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Kick-Ass (2010)
7 years ago via Flixster

Enjoyable, I'd probably watch it again. Its very funny yet has this dark edge to it.
Very likable protagonist and villian, I'll look for more from this writer for sure.

Paranormal Activity
8 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I give this movie my highest rating not for the film itself but for HOW it was filmed, how it was marketed and the mind blowing astounding results in terms of BOX OFFICE Total US Gross $103,847,000

This was a David against Goliath story in terms of how this tiny indie film made with a budget of $15,000 crushed its multimillion dollar opponents at the box office.

The movie's box office success has reaped a staggering 414,233 percent return on its initial investment.

Even if you hate it, this movie has earned its place in the movie hall of fame.

Madea Goes to Jail
8 years ago via Movies on iPhone

the screenplay is all over the map, jumping from comedy to drama to christian faith film , i like all three genres but stuck together like this is very jarring. blink your eyes and " what the hell?" am i watching a completely different movie??? I'm genuinly shocked at how high a rating this film has. I guess there is a market for everything , congrats to the director because he's obviosly tapped into a large niche that enjoys whatever genre this thing is.