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Star Wars
9 years ago via Flixster

Classic good cinema. Just makes me sad when i think of what hapened to the last 2

My Best Friend's Wedding
9 years ago via Flixster

Another Roberts romcom but Rupert Everett saves it from being too crappy. The Say a little Prayer song is by far the best scene

Lady in the Water
9 years ago via Flixster

I can't believe Shyamalan directed this. I was soo disappointed but don't let it turn you off him or Bryce Dallas Howard or Paul Giamatti- you should always love them!

Robots (2005)
9 years ago via Flixster

Another crap attempt to jump on the Toy Story animation band wagon

Knight's Tale
9 years ago via Flixster

So funny. I love Bettany as Chaucer