did you make him? Anyways, the story is still pretty good. The world is indeed very filty and a barber should kill as many ppl as he can without being caught.

Van Helsing
Van Helsing(2004)

Quite good visual effects and OK gadgets. But since I am a Dracula fan, I have to say this makes Dracula look like a typical monster with supernatural powers. That aint what Dracula is! He is FAR MORE sophistocated than the way this movie depicts. Also, this movie is very sloppy with Van Helsing's character. The movie just makes him heroic by killing Dracula using alot of force and little brains.


I always get Phenonemon and Michael mixed up before I saw both of them. But I certainly shouldnt cuz the two movies cuz different feelings in ppl. This one has alot of beauty and sadness.


I always get Phenonemon and Michael mixed up before I saw both of them. But I certainly shouldnt cuz the two movies cuz different feelings in ppl. This one has alot of happiness with a little sadness.


The book is probably good but this movie is a lot of crap!! There is nothing suspensful, intense, or non-predictable. Even the great Jeremy Irons cant turn this shit to gold. Also, the dragon looks crappy and fat. If you like this movie, you should watch Dragonheart. It'll make you wonder why the heck you think this one is good looking.


The movie doesnt have an attractive story but it definitely has a cool dragon.


Not a captivating story and not much suspense, but there are some good action sequences. Also, is it just me or does Brigitte Nielsen look like a maniquine in this movie?

Brooklyn Rules

Not interesting.

I Know Who Killed Me

Dull, dull, dull! I had to watch this movie in 3 segments cuz i fell asleep twice.

Happy Feet
Happy Feet(2006)

WOW, this movies has every element of the perfect movie. There are great action, explosions, adventure, suspense, humane metaphors, and messeges. It also makes the audience feel both happy and sad. Not to mention it has great music. The only thing that the movie messed up was in the last third of the movie. There are quite a few unreal events like the Guru being inside the killer whale's mouth and not get swallowed. Otherise this movie is great. I cant believe Brittany Murphy has such a nice singing voice and yet this is the first time I've heard of it.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

OK movie with a great messege. Stop bugging the gays on Saturday nights, go wack off or something. Also, Ving Rhames is freaking hilarious. I think he is the big star of the movie. His singing in the shower was my favourite part, I laughed thru the whole thing.

Save the Last Dance

OK movie but great message. If blacks want respect especially from the government then they must stop their criminal ways. Cuz one, they could get killed by their own, and two they will never fulfill Dr. King's dream.

Coming to America

OK, not recommending but not too crappy either. I really liked the part with Randolph and Mortimer ... they're back!!

Private Parts

His life is pretty interesting but his movie isnt. It is just one smooth line of success not much dramatic moments. Also, this movie is categorized as a comedy and yet none of the jokes are funny. This movie is basically a tribute to his fans, not an enjoyable movie if you dont know who he is.

DOA: Dead or Alive

Prior to reading the credits (at the end), I was EXTREMELY pissed off at how many things especially moves were copied/borrowed/reused. There was no story, and most importantly, false messages to the audience. First, Japs didnt invent acupuncture, ninjas arent known for their use of needles in fights. The Chinese did, wiki it! Also, quite a few of the fighting sequences were copied from the book of Corey Yuen. There was fighting moves from Fong Sai Yuk 2, Kiss of the Dragon, and Transporters. And, the actor who portrayed Kasumi's brother isnt a Jap, he's Chinese (Taiwanese). But his character cuz the audience to get confused in thinking that his fighting style was Jap. It aint, its Chinese too! Amazing, most of those problems went away when I read the first credit, BOOM!! It was COREY YUEN!! OMG, now that was the best part of the movie for me. So Im giving this movie 1 bonus mark because Corey was the director/chore and because he reused his old moves for old time sake.

The Recruit
The Recruit(2003)

Pretty good story and suspense. Sadly, the audience really has to think in order to understand what is happening. The biggest down is the predictable ending and the bad lighting in those last 15 minutes. Sure its a shelter with no lights. At least turn up the dam brightness, cameramen!

Underworld: Evolution

Unbelievable, I cant believe the audience loved the first movie so much that there is a freaking encore. No way is this movie barable to watch. This is mega action crap.


I always expected that a vampire and werewolve movie would be excellent. Guess Im wrong. Almost everything sucks exspecially the action sequences. The only good thing is the crypt and the way Bill Nighy dies. Fine, maybe Kate's look too.

Phone Booth
Phone Booth(2003)

I think that any decent movie depicting the world as a Hell already is an excellent movie. Guess what, this is!! It has a very unique story with great suspense and messages in the city of the most foul ppl on earth. That just might be why I like NYC so much. Hell isnt a death away, its just a flight away! This might also be the reason I sympathize Kiefer's character. Although his acts are sinister, his motive has always been good. The only bad thing about this movie (that I ignore) is how predictable it is. I even know the ending of the movie when Colin starts talking to Kiefer.

Nine Months
Nine Months(1995)

Its a bit too farfetched especially at the end but its still far more barable then Knocked Up which is practically the same movie with Grant and definitely without Columbus.

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

This movie is AWESOME!! It claims to be a comedy, drama, and romance but fails in the comedic and dramatic aspects. Seriously, the jokes are crap and the story is highly predictable. The only good things are Heigl, Mann, and Baruchel. Thats it!! OMG, I just saw Nine Months and it is practically the same movie! If you wanna watch a pregnancy movie, watch NINE MONTHS! Dont bother with this one.

Good Morning, Vietnam

This is a flawless masterpiece. Every joke and every not joke are meaningful and powerful. The topic being why the heck were Americans in Vietnam? They had a different political government so US had to blow them up? Get outta THERE! And why is it that if a person wants to help, he gets slapped? Face it whoever is currently the President of US! Democracy is not flawless and Communism is not flawful so STOP INVADING. Robin just beautifully demonstrates how influencial and good DJs can be and J.T. Walsh was also great. Together, they showed how messed up US' military intelligence are for hiding the bad from the soldiers aka. hiding the reason why the troops are there. I honestly think Noble Willingham said it right, "Military intelligence, now thats a contradiction."

Mrs. Doubtfire

Classic! How can you go wrong with Robin Williams AND Chris Columbus?

Live Free or Die Hard

Another classic!! Sure you dont have as much of the rebelous McClane in the first three but if you remember that he laid low since the third then his new attitude towards his comrades and his enemies are understandable. Overall, this is the perfect modern McClane. Everything from the action, directing, to the technology are all up-to-date. I just cant stress enough that it is the perfect modern McClane but not the perfect McClane movie. 2nd movie still pwns all!! One last thing, WHY THE F**K IS IT NOT CHRISTMAS!?!?!

The Saint
The Saint(1997)

This time Im going review starting with the bad. Fortunately, I find only 1 major flaw and that is the typicality of script. There is the typical communist rule that has something that can improve life but yet they refuse to reveal it. Somehow, someone exposes it. However, the story is not what intrigued me. Its the lead character and his romance. He is the role model that I never thought would exist. A man whose signature is his many disguises, who can outwit anything and anyone, and not to mention he is a criminal. To top it off, his identies are of saints, this adds sophistication to the already mysterious beauty of his life. And his romance with Emma is, wow. Its fun, its wack, its beautiful and yet forbidden because his criminal record. Im growing very much in love with the characters of this film. Although my initial mark was 3 but i give 1 bias mark for the lead characters.

Trading Places

Its quite a typical movie about revenge. You have the buildup, the revenge, and the result. The only flaw is that this movie appears and categories itself as a comedy. You have comedians being the actors and you have more jokes than your typical drama. But the jokes are not funny!! I only laughed twice, once in the end and once i forgot where. So, the biggest problem is that it is neither a good comedy nor a good drama. The jokes arent great, and the story is typical with a different setting. To top it all off, its not even intense. If you want to be entertained, dont bother watching this, it WONT satisfy you.

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

Pretty good and funny. This is why Jack Black isnt a rock star cuz he's a better comedian than a rocker.

Golden Chicken

You have to have lived in or study the era to really enjoy the movie. I've kinda studied it thru my parents and Im telling you this is GREAT!

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

Classic for a reason ... its great! I so want to check out a restaurant like the one Bubba had in mind ... shrimp burgers, shrimp on a stick, shrimp on a shrimp, etc.


WOW, Im surprised the average is so low. I guess the biggest reason is that this movie advertises as an action movie but is more a scenic movie with a plot. Not only is the view great but it also demonstrates the beauties, dangers, and basics of extreme rock climbing. Sure the action and the story isnt great, at times copied from other great hits, but think of this more as a scenic and training film and it turns out to be pretty good.

Tango & Cash
Tango & Cash(1989)

This is "When Modern Judge Dredd Met John Burton." The style is very much like Big Trouble In Little China only a little better cuz of Stallone. Besides the fact that you have two action superstars there is almost NOTHING appealing about this movie. The only exception is when the film introduces Stallone's character. When he called Rambo a pussy, that was my high point in the movie. Everything else especially the action is so childish. Its very apparent that the director is simply making this for the sake of fulfilling a childhood dream of having big cars make big and random explosions mixed with a 50/50 story. This is quite a tasteless movie, I would not recommend this movie to anyone unless their favourite movie is Big Trouble In Little China. But I wont want to know that they exist so ha!

Where the Truth Lies

I wanted to watch this primarily because of its rating. Turns out the film isnt bad. Sure the suspense isnt quite intense and the ending could have been better but the film is still quite interesting.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Cameron RULEZZ!! Sure Ferris is the king of the school but Cameron is so much cooler.

The Brothers Grimm

First time I have ever seen a really crappy Matt Damon movie. It even has Monica Bellucci for crying out loud and this movie is still shit.

Dao huo xian (City Without Mercy) (Flash Point) (Fuse) (The Signal)

Story is less than barable while the fighting sequences are overkill just like in S.P.L. Overall, just barable. Still, the movie shows two important things, Donnie is the personification of monkeys. He climbs on top of his opponents and twist their limbs. It also shows that Donnie can probably beat the guy from Ong Bak and the Protecter with his monkey skills because the villain at the end (Collin Chou) used a combation of street fighting and Mui Tai but still leaves room for Donnie to climb.

The Virgin Suicides

Kirsten is very hot in this film but it still doesnt help the film much. It feels like the writers just wanted to have a bunch of teenagers commit suicide so they throw every semi relevevant thing they can think of and make the film full length.

The Princess Bride

The biggest downer is the kid. His voice is so freaking annoying and his lines are worthless. Otherwise, the movie is awesome. My fav parts hands down are the Montoya vs. Westley fight and Montoya's famous line. "My name is Inigi Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!"


This movie is basically the funnier, happier, and more predictable version of "Where The Heart Is" where the guy can care less about his pregnant gal, while the rest of the world adores her. The unique thing about this movie is it grabs your sympathy from the start and everytime you see Jeremy Sisto, you want to tell him to get away and die. Then when you see Nathan Fillion, you'd be happy for her and yet know that she shouldnt keep seeing him. To top it off, the ending resolves these 2 situations beautifully without putting a single dent in the audience's view of Keri's character. This just shows how vital it is to finding the right cast. Keri and Nathan's chemistry and Keri and Jeremy's non-chemistriy are just perfect. WOW. One last thing, Nine Days' Story Of A Girl would fit in perfectly with this film.


I just cant put my finger on it but something is missing for it to get full marks.

Sleepless in Seattle

Spoils "An Affair To Remember" which is a far better film.

An Affair to Remember

Don't watch "Sleepless In Seattle" before you watch this. I did have now I cant rate this movie properly because it spoiled the ending. Otherwise, this might have been a 5 star movie. At least there are other great parts that Seattle doesnt spoil including the part when the cruise ship docks in NY.

The Perfect Score

Flawed in many places but Erika, Scarlett, and Chris keeps this movie entertaining. Yes, I dont find the asian entertaining.

Bonnie and Clyde

I guess I have seen too many modern action films before I saw this one. This movie does not appeal to me the way that many claim it should. Nonetheless, I have seen the movie and can at least discuss it.

Patch Adams
Patch Adams(1998)

Inspirational movie! Although Robin is not really Patch, they both remind us the meaning of being a doctor/caretaker. The meaning of doctor is someone that takes care of another. Humour is highly encouraged. Also, being a doctor isnt just a job with good pay its a position to really save lives. Forcing ppl to follow procedures like signing papers in order to see their dying children is not caring for them! A prick cant and probably wont help a lady to eat her food only a caring person can and probably volunteer. Robin and Patch, you are both wonderful ppl and I love what you both do. Keep on keeping on.


This movie should be called Goodfellas 2: Son Of A Goodfella. lol. U got Ray Liotta playing the good dad and his son is in the same business using almost the same methods as him in Goodfellas. The movie is quite good except in the middle third when Penelope gets introduced. That part changes from a fresh idea to a typical criminal marrying a fucked up girl. Emma Roberts does help the movie in making the audience sympathize Depp which prevents this film from getting a mark under 3 stars. I'd recommend this to any that has seen Goodfellas.


Not my type at all. But there is this one line that I find to be quite funny. Ewan says that he would inject vitamin c if it was illegal. lmao


Like the music, the dancing is great but not alot of it, and story is ok. Overall, ok.

School Ties
School Ties(1992)

This is quite a powerful movie. I must say it has really changed my view on Jews. They have already suffered alot not to mention they are the most had fun of religion. But they are all ppl and not all Jews were killed in the Holocraust, killed Jesus, or are dishonest. And not all Christians are purely good doers. Whether Ben Fraser is actually a Jew or not, he shows that ppl are ppl and ppl of all religions can do wrong so we must stop blaming the Jews the first chance we get.

Nan er ben se (Invisible Target)

Consistant good action sequences and somewhat timely moral lessons. The most evident mistake is the part after the villain boss is defeaten and the good guys talk so long about morals. Then suddenly, shots are fired and the action continues. It just isnt right! The build-up and the climax are great but u cant do the conclusion before all the action is over. I am still quite pissed off at that scene. Nonetheless, the lessons are quite powerful especially when Jaycee refuses to shoot the villain and then gets shot by a fellow officer. That is so typical of our world/police to take action without taking precaution measures. Cuz Jaycee's character would have mostly likely dropped the gun if the cops asked/demanded.

Erin Brockovich

Seriously, I dont/didnt find Julia Roberts attractive. But she sure has talent and this movie proves it. Also, the story and the lawsuit are very interesting. And to top it all off, the ending is very beautifully executed.

WarGames (War Games)

It is indeed cute but silly, nonetheless entertaining and a contains a nice message at the end. Dont start wars cuz no one wins!

Dragon Tiger Gate

Very crappy story and action. Only good scene was the slipper fight. Everything else is a drag.

The Sound of Music

Julia Andrews didnt get famous by making crappy movies. She is so talented in singing and acting. This movie demonstrates it all.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Good story and great songs. 1/2 a bonus mark for the catchy theme song.


This movie has an OK story. But Robin isnt as funny as he usually is. The only outstanding part is the flubber dance.

A Chinese Odyssey

Part 2 scatters this one to pieces. This one has a pretty good story and less bad jokes than ur usual Chow movie but it is still not enough for me to give it more than 4. Nonetheless, the part when Joker uses the box several times to save the demon is freaking hilarious!


OK action but not much else.

A Chinese Odyssey, Part 2: Cinderella

Finally, a Chow movie that deserves full marks. It has all the necessary elements for a very good romantic story. Not to mention, it has great action and great jokes. And most importantly, it has the MONKEY KING!!! He is my all-time fav hero, even beats Superman! This has to be my fav Chow movie!!

Jiu pin zhi ma guan bai mian bao qing tian (Hail the Judge)

The part when the crooked pipe was talked straight was INSANELY HILARIOUS!

The God of Cookery

The weird thing about Chow's movies is that I love them so much but I rarely have the chance to give them higher than 3.5 if I take away the bias marks. This is a good example.

This movie has 2 major flaws. #1 is its poor choice in lead actress. #2 the contest judge is way too unrealistic.

Daai laap mat taam 008 (Forbidden City Cop)

Stephen Chow is da bomb!! Sure the gadgets arent creative but they are nonetheless hilarious. Especially the fight against the 2 face boss using magnets, it is probably the most hilarious fight scene in cinema history. The only bad thing about the movie is when Chow reveals how he scooped the villain which is followed by an award ceremony. That ceremony really pisses me off.


Mediocre story but a really hatable Bill Murray.

Never Been Kissed

A couple of scenes are exaggerated too much and some parts are highly predictable. However, the story is excellent. My fav is when the brother (Arquette) comes back to school and looks alot younger than he is.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Rowan Atkinson's service was the best part of the movie!!

Lord of War
Lord of War(2005)

All time fav as of 2006. It depicts an extremely immoral and dangerous business in a non-bias way. And although the movie is about guns, it manages to have very little fight sequences and only 2 explosions but still remain extremely interesting and appealing. It is so appealing, that I kinda want to be an arms dealer.

Practical Magic

The movie has a good story but its too plain, weird stuff happen one at a time, and the stuff are not intense enough. Although Nicole Kidman looks the hottest in this movie than all her other movies , I only give the movie 1/2 a bonus mark because I dont see her as much as I want to. Remember, its a BONUS mark so dont complain.

Mou gaan dou (Infernal Affairs)

What more can I say? The original is better. The chinese title doesnt suit the movie too well. You only have a mole for the triad and an undercover cop. I guess the movie is too clean to have the hell feel. Now the third movie, that is messed.

Infernal Affairs III (Mou gaan dou III: Jung gik mou gaan)

It beautifully depicts our world as hell. Seriously, u have an ex-mole for the triad (Andy), a dirty cop that could be another mole (Leon), and a gang leader that could be an undercover cop. The entire movie is so freaking suspenseful and intense cuz you have no freaking clue whose a cop and whose not meanwhile their lives continuously chris-cross. This is the best in the trilogy by a long shot because the title suits this movie the best. Our world is indeed a "mou gaan dou" (continuous hell)!


Love the teenage psychos played by Christian Slater and Winona Ryder.

Love Actually

There's too much going on. I think they even forgot to end a couple of the stories properly. Overall, its an ok movie unlike what my friends say. Just the too much too confusing part is a downer.

The Postman
The Postman(1997)

The beginning is a little shaky, at times certain scenes dont even seem right. However, the ending and the message are excellent. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone seeking or have leadership in anything. All US presidents MUST watch this, if not at least the quote about settling wars by those that started them.

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

The action and the plot are worse than than the first, no questions about it. But just to piss me off some, the movie makes itself a freaking hypocrite. Eg, one of the villains told another that they should not assume that they have killed Segal and his culprit. Then, they ASSUME and get poinked in the ass. If you are going to assume then dont say that freaking line!!! That makes the movie so much worse than it already is. The movie also have alot of other little things are crap. Giving it 1 1/2 star is really the best I can do.


This movie should change its name from superbad to just bad. The story did not entirely focus on one theme. You have booze hunting, booze running, and cop chilling. Also, there was no suspense to capture the audience. I only continued watching for the chicks. One last thing thou, Seth Rogen does redeem himself in this movie. His character was freaking SWEEET! All-in-all, the movie was just bad not superbad.

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

This sucks! It doesnt have anymore of those family problems. So thats a big mark off. Then there is Martin and Levy being too childish for their age. The only decent things were the competition events, Electra, and Electra.

The Birdcage
The Birdcage(1996)

Highly hilarious. It even contains the sutle postures that modern movies lack. However, due to the uncomfortably of the theme, I take half a mark off and thus it gets what Im giving it.

The 13th Warrior

Note to self, Conan and Banderas dont make a good movie.

Osmosis Jones

Come on!!! This is Die Hard 2 in Bill Murray's body! There's no skill involved except to convert locations and terms to body locations and terms.

Death at a Funeral

LOL! This movie is a very good British comedy. It is so good, that there are a couple of jokes that gets reused a couple of times and yet it stays funny EVERY time. Gosh, I hope not all Brit comedies are like this or else I'll have to watch those too.


Not Nicole's finest but she is still the only good thing about the movie.

Lat sau san taam (Hard-Boiled)

Typical HK action movie with alot more action and alot less talking.


Besides the unfitting setting of the ghosts' help centre and Beetlejuice's makeup, the movie was very entertaining. Seriously, what would u do in Alec and Annie's situation?

A Night at the Roxbury

Bizzare, uncomfortable, yet entertaining. It has alot of really funny scenes but then there are really stupid and not funny scenes to balance the movie out.


Almost perfect and highly intense but still not my type. Just like how Sarah Roemar isnt my type and how the movie minimized Carrie-Anne's appearance. Also, the movie did quite a bad job at the end with the lighting. These are still relativly minor errors so only half a mark is taken off.

Hot Rod
Hot Rod(2007)

SNL's typical bizzare, unfortable but entertaining movie. At least Isla Fisher is in there. She's the reason this movie remained on the bearable side of my rating scale.

Stuck on You
Stuck on You(2003)

Excellent movie about brotherhood and the meaning of sticking together.

Ocean's Twelve

WTF, this is so bizzare and stupid. Once again, the movie has too much info with not much suspense. This time, the heist and the twist were so bad that it shows this franchanise is already bad but they can do worse.

Ocean's Thirteen

It seems info overload and not much suspense during the presentation is the series' trademark. This time, there is NOTHING to keep the audience going. Also, the gang keeps on talking about there being money problems but we dont feel their pain. Everything works out in a couple of minutes! At least the heist helped boost this movie's rating by a full mark. Otherwise it would have been just as crappy as 12.

Ocean's Eleven

OK movie with a great heist. Still, its too much info and not much suspense to keep the audience interested prior to the heist.

Big Trouble in Little China

Its a horrible movie that incorrectly depicts chinese myths, legends, customs, and magic. However, there are parts that are so stupid and unreal that they are a bit entertaining.

The Pink Panther

Steve Martin is losing his touch.


A typical episode of a typical space themed TV show.


Freaky and nasty. The only good thing was how Eddie Murphy managed to do an EXTREMELY good job at being a Chinese man.

Cheaper by the Dozen

A great movie combining many family problems that have already been on other films into one. But one thing is left unclear, why did they stay in Chicago?

Seoul Raiders

Almost entirely stupid and pointless but just really close.

Bruce Almighty

I love this movie! A day in the life of God, how can you go wrong. Yet, there are bits and pieces that didnt make the movie as extraordinary as it could be. Even still, it gets a pretty high mark.

The Shawshank Redemption

Masterpiece! Highly recommended! Its not ranked top 5 on IMDB for no reason.


The story itself is very interesting, a man literally getting closer to the emperor in order to kill him. Still, the rest of the story was bizzare and the fights were crap. Sure the visual and directing are pretty but the actual fighting moves are so disappointing.

Seung sing (Confession of Pain)

A messed up movie with a pretty good ending.

Evan Almighty

Its a bit better than Bruce Almighty partly because the entire story of Noah is in the Book of Genesis while story of God is not just in the Bible but everywhere. Still, this movie manages to remind ppl that God loves us so much that he warns us and prepares us. Steve Carell does his usual jokes overkill but this time he only has a few of those moments making this movie very entertaining cuz its different from what he usually does.

The Peacemaker

Typical action movie and predictable action sequences (at least for me). First 1/3 of the movie was so boring. Then it gets interesting as the puzzle gets fitted into place. Nicole Kidman is my hero 4ever!! Still, it is too typical to get a higher ranking. There is a funny thing about this movie that I have to share. Its about US interfering with the Serbian ethnic cleansing cuz the Russians werent. So, a big portion of the movie showed US not minding their own business. In order to get the audience to sympathize the US action, the movie makes the terrorist target New York to tell US to mind their own freaking business! So, this movie is GODLY (higher than highly) recommended to Mr. Bush.

Quiz Show
Quiz Show(1994)

Excellent film and excellent topic. Sure, under moral grounds, quiz shows should not be rigged but its show biz! Its all about acting. John Turturro at the hearing said it too. He told the judges exactly how he was taught to act during the show. So the big question is, should the ppl of the rigged quiz show be punished, I'll pass.

Midnight Run
Midnight Run(1988)

Very good movie. It ties up all loose ends while keeping the movie very entertaining. I could have taken half a mark off for the jokes not being as laughable as they should be. But since my friends would complain that Im too picky if I do, I'll forget about it. This is on my top 20 all time fav movies.

The Count of Monte Cristo

I would have given a whole star for how great the book is but the movie was a disgrace. So, disgraceful that it should change its name so that it stops humilating the book. The pace was slow, the suspense was non-existence and worst of all, the fight was like kids playing with swords. The movie was just like the fight, stupid and no skills.

The New Guy
The New Guy(2002)

Another movie I regret seeing so long after its first release. At first, I didnt like the lead actor. Seriously, he's an ugly mofo. But it turns out that was the way he should be so I ignored that fact. Overall, the movie pretty good. Cool story, lots of celebs, lots of hot chicks, and a couple meaningful moral lessons . To top it off, it pays homage to several great movies at the right times? This is a potential classic teen movie.

Conan the Barbarian

Good fights, not much else.

Red Sonja
Red Sonja(1985)

Not entaining but is at least better than Conan cuz this one has more chicks and more laughs.

Notes on a Scandal

Intense movie. You wouldnt have though this movie has a torturer and a victim.

This Is Spinal Tap

Incredible. This movie manages to make a crappy movie about an even crappier fake band. I will not recommend this to anyone because there is no entertainment value at all. The only good thing was that there were some stuff that was so stupid that it gives a good laugh. But thats it!

The Stepford Wives

Brillant idea, bad plot. I wanna live in Stepford.

The First Wives Club

OK entertainment. The theme is great but the plot lacks intensity. Every payback event appears to be so mild and predictable. Fortunately, there are a few former and current eye candies including Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Heather Lockhear.

Galaxy Quest
Galaxy Quest(1999)

Just bearable because of the movie's fresh idea and its famous actors.

About a Boy
About a Boy(2002)

Manages to make the audience feel the same as the character in their particular situations. Sadly, this movie does not relate to me in anyway so I cant fully understand it and therefore I cant give it a really good mark. Funny thing thou, Hugh Grant did so many little gestures that resembles those of Elizabeth Hurley.


I dont know who to recommend this to, but this is worth watching. It's a powerful and comedic documentary depicting the start of an organization and the scariness of directly helping the homeless. But, the acting was a bit too fake and some sequences were farfetched. Personally, if/when I help the homeless, I'll just give money to a non-profit organization like the Soup Kitchen.

There's Something About Mary

Its pretty funny but also a bit bizzare. So its ok to watch.


A little better than your typical action flick. Especially the one man team wipe out at the mansion.

Stand by Me
Stand by Me(1986)

Pretty interesting.


Incredible movie. Great visual, plot, and life lesson.


Good chemistry between Sandler and Wayans, they were the heart and soul of the movie, the rest sucked.

The Running Man

Lacked a futuristic atmosphere and suspense but the visual and the action got full marks.

The Score
The Score(2001)

Hmmm. Bearable until the end, its gets quite interesting by then. Still, its overall mark is just bearable.

Bridge to Terabithia

I was going to say that it is very original but sadly, the original happened 22 years ago. So, I'll get back to review this movie after i watch the original.

The Good Shepherd

Pretty good. The ending was very well done.

Relative Strangers

Typical disgraceful relatives but the typical ending was very well done.

Rules of Engagement

Pretty crazy. You, the audience, knows the truth but you see that the judge doesnt believe your side of the story.

Kill Bill: Volume 2

and ... Pathetic
No Stars if there is such option. LOL, this was even worst than the first movie. Original thoughts dropped down to 1/2 a minute or none.

Kill Bill: Volume 1

No Stars if there is such option. Everything is copied and pasted! Very little was original like 2 minutes worth, most things in the film even humiliated the original movies that it copied from. I never really mind Uma but after watching this crap I have a new found perspective on her.

The Chronicles of Riddick

The name should be change to "The Example of Ridculous Action Flicks". Tasteless in so many ways. Only 1 or 2 action scenes were really worthwhile and the idea was pretty fresh.

Pitch Black
Pitch Black(2000)

Sure its called Pitch Black but there was too much of it that made the movie pretty crappy.

Anger Management

It was an OK movie with a cool twist which they didnt really elaborate on. If the leads were different, it deserves 2.5 but cuz the leads are Sandler and Nic, the bias mark is 3.5.

The Devil's Rejects

There are so many points that I want to comment about I just dont know what to say. I guess my focus points would be that Rob Zombie aint a good director. He sucks at directing the action sequences, the beginning and ending looked so retarded even thou the sequences were pretty interesting. Still, he knows some pretty cool gore sequences and some pretty funny jokes.

Little Shop of Horrors

OMFG, this movie is freaking hilarious to the max! Pain and comedy are just a great combo dont u think? Especially in the part with Bill Murray, its so rare to find that kind of insanely hilarious scene in the world of performing arts.

Edward Scissorhands

Sure some parts are unreal like the snow in the end. Nonetheless it deserves full marks, it will be an all-time classic if not already.


No wonder its a classic. Its excellent even ... as time goes by.


WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!! Wasted 2:30 hours on this boring piece of shit.

Richie Rich
Richie Rich(1994)

Hurray for Culkin for making another classic.

The Covenant
The Covenant(2006)

Mediocre story with OK action in the end.

Die Hard 2
Die Hard 2(1990)

Unforgetable. This is one of those movies that I have to watch at least once a year even though its not my #1 favourite movie. Its got the perfect terrorist attack with the perfect ct that can take them all out.

Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Aces(2007)

Fast pace movie with great action. BUT the action were mostly in the end. The twist in the end was incredible as well. Since all the good stuff is in the end, this movie doesnt really deserve a good mark because we waste alot of time watching the face pace boring stuff.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Much better than the first. The jokes were extremely hilarious especially the bouquet joke, that was a big BURN, literally! Yet, its story was far to similar to Spidey 2. I mean come on!! Stan Lee wrote more plots than that!


Excellent sniping sequences sadly everything else was typical and predictable. But I was very happy to spot New West in the film.

Raising Helen

Quite decent. Very fresh idea. I recommend this to all chick flick fans.

Wild Wild West

I was too crazed about this film and when I watched this, it was actually just a typical action/comedy, nothing special except for the appearances.

Wild Hogs
Wild Hogs(2007)

Lame. This was probably a lame excuse for the 5 lead actors to finally make a movie together. However, I respect the lead actors enough to stop with the critizisms.


The poster is quite misleading because she is only drenched in blood for the last 20 minutes. Still, this movie is incredible! Not only do u see how and why she gets so angry that she kills alot of ppl, but the movie also causes u to sympathize her actions. This is truely an insane masterpiece.

Jet Li's Fearless (Huo Yuan Jia) (Legend of a Fighter)

This is a great example of a movie that have both superb story and action sequences. Unfortunately, the part when he goes to the hills is a bit too long. In fact, it was so long that it takes away 1/2 a mark.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

This movie is very underrated. Everything is freaking insane. It is extremely surprising that I did not watch this movie earlier than I did.

The Sixth Sense

Another amazing M. Night Shyamalan film. The ending was amazingly unpredictable unless someone already told u about it.

Lucky You
Lucky You(2007)

Nothing special except it teaches you the game along with the love story. Sadly, the movie was too predictable. I was pretty excited that Daniel Negreanu was in the movie, but the movie continues to disappoint me by only filming him for a couple of seconds.

The Condemned

Story and action sequenes were both OK. The directing was similar to that of Shoot'em Up and Crank, you cant see everything happening in an action sequence. At one point, a person gets shot and all you see is a close-up of the person's face without even a bullet hole. Fortunately, this movie's message and the ending sequence were done well and so this movie gets a better mark than the 2 movies I have just mentioned.


Crazy ending. This movie is a powerful movie showing anyone can be a villain or a hero.

The Ringer
The Ringer(2005)

The movie is OK but Im very curious why the average vote is at 4 stars.

The Skulls II

No marks because this movie is crap. I regret buying this.

Minority Report

Neat futuristic setting but otherwise not good.

The Island
The Island(2005)

Decent action, really good imagery but lack everything else.

Grandma's Boy

Highly recommended to all teens.


Story, OK. Songs, great. Pace, slow.

The Pacifier
The Pacifier(2005)

Funny bordering stupid.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Superb for its time. Its no wonder this is movie of Spiedlberg's famous works. The main plot was very interesting. Sadly, the movie contains boring parts. At one point, I nearly slept.


Overall, it was extraordinary. It shows that the film industry has reached a new level of SFX. There were a few minor flaws but most of the marks are made up for by the INSANE SFX, awesome scores, and a very forward plot.

Fong juk (Exiled)

Currently, the best gun fighting movie I have ever seen. Excellent action sequences and perfect directing (you can everything thats happening in the fights).

Billy Madison

Adam Sandler isnt famous for nothing. His first movie is AWESOME!!

Tears of the Sun

I agree with the synopsis.

The Negotiator

One of Hollywood's hidden gems. Although it has a few technical flaws, if you do not know the actual procedures, the flaws wont be noticable.

Casino Royale

Change of heart. Reboot = New 'Bond' image = I like!


Contains the best Gladiator fighting sequences in cinema history. Along with a decent storyline, this movie deserves to be in my top 10 list.

Interview with the Vampire

What can I say? Vampires are my favourite monsters. Kirsten Dunst RULEZZ!

The Man in the Iron Mask

All time fav from 2000 to 2006. The movie contains all the elements essential to a excellent movie: A corrupt king, a band of loyal knights, and the perfect plan to overthrow the king. Surprisely, all of this elements were very well executed. Sadly, Leo wasnt a good actor back then. He was the only thing that prevented the movie from getting full marks.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

At first, I was very disappointed at this movie. Spider-man lost his powers! That freaking sucks. After a month of thinking about it, I realized 2 things. This movie kept me thinking about it. Thats a characteristic of a good movie. Also, Spider-man's power loss was essential in providing character development and also to make the audience feel bad. THEY SUCCEEDED! This movie went above and beyond my expectations. It deserves to be here.

You Shoot, I Shoot

Eric Kot is DA BOMB!! The movie had a stupid plot but the jokes and the acting made up for lost marks.

Balls of Fury

Lots of flaws, highly predictable, and extremely stupid to the point that fans of stupidity will think this movie sucks. Also, this movie is a disgrace to the game. Not giving the game the respect it should get and especially not giving respect to the Chinese culture. Last thing, Maggie Q isnt CHINESE!! Only thing that saved the movie from an even lower mark are the ping pong matches.

Young Guns
Young Guns(1988)

Wild kids = stupid acts = stupid movie /= entertaining movie.

Young Guns II

I had high hopes for this but there has way too little explanation as to why things happened as they did. Like how could Pat Garrett know that Billy was hiding in that house where Doc gets killed. Estevez was pretty much the only thing that was good in the film.

Miami Vice
Miami Vice(2006)

So shitty in so many areas that I dont wanna talk about it.


Storyline is far too complex.

Last Man Standing

It is exactly what the poster shows. John McClane, western style. McClane makes a mess then cleans it up with alot of good action.


Higly recommended to all teens but it does contain some very slow parts.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

I didnt really like Snatch but this Guy Ritchie film is awesome.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

My favourite Monty Python movie.

Monty Python's Life of Brian

My second favourite Monty Python movie.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

Great in almost ever way. The only problem was too much stuff in too little time. Green Goblin and Sandman's exits could have been better.

Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu(2006)

Now I know. Even great actors make crappy movies.

Du shen 2 (God of Gamblers' Return)

One star for the nice twist at the end.

Wedding Crashers

Im starting to like Wilson but its mainly because Vaughn was so great.

Shanghai Knights

Jackie aint no SIDEKICK!

Shanghai Noon

Something went terribly wrong in this movie. I felt sorry for Jackie because he made such a crappy movie and I dont like Owen because of this movie. His style is WRONG!

Rush Hour
Rush Hour(1998)

Very fresh. Chinese cop with an american cop doing action-comedy. Remember, Jacie isnt the sidekick.

Super Size Me

I believe what the movie is saying but they used pretty disguising stuff to prove their point. Maybe disguising is what they were going for but I didnt like it.


Great story but there were a few boring moments.

Saat po long (S.P.L.) (Kill Zone)

Mediocre story but has alot of very new and very insane action sequences that make up for lost marks.

Iron Monkey
Iron Monkey(2001)

The only decent scenes were those with the little boy fighting. Even Donnie Yen couldn't help save this movie.

Jing mo gaa ting (House of Fury)

Brother and sister fighting for a remote control ... I Like!

Chat gim (The Seven Swords)

Insane sword fighting. An example of good chinese martial arts choreography.

The Jackal
The Jackal(1997)

Too much boring build-up or just too much build-up for a decent action sequence that only lasts for 3 minutes.

Perfect Stranger

Nice twist at the end but not enough to save the movie.

Death Note: The Last Name (Desu nôto 2)

What the f**k happened. This is so stupid! Im extremely pissed.

Death Note (Desu nôto) (TV SHOW)

Insane! Light is my newest favourite crime fighter.


Action is crap, story is cheesy but Bullseye's ranged attacks are decent.

Home Alone 3
Home Alone 3(1997)

Not Chris Columbus = Not Good.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

I have been watching it at least once a year for a very long time and Im not tired of it yet. Just like with the first movie.

Home Alone
Home Alone(1990)

I have been watching it at least once a year for a very long time and Im not tired of it yet.

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

Im very shocked that the average score is so high. It's like praising a piece of crap. U DONT!

Music and Lyrics

The songs gave the movie a bonus star.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Very touching. Excellent movie about a mother-son relationship.


Up to par with 18 super-star cast members. LaBeouf not included.

Saving Silverman

Another bad Biggs movie, but happy to see my high school in it.


Ending was superb.

Von Ryan's Express

Highly recommended, if u like escape movies.

Street Fighter

Disgrace to the game.

District B13 (Banlieue 13)

4.5/5 for ation
2.5/5 for everything else

Broken Arrow
Broken Arrow(1996)

Great to see Travolta being bad but this doesnt make the movie John Woo's finest.

I Spy
I Spy(2002)

Wilson and Murphy: A surprisely good team.

Hudson Hawk
Hudson Hawk(1991)

No word can describe the stupidity of the entire movie in ever aspect.

Shadow of the Vampire

Excellent story. Really makes you think whether or not the actor portraying the vampire is really a vampire. But thats the only good thing in the movie.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

Almost perfect, beginning is a bit bizzare. Ending is the INSANE!

Night at the Museum

Very cool, u'd know it was by the makers of Jumanji.


No doubt one of the funniest movies ever!!

For Your Consideration

A funny way to look at how devastating almost being nominated for an Oscar can be.

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor(2001)

Only the battle was great, everything else was such a drag.

Kiss of the Dragon

The 'Kiss' was the only decent part.

Blade II
Blade II(2002)

It was crappy yet it was the coolest of the three.

Never Say Never Again

Great but almost every sequence looked like it was copied.


I now have great respect for Theron.

The 40 Year Old Virgin

I don't understand why ppl talked about it so much.

Finding Neverland

Contrary to others' opinion, I think THIS is Depp's best performance.

The Italian Job

It surprises even myself that I gave it full marks. It's just a great movie.

King Kong
King Kong(2005)

Didn't make it to my list of top movies, but it was still excellent.