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Alice in Wonderland

Much better then I thought this would be . The settings and tone were just right for this movie . I only thought at time the acting to be a little sharper ...but still a good watch

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

Not as good as the first ...but still kicking ass and you just have to Love what Robert Downey Jr brings to the Tony Stark Role

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

At first I thought this was a GREAT MOVIE ... then the un thinkable happened . I watched the foreign version only to be more BLOWN AWAY that took my high praise down a couple notches . In all it is a good film and if the other 2 parts get made I will watch them also ( already been made in foreign release) to see what tilt they take on the story . I would suggest watching the FOREIGN film over this one though

The Hunger Games

With all the HYPE I guess I was a little let down . I have seen movies like this before so it felt un original to me . The acting is fine direction good but as I said I have seen it done before

Marvel's The Avengers

This movie took a Great comic and made it work on the BIG SCREEN . I wasn't sure if bringing this cast together in one BLOCKBUSTER would work but it seemed to translate very well . Great no brainer action flick

God Bless America

This Corky film is full of dark humor and maybe an underlying message but It is defiantly worth a watch I thought it was good all the way around

Cowboys & Aliens

Solid Action flick here . I have never read the Graphic Novel and I waited to see this on blu ray but it was a great ride . I don't know if I would compare it to the old school westerns of yesterday but I think it can stand on it's own against any other current action flick .

Some Guy Who Kills People

Nice movie here blood and a plot ... that doesn't happen much though this movie is more of a Drama/Comedy then a Thriller or Horror movie and it is a little slow but it keeps you involved I would say this is a must watch for people whom like smaller indy films

The Muppets
The Muppets(2011)

I love the Muppets and it may be the reason I am not to keen on this movie . I found the script to be not Original ( watch a Very Merry Muppet Christmas 2002 ) The throw back stuff was cool along with the telethon but I do think this paled in comparison to some other Muppet movies . All in All it was nice to see them Back on The big screen but it could have been better


Funny little low budget Zombie Comedy .. of course some stupid (airplane type) gags .. and is really just a way to enjoy 90 mins and not aspect too much . You will laugh so it's worth a rental

In Time
In Time(2011)

Good Idea .. not a very good movie . The acting lacks but it may be because of the weak writing . I never really felt this was taking place in the future the action scenes were dull to a point and the overall movie could put you to sleep . Don't waste YOUR TIME

Puss in Boots

The story was ok not as strong as the Shrek tales but still will keep your child and yourself entertained


This movie was pretty good but I think when they found out what was causing the infection the movie went down hill . Up too that point I found it GREAT ! Try it on I think you will enjoy it .

Atlas Shrugged: Part I

Movie was very well done and the acting was great . Based off the book from the 1950's but seemed to really relate with the current trends going on with the world

30 Minutes or Less

It's funny but really alot of these movies are just relying on the shocking sex jokes and now I think the shock has worn off and the jokes are getting old . I do enjoy dirty humor . I think it is just starting to get in the way of some good writing ... That's what she said .. I know I shouldn't use that line there it don't work ...


This is not for the people with weak stomachs . Some torture horror is far fetched but this one seems like it is something that someone or group would attempt to do . You never turn your head after the action starts in this film and you become rooting for the captives this all together was a very good film . I highly suggest to fans of this type of movie

Final Destination 5

You know what if you seen the others you know what this is all about what made this movie a joy to me was really the ending though I should have picked up on how it was to end but it caught me off guard and made the whole movie worth watching . I almost skipped this one but am glad I didn't

Apollo 18
Apollo 18(2011)

I know this film is suppose to look like true old NASA footage but really that was the thing that bothered me the most you basically wait through short clips and flashing of the film ending then next clip and on and on it goes . Of course through out these clips you get the story but I was mostly annoyed by the film it's self not the story or the acting . I wouldn't pay good money for this one . Maybe catch on TV sometime

The Change-Up

It's like freaky friday or any other switch with someone else movie with sex and the F word added with that being said it was really not that original but the foul humor made it enjoyable .. if you like that kind of thing

The Beaver
The Beaver(2011)

This is a twisted tale of a man whom is sick and takes on a puppet to help him over come his mental issues until the puppet becomes to real .... Good twisted film

The Smurfs
The Smurfs(2011)

Ok kids will eat up these little funny blue people while Smurf fans will say .. This is just so wrong . I thought the acting on Gargamel was too over the top .. and he never once talked about turning them into gold or eating those lil blu bastards what is up with that . Anyway too many problems for me to get into on this one just go watch the old cartoons or check out the Comics that started in the 50's

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

This movie is about some DAMN DIRTY APES as you may have guessed while I am not a fan of the older movies or the last remake this movie was really good . The CGI was almost seamless and the story while predictable was well told with great acting to pull this off

Captain America: The First Avenger

Well , as Super Hero movies go here is Capt. America . The WWII hero that fought the Nazi and helped win the war against the evil likes of Hitler and The Red Skull . This movies was pretty good slow start as like most Orgin flicks so If you know how little Steve Rogers became Capt. the first 30 mins may bore you . The twist in this movie came when The Gov decided to use Capt. as a novelty act to help sell war bonds . I enjoyed that part in the movie . in all with Thor and Xmen first class this year from Marvel we got pretty good movies .


This film is off the wall and purely demented . While this story is based on The infamous prisoner from the UK . Some of it has been fictionalized .The story does take you on a wild ride through one mans mind and you may never see another film quite like this . Be sure to check it out .


Thought this was going to be some real kiddy crap so I was pleasantly surprised . This was good with some great laughs though out the film . Sure the love story plot in this story has been told b4 the movie is still good and can stand alone . I think had anyone other then Kevin James played in this movie it would have not been as good

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

This wasn't bad a little dirty and fun . These movies really don't have to be teh greatest they just have to make you laugh and this one did that for me . I know it was all highly predictable but still it didn't ruin this movie

Megan Is Missing

This movie is interesting only because it's shot as if you were on web cam or other video devices . It says it's a true story but I don't buy it . At times while watching it I thought some perv wrote this movie .. I don't know what to think but have watched it a few times now ... not sure why .. check it out

Cars 2
Cars 2(2011)

This movie was alright .. not a bad time . I am sure kids will enjoy it . My annoyance was this implanting of the idea that any cars that ran off old Gas were Clunkers .. can't I see a movie kids movie with out some hidden agenda message . I am not against alt energy and fuels but damn man this is a kids movie

Green Lantern

This movie I just really couldn't get into and out of the other super hero movies this year ( Thor & X-Men First Class) this is the weaker of the 3 . While the SFX were good I think it's in the story itself that makes this movie not as enjoyable as others .

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

This movie I think was a little over hyped by people . In all it is a good story with a believable cast or as believable as you can get with the subject matter that is at hand . It is enjoyable to watch but I don't think it will have much replay value as some classics like ET . or The Goonies

X-Men: First Class

Comic book movies are a hit and miss most of the time they miss for being dubbed down for a younger audience . X-Men : First Class did not do this and gave you a story with substance and entertainment . Younger children may not like this X-Men as it's not the watered down cartoon from Disney XD


While not as good as the Original as most re-makes tend not to be this movie is still a good watch Arthur 2011 mimics some of the wild behavior of recent rich party kids ( Hilton , Spears ect) you know the gag . Besides that the story stays close to the classic but will never add up to that movie for the actors in this movie are not as easily liked or maybe as believable as the first time . On it's own it's a good comedy . As I remake it pails in comparison .

The Hangover Part II

Very much the same as the first one but if somethings not broke why fix it . Of course the venue has changed for this outing of the Wolf Pack as they travel to Thailand lots of laughs tho you already know the set up . Good movie for mindless fun

Aaah! Zombies!!

Pretty funny movie as it is mostly shot from a Zombie P.O.V. great for any Zombie movie fan or those whom love morbid comedy

Your Highness

This wasn't bad when you look at it as a Movie of a Mid Evil Quest . Fair acting some good FX's , sword fighting , wizards and monsters ..When you look at it as a comedy that is is suppose to be well , There really are no laughs . Maybe and this is a BIG maybe you will find a chuckle or 2 .

Passion Play
Passion Play(2011)

This is an odd little film not bad , not great and very slow moving .


I don't know if this was great or if it was so far fetched it made you watch the whole thing . I laughed alot .. so it was OK

Zombie Christ

Well , There is NUDITY and I wouldn't call the Christ a Zombie since it is more like walking Skeleton remains of Christ and he must be horny cause he is bangin ' Oh and is pissed I guess cause he is Killin . What I just posted here may make this movie sound good but it is so piss POOR . The Christ Skeleton is the best part of the movie . The naked chicks could have been the best part but some of these girls just aren't much to look at when shedding clothing . The music score is DEATH METAL or Black Metal .. I can't keep my forms of Metal str8 these dayz . So if you like bad acting Naked Chicks That shouldn't be naked and Skeletor Christ this is the movie for you ..

Die-ner (get It?)

You know this wasn't that bad it was my watch since nothing else is on Sunday Mornings I enjoyed the sarcastic quips of the serial killer whom victims wouldn't stay dead but it was a little light in the gore yeah I wanted more blood . Not much substance to this movie but geesh it is a zombie flick .


This wasn't a bad re telling of The Marvel Comics THOR . Of course I wouldn't call Thor an a-lister in the comic book world . Most people know this movie was made to introduce the character for the up coming Avengers movie and it did that very well . It had some good fight scenes and the story didn't seem to hokie . All together it was a good time of needless fun


This one was hard to rate . First of all this movie is alot like Poltergeist and I honestly think that movie to this day is one of the best hunting movies ever made . So in that aspect it was fine . Now in part of this movie you get to take an outer body trip with one of the characters . This in my mind was going to be a great time and probably horrific .. BUT NO . It was like going through the hunted mansion at Disney World . WTF . Why did they make this so cartoon like and laughable . That part pretty much killed the movie for me ....


There have recently been lots of movies about avg. ppl doning a cape and becoming heroes . My fav is Defendor . This movie seemed like it didn't know what it wanted to be . A comedy , A drama , action , cartoonish .. so it just tried to give you it all . It felt really unnatural at times . Rainn Wilson was great as a LOSER but Ellen Page just seemed like she was acting maybe over acting at times . Oh well It had a couple good scenes but I wouldn't waste my money on it personally

Danny Greene: The Rise And Fall Of The Irishman

This is a great movie . I am from Ohio so I got to learn about the Cleveland Mob scene of the late 60's and 70's . Most of the tales I have ever heard were about the Youngstown Ohio mob . So this was all new ground for me . The acting was great and the movie kept you interested through out . Now I would say you would rather watch this at home rather then a theater but still it's a good film .

The Lincoln Lawyer

Pretty good movie the acting is OK ... wish Macy had a bigger role . The story is well done and that is what keeps the story rolling . It seemed to drag for a moment towards the end but it didn't hurt this film too much . So check this one out

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

The Old meets the new in this edition of Scream and after part 3 ( I didn't care for too much ) I was really not sure what I would get . This movie was wildly amusing & entertaining . It had the classic FIRST scream feel to it and I was totally satisfied and surprised that it was so good . Thank you Wes Craven for bringing this movie back in a GOOD way !


This movie was about an hour too long . This is a long strung out drama that goes really nowhere . I did learn that in the 1950's if you danced around singing Elvis song's bad things would happen to you . Now on the acting front most parts were played really well . They deserve all the credit . Most people only will discover this movie by being an Elvis Fan or by hearing the story of the Child Rape scene in this movie . Let me say this .. The Elvis they could have toned down a bit ( plus at one point Dakota sings a 60's Elvis tune .. whoops ) and the rape scene really was tastefully done . Well , as tastefully as rape can be .


Kids will enjoy The bright colors and upbeat music . Adults will be able to enjoy the story with a couple laughs so it's all and all good . My problem no northern accent for animation whom are from Minnesota . Come on . So yes I wasn't happy with the voice acting

Hobo With a Shotgun

Carnage , Craziness and Over acting all shot in wonderful Technicolor . This is one of those B movies that gives you what you want in a B- Movie . This film may not appeal to everyone . There are some great lines like . You know how I can tell your pussies wet .. cause my dicks getting thirsty .
and many other lines that will make you say , "shit did so and so really just say that ", . Oh well a bloody good time and a lesson is learned don't FUCK with a Hobo

The Taqwacores

Well , I guess outcast come in all shapes and sizes and religions . This movie isn't bad . You learn alot through the eyes of these young Muslims . Things they disagree with things they believe and of course the PUNK ROCK Muslim scene . Interesting to say the least

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

You know this movie really gives you nothing great or new . This cat keeps repeat 8 mins . You know in Ground Hogs Day the guy atleast redid the whole day and the movie was good . This lacked in talent story and I cannot believe people are giving it such good reviews . Oh and I know can't really compare it to ground hogs day . I think a better movie to watch is Retroactive far better acting and movie and kind of on the same lines


I can say I have seen alot worse kids movies . This had some great moments that made me laugh . If you have children this one you will be able to set through without wondering about suicide and that's always nice for a change . Enjoy the flick !

Dead Awake
Dead Awake(2010)

Well , this movie is nothing new it is a good watch . The acting was alright the story itself could use a little more work . It does keep you interested tho .

The Rite
The Rite(2011)

This movie is like most other movies that deal with the subject of Exorcism . Not much new in this movie the acting is good and it is worth a viewing but like most of these movies it is slow moving and you have to wait till close to the end for the pay off .

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

This is a story that is weak the action scenes are well done . Lack of character development . I guess it is what it is .

Morning Glory

A highly predictable comedy with nothing new to offer a few chuckles thru out and worth a one time viewing if nothing better is on .

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

One of the better tween comedies I have seen in awhile it is laugh out loud funny .. adults and preteens alike will enjoy this flick

Saw 3D
Saw 3D(2010)

I enjoyed that the story made a full circle . I found the acting stale the direction not as sharp and some scenes just looked to bright and slick to be a saw movie .BTW, I did not watch this in 3-D . I enjoyed the gore also but it seemed maybe the weakest out of all the SAW films .

The Tree
The Tree(2011)

Slow moving predictable and boring

Red Riding Hood

This movie is like umm CRAP . OK I got that out of the way I really am not sure what else to say ..


It's like E.T. but not for the kiddies . 2 comic geeks find a rescue a alien named Paul who crash landed here 60 years ago . This hip foul mouth pot and Cigarette smoking alien is ready to return home but with the Gov hot on his tail will can he and his new friends make it to the mothership in time ... This movie is LOL funny . Some of the edits or cuts in the movie were odd and some of the jokes seemed to pass the audience by but it is still a great film

Yogi Bear
Yogi Bear(2010)

Well I have to give them credit for not changing anything ( besides Yogi in CGI ) It was still your basic Yogi from the 60's . A lot of these films try to change the characters and make them more HIP for the times ( see Alvin and The Chipmunks ) that always seems to piss me off . So I was happy with this film ...

I Am Number Four

Don't fear the small teen romance sub plot in this movie .. It keeps rolling along with action and keeps you interested . It was a good film . Ohio hasn't seen alien problems like this since Howard The Duck landed in Cleveland

Mars Needs Moms

You know it was for the little ones . I guess they would enjoy it . The aliens do look rather creepy tho .


Here is a movie that gives you mystery , drama and some action . I found most of this movie very interesting . Good acting and good original story

Hall Pass
Hall Pass(2011)

This movie starts off with some great laughs and promise but slowly gets rather boring and unfunny .

The Adjustment Bureau

This movie seemed original and was fun to watch kind of slow down towards the end but still very enjoyable


Yeah I guess this was alright my heart just wasn't into it . The voice acting was OK but nothing special about this movie to make it stand out from the rest of the CG movies

Battle: Los Angeles

Aliens have landed to take over the EARTH . Yeah , this happens alot in MOVIES these dayz . Of course since SKYLINE sucked almost anything would be better and this really is a good film I just think I am getting burnt out on space invaders .. love the game .. but the movies are getting old this year

Just Go with It

A good romantic comedy but not great . Really this film does have a few laughs for both guys and Ladies to enjoy and would be an idea date movie .

Jackboots on Whitehall

A war epic with .. DOLLS ! Yes it is like Robot chicken but the humor I would say is more tongue and cheek and not so IN YOUR FACE . Of course some of the humor you may miss if you haven't kept up on your History kids ..lmho . This is a well made feature . My only real compliant was the mouths on the dolls not opening enough when speaking their dialog it bothered me for some reason .


Alot of folks don't like this movie but the dark humor in this murder mystery is great and one of the better Martin movies in the 21st century if you ask me


Great claymation maybe on of the best I seen .. a story of LIFE and you can find the meaning of life for only 9.99 . The story of Diff. people in this apt complex and a peek in too their worlds as odd and troubling as they may be . I really enjoyed the flick but it does seem to drag on a couple times in the film

Drive Angry
Drive Angry(2011)

This movie really didn't do it for me .. and I think the reason why was Nicholas Cages performance Others seemed to like it so I will re watch but I just was not digging it

Zombie Girl: The Movie

A movie that follows a 12 year old girl as she shoots her first feature length movie . Pathogen (2006) . This movie will show you struggles that not every movie maker has to go through . You know like HOME WORK and getting a ride to the shoot . It is interesting and will make you want to watch this girls first movie . Yes there are going to be more . Her production company site is


You may ask why ? I would reply Why not . A disturbed tire with telepathic powers gets the urge to kill . Is it real or is it all a stage act you won't know till the end .. I liked Rubber .. Think the tag line should be DON'T TREAD ON ME "

Burke and Hare

This movie was alright nothing special really stood out tho . If you have a dark sense of humor this may be right up your ally well worth a dollar rental


Finally got around to this and really it was pretty good .. The whole thing I felt I seen b4 presented in a slightly diff way but the acting was good and the movie held my attention the whole time

The Green Hornet

Really wasn't expecting much and that's what I got some cool action scenes but nothing I would rush right out and see

Stag Night
Stag Night(2009)

Nothing New it's like wrong turn in the Subway .. but enjoyable for what it is

Gulliver's Travels

A timeless tale with nothing really new to make it AWESOME . Blacks acting in this movie seems as stale as a month old piece of bread and the effects seem great for 1993 too bad it is 2011


Weak animation , Forgetful Songs , Unnatural flow and a so so story this one missed the mark for me and is an unimpressive Disney film


This movie seems longer then it is . It is very talkie and maybe hard to sit thru as it seems to drag on some bit . I did enjoy the film but I feel as if I was left wanting more then I got .


I might have been more into this if I knew more about the case and story going into the fillm . It was interesting but I don't know if it holds you attention that well it gets 3 stars cause I am sure though I didn't really get into it many will whom are more familiar with the marital

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

Ok here we go . This movie takes awhile to go anywhere . I sat in my seat thinking damnit I got tricked into watching a ballet movie . of course after an hour in things start to take off from there on out it is a pretty enjoyable ride as you try to figure out what the hell is happening and tho the story leaves some things open you pretty much get it .

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

This is from the I love the 80's movie collection I guess .. LOL . So 20 years or so after part one we find ourselves with this . Here is my break down of the movie
Son Looses Dad
Son Finds Dads secret Office gets sucked into a PC to a diff world Son is forced to play a daedly game but is rescued reunites with dad whom explians things to him they then take a journey to escape the now damned PC world talk , talk , Battle end
I saved you alot of money just now .. Still an alright movie to rent . Oh and in the PC world there are no fatties , I think that's good cause the only clothing is light up spandex suits


Why did people really like this movie I really didn't see too much action and alot of needless banner between the 2 main actors .. I thought this movie was kind of a bore a couple of tense parts but I would pass it up if offered to view again

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This was a fun movie . Has some great cheese factor to it with the sort of 60's batman series effects popping up on the screen . I found the story rather entertaining .

Hatchet II
Hatchet II(2010)

Ok never seen Part one so I cannot compare it to that . This movie caught my attention because the MPAA refused to give it a rating . Let me be honest I loved this movie it was back to the Horror Gore I grew up on f--k all the CG high tech B.S. If you miss the 80's horror movies you will love this flick

The Social Network

As far as the story goes it is interesting and the acting is great . I myself did not think it was really interesting enough for a 2 hour movie . It is slow and seems to drag on . Geeks will love it though others may want to pack a sleeping bag

Barry Munday
Barry Munday(2010)

I think the real joke was on me going into this film believing it would be a comedy ... I am still waiting for the laughs . Sure I gave a couple chuckles but they came far too late in this movie to make it enjoyable for me .


Not much real content to this movie .. it's pretty much a mindless alien action flick . I wouldn't suggest wasting your money to see it .


This moving was a GOOD time lots of Action good acting and great story if you want a get away from daily life this is a good flick to keep your mind off things ....

The Expendables

This flick was OK alot of slow down during the movie that seemed like needless filler just to get a longer running time . I like good solid action flicks and this one was really nothing to BRAG about grant it , it was a once in a life time action hero cast but really falls a little short on what a GREAT action movie could be .

Case 39
Case 39(2010)

Not a bad little thriller . I caught it in the winter of 2009 . I would wait on the rental tho. No need wasting big money on an average film


This movie was a freakin TRIP one of the best I have seen this year the gore violence is great the actors are all top notch . This may not be for everyone but will will watch it again :)

The Other Guys

Well I am not a big Ferrell fan but I did really enjoy this movie great action some solid laughs a good time to be had while watching this one


This wasn't that bad .. It had some good laughs and I think children will really enjoy this flick

Cop Out
Cop Out(2010)

This movie was ok .. I guess I expected more from Dir. Kevin Smith on the comedy front . It was well acted tho some of the characters in the movie I found funny at first then annoying by the end ... still it's an alright movie to kill some time with

Hot Tub Time Machine

Hey it sounds stupid but so did Snakes On A Plane and Debbie Does Dallas but they were good films ..lmao . Anyway this movie was a hoot and a good way to forget your problems and take a trip back to the 80's ....

The A-Team
The A-Team(2010)

This was full of action and gives you a little more of a back story on the A-Team tho the story was updated to deal with modern times and that I dislike but everything else felt good . It was like the good old DAYZ

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

It is what it is if your a FAN or a TWIHARD .. think that is what they are calling it these dayz you will enjoy it .. It's just not my thing


This is a DEEP movie .. I actually sat through this one without once thinking whatever happened to an original fhukin movie idea . If you like creativity , story & acting this is a sure fire HIT .. If you like CRAP REMAKES and other BILLION dollar CRAP movies do not watch

Running Time
Running Time(1997)

Like the idea of the movie .. The cam work and story are soild . My complaints were the short run time ... and that CRAP ending . Still; got to say Bruce is the King

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

This was a movie with a slow start but once it got going it was great . Just enough gore and some great music CUES

Everybody's Fine

Hey , this HALLMARK type film may have been one I would skip on a normal day but out of boredom I decided to give it a viewing and it was really a good movie . Hell the end even gave me a little surprise .


The gore was GREAT the story was well put together and the acting was done well . I say if you like Vampire flicks this is a must see :)

The Men Who Stare at Goats

Not sure how much I liked this one but it was an interesting story for the most part . Nothing I would rush out to see but if it was playing @ a friends house I would watch it :)

The Lovely Bones

Not sure what to say about this one . First of all I never read the book so I am not here to compare at all . This movie is interesting .Some Trippy moments some drama and a few laughs . I think it is good enough to keep you watching and in some ways you may want more from this movie then you get but in all it was a good film .

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

2 things I didn't like about the 80's Alvin & The Chipmunks show was (1. They went to school with normal sized children . (2. They added the Chipettes . So this movie gave me both these things how GRAND . I guess for kids it will be alright . Though even on a childs level I did not see anything that funny ... some old slap stick gags that will make them laugh that is about it . The story line is one we have seen in other movies b4 nothing really great in this movie ! Once more I will stick to the 60's ALVIN Show .

Meet the Feebles

Imagine the Muppets with Drugs and Murder . This movie was way ahead of it's time . It gives me a good laugh and though some parts are slow in all it is a hoot !!


This movie seemed longer then it should have been but it was really a good sci fi action adventure movie . At times the story seemed weak but the CG based world was truly amazing . I would say this movie is worth flopping down some cash to see it in the theater !

Fantastic Mr. Fox

This stop motion movie really missed the mark for me . I just was not feeling the story at all . The effort was there but I feel it falls way short of greatness

The Princess and the Frog

As many know I am not a die hard Disney fan . With that being said let me move on . First off I was happy to see a full length animated movie that was not all CG . The music in this movie was upbeat and never some crap slow love song . The story was a twist on the princess and the frog tale that many of you may have heard time and time again but with the changes makes it a whole new story all together . The villain a man whom practiced VOODOO great and calling on the powers of evil shadows to help him even better . I would say this movie is solid . The first 15-20 mins are slow but once it gets going it stays FUN !

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

Great comedy with alot of GUY humor . I have viewed this a few times and it keeps me laughing so what if the story is far fetched it's a flipping comedy .

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Ok if you are a fanboy/girl of Twilight this will be the greatest movie of the year for you ... If you are a casual movie goer maybe not so much . I found the first hour of this movie really boring ...having said that the second hour was really good . so since I enjoyed half this flick it gets half the stars 2.5 out of 5

Rockabilly Vampire

OK honestly I am a B - Movie fan but this one really wasn't doing it for me . Grant it I only watched a little over half of it b4 shutting it off ... So why 2 stars . Well , one the music was kick ass ... and second it was an Orginal concept as most B movies are ... So watch and enjoy the sound track maybe one day soon I will watch the rest and change my rating :)


Creeped me out a s a KID ... So F'in A this kicks ass

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

I really enjoyed this movie and the mystery of the MIst ...and the ending most my friends hated I loved

Taking Woodstock

Don't go into this movie thinking you will be hearing all the great music from that 3 day concert . You won't really hear much of the music at all . So that was a let down to me . The movie is more about the growth of one young man whom finds himself through out the movie .

The Blind Side

Here is a good Drama about BIG MIKE ORR . His struggle as a homeless teen whom finds a new path in life after he is taken in by a white family . I would suggest this movie for football fans of all ages

The Box
The Box(2009)

This move was a good little thiriller with some sci fi mixed in ...and didn't only feel like it was taking place in the 70's but the music cues made it seem like it was shot then also . A solid and good movie here


This movie was really good I think it may have been over looked in the theaters . The acting was good the story was original and it made me laugh I would suggest it

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

This movie looks at the down fall of a Lieutenant . Yep a Bad Lieutenant . I like movies when I get to see peoples life hurl out of control . Accept this time . This movie feels like it is 4 hours long . It is painful to watch with no real excitement . The only thing that is good in this movie is Cage and his insane coked out cop character .

Drag Me to Hell

Here is a classic Sam Raimi horror movie ... nuff said !

Saw VI
Saw VI(2009)

Oh here we finally get another saw with a good twist in the story though some of it you knew was going to happen but I found the movie to be a good time !!!

Planet 51
Planet 51(2009)

This movie was based off a good idea ... The CG animation is well done ...even good VO's but the story and lack of humor kill whatever was good about this movie . If your child begs to see it wait for the DVD . I don't think this movie is worth a ticket price !

Funny People
Funny People(2009)

I thought I already rated this and I am surprised I didn't . I liked this movie a little more of a serious role for Sandler and Rogen but it all came together as a well thought out movie . Nothing really too funny in this move but some parts will give you a small chuckle .


This was OK . I think kids will enjoy it for adults it may be a little slow .


This was a good movie . A nice thrill ride on the belief that 2012 may be the end of the world . Though you will find it to be like most disaster movies you may have already watched and some of the CG effects I thought seemed low budget for such a big BLOCKBUSTER of a movie . The acting was good not great but it in whole makes a good escape from your everyday life for close to 2and a half hours . Enjoy my friends ... I mean the end is only 3 years away ..LMAO

Inglourious Basterds

I would have rated this a 4 star movie accept when you have to read (subtitles) 80 % of the movie ( unless you speak French & German ) it bothers me . Well , gives me a headache . The story is good the acting is good and it is well put together . The run time was kind of long at 2 and a half hours (mostly reading) but in all it was a fun story .

Stan Helsing
Stan Helsing(2009)

Hey if you LOVE to watch CRAP watch this ...

Disney's A Christmas Carol

This is the retelling of the classic tale that I have seen many versions of . This one stands on it's own . Even tho it is a Disney movie it has not been retooled and fluffed with kindness to entertain children . Most children I know would be bored and at times scared by this movie . I really think adults would be a better audience to promote this movie to . The motion capture animation is great and the story seems almost flawless even for a retelling .

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

First off let me say I have not seen the original movie , Tho I may now after viewing this . While the movie is far from perfect and many times low on action enough is going on in the story to keep you intrigued . The ending I thought was kind of a shallow one but still I think this is an enjoyable Flick !

The Proposal
The Proposal(2009)

This movie was alright more of a chick flick but funny enough to hold the guys interest . Of course if you are a single guy and start watching this out of boredom at 3 in the morning (like I did) it may make you question what your life has become ...lmao

The Marc Pease Experience

Well I would suggest everyone run right out and avoid this movie at all cost . I found this movie long boring and as funny as being laid up with the swine flu .

The Invention of Lying

A lot of bad humor in this movie so I loved that ... as it reached into the love story more tho I was put off but still this was a great movie I thought

Astro Boy (AstroBoy)

This flick was OK . I don't know how close it was to the Classic Toon since I have only viewed that a couple times in my life .


Here is a GOOD RIDE with tons of laughs . Zombie movie fans are sure to love it but it also comes across well for the mainstream folks to dig . I would say if you want a good escape from the world go see this movie .


This is a classic SCI FI tale with slick animation and great action . My problem with this movie is the short run time . May be better to rent then pay to see at a theater

Jennifer's Body

This was a good TEEN HORROR flick . Much better then I thought it would be I would say watch it and enjoy .

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

This was ok for a chidrens flick . I must say I have seen better tho . Of course where else can you get voice acting by Mr T and Bruce Campbell .

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

This movie was a let down to me . It was an alright action flick but think I was wanting the story to stick closer to the 80's cartoon !

The Final Destination

OK seems I seen this one before . On this outing we find the same story but with really crappy CG effects in most of the death scenes . This was really a let down for me and brought my rating way down .

World's Greatest Dad

This is a funny look at life and death at want one person will do to gain respect if not only for himself but his dick of a son . Good watch .


I thought this movie was alright better then some of the HORROR copy cat stuff I have watched as of late . It may have a slow start but by the end it has taken you on a nice ride .

The Informers

I had some high hopes for this movie but soon they were bashed . While the acting is great this flash back to the 80's flick of Drugs Sex and Crime has no depth to it . You never feel connected to any of the people whose lives we are following . This could be because the editing takes us from one story to the next in what seems like every 5 mins before you get a chance to relate with the character . This film was really a mess but the acting was good .

Aliens in the Attic

This movie had the premise to be a great family film but it falls short . I would skip this in theaters and maybe wait for the dvd or on-line rental . One viewing is enough

The Aristocrats

How could one joke produce a FUNNY RUDE movie maybe because everyone has their own take on what some call the dirtiest joke ever

I Love You, Man

Alright Bro-mance movie . Some really funny gags but really just kind of a slandered movie nothing that will make you say wow this is the greatest movie ever but also far from the worse ever :)


This movie was a twisted little title I thought I would enjoy . I found it rather repetitive and really took awhile to get anywhere . While the idea of the movie was good it seemed drawn out to me .

The Answer Man (Arlen Faber)

This Romantic Comedy . Was more romance then comedy tho . The funny parts were funny the rest of the story was slow and you pretty much knew what was going to happen long before it ever did . Now I ask GOD can I get my 96 mins back for watching this ... NO answer .

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman(2009)

Watched this out of boredom but it was really good . I would not say it's a kids movie . Also close to the end they had a cool army of darkness type thing happen gotta love that . Look at me ramble and I am not even a wonder woman fan .

Saturday the 14th

I'm giving this a 3 stars for what I can remember . Hey if it was funny at 7 or 8 it must still be OK . I am sure the jokes are not as funny now as they were then but give credit where credit is do this is The Classic Horror Lampoon Movie .

Blood: The Last Vampire

This was an OK action movie . Sure not the best story line and the ending you figure out long before it happens but as far as action movies go I am just on board for the ride and this was a good one . The worse part about this movie was some of the CG was way crappy on the demons . Also I have never seen the anime version of this story so I cannot compare it to that at all .

Lesbian Vampire Killers

A cheesy B comedy from the U.K. I pasted up this title for months till I finally broke down and watched it . It was like a comic book with all the British lampoon humor that you may or may not like . If you liked Man with the screaming brain , Zombie Strippers , My Name is Bruce or The Cottage you may find yourself enjoying this whimsical flick . Others may want to avoid this title !

Super Capers
Super Capers(2009)

This was one of those screwball camp B movie comedies (like airplane) . I did enjoy it and think it would be a great flick to rent and just have some good laughs . Also it was a clean comedy and you don't see that in movies much anymore . So watch with the kids if you want

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

Great movie about being competitive and never giving up . It is based on 2 men whom long to top each other at the game DONKY KONG . Tho it is a docu. it is very interesting to watch and keep you intrigued . Hell , may even might make you want to do some retro gaming yourself :)

Land of the Lost

Ok for starters you should be a Will Ferrell fan and or a Fan of the old 70's show Land of the Lost . To me the movie was alright and Will Ferrell wasn't a total idiot like he is in many of his other films . So it is good for one viewing .

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Some parts were funny but for a WHOLE movie it was a bit of OVERKILL on the JOKE !

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3)

If your a fan of the first 2 you may enjoy this one . I myself found the humor too far and in between Kids will love it parents may suffer through this one .

Beer Wars
Beer Wars(2009)

A documentary about BEER and why not tho it focuses more on the CRAFT or Independent Brewers and how the big 3 keep them from stepping up . Still if you ever wondered about what happens in the BEER industry small and large you should check this out

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

This was a movie that really let you just sit back relax and have fun

Hannibal Rising

Really did not like this story as well as the others


This was alright felt kind of long to me tho it did keep my interest

Pan's Labyrinth

Yeah ... this was not in English if I wanted to read I would grab a book !

Funny Money
Funny Money(2006)

This movie was based off a stage play and you sure can tell , since most things that happen take place in 3 main rooms . This is what I expected I may have liked it more then most people on here . It was nice to see Chevy Case is something funny again .

Labor Pains
Labor Pains(2009)

This was not really my type of movie tho it did have some funny moments and I must say it would be a great date movie for couples . Peg. or Not

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

Really not sure if this was anything great of course The SFX were cool . I never did see the first one .

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

This movie was total ACTION & SFX . Tho I did enjoy it . The story of course is a little out there :)


Alright CGI adventure story . I think the kids will dig it !


A wonderful , weird and a little demented movie here . That's what I enjoyed in this underrated animation flick

Crossing Over

A good Drama , with a strong cast . The story keeps you interested . Tho some parts are predictable . I still thought it was a great movie for that genre

Employee of the Month

Umm Yeah this was not that great .


A fresh well written movie with a good plot in the story !

The Haunting in Connecticut

I enjoyed it but don't expect more then what you think the movie is !

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

I am not a Star Trek fan nor did I ever really watch the show . This movie tho was rather good . A great time for all . I assure you .


Great road trip movie with plenty of Cameos !

Monsters vs. Aliens

A great CG movie . Plenty of laughs

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

This movie was ok kind of slow moving and didn't hold my intrest

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

One of the better Comic Book movies I have seen in awhile

New In Town
New In Town(2009)

Not a bad movie some laughs , some drama . Worth a one time viewing . Don't ch know

Friday the 13th

seems like the CAMP is creepy once more . It does seem they put 3 movies into one . I enjoyed it but think you kids should watch the old ones to get the full story it is not well explained here .


I was younger when I watched this thought it was a hot movie . Not just the 2 ladies but the crime and how the story unfolds!


Tho I tend to stay away from any stuff Mr. Moore puts out this one was rather interesting

Blazing Saddles

Juat wait they are going to eat BEANS ! Classic flick .


I kinda of liked this one ... Did not hear of it out in the theaters but now a-dayz we get so many CG movies . This one can stand on it's own

Swing Vote
Swing Vote(2008)

Great factitious look at how politics can be turned on it's head by just ONE MAN

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Enjoyed the RUDE humor and most of the story buty the ending was seen from a mile away

Pineapple Express

This movie is a funny and good HIGH ride . Lots of humor and action

Slap Shot
Slap Shot(1977)

Weather you like HOCKEY or not this film will have you laughing . Maybe funnier to guys than Chicks


Great action flick with a good script and great acting also !

Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder

Not as good as the last 3 movies to come from this show !

Futurama: Bender's Big Score

Enjoyed the movie miss the show !

Futurama: Bender's Game

wasn't feeling this movie too much

Dead Like Me: Life After Death

You should be a FAN of the show to really enjoy this movie but it does it's best to explian what you have missed if you never seen the show

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

I was wanting a little more laughs . It was an alright movie but could have been better !

What Just Happened?

An odd movie about the look of the fall of a movie producer in just 2 weeks

Righteous Kill

Thought it could be better but did keep me guessing so worth the viewing

Charlie & Me
Charlie & Me(2008)

This is a great heart warming movie about life and death . Something I think the wholle family could enjoy and maybe learn something from !

18 Year Old Virgin

Great laugh out loud Gross Out comedy . One Night , One Party , lots of sexual misadventures

Super Fuzz
Super Fuzz(1980)

Use to have to watch this with my Lil Bro all the time . He loved it !


I think I may be getting burnt out on the CGI movies for kids

Zombie Strippers

Yes this is what we needed another classic B movie ! Lots of BOOBIES lots of Zombies ! I dig it !


A true American classic !

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

Far From Nightmare Before Christmas . Was a let down to me


One of the better family flicks I have seen , When it comes to CGI movies

Shrek 2
Shrek 2(2004)

Not as good as the first but still a great family flick .

Disaster Movie

Disaster was RIGHT ... Did anyone really laugh at this . It is far from the dayz of Airplane , Naked Gun or Scary Movie

Space Chimps
Space Chimps(2008)

Uh if you have kids go ahead and watch it ...

Lakeview Terrace

I really enjoyed the tense acting in this movie ! Great flick

The X-Files: I Want to Believe (The X Files 2)

I want to believe they could have done better

Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye(2008)

Good lil action flick . I would watch once more

Step Brothers

umm This was pure CRAP !

The Dark Knight

I know everyone loved this movie but I just could not get into it

Seven Pounds
Seven Pounds(2008)

I have seen Will Smith in much better movies

Bedtime Stories

Good Family movie here with laughs for almost any age range !

Marley & Me
Marley & Me(2008)

It was OK . Till it went all serious on my ASS !

Bride Wars
Bride Wars(2009)

Don't ask me why I watched this . I was bored . Great for a girls night out but guys stay away

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

While the idea of the movie sounds great , Between the long movie time sits a lot of filler and no answers

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

This is a solid drama , Great acting , great story and great dir.

Thank You for Smoking

Great movie . Very funny in a dark sort of way . The acting was great also !


This movie will blow your mind . One man trapped and tortured and all watched and voted on thru the internet !

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

Some very FUNNY parts but this story was NOT as good as some other Jim Carey movies . It is worth a viewing !


A twisted tale , Maybe like through the looking glass or Oz but in a more modern time

Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas

A christmas classic . Now an off broadway show !

The Muppets Take Manhattan

This movie was really a let down . Not a bad story but cam work was off . It was the start of the Muppet Babies tho

The Great Muppet Caper

MIss some of the charm og the first but still a good watch

The Muppet Movie

This first Muppet Movie . A true classic

The Dark Crystal

One of the best Epic Fanasty Adventures to Date !


Very nice dark comedy ! I love movies like this !

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

Grumpy Old men Meet Dirty Harry . This is a wonderful and grim movie one of the beat of 08

Ghost Town
Ghost Town(2008)

Funny movie worth watching !

Hamlet 2
Hamlet 2(2008)

This could have been much funnier . Worth a one time watch .

American Pie
American Pie(1999)

You ever seen Porkys it is kind of like that with pie sex

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

This movie just was not for me alot of ppl I know love it tho .

Dead Silence
Dead Silence(2007)

Interresting story here . A good watch

Epic Movie
Epic Movie(2007)

Thought these were suppose to be funny !

Fire and Ice
Fire and Ice(1983)

One of Ralph Bashkis best epic animated tales


Into broadcasting or Past Presidents then you would enjoy this movie greatly ...

Saw V
Saw V(2008)

This should have been called SAW 3.5 . Was shot well but did not enjoy the story that much

This Film Is Not Yet Rated

Great investigative film about the MPAA and a look at how things get rated

Four Christmases

Do not be fooled . This movie starts with some great laughs but soon turns into some heart felt BS .

Wag the Dog
Wag the Dog(1997)

How to fake a war , great acting and Great story !


This was a great effort . For me it jumped around from place to place much but is a good watch for ppl whom like politics

Death of a President

This movie was in poor taste a movie about the killing of a President while still in office shows very little taste .

Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa(2006)

Not a big Rocky fan but I really enjoyed this flick

Saw III(2006)

Not the best of the saws but more gore then before ... right on

The House Bunny

Lot of hot chicks in the g/f safe movie plenty of dumb blonde jokes here

My Name Is Bruce

I gave this film a pretty high rating but you should be a fan of Bruces to get most of the jokes

The Woods
The Woods(2006)

Great Movie about witches and the curse of the woods

Terminal Invasion

This was good for a TV movie

Serving Sara
Serving Sara(2002)

Oh ...not that great but BRUCE Campbells in it

The Strangers

This movie is good enough to CREEP any thriller fan out


A strange little movie but also a good time to watch with friends


If you have not seen this movie YOU SHOULD ..great story

The Wackness
The Wackness(2008)

Great movie . With great story and Cam work . Best I seen in a min

Good Luck Chuck

Good date movie ..and guys lots of BOOBS

Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!

Way too long . Stick with the 1970s anamation

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Better then part 3 but more comical it was more like the first one with the Indy chram .


Better then I thought but you pretty much could figure what was going to happen ....

Alvin and the Chipmunks

CRAP CRAP CRAP .. Stick with watching the orginal ALVIN SHOW !

Howard the Duck

This movie is silly fun . Not much in context but great to past the time and laught at !

Wild Hogs
Wild Hogs(2007)

typical mid- age road trip movie with plenty of sight gags good for one viewing

Blades of Glory

Not the funiest movie ever but it had it's moments .


If you like your horror and comedy mixed you'll love this

National Treasure

This movie was a good ride !

Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes(1998)

Look I'm really sorry I ever watched this !

Black Snake Moan

A sort of lower budget movie with much darkness at it's core . The music was great as well as the actors themselves . Was very greatful I seen this one !

Evan Almighty

Bruce Almighty FUNNY ... Evan not as much so . A nice movie to take the kids to . Don't expect too much from it tho .


Nice update of the Orginal . Of course it is still a remake and I long for something more creative from HOLLYWOOD !

Rise: Blood Hunter

wow this movie was HOT SEXY and BLOODY . Great Flick !!

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Like to laugh this movie will help you out . While it has many GAY jokes I think it was all done tasefully to not offend anyone !

I, Robot
I, Robot(2004)

Action .. Good CG FX and bad one liners ... Pretty much what you would want in an action flick !


Better then I thought but pretty much just what you think it would be .


Remember when Ediie Murphy was FUNNY ... Well , this film will not remind you of those times . It was a real stinker !

Rat Race
Rat Race(2001)

This is ONE FREAKIN funny Flick ... From THe Zuckers . Nuff Said !

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

This B movie with RUDE and Crude humor stays true to the TV show on ADULT SWIM . Also what would a B movie be without a CAMEO by Bruce Campbell as the 4th aqua team member !


this movie was a pleasnt surprise . Fun for children and adults . It did not destroy the classic cartoon of the 60's as I feared .


Much better then I was thinking it would be good action and awsome CGI work

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Not as good as the first one but worth a veiwing

Fantastic Four

Good comic to movie translastion

Live Free or Die Hard

ummm Have you seen the first 3 . Then you get it !

The Simpsons Movie

Love The Simpsons but the movie was long and boring


This was alright .

Amazon Women on the Moon

This was a great clip movie lots of stars before they were stars

Return to Oz
Return to Oz(1985)

This was a darker movie , but thats why I liked it


Ralph Bakshi takes the world of the future on with this tale of 2 Wizards in a battle

Army of Darkness

Forget the Horror lets just due some Bruce one Liners and slap stick. Still as good if not better then the 2

The Evil Dead

Campy Horror at it's BEST

A Scanner Darkly

This was an odd movie but I enjoyed the retroscoping . While at times I was lost ion what was going on but I think it was ment tio be that way . I shall re watch this flick soon

The Ant Bully

This movie surprised me taking a 2000 word story and making it into a full motion lenth picture is no easy task so I give them props for that .. Oh and Bruce Campbell is a RIOT on his voice over work in it !

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

I think I rated the other 2 higher this was like a soap oprea they put super heros in

The Number 23

Jim Carey pulls this movie off well . I can't say much without ruining it :)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Thi swas a well thought out movie and the torture scences are great !


Look it's a good Elvis Movie wait that's not Elvis it's a FREAKING ROOSTER

Alien Apocalypse

Ok so the actors were russian and it was a Sci Fi movie still was cool to watch

Sky High
Sky High(2005)

How could you not love this movie . It was a nice fun look at super hero high school .

Children of Men

This movie was great . Orginal storytelling and well thought out casting .

Open Season
Open Season(2006)

It's OK nothing that really stood out and made me want to buy it but did have some laughs

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

Lucky to get 3 stars . This movie HAS COOL SFX . The story really has no build and seems to drag on .

School for Scoundrels

This was pretty funny . I must say me likie

Man of the Year

This was not really a comedy it was more like the movie wag the dog . Great for ppl who love politics and current affairs . Everyone else beware


Look why should I rate this everyone has seen it

The Benchwarmers

It was funny in that weird CRUDE way . The kind of gags you have seen in many other happy madison prod.

Tales from the Crypt Presents Bordello of Blood

Cheesy Horror with Miller giving his witty one liners ..Oh , and alot of BOOBS !

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This was a ground breaking film that is fun for all ages


This was FUNNY . In an odd way . It took awhile to grow on me but it has

The Mummy Returns

I don't know why they made this CRAP . I liked the first one but this is awful !

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Just another fantasy movie . Can't believe I paid to see it !

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Stick with the orgin. movie . It was far better then this CRAP !

8 Mile
8 Mile(2002)

Thi swas OK when it came out good to see once .


I took 3 cigarette breaks during this film .

The Marine
The Marine(2006)

This is an OK movie . Much like the action films with Stallone and them in the 80's week story good action

Gridiron Gang

This was a good surprise . I really thought the movie was acted well and the story was well put together

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

This was a great griddy type movie and kept true to the comic

Red Dragon
Red Dragon(2002)

The best of the the 3 movies by far !

White Chicks
White Chicks(2004)

It made me laugh while I was in Jail . So it must be good

American Pop
American Pop(1981)

Great Music , Wonderful Story and wonderful animation


Classic retro movie , Great Cast , Great Orginal Tunes

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Campy Horror movie with FREAKIN CLOWNS . Scary Shit ...and lots of laughs

Cool World
Cool World(1992)

Ok so the story line is kooky and the acting is crappy but the art work is worth the watch if your into that kind of thing .

Fritz the Cat

Classic The First X Rated Cartoon ever .

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Camp Horror meets The 3 Stooges . Better then the first !

Man with the Screaming Brain

This movie was made for the Sci - Fi Network . It stars Bruce Campbell and is a really off beat movie !

Bubba Ho-Tep
Bubba Ho-Tep(2003)

How can you beat an Old Fat Elvis and a Black JFK fighting a Mummy in Texas