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Who Can Kill a Child? (Quin puede matar a un nio?)
15 months ago via Flixster

A sometimes interesting and sometimes cripplingly flawed film that shoots itself in the foot too many times to be great but is strong enough overall to be good.

Martin (1977)
4 years ago via Flixster

A character that is equal parts tragedy and satire, "Martin" is at once a modern vampire film and a commentary on the state of the genre itself. Anchored by an impressive central performance, strong imagery and assured direction, this is easily Romero's most ambitious film. It is certainly not without its flaws but it is just as certainly a near masterpiece.

The Passion of Joan of Arc (La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc)
4 years ago via Flixster

There has never been a testament to pain and endurance as profoundly affecting as "The Passion of Joan of Arc". It is a singular, hypnotic achievement held together by the otherworldly Maria Falconetti. It is fitting that this was her sole screen appearance as she delivered what is may well be the single greatest performance ever commited to film. To stare into her eyes is to be forever haunted. It aches to meet her gaze yet it is impossible not to.