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Fantastic Four

Good movie, slugish at times, but overall good.


Now this is a movie for those that still believe love can happen.

Ghost Story
Ghost Story(1981)

This is a movie for anyone that can rememeber when a good ghost story was told around a campfire.

Noises Off
Noises Off(1992)

Now this was truely a funny movie from beginning to end. The one section where everything is acted out with out anyone saying a word, is truely actting.

The Whales of August

Now this movie was TRUELY a great movie, just by the sheer amount of actting talent in it.

Pocketful of Miracles

To me, this was the best roles that Bette Davis ever did. Goes to show that she can can be made to look old and dirty as a street person selling apple or clean regal sitting in a penthouse, but still get the job done.

My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady(1964)

This is one of all time best musicals ever made with some of the costumes ever designed.

Haunted Honeymoon

I have to say that this is one on my all time favorite movies, because it's a nice blend of comedy and mystry and supposed horror, that it has you laughing an guessing what next.


this was truely an excellent movie, never expected the twist to come. but it did.

Somewhere in Time

Goes to show that if you belive in something and have enough love, anything is possible.